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Has anyone fallen in love with their Tulpa?

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I won't lie, this is my ultimate goal for tulpamancy, to create someone that knows me more intimately than anyone else and loves me for it. Lord knows my relationships with peoples aren't going anywhere (I'm great with snakes though) and, sad as it is, I feel this is the only way to go to achieve the intimacy that I'm looking for.


I know it's not a given that they'll love me back or even that I'll love them, but I'm curious about how it worked for you, how did it go and what happened? Did you two accidentally fall in love? Were they made just for love? Did they resent you for making them to be just for you, or did you resent them for not loving you back like Dr. Finklestien?


I'm very new to this and very curious about the process. any input is much appreciate, thanks guys, gals and anything in-between :)

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Honestly, you don't need them to love you, I'm pretty sure they'll do that on their own. When I made Reah, I made her with the intent of having a companion and not a romantic lover. It didn't turn out that way though... But yeah, I made sure to show her a lot of love, and she responded. >_> That said, I gave her the traits sweet and compassionate, so that may have played a part, but even if it was any other tulpa, I'm sure they would love their host all the same, platonic, familial or romantic, if you made sure they received a lot of care and compassion in their development. I still don't think it's right to make a tulpa for a lack of a relationship. A tulpa will know you pretty intimately though.

I have 10 tulpas, but I'm only actively working on Reah, my first tulpa currently.

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Guest Anonymous

Good luck with that! I wish you the best of luck and I hope you aren't too disappointed in the love department. I am sure whatever happens in the end will be most beneficial for you. So no worries!


As for my experiences, Melian just appeared to me I didn't consciously create her. Still, she did become an imaginary girl friend when I was a teenager. She doesn't really love me romantically though, but sees me more as a very dear friend. I am head over heels in love with her and always have been. It is more of a idealistic fantasy romance love though, or deep crush, like something out of a sappy movie. It isn't the kind of real life love I have for my wife of twenty years. That is a entirely whole other thing that is impossible to emulate with a headmate (in my opinion, since I have both). That an imaginary partner would provide romantic intimacy as good as the real thing is a ridiculous idea to me.

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Has anyone fallen in love with their tulpa?


Nope, no one ever. Next question?


Reisen's first words were "I love you", and if I recall correctly from the Tulpa's First Words thread she wasn't the only one. In her case, she literally embodies unconditional love, and she helped bring me out of depression so.. Nope, next question? Of course. Obviously you can't force love, but love arises naturally out of understanding and understanding is a tulpa's natural state, given they exist in your mind. It's pretty hard for them not to understand, really. Although they're still capable of disagreeing, they will understand.

Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.

Everyone deserves to love and be loved. It's human nature.

My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.

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Host-tulpa romantic relationships are fairly common.


Similar to what happened with Mistgod and Melian, I didn’t consciously create my tulpa. The romantic aspect didn’t happen until much later, and because I didn’t understand what sort of “entity” I was connected to, things got a little chaotic in the headspace once I realized what was happening. None of it was intentional, and even though my tulpa loved me back, a part of me wanted to somehow ignore it. We’ve hit the “reset” button on that, and things are now going smoothly. He has never resented me for anything and has always responded with love and understanding.


As for making romance the goal for tulpamancy, I’m afraid I don’t have advice on that. For us, the romance is only one facet of the relationship. I would just keep yourself open to whatever form of love you receive from your tulpa. Because he/she will understand you, chances are he/she will provide the sort of love you need and will do so willingly. It may be romantic, it may be platonic, it may be both and something else. Who knows?

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> I'm curious about how it worked for you, how did it go and what happened?


I think this question depends on what you mean by "their tulpa". I know of one tulpa who is switched, once fell in love with a born human. Since she considered herself "his" I guess the answer is yes.


> Did you two accidentally fall in love?


Yeah, they did. It was rater sweet, how happy they were.


> Were they made just for love?




> Did they resent you for making them to be just for you, or did you resent them for not loving you back like Dr. Finklestien?


They were just two young people who happened to fall in love.

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