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Lord Tourettes

Accidental Self-Hypnosis

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So, I was wondering if this ever happens to anyone else while forcing.


I posted a thread yesterday about experiencing REM while laying down in my regular sleeping position, eyes closed, and forcing. Turns out I was wrong about it being REM.


Earlier today, I sat up and actively forced, while I wasn't even tired, and the lights were on. After a couple minutes, the same exact thing happened. My body grew relaxed, my eyes began to flicker under my eyelids rapidly, and I would experience subtle twitches. I even felt a bit numb, and had lost some of my senses in my hands and arms. Since I obviously wasn't going to sleep, I knew that it wasn't REM.


That's when I decided to try searching up hypnosis symptoms. Needless to say, I was shocked by the results. The common symptoms include eyes flickering, body becoming relaxed, body becoming numb, and subtle twitches. What really shocked me is that apparently, the "eye movement is also very common in individuals when they are hypnotized and asked to imagine certain visual things in their mind." Literally describes active forcing right there. I've been self-hypnotizing myself while forcing. I become so absorbed in the wonderland that I accidentally hypnotize myself. I had no idea it was THAT easy for me to become hypnotized.


Has anyone else ever experienced this? Do you think it's bad while forcing? Could it hinder my progress? Or is it a good sign?

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I have also noticed this when forcing. I just thought it had to do With a REM-like reason. It feels weird, doesn't it? The eye movement isn't that weird, but my body almost feels alien when forcing. Breathing feels different too.

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I think you’re over-exaggerating one set of symptoms that seem vague, and could be contingent on a lot of factors, and presuming that there’s such a thing as “accidental hypnosis.” Now, the concept of hypnosis is dripping with contingency on what it actually is, but if we’re being loose on it being a supplement in having inward attention:


- You’re basically telling yourself that you accidentally made yourself suggestible when this could really just be predisposed habits building up if you actually did something related to self-hypnosis in some way.


- You may be conflating guided meditation and hypnosis as something that happens all at once rather than seeing hypnosis as a stepping stone to reach that end result. In other words, it’s just a guide as any other heuristic for visualization, and not necessarily a one shot type of thing all the time.


- In theory, anything that you’re not comfortable with, and anything that doesn’t resonate with your schemata of almost anything pertaining to the goals you may have had with forcing being supplemented with hypnosis will probably not seep into your mind, because you know, you technically didn’t have enough yearning for it in the first place.


- Seeing it as symptoms seems to entail some incoming disease; almost as if one becomes suggestible in seeing hypnosis as such because of the connotations behind “symptoms.” This could be one of many reasons you’re querying if it’s bad for you, hinder your progress, or something good entirely.


- With that said, human nature is subjective, and with utilizing hypnosis, or any other supplement for better inward focus towards your imagination, and what have you, we can’t give an inherent and assured mental pathway of what you’ll experience. Some people may go through a trip down regressed memory lane, some may just have a better time visualizing because they’re in that ideal mental state, and some people may have a predisposed critical aspect in their minds that doesn’t find the endeavor pragmatic whatsoever.


- If you feel utilizing a supplement to have better inward attention is a bad thing that can hinder your progress, then by all means, revel in that at your own accord. Sometimes, you don’t have to read a hypnosis script to reach certain bodily sensations of being relaxed. Maybe, your body has built those sets of predispositions that allows you to get relaxed after because of conditioning, but that doesn’t mean it’s hypnosis. An analogue of this is whenever I force via

, just because I can easily get relaxed and imagine things easily, I never feel as if I’m being hypnotized as I already conditioned myself to refer to my imagination easily because of those attempts beforehand. I may read a script every now and then, but it's just a stepping stone.



Also, check out this concept:

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