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I have I serious problem for the sake of my tulpa

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I don't know how to stop this, this may just be me but let me run this down. How my imagination works is that I usually imagine something, and I imagine it again and again, kinda like reading a chapter in a book and reading it again to get a better understanding of it. I do this with everything to keep it within my mind.


Now heres the problem (probally nothing to do with par #1). I've been having this problem with what I would call "mind lock", probally has an actual meaning but IDK. Meaning just like with life, you do things you may do everyday like brush you teeth, or take a shower and it gets locked in your mind as something you will do again, and again.


Now this is what im starting to get annoyed of and to belive to be harming my tulpa. Now my tulpa is half sentient, I try my hardest to keep my tulpa in mind. Now this is how I "play" with my tulpa. Kinda like an out of body experience, I imagine my arms or any other body part moving from out if my body, moving the imagine body part without moving my actual body, like a avatar.


Now back to the mind lock thing, my thoughts have been lashing at my tulpa, and it has been happening over and over again anytime I think of mien my tulpa. Now it has this sort of feeling when you do something that you didnt mean to do and regret it a second later.


I usually use my imagination on things im mad or irritated about, like how most people hate the police and wish to do something but never do. So here is the question, how can I stop this? Its becoming like a stuck memory.

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What exactly do you mean by "lashing at" your tulpa?


So far it just sounds like you are dealing with a bout of intrusive thoughts, but if I knew what you meant by lashing, there might be more to it.

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Just invasive thoughts, probably. That's pretty common in people who don't have a good grasp on their imagination, or visualization skills yet. All I can say is that everything you think is there because you wanted to, consciously or not. Don't imagine a pink elephant. Your brain, somewhere, had the idea to imagine something, even if you didn't want to those thoughts made it want to. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ironic_process_theory is related. Don't think of a polar bear. When I first started visualizing things, I had an issue where my perspective would constantly spin, and I tried all sorts of ways to fight it, from just powering through it to resetting it over and over to rolling with it (ugh) to physically anchoring myself, which worked ~sometimes. But in the end, the way I got it to stop was to stop thinking about it. Stop unconsciously feeding it and making it "want" to keep happening. It doesn't matter how you rationalize it, some part of your mind wants to do something and giving it attention is just making it want to do it more. The inability to stop this process, or the worsening of it, is tied to ironic process theory. I told you not to imagine a pink elephant, stop. The only way to stop is to stop worrying about stopping, or continuing for that matter. When invasive thoughts occur, such as random acts of violence toward your tulpa (fairly common invasive thought, stemming from your want to NOT hurt them), simply ignore them. Not as in pretend they aren't happening, but completely discredit them. "I didn't want that to happen, so as far as I'm concerned it didn't. I refuse to acknowledge those thoughts because they are not wanted, and they are not mine."


Otherwise, just look up stuff on "invasive/intrusive thoughts" I guess. It's a mental hurdle to overcome, but luckily this is one of the few cases where not caring actually makes things better. Don't give any credit to thoughts that aren't welcome. Acknowledge them as unwelcome and not wanted, and don't let them affect your current thoughts. Carry on.

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I don’t see anything in the OP that was sequential to serious problems with their tulpa other than just the OP who seems to further the belief of it being so. To say the least, just because you imagine your tulpa, and think about them doesn’t necessarily entail that any action based on your fixation of it, e.g., those events, are actually hurting them.



If you want a different perspective on this:


- If you really wanted to believe that they’re sentient, and treating them as such, they would presumably be able to not be affected by your imagination of them because their existence isn’t wholly contingent on your fixation of them; though, this might be a moot point for those that may not want to further their horizon on what it means to be treated as sentient, I guess.


- Those actions you do in your quotidian lifestyle shouldn’t really be considered as contributing to any despair with your tulpa as common things like brushing your teeth, etc., is something that becomes a predisposed habit, and doesn’t necessarily entail that your mind has to over-compensate, under, or just compensating in general. The mind lock thing is probably just due to having a one track mind, and not being made aware that these processes that occur to allow you to function day-to-day isn’t the issue here; those processes and competencies help you.


- And if you feel that there’s actually excruciating pain involved with those thoughts that seem to “lash” out at your tulpa, how can you even be sure for yourself that they’re going through that other than your conscience kicking in for a guilt trip? How can anyone know that a tulpa can, excluding circumstances with possession and switching, feel the same physical and mental sensations of pain and such from something like that?


- And even if they did have experiential learning with something like possession and/or switching, how does one’s imagination suddenly shift to physical pain and sensations being a byproduct of that? If you feel that your own imagination can exert some kind of force to cause harm to your tulpa, then you’d probably also have to question if the tables were turned, and your tulpa wanted to harm you with their imagination and mode of thought; wouldn’t that be a series of flawed mental events? And to further those doubts, it would probably just be a self-fulfilling prophecy where you consistently treat those events as being problematic until it actually does; more harm done just by expectations with subsequent actions, is all there is to this thread.

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