Calling all who have attempted aromantic tulpas...

Were you successful in creating a tulpa with no orientation?  

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  1. 1. Were you successful in creating a tulpa with no orientation?

    • Yes, I was. My tulpa has no desire to be with any SOs..
    • Nope. My tulpa wants to be with me or someone else in a romantic way.

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You never know when you might fall in love with someone you randomly happen to meet

(trust me)



Holy crap, this right here. Up until I was 17/18 years old I was heavily aromantic and asexual. The very thought of being in a relationship with someone or having sex with them gave me panic attacks and made me sick to my stomach. I had rejected at leat 3 or 4 guy friends and I was terrified of making male friends because I figured that would happen all over again. Then Owen came along and something just... clicked. He was in love with me long before I was in love with him and he was perfectly willing to remain my friend but I just fell in love with him and now we're living together. I still consider him the exception to the rule sometimes (I still find it nigh impossible to remotely notice other people sometimes), but them's the breaks.


I'm not gonna tell you "Oh you just need to find the right person/your tulpa will change that" because I used to HATE it when people told me that (the person thing, not the tulpa thing, of course). And I have friends that I know for a fact are unwaveringly Ace. But if it DOES turn out happening, then don't panic or anything. Like everyone else said, if she takes a liking to you then don't freak out and reject her as a tulpa, she should understand if you just tell her you're not that kind of person. Sexuality is a trip, bro, the only advice I have is don't feel the necessity to settle yourself down and force yourself into something you're not. That includes not forcing yourself to fall in love, because that only ends badly.

If I could, begin to be,

Half of what you think of me, I could do about anything,

I could even learn how to love

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thanks for the replies... idk if I can help subconsciously wanting them to be attracted to me, but maybe I can stop them from wanting to be with me. What I'm concerned about in all is a tulpa being interested in someone either online or in my life, because I won't be able to let them be with that person as of now. I'm taken and he doesn't do polyamory, even if it's for a tulpa using my body.

My lip hurts.

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Guest Anonymous

Melian is "romance personified" as she is the subject of many romantic Melian Show day dream adventurers. I mean the sappy, lovey, rated PG romantic movie kind of romantic day dreams. She is also a total flirt. When she first appeared to me, when I was a teenager, she was an imaginary girl friend.


I have a synopsis of one of her romantic Melian Shows written up as an example.


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