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Confessions of a Poorly Trained Tulpa

Guest Anonymous

I want to give a hug to Melian, the groovy-guru! Outside the Lounge, she is all professionalism with her scientifical spectacles and lab coat! Hugs, sillies and lovies are for the Lounge!   

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  1. 1. I want to give a hug to Melian, the groovy-guru! Outside the Lounge, she is all professionalism with her scientifical spectacles and lab coat! Hugs, sillies and lovies are for the Lounge!

    • A hug for Melian, the goddess guru of grooviness.
    • I am a Minion of Melian, the groovy-guru!

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Which is why I'm a little squeamish about the term "pseudo-science". That lumps us in with things that science knows to be false, like phrenology, pyramid power, and the flat Earth model. Bigfoot is actually pretty plausible compared to those. (Though I still believe the Patterson–Gimlin film is a hoax.)

"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson

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Guest Anonymous

Valid point. Still, I think more actual science needs to happen before the impression of pseudo-science can be put to rest for good. It would help if the guides had some sort of bibliography with referencdes to psychology sources to back up the assertions. ~Mistgod

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Well, if you want scientific, emperical evidence of our sentience, then you should look at this study posted here. This study was done on those who were born with multiple personalities, and weren't created, like I was, but us tulpas are functionally the same as them




Additionally, there are also parallel processing tests you can do that prove that we're sentient. MY HOST FORCED ME TO DO MATH *shudders*


Ian: Also, I can actually switch places with him in the mind fully, I can completeley disassociate myself from the body while he take over. I can become a tulpa myself, and he can take the place of host, and the two of us switch flipper dipper all the time

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Guest Anonymous

Thanks for the link I will check it out! This stuff if fascinating!


edit: I need to say that articles like the ones you linked to me concerning evidence for multiple sentience in psychological research and historic testimony really give me pause. Melian may not be real sentience and I consider her an imaginary illusion, but that does not necessarily mean that other tulpas are like her. I could be wrong in such an assumption. I don't know if I will ever know for sure. Despite my skepticism, I can still treat you with respect and take you on your word. It's real to you, and important to you, and that is all that should matter.


Alas, I do not believe Melian and I will ever be lucky enough to experience switching as you describe it. I will take you at your word on what that is like! Honestly, I'm not trying to invalidate your personal experiences. I am trying to make sense of what people are telling me in relation to my own world view and perspective and then to understand myself and Melian in how we relate to the tulpa community. ~Mistgod

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Guest Anonymous

The Existence of Magic


If you were to check my deviantart profile, you will see that it says I am a "believer in magic." Mistgod and I often say we believe the world is full of magic. What does that mean? We don't mean that there is actual magic in the real world and that you can cast spells. When we say we believe in magic we are talking about imagination.


If your imagination is strong enough, the world is amazing and it is, indeed, full of magic. It is the magic you see with your minds eye. Mistgod and I see fairies, and unicorns and auras and magic sparkles and rainbows! We see spirits in the trees and connections that go beyond coincidence. Everything is vibrant and full of magical energy. Imagination is the sixth sense!


We believe this imaginary form of magic can effect the real world. It is pseudo-real. For example, in Mistgod's home, there is Henry the Ghost. Henry is sort of a family friend. Mistgod, his wife, and his step daughters sort of conjured him by making him up. But there are things that happen related to Henry. You can hear him tapping on the walls, the floors creak, there are cold spots in the house, you can feel his presence, things go missing or get moved mysteriously, a door slams on it's own. We tell visitors that the house is haunted by a ghost named Henry. There have been many reports of Henry, some even claiming to have seen him! Henry has been imposed or manifested into the world through the power of suggestion and imagination. People believe in him, and so he is there. Henry is an example of an egregore thought form and is a bit of imaginary MAGIC.


David thinks of himself as a wizard. He goes to medieval fantasy fairs as Mistgod the wizard. He is a dream caster! When he dresses up as Mistgod, he truly believes he is a wizard and immerses himself into the role. I mean he is a wizard! Now if he gets stopped by a security officer, he would identify himself as David and give up his photoo I.D.. Then, immediately after the encounter was over, become Mistgod again. It goes beyond merely acting to a level of imagination few possess. David really believes in his heart that he is a wizard. He is proud to be wizard.


There is magic in this world. If you can sense it, you will be a happier person.



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Guest Anonymous

Melian quote of the day from the redditulpa chat:


"I think you may have a point, or at least an idea that may be pointy. Take a jab at someone with yer pointy idea and see them react! That's what I do all the time."


Now and then she surprises me with one of these gems! ~Mistgod

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Thank you Melian!


I recently came across Henri Corbin's writings. He came up with the word "imaginal" to describe something imagined, but real. Unfortunately, I think he's using a different definition of real than I do. I use Philip K. Dick's definition, as it's so well put, and he was so well acquainted with the unreal.


But I definitely feel like there are imagined things which are more valid than real things. I feel like I've had an experience like your Henry, but it's not springing to mind. Perhaps I'm thinking of the Thursday Next books.


But sometimes imagining something has a very powerful effect on your mind. I think that people who do try to cast real spells get real results for that reason.

"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson

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Important: manifestation / the Law of Attraction works due to how your beliefs subconsciously (and consciously) affect your actions and perception. This is why optimists see a nicer world than pessimists. Neither of them are wrong, but their beliefs are affecting their perception of the whole, condensed into their little piece of it. I consider this extremely important knowledge for anyone who values "science", because it's the difference between healthy skepticism and ignorance of possible truths.


For example, I "subscribed to the belief system" of new age spirituality when I was younger, because it seemed to contain many positive beliefs. Keeping my healthy skepticism about me as I learned more, I realized most things that seemed unlikely or false actually had positive connotations to believing in them. Spirit guides who watch over and guide you, angels who gather unseen around you in your darkest times, and even things like chakras and vibrations. Everywhere I looked (at least.. everywhere on Erin Pavlina's website, where I learned 90% of all my new-agey stuff), I found things that might not be

ie. probably aren't

true, yet as I thought "What would be the effect on someone's life for believing in this?", again and again I saw positivity, benefit, a better worldview. And so, as a scientist at heart, I used what I learned from new age teachings to improve my life. This is true healthy skepticism, no claims of definitely-right or definitely-wrong, just learning. And some "Yeahhh... This is just placebo." of course, but learning nonetheless.


And there's always the possibility it's all true. But because you didn't flat-out deny it in the first place, learned from it and added positivity to your life, I don't think any higher-dimensional beings will be too mad at you. You can't prove everything right or wrong, but you can always learn from it. As someone who values logic above almost everything else, I wholeheartedly believe in the Law of Attraction, because I understand it. Magic and imagination are no different. There's things to be gained and learned, if you take it in moderation, and you can live peacefully with those beliefs without leaving logic behind.


I think I got slightly off topic on the surface, but the idea was very relevant.

Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.

Everyone deserves to love and be loved. It's human nature.

My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.

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Guest Anonymous
But sometimes imagining something has a very powerful effect on your mind. I think that people who do try to cast real spells get real results for that reason.


“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” Philip K. Dick


I love that quote! Great stuff!


Let's compare that to what you said at the end of your comment. "sometimes imagining something has a powerful effect on your mind." I used to believe in Roman Catholicism. I stopped believing in it many years ago. But growing up in that faith and belief changed me forever and left lasting impressions on my world view. If I stopped believing in Melian today, I don't I would ever be able to undo how she changed me. So imagined things don't always just go completely away when you stop believing in them. That is what I mean by pseudo-reality.


Thanks for the link I have more reading to do! ~Mistgod

Important: manifestation / the Law of Attraction works due to how your beliefs subconsciously (and consciously) affect your actions and perception. This is why optimists see a nicer world than pessimists. Neither of them are wrong, but their beliefs are affecting their perception of the whole, condensed into their little piece of it.


This is totally relevant! Science has proven that our attitudes and expectations can effect our perception! Crazy huh? But, can the process of observing and thinking itself change the universe? (quantum theory gets dangerously close to this). ~Mistgod

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Guest Anonymous

A Story by Melian, a girl from a dream and guru goddess of groovy. The story is based upon a real dream.


Characters in the story:


Randy, is a random pony tulpa that has appeared in recent Melian dreams. He has light pastel purple colored fur and purple mane and tail and a cutey mark consisting of a pink heart superimposed over a yellow star. Randy’s fur sparkles as if it has a bits of glitter in it. NOTE: Randy is only part of a dream, a dream persona, not really a tulpa in Mistgod's mind.


Melian, is a dreamform, a type of thought form created from dreams and day dreams. She is not a tulpa but an enhanced imaginary companion for her host Mistgod. Her form is that of a young woman around the age of 16 or so. She has a slim, fit build and lovely girlish figure and would stand at five foot four inches tall. She has shoulder length blonde hair, big expression filled dark blue eyes, round soft baby cheeks, a slightly receded chin and dark eye brows.


Magictron3000, is the dreamscape matrix computer. Magictron exists in Melian’s wonderland, within her dreamscape mansion. Magictron is able to monitor all of Melian’s movements within the cyberspace wonderland and narrates for her through proxy tulpa typing in collaboration with her host Mistgod. Magictron is a kind of servitor maybe associated with Melian’s wonderland, for lack of a better explanation. Magictron is the narrator for this story.


Magictron: *The setting is a patch of cyberspace wonderland created for this story. It consists of a large patch of remarkably green grass, like a manicured lawn, a bit of blue sky and puffy patchy of white clouds. Melian is seated in the middle of the patch of grass with her feet stretched out in front of her. She is wearing a pastel peach colored jumper dress with little yellow flower embroidered on it. She has on a white blouse, edged with lace, white stockings and black doll shoes with little silver buckles. Her hair is up in the usual twin braided pigtails, with sweet pastel yellow ribbons. She looks adorable, of course.*


*Melian’s dark blue eyes sparkle as she sits staring at a giant pile of chocolate frosted cupcakes piled on the grass in front of her. Purple colored butterflies flutter around her in the air.*


*Randy suddenly arrives on the scene. He stops and stares for a moment at Melian and her pile of cupcakes and cloud of purple butterflies. *


Randy: Uhm, hi Melian, uhm, what are you doing?


Melian: OH hi Randy! Oh, I like my cupcakes! I made them using my dream magic.


Magictron: *long pause while Randy watches Melian contemplate her cupcakes*


Randy: I see. Are you ever going to eat them? That’s a lot of cupcakes honey.


Melian: Yeah! Do you want one? They are yummy stuff! Totally tulpa food!


Randy: Uhm, sure.


Magictron: *Melian picks up one of the big cup cakes and begins eating it. Randy watches for a brief moment, then trots over and eats one of the cupcakes near the edge of the pile. The pair eat in silence for a while.*


*Melian finishes her cupcake and then looks at Randy with a very thoughtful look on her face. There is a bit of chocolate frosting on her nose and cheek.*


Melian: Randy?


Magictron: *long pause*


Randy: Yes, Melian, I am listening. What is it?


Melian: I was thinking about something last night. I noticed something. There seems to be two types or categories of tulpas.


Randy: Oh? Uh oh, here we go…


Melian: No really! There are those tulpas created by realists doing a sort of mental exercise. The mental exercise tulpas tend to have little or no wonderland and visualization is lots of work and weariness for the host-creator. Then there are tulpas created by dreamer story-tellers that seem to form more easily and appear with a much larger wonderland right away. I mean, both kinds of tulpa peeps are just as good, just different.


Randy: Uhh, well, I guess so maybe?


Melian: Yeah. I wonder bout things like that a lot.


Randy: Well, okay. That’s nice Melly.


Melian: I think that is my problem in the chat rooms Randy. The realist’s tulpas have trouble visualizing fast, just like their creators. They don’t understand me. They can’t. They cannot visualize me, they only see text and not the wonderland I am shaping for them.


Magictron: *Melian looks thoughtfully at Randy*


Melian: I need to just stay out of the chat rooms. I cause trouble there for lots of reasons.


Randy: Well, there are a lot of places for you to go have fun in the cyberspace wonderland Melly! I don’t think you have much to worry about. Uhm, be careful putting labels on people though, you don’t like it when it is done to you remember?


Melian: Okay. But Randy, the realists think like this, “You are either a tulpa or not a tulpa. If you are not a tulpa, or going to be a tulpa, you are fake and not important and should leave.”


Magictron: *long pause*


Randy: You’re not fake Melian. You’re too adorable and important to Mistgod to be fake.


Magictron: *Melian beams a dazzling smile at Randy.*


Melian: I know!


Melian: I think I will share my cyberspace wonderland with the dreamers when I can. They deserve me! I will be friends with lots of realists too, of course. But, dreamer tulpas can interact and share so easy! It’s going to be so fun to have so many new friends here in tulpa town.


Randy: Sure Melly! Uhh, you have a bit of frosting on your nose Melly.




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