Quastion about improoving of headpressure answers

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Hi everyone again! I have a quastion about headpressures.


How many tulpas have a good controll of them? I'm asking that becouse in our case my Jeanny still couldnt controll them accurately. Let me explain: If I am not fixated on doubts and my beliefe is strong I saw that the nomber of headpressure is growing. But the problem is that even when I have a lot (by our standards of headpressure responce) we still can not use it for intentional communication - practically all responces came on different my thoughts I think, but if I try to intentional ask her a quastion most time I dont fell the answer.


Also, sometimes I could get headpressures when I asked her not to answer or not to pay attention on my thoughts. I even think that her answers are involuntary (but according to all outher, this is headpressures and they connected with her, exerimentally confirmed their connection to the level of belief and anti-level of doubts.


So is it normal situation with headpressures? How could grow her possibility of controlling them? Could we in some way develop it (exept forcing and beliefe more)?


Especially I'm interested in opinion of outher tulpas here: What do you think about this situation and its possible reasons? Are there any advice you can give to Jeanny to help her improve her control of headpressure responces?


And is it possible in such situation to improove controll enogh, to reliably give signals at my request (that would destroy a huge part of all my doubts). And all in all I would be glad to have a possibility of two-way conversation?

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I used to have this problem, why don't I anymore? because I dont have head pressures at all, to be honest I think you should try to visualize clearing up these headpressures like cleaning a window.

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I think perhaps you're too focused on that as your only method of communication. If you try too hard to confine your tulpa to one way of communication it could hinder it from developing further communication skills. It may just be that head pressures aren't the most reliable way for you and your tulpa to talk. Remember that open-mindedness is key in all things tulpamancy.

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I've never gotten head pressures myself. But on the topic of other early forms of communication, I've heard that pendulums work well. You just need a rock or similar heavy object on a string. Ask your tulpa to give you a sign for yes and a sign for no. Moving the pendulum left/right, or up/down, or clockwise or counterclockwise would work for either answer. And then you can talk through that method.

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