Fede's Ultimate Superior Tulpa Guide

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I just wanted to point out that maybe pointing out the chest is a tad unsubtle


you're a perv, the chest is just a part of the body (he could've said torso but that's unnecessary to change)


anyways I actually read the guide, aaand


it seems pretty much perfect, minus a couple things depending (you guys are overstating the "lack of/belief in tulpa sentience" part I think): "Create a backstory"/believing your tulpa exists when you aren't thinking of them is a super.. not-loved thing in the community these days, and it led to a lot of problems when it came to discussing how tulpas actually worked back in the day. The belief implanting section was kinda weird and not something that ever caught on unlike a lot of the rest of the guide.. Also, visualization and imposition are 200% mixed together in his guide, which would be bad (along with some other stuff in it) for people who intend to be part of this community


but that leads me to how I feel about this guide - if you separate it from the community, like as something people just find on the internet who don't want to get involved with a whole community for tulpas and really just want to make one, this guide is basically perfect, like it covers so many good things for such an old guide in that scenario


buuut, y'know, lots of what it said has been rounded out by the community over the years and so outside of finding this guide and nothing else on its own, I think it's a tiny bit dangerous to be having in our approved guides section without a warning that it's heckin' old and some people disagree with parts of it


... it's, apparently already in the approved guides section, so uhh.. it would've been best not to bump it in the first place I think, but anyways it's a solid heckin' guide from not just a "skeptic" view but a "totally know nothing about tulpamancy or plurality communities in general" one, which I mean if we're hosting here on the forum is obviously not the intended audience right?


I dunno, as long as anyone that finds it realizes it's super old and from a time when the tulpa community was still heavily debating what tulpas even are, I think it's good enough, certainly interesting to have to look back at!

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Posted (edited)

This is my first post here, and I actually don't have anything to comment about tulpas themselves as I've just learned of this concept a few days ago, but I still wanted to leave a comment in honor of Fede. I didn't know him, all I've read was his guide and his post in the very topic, but having watching the entire topic's history it seems that people heavily disliked him for his beliefs, whatever they were, and they were very aggressive towards everything that came from him. While his guide is today very similar to all other guides available, I still found it to be the best one so far due to its completion and mechanisms/tools referenced.

I don't know if he deserved his ban or not, I definitely don't doubt he might have, but I also don't think he deserved to have been treated the way he was.

Thanks, Fede, for taking the time to make your guide. I hope you are leading a good life.

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Grammar fix.

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2 hours ago, GoldenXan said:

I don't know if he deserved his ban or not,


You probably never saw how he acted elsewhere on the forum, lol. It was pretty called for unfortunately, despite the contributions


2 hours ago, GoldenXan said:

but I also don't think he deserved to have been treated the way he was.


The 4chan era of the forum was just like that. They don't treat each other particularly well. But yes, based on Lucilyn's post it was apparently a great albeit dated guide.

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