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Mafia II: Ponyville in Danger!


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Same for me ##abstain

Also, ##hammer

(Ps changelings, I worked hard on that picture, don't kick the spinosaurus out of it)

"Try to get a better understanding of things before making your judgement." -Khan, Metro 2033


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##abstain and ##hammer also.

"If this can be avoided, it should. If it can't, then it would be better if it could be. If it happened and you're thinking back to it, try and think back further. Try not to avoid it with your mind. If any of this is possible, it may be helpful. If not, it won't be."


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##abstain just like everyone else.


Melody - Creation Date: October 21st, 2014

Pumpkin - Creation Date: January 2015


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We're gonna try to post more often, but you know, no promises or whatever.

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Eh, yeah, I ##hammer too. I realized I didn't put my vote to hammer in my post above and it was too late before I could fix it.


Melody - Creation Date: October 21st, 2014

Pumpkin - Creation Date: January 2015


my mastodon - my other mastodon

We're gonna try to post more often, but you know, no promises or whatever.

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Laach, did you have something in mind?

##Abstain and ##Hammer.


Not really. I just wish I could have commented earlier.

Besides, nothing I can say right now could really change the vote.


Also, abstain=no vote and hammer=end the day. You can't really choose both.

Actually, I feel as if I'm currently the most likely to die, so I might as well say it now.


*=Prime Suspect

^=Likely Suspect

--=Possible Suspect

v=Unlikely Suspect

x=Not Suspect


* Quetzal

^ Yuki

-- Muffin

x Jean-luc

v Brassow

v Kiahdaj

x NimbusArchon

x Laach



Now to go over this list

Laach: Of course I put myself as not a suspect. You can judge that as you may, but I'm pretty sure after tonight I'll be dead regardless.


NimbusArchon: Acts like Yuki did in the last mafia game, and last time I checked, Yuki was innocent then. There may be a chance that I'm entirely wrong about this and that I underestimated NimbusArchon's manipulative abilities, but those chances should only be considered in cases of extreme emergency.


Kiahdaj: Hasn't said much, so there's no good reason to assume he is the changeling yet. Although lack of words can also substitute as hiding something. That's why he's still on the suspect list despite being unlikely.


Brassow: Shows companionship with the prime suspect and agrees with his decisions. Whether or not they seem like partners because they're murderers, or because they share scales, has not yet been determined.


Jean-luc: Me and Jean-luc were the murderer last game. If any of the participants of the last game remember, Jean-luc was rather reckless in choosing people to vote for in the last game. Sure, he's doing the same in this game too, but he seems a lot less sure of himself if you can notice. He's definitely not acting like the obvious murderer he was before, and as such is off the list.


Muffin: The reason he is a possible suspect, is because he made the same mistake that the prime suspect made. Imagine both the changelings agreeing to abstain in their private chat. If one of them were to realize their mistake, the other would as well. It just seems like too much of a coincidence to simply write off.


Yuki: The reason I put Yuki as likely is because of her drastic change in behavior. If you recall from the last thread, Yuki's first post was basically the same as NimbusArchon's first post. So why change from that tactic of coming up with a logical plan by stating the obvious? It seems honestly like Yuki is trying to convince everyone that she is "normal" by calling herself a pony right away. Such a basic statement seems out of place for a person such as her, but would make sense if she were the changeling.


Quetzal is the prime suspect for multiple reasons:

  • The first to vote, which is odd since in the last game he usually voted last or near last.
  • Voting on impulse before everyone had fully agreed on a plan. Again, This goes against his habits displayed in the last game.
  • Failing to respond to Brassow's comment of companionship. (only a heartless changeling would have the guts to do that.)
  • First to fix/change his vote. Few things can make you look more guilty than this, although fixing your vote isn't as bad as changing it.


If I die, there is a very good chance that this list is accurate or near accurate; if I don't, then I will continue to remain a threat. The next day, if I survive, I'll go on to explain why ending the day without fully getting to understand everybodies thoughts on each other is a bad idea. As you can see, no one has even died yet and I already have enough info to guess the two most likely suspects. If no one had voted, it is likely I would have gathered enough info to make this list more accurate and certain, but it's too late now. All I can do is hope that the two changelings find it beneficial not to mess with me.


Also, I attached a screenshot of what my post looked like before this edit was made. Just so that no one gets suspicious or anything.


Join Mafia II: Ponyville in Danger, the forum game of intrigue and deduction!

To make your dreams a reality, you must first understand the difference.

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I'm not sure if relating back to older games is a legit way of arguing suspicion.


By that logic, you have been evil in approximately 100% of the last games. That surely makes you suspicious, no?


##Abstain, and do tell me what you people mean with ##hammer, it seems pointless.

Feel free to ask me anything.

Suffering is self-imposed. Don't let it control you.

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