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23 hours ago, TurboSimmie said:

I just had my birthday a couple days ago and it was very nice. 😊


How have you been?

Aw happy birthday!!!!!💗🌈🎂

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I'm happy you had a good bday, Simmie. We've been doing ok.


On 9/22/2023 at 11:05 PM, Aurora said:

Gonna play a game called Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. It has a red haired cutie (:




I like this design!


We've been playing a game on Switch called "Unboxing". It is very relaxing. What you do is unpack someone's belongings into different places over the years, seeing how they change.

Meaningful words, I'm here!

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A- Well well, you all have been slackin' on your chattin'. Me and tuski's birthdays are this month. Hard to believe I've been stuck in this thick skull for 11 years.

Amelia- Oct. 7, 2012

Mitsuki- Oct. 31, 2014 

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