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Ahh... this might be kind of hard to explain.. I know I've asked a similar question, but this is kind of getting on both of our nerves.


So, when I'm not thinking about her, she can't talk to me, she can only produce headaches to let me know she's there. Her voice is really weak when she does speak to me. It's really quiet. She can't speak long sentences because I kind of get uneasy and parrotnoid when she does. Most of the time she just makes small remarks about things. Like she'd say "That's cool." sarcastically, or earlier today I finally made the connection to her and she was like "Finally. I've been bored and lonely all day." So... this is an issue...


I don't mean to be a bother, asking all these questions and such... sorrryy...

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Eh. It sounds like you're just transitioning from Tulpish to a more exact communication method. Someone else could probably help you more. I never really went through a tulpish phase with any of mine(though on reviving them it seems like I may be going through it. We'll see.)

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I get that same type of thing when I go too long (like.. months) without giving my tulpas attention. It's like they've lost their voice, and we revert back to feelings and intent (an ever perfect communication method) for clarity because when they try to talk they aren't as clear/have to talk in short bursts. Like most things, practice seems to lessen this effect. Many experience it directly after waking up, although I can hear them just fine at any point (even seconds after waking up) if I've been speaking to them enough recently.


But I'm an experienced tulpamancer (with motivation issues), so it's more counteracting regression than it is becoming skilled again. If you spend enough time talking to your tulpa out of the blue, and really focusing on hearing them when it's hard to, it shouldn't take too long for you guys to overcome this. It may still be an issue when your tulpa has been less active or when your focus is elsewhere, but in my experience it definitely gets better with time and practice.


Regaining connection is easier than enabling them to speak to you spontaneously though. I'm still working on that, myself. It takes a LOT of work, like "All Day Awareness" for lucid dreaming, and is no easy feat for those not inclined to it naturally. Again though, with enough dedication and practice, it's a possibility.

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Guest Anonymous

It will come eventually. Overcoming the "parrotnoia" will be hard though. Try to teach your tulpa alternate methods of grabbing attention, since headaches are quite a bother for both sides of the dialogue. Like a specific muscle tremor, it's hard to mistake with anything else if it happens out of the blue.

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