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imposing yourself during switching?

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I have a question/experiment in mind. Could it be possible if, while switched with your tulpa, the tulpa can impose you into the real world, as if you were a tulpa? I have researched the topic of tulpas for a while and never came across this happening yet. I haven't a tulpa of my own so cannot try, would someone please, if interested, try and respond telling the results?

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Asking exactly the same question in 3 different boards probably is not enough to get a sufficient answer. Try posting it in Progress Report, Tulpa Art, Lounge and Forum Games as well.


Or, you could just take a look here

Super Girls don't cry

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Man, I hope he knows that was sarcasm.

"If this can be avoided, it should. If it can't, then it would be better if it could be. If it happened and you're thinking back to it, try and think back further. Try not to avoid it with your mind. If any of this is possible, it may be helpful. If not, it won't be."


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