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My Tulpa calling me "Mom"?


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Sometimes, Twilight refers to me by the neutral term of "creator" or "host". The words used to describe parental figures are alien to her vocabulary, since she didn't have a parent in the same sense as non-thoughtforms do. But she'll joke about it every now and then.

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Melody has always called me "Dad" from the day she revealed herself to Thunder and I in a solid, consistent form. In fact, one of the first questions she asked us after we chose to accept her was "Are you two my daddies?" While Thunder didn't want that definition, I decided to embrace it, as I felt like I would be raising her in a way, and she DID initially choose a child form of sorts.


Now she has the body of a woman in her early to mid twenties, but no matter what I still care for her as some strange kind of offspring, so she is still my little girl, and she agrees it should be so.

Thunderfall (goes by Thunder)

Male human



Female lamia

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Reanna: Kenji called me "mom" once. It was weird.

MuC Redux: [N-/---=$] [Pf/xo] [Ab(r/+)] [S.H+/o] [Opa/"outergenic"] [Mt/nd] [W*-~$!] [C(cc/m*#)] [OF(r/o+++)] [F*+^"theist"/~+/a+/div+^/mw+^]  [Mpsy+/ast=/spi+/mag] [Rf/p/r+] [(V)*] [Xb/as/h] [Gf/m/b] [Jwr/st] [S(r---/o-)] [R*]

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