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Mistgod-Melian Art (Images from Our Dreamscape)

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From a mutual dream my thoughtform Melian and I had of us at an art convention together.

Your face made me laugh a little too loudly. xD


I'm loving all your art though; I think some of these would make great tattoos.

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Guest Anonymous

Thank you so much! Uhhh, I am glad we made you laugh, that was the idea. *giggle* I am super duper happy you like our art! I love Maori tribal art and I am inspired by it! The tribal art certainly does make good tattoo art! Originally it was body art! Davie and I collaborate on art a lot, and we influence each other, but our styles are a little different.

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Guest Anonymous



Davie and I are trying some new software and stuff! Our art is collaboration between he and I. This is an example of one of my Oopsie Doodle Abstracts. We used PicMonkey to frame it. There is a base drawing done in pen and colored pencil, then we digitized it all and used some filters and effects to finish it up. I hope you like it a lot!



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Guest Anonymous

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