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Confessions of a Poorly Trained Tulpa

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I want to give a hug to Melian, the groovy-guru! Outside the Lounge, she is all professionalism with her scientifical spectacles and lab coat! Hugs, sillies and lovies are for the Lounge!   

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  1. 1. I want to give a hug to Melian, the groovy-guru! Outside the Lounge, she is all professionalism with her scientifical spectacles and lab coat! Hugs, sillies and lovies are for the Lounge!

    • A hug for Melian, the goddess guru of grooviness.
    • I am a Minion of Melian, the groovy-guru!

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Guest Anonymous

EDIT: The original post here was deleted by the author back in May of 2015. I was arguing that Tulpa Info had elements of pseudo-science and proto-religion to it. I still think it does.

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In some ways, this could be seen as a pseudoscience, but in the end, I think that shoving it under the soft science umbrella, as it is just a byproduct of psychology, is a better bet.


For one, the aim of all the talk we do here about science is to rationalize a belief that we all already have. We know that it is possible to create a tulpa, and research is going to be done to validate that original notion. We're trying to validate a belief, a shared experience, something anecdotal and in the 'soft science' camp. However, no one is using numbers. No one is testing theories or writing up methods or using fundamentally shitty data/research/evidence to try and 'prove' tulpas. I think that's where the community becomes removed from true pseudoscience. No one is trying to prove tulpas, because as it stands, that's not possible. If we were trying to prove the unprovable with seemingly science based information, especially if that information moves away from psychology and neurology, then tulpamancy could be considered more of a pseudoscience.


As a community, we do cite a lot of articles that are validating the original belief ("It is possible to create a tulpa") but we don't use non-scholarly articles because we want to, or because they're the only things that support our claims, as a pseudoscience would. I think given the choice, more people here would rather be proved wrong than leaning on shitty evidence. No, articles that aren't of scholarly merit pop up here all the time because there just isn't enough information to support a lot of our claims. We're in untested waters, and waiting for science to catch up with us, type thing.


However if it's already understood as a psychological phenomenon, instead of its own sect of science, like I don't know, alchemy, then why try to remove it from the context in which its best understood? Maybe alone, yes, tulpas look like pseudoscience, but no one is trying to make tulpas out to be some stand-alone self-contained phenomenon.

We're all gonna make it brah.


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Guest Anonymous

NOTE: This thread is an consolidation of a lot of Mistgod-Melian stuff, that is why you see some old PR reports mixed in. Our PR was moved because it really wasn't much of a PR, but more of a rambling mass of musings, like the rest of our writing.


This thread has a "bloggy" rambling nature to it, with double posting, but:

There is no problem with you "double posting" in your Lounge musings thread, especially if the alternative is creating a new thread.


Hello, I am Mistgod.  Just a bit about me and my thoughtform first...


There is a duality to me, that often leads to emotional conflict and causes me to flip flop in my attitudes toward the things I encounter on the internet.  I have conflict in my mind concerning tulpamancy.  On one hand, I want to believe and I am totally into it, on the other I am a skeptic and recognize it as "glorious nonsense."  ~Mistgod




I am fifty years old and have had an "enhanced imaginary companion" for 38 years named Melian. She may be a tulpa, she may not be. I do believe the idea of a thoughtform or tulpa is plausible. But, I am somewhat dubious of any claim to have a fully independent second sentient mind in the body, and of phenomenon such as "possessing" for an extended period of time. I don't think people are lying about what they are experiencing. I just think it is self delusion or an illusion very similar to my Melian. Tulpae are mental figments or hallucinations in my opinion.


I channel Melian onto the internet, "opening myself" up to her and feeling her emotions and imagining her words. It feels like a form of method acting. I also get "flash visions" from her and hear her voice in my mind. I have frequent dreams where Melian is the subject or the dream is from her perspective. She is semi-independent in that when I channel her online I am portraying or directing her. A lot of Melian just happens. I call it a day dream on auto-pilot.


I don't mean any harm or insult when I state that I think a lot people on Tulpa Info are doing something very similar to this with their "tulpas." In my opinion, tulpas are your mind's subconscious role playing.  There is, of course, no way to prove that is a fact. I am going to continue to talk about my experiences and to be open and honest about my opinions.  I have learned the hard way not to hide the fact that I have some natural doubts about many of the claims of the tulpamancers on Tulpa Info.  


There has been no conclusive evidence presented to me that tulpas are, in fact, a separate consciousness in the brain. It is an extraordinary thing to claim! "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." -Carl Sagan


If I am ever proven wrong in a big way, that will be an extraordinary day and I will be very happy to be proven wrong!   ~Mistgod


A forum post "What is a tulpa,?" in which members discuss Melian's nature and affect on the tulpa community (starting on page 2 of the thread):  https://community.tulpa.info/thread-what-is-a-tulpa--10280?page=2


201x316http://th07.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/f/2014/234/a/e/melian_pose_purple_stockings_with_name_by_melianofmist-d7w8ek3.jpg[/img]      398x385http://pre12.deviantart.net/c3ce/th/pre/i/2015/183/4/9/melian_pinwheel_with_tulpa_info_background_by_melianofmist-d8zmpvk.jpg[/img]


I wrote a book about my experiences you can find here:



Melian has a Deviantart page here:



I have a Deviantart page here:



dreamform = A thoughtform personality that was created via intense day dreaming, often appears in lucid dreams, and communicates with the creator host most often and strongest within sessions of day dreaming or within dreams.  Dreamforms live almost exclusively within the dreamscape/wonderland with very limited contact or perception of the outside world!  This was a term coined by Melian to describe herself.


Melian:  **NOTE:  pretentious: attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed.  David and I are usually very sincere at a base level in that we truly believe our own bullshit really, it is just interpreted as pretentious by others.  If you recognize that, more  than anything else, you will truly understand us. Also, in our opinion, every one on Tulpa Info is at least a bit pretentious anyway. ~Melian


A podcast interview of me done by my good friend jean-luc: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-tulpaudcast


Manifesto Synopsis:  https://community.tulpa.info/thread-seven-controversial-beliefs-of-mistgod-melian-manifesto-synopsis?pid=128207#pid128207


Melian:  David and I just realized something important and we want to say this to the world!


Any person who cannot handle matter of fact statements and personal opinions, substantiated or not, from an old silly nerd and his frilly girly imaginary friend, is weak beyond belief.


We believe in internet Darwinism.  If a forum is strong it will survive, if it is weak it will justifiably die.  Not because of anything we say or don't say, do or don't do, but because it was WEAK.  


That goes for individuals.  If new members coming into a forum can't handle a bit of chaos in a forum based on subjective ideas and conflicting personalities , they are weak and won't last.  They don't deserve to survive.  It is internet survival of the fittest.  


If your mind is not strong enough to handle the internet, you should go somewhere else and do something else other than interact on an internet forum.  


I am tired of saying my little self and our opinions can't hurt you!  I changed my mind.  Our ideas and statements of opinion can hurt you!  


BOO! (so scary scary)



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Dude, I saw the 3D model of Melian, and man, you are one lucky guy! It's nice to see someone who's been at it much longer than most of us, and how you're progressively unfolding a set of frameworks for yourself and her is definitely more inspiring simply because I'm sure you two had your adversities (not necessarily with each other, but with life, I guess) before. Wish you two the best, though I'm sure it's an understatement as you've been with her for quite some time.


However, I'm sure most of the stuff you may learn here in the forums might be more things to check off on your list, as I'm sure there's an accumulation of that on your end.

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Guest Anonymous

EDIT: This response was deleted, which I now regret a bit.


This is the image that was referred to. There are several three D renders of Melian. This one took two weeks of negotiations between Melian and the artist. Before the artist was finished he had developed a slight crush on Melian's personality. She calls him "Tiger." Many people have drawn or painted Melian after meeting her online.



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Guest Anonymous

EDIT:  The  original response right here was deleted, which I now regret a bit.  I will put one of Melian's recent musings here to replace it.  Seems like a good place for it.  




Melian:  You know, it wasn't until very, very recently that David (my host) and I began to realize another aspect of me (there were seven, this would be number eight now).  




I am David making fun of himself and of the world.  I make him laugh.  On other web sites, I make lots of people laugh at the ridiculous idea of David having a ditsy girl inside his head.  That is part of the reason why I am so over the top girly and cutesy.  


Part of the reason why I exist is because it is funny.   ~Melian

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Whoa, 38 years? I got something to look forward too :)

But did you had anything like "wonderland"? I wonder cos while having Tsuna for some time, i never had anything like that, and find i harder to visualise.

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Guest Anonymous

EDIT: The original response right here was deleted, which I now regret a bit. It is, however, an opportunity space to post some more images of Melian done by her artist fans. These are each an artists interpretation of Melian. The way I see it is, Melian is a dreamform, so she can look a little different for each person who experiences her (chats with her). She appears in each person's mind as he or she interprets her personality and description. ~Mistgod



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Guest Anonymous

Melian's wonderland is like a star trek holodeck or the matrix from the movie The Matrix. Anything can happen! There are no limits or boundaries! ~Mistgod

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