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Not at all. Wonderlands are as different as the person creating them. For me it's not that vivid an I see in the first person but I don't loose any consciousness or anything while I am there.


If you want a more vivid wonderland by all means force it just like you would force a tulpa but it is in no way a necessity to tulpa creation and you're not doing anything wrong.


You may find that it gets stronger with time and I would highly recommend using it to sharpen your visualization skills as a tree is far easier to picture than a tulpa to be honest so it can help you to concentrait if that's what you would like.


But you're not doing anything wrong, everyone is different and everyone's wonderland is different.

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But I've never actually gotten to the point where it felt as if my physical body was there, in fact I usually don't even see through first-person while there.

Am I doing something wrong?


If you’re wondering if you’re doing anything wrong, that’s a matter of disposition. But, IMO, if you’re trying to make it so you feel as if your physical body is there, that might cause some issues with this spatiotemporal reality, as I’m pretty sure it’s going to have to exist here. If you’re referring to “as if” with imaginary senses, then feel free to ignore what I said, but there was some ambiguity with what you were mentioning with wanting to feel as if your “physical body” was there.


I’ve been doing active forcing events where we are literally just aiming to describe what’s going on in as much sensory detail as we can without any hesitation and delay as possible:



It can be pretty intense, and even mentally taxing, but it’s still fun to do. So, whatever you hear about people doing so and so, and you want to fit that conceptual roadmap of whatever amazing things they must be doing, maybe you could push yourself a bit more, or do things so much that it becomes an industrialized process. And maybe then, you won’t really question if you’re doing something wrong because over time, referring to your mind’s eye visualization, and even your ability to shift your awareness to it more than this reality will by easily.


However, it doesn’t start unless you at least go for it. And it’s understandable that you may want to get opinions first before risking whatever hours you feel are precious to you, but I never really had to ask for anyone’s opinion to do image streaming other than simple curiosity on my end, and I haven’t felt skeptical ever since I first tried it. I made a guide here:


And that’s what I’ve been mostly doing for the past few years, albeit I’m striving to do it longer; currently going for 12 hours or more after reaching 10 hours+ with a few breaks in between a few months ago. And if I can have one of them do possession, or even switching, 12 hours or more might even be more practical to do if all, or at least one of us splits the time doing the activity (e.g. I do six hours, Eva does six, and whoever wants to go after can go freestyle). I guess my willpower stopped at 10 hours, but that's mostly because I forgot to feed myself decently, and was hungry as hell.

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What you "should" be doing implies that there's a norm for you to follow based on societal expectations. If you want to go for something like that, go for it, but it doesn't make you less of a person if you didn't want to strive for it. Some people may not want to do imposition at all, and may be content with hearing their tulpa's voice, and some may want to go for everything. It's up to you and your companion, though, on what's a right balance.

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