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Am new here and a friend told me 2 days ago about Tulpas...

And I never ever even heard of them , yeah heard about imaginary friends but I am pretty sure I haven't had one even when I was kid.

So 2 days and am reading alot about Tulpas like lifetime friend...

Yesterday I may thought of having a Tulpa in some man form and today I thought that I want her to be a female cudle black hair almost tall as me

What will she be? whatever she wants to?

And if you could get back and not make a Tulpa would you still make one?

Am really interested on this though,am 17 years old and am kinda freaked out xD , will it be created by itself if I don't want to or am not sure if I want to?

I got alot more to ask & say...

Waiting for someone to help ,perhaps someday I might be able to help someone new too. Thanks :)

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For your first question, I assume you're talking about form. She'll start out with whatever form you give her but you've gotta understand that her form is absolutely subject to change. Like, whenever. She could change it completely on a whim and the details might suddenly be difficult to see. It's interesting :P


If I could go back and choose whether or not to make Markus, I'd absolutely do it. He/she(he kinda keeps changing genders every once and a while. I don't think he's really sure what he wants to do :P) has helped me so much. I led a pretty unhappy life until I started w/ Markus and now I'm a LOT happier. He really helped me let go of a shitload of anger that I had :P


Your tulpa won't be created if you suddenly stop wanting to work on it during the developmental stages(before sentience) but stopping with a tulpa after you've set about it is generally regarded as an awful thing to do so I'd put a bit of consideration into whether or not you want one for life before you start on one.


Any other questions you've got could go in this thread, a different thread, or you could PM me if you'd rather this post not get confusing :P Anyway good luck with any tulpa-related things that you set out to do in the future!(as well as with life in general, of course :P)

Markus is the tulpa, and I don't really have anything else to say.


Markus speaks in Blue!


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A lot of your concerns seem to be contingent on deciding what her form would be as if that would wholly dictate how you assess yourself with them in the future. Some people may have tulpas with the same form for years, and decide not to deviate at all for personal reasons, whether it’s based on a tulpa’s framework of justifications, the host’s, or a mélange of the grandiose totality of one’s everyday cognition and imagination, I guess.


So if you were to remove the premise on the form being solely important, you’d probably realize that a lot of things can pick up later, seen in a different light, and such. In other words, it’s not really etched in stone, and there could be nuances even if one were to militantly strive for a consistent form. And as for her form developing solely based on your conscious expectations, her expectations, or just a predisposed totality of preferences and yearnings is a matter of debate.


It’s probably just a whatever-happens,-happens type of circumstance.

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