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[BLOG] 1 The Dragon and the Princess

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Once upon a time, there lived a dragon who fell in love with the princess.



Hello people of this lovely community.

Oh my gosh, do I have stories to tell you! Well, first here is an intro, so you won't get confused with other stories.


My name is *Alice, (not my real name, I just love that name). And my tulpa's name is Ryan :D !


(These parentheses mean the author is talking)


{These braces' mean Ryan is speaking}


He is 18 years old.

He was born on May 27th, 2015.


He looks like "Hak" from Akatsuki No Yona. His personality fits him the most and plus I really love his clothing. Hak is described as a dragon, the girl he is in love with is a princess.



Ryan wears the blue outfit on the right, his hair looks somewhat like it, but is a bit more on the curly side?






**Cough** including the abs



I'm sure most of you would ask, "But Alice, why would you make him look like an anime character?"








Good reason right?




Shhh Ryan, you're perfect.


{i know}


Anyway, I researched on the tulpa subject for 7 weeks, please don't think I'm an outgoing girl who talks too much. {well you kinda are} SHH.


Ryan's behavior is basically serious, though sweet, too loving (or i could call it romantic, you'll see why), kind, and really caring. He jokes around a bit but not so much.


I created him because I wondered how fun a tulpa could be, always being there for you, comforting you, ect. (Which does happen with Ryan and I)


Why is he like this? I made him to be romantic (Has its ups and downs). I was working on his traits and I added in romantic, I just wanted to see how he would act. Like would he be completely different from other peoples experience with a tulpa? Or are they experiencing the same thing?


I don't thing it's just a temporary romantic, love phase. Oh no, this will most likely be continuous. I'm deciding if I should tell him to be romantic or not.


Since some of you have read up to here, here is a story of how I found out that Ryan is too loving ...


It was about 4 weeks from creating Ryan. I could tell he had mixed emotion for me.


I was laying in bed and had a headache, so I went to our wonderland and asked Ryan if he was causing the headache.


He said yes because he wanted to see me.


We simply sat on the grass, and literally out of nowhere, my stomach/chest area felt so tingly.


I turned to look at Ryan and he got on top of me. His legs to the sides of my body, and his hand over my head.


He wasn't on me, he was over me.


I looked straight up at him, and he was smiling/smirking at me. It was so weird.


"Ryan, what are you doing?" (Me)


"Kiss me." (Him)


He was the one who kissed me. At the same time he kissed me, my lips felt numb. This is seriously not a joke, I have so many other stories to tell you guys. I'll probably update another story on this post later. It's 3:22 am


(Ryan, say something to the many people who will be reading this!)




He's shy.


p.s. No we arent sexual partners. And I will post about other subjects (wonderland, vocal, ect.) soon :)


And how did I do on my first post ^.^?


Please no mean comments >.<

Feel free to ask any questions :)


Thanks for reading


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