Not sure if I'm doing it right

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I have already like one and a half months into the creation of my tulpa and I don't really know if I am doing it right, I already have an idea of how I want her to look like, I also try to talk to her (sometimes even deep talking) but I don't really think it is working, sometimes I have trouble trying to visualize her, also I don't think I have gotten any response because when I try to focus on her most of the time I got blurry images of her. Is this normal? , I also have some doubt about it :s

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It takes longer for some than others when it comes to getting your tulpa to exhibit signs of sentience. I, for example, only had to wait about a month to get some signs from Markus. Others(especially, it seems, many of the more recent members of the community) have signs within weeks.


In your case it looks like the doubt is inhibiting progress. I like to cast away any doubts that I've got by remembering the positive impacts that Markus has had on my life. Of course, you can't do that if you've not gotten signs of sentience yet (sorry. More of a tip for the future, I guess :P). When I was working on Markus before I received any signs, I just held out hope and reassured myself with the fact that it couldn't possibly be that EVERYONE on this site is lying :P


Hope I helped. Good luck with stuff :)

Markus is the tulpa, and I don't really have anything else to say.


Markus speaks in Blue!


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Guest Anonymous

Alright thanks, i will be creeping around for some tips n.n


You wouldn't be normal if you didn't have some natural doubts.

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