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I'm.. Interested in the seven remake, I guess. I'm one of the people who believes seven is overhyped as fuck, Cloud Strife is bitchy and needs a kick in the face, and that the game was just overall meh. I would have preferred a IX, or even V or VI remake, but if they can do this right, I think I'll enjoy it. I'm actually more excited for Kingdom Hearts 3 than VII, though.


I feel like they're only doing VII because it's so demanded, and not because they want to, but again, we'll see. I could be wrong on my opinions about every single game this year, just gotta see how it plays.


Figured I'd add though, Bethesda just added the "Email me when this item is back in stock" option on their pipboy editions around six o'clock yesterday, and it hadn't been there a couple hours prior, so I'm hopeful. People who work at Gamestop and Amazon have also passingly mentioned that preorders being out of stock so early is more because the company doesn't yet know how many items there will be, so once they have set numbers, there may be one more wave, or even enough for everybody, even those who aren't constantly refreshing nine pages over and over again (cough).

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Fuckin' A, I finally got it. Except I had to buy it for Xbone because that was the last place I could find


I don't own an Xbone


But it's fine. My brother wants to buy one, and I can just get it separately later for whatever my platform of choice may be.


But yeah, after many hours of collaborating with other hopeful buyers, we were able to quickly learn that Wal Mart had JUST put some up, which is weird, but whatever, and I was able to get in on the last five or so purchases. My poor friend who tried immediately after me wasn't so lucky, so I feel like I got the last one :D


I feel bad for anyone who won't be getting one.. Bethesda emailed me today saying they will NOT be restocking, so I guess that's that. Ran into fifty, sixty scalpers today alone claiming to have bought five+. Fucking scum. So yeah, poor anyone who didn't get that in..

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Yeah I get cloud being a whiny bitch and I know what you mean about hype- for me it was my first rpg so it holds significant sway, but six eight or nine would have worked too- I'm just a little obsessed with seven ^^

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Yeah, I was never too fond of FFVII myself. FFVI was my first Final Fantasy, and I still play it to this day. Actually, there's this tool called "Beyond Chaos" which randomizes all of FFVI, so you can play through the game with randomly generated characters, in randomly generated dungeons, fighting randomly generated monsters, with randomly generated weapons. Really breathes new life into the game.


FFVII always felt like it took something I loved, and dumbed it down until it could sell.


Know why the hipster burned his mouth? He drank his coffee before it was cool.

"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson

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Six was pretty great. That was the first pre-seven title I played, and I enjoyed it a good bit. Random everything feels kinda.. Crazy, though. Like it's pretty much not even six anymore.


Amazon was able to stock pipboys for another twenty or thirty minutes last night, so I snagged a PC edition. My brother is going to pay for that one and I'll get it, and I paid for the Xbone edition and he'll get that one. Wal Mart still hasn't cancelled my order, so I'm pretty sure it's completely secured now. Which makes me feel bad for the people whose orders were cancelled.


On Nowinstock.com, there's this budding community in the comments for the Pipboy tracker, and a lot of those poor guys have been waiting for days, or have had orders cancelled. I hope they get them.


Also got my buddy's amazon info and ordered for him while he was working and now he feels incredible debt towards me, ahaha. So yeah. Glad I can finally end that chapter in my life.



Happy b-day Kiahdaj. You were next to the other person who turned 32 and for a second I was like "Man he's old, he'll probably be dead here in a couple years" but then I realized your age is unlisted. I hope you get cake I guess, everyone deserves at least that.

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Well, making it a whole new game is a plus for me. I've been playing this game for like 20 years now. I practically have it all memorized. And you can choose how much you randomize. Like you can play the regular game with only battle commands randomized. So like Beyond Chaos will create new battle commands to replace the old ones.


[hidden]Some of them are decent, like R-Blitz and R-Sword, which use a random Blitz or a random Swordtech without having to charge the ability or enter the input.


Other commands are pretty useless. R-Geo is pretty much a weaker version of Dance -- it randomly uses a Dance move. But Dance already picks a random Dance move, and it's nice that it picks only from the set you want it to pick from, whereas R-Dance picks from all of them. I mean it does skip that 50% fail rate of Dance for non-native dances, but still. Dance kinda sucks to begin with, at least in the World of Ruin.


And then other commands are massively overpowered, like R-Nuke randomly uses one of the most powerful moves in the game. The only downside is that it might kill your party too.[/hidden]




I've mostly been using Beyond Chaos to put Sprint Shoes perpetually in effect. There's a Low Level Game code, but it doesn't work reliably enough for me.


But one of the codes makes FF6 pretty much into a roguelike. There's one big 200-room dungeon, and you start at level 1 at the top, and have to fight your way down to the bottom and beat the boss of the game. Everything in the dungeon is completely random -- I found Fixed Dice in the first chest once.


I'm planning to play this with my cousins in July. There's one cousin I think will really love this mode.



32 will probably be dead in a couple of years? Jeez, I'm almost 30. <_<

"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson

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Yeah me too sushi. Next birthday.


Damn them young whipper snappers!


Anyways- I quite like the sound of that mod good fellow- would be tempted to try it but already trying to play 6 games at the same time XD

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