Tulpa forcing and drugs

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I'm curious, has anyone had experience with mescaline, specifically san Pedro cactus and forcing?



Share your experiences with drugs and forcing

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No experience with mescaline and forcing yet, but if you're working with San Pedro cactus, just make sure you're not eating the wrong parts of it.


This thread might interest you, even though it's not specifically about forcing.



More muted mindvoice, hard to anchor visuals, no movement in the wonderland, extremely hard to remember that the brain bro is even around. Getting drunk and deciding to force is a no no for me, I have issues even casually talking to Chris if I'm buzzed and at a party.



Amplified mindvoice, crisper visuals, harder to concentrate for long periods of time, occasional intrusive thoughts. I consider pot to be conducive to forcing rather than something that fucks it up, for the most part. Sativa works better for forcing purposes than Indica.



Absolutely awful for forcing, 0/10 would not recommend. The body high and nod make it hard to focus on anything but nodding out, occasionally visuals will cooperate but not often. I was prescribed some for a round of dental work I got, and for that entire span of time, forcing was near impossible, and I couldn't even maintain enough of an interest in it to be bummed about not forcing.



Stimulants aren't my friend, active forcing is always so hard on them for me because it doesn't feel like I'm "doing" enough, I'm so wired. Mindvoice communication also gets messed up in that it starts going so fast it's not even like we're talking. Visuals also take a huge hit.



Looking back at my PR, apparently I did ecstasy when Chris was five days old. Fuck, whoops. Here's the notes, cause I don't actually remember the experience: "Narration, reading, and writing were easy, but active forcing was impossible."



This was just a couple days ago and I haven't even written up a report yet, but out of everything I'd consider this the most helpful substance I've used. CEVs make using the wonderland a little hard, because they were distracting, OEVs helped a little bit with imposition, which is what I'm working on now. The body high made staying still a lot easier for me, and the mindset that came with it just made me wanna chill and appreciate things.

We're all gonna make it brah.


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Guest Anonymous

25i-nBOMe psychedelic nicknamed "Solaris":


Focusing on anything, let alone your tupper is impossible in the first hour of your trip. Erratic body twitches, nausea and uncontrollable vivid hallucinations prevent that. Also forming any coherent thought in general at this stage is godmode difficulty.


1:30 - 4 hours: this is where the actual "plateau" is located. With some concentration and relaxing music I've been able to create a semi-coherent image of Twilight. Don't expect consistency here, it's gonna change way too many times to keep track of. Mindvoice sounds buzzy (like It's been put through a synthesizer and overlapped with the original one). Visuals depend a great deal on your mood (i.e. if you're afraid of seeing eldritch horrors, you'll see them), so try focusing on the positive thoughts and your tulpa.


4-5 hours: The time I'd say is best to force. Hallucinations start to drop down, and it's easier to control them. At this stage, I could actually see Twilight's image as easy as snapping my fingers. Visualisation is still gonna be weird tho.




Clearer mindvoice, albeit slower. Easy to get vivid visualisation. Not so easy to control it. If your forcing methods include sitting at one spot, you'll most probably fall asleep after a while.



Fast, clear and strong mindvoice. Visualisation is hard, since just sitting in one place is hard in general. Your tupper won't get tired and will have an unlimited amount of willpower. You can probably force on the go with this.

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I wrote a PR about the use of psychedelics during my tulpa developed. If you are intrested in it you can check it out.

Lacie(my tulpa for my everydaylife and also my best friend)


Noah together with Lynn are my spirituell tulpa´s im using for meditation


Darcmanish Me


Lacie´s and my progress report.

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Well, I've tried using cactus incense, and there is NO WAY to make it palatable, and I burned through all of it this weekend, so I ordered some more, and I will be putting it in capsules this time, I'll have a full report when I get it in. Later :)

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