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Hello, my name is Cherry. I am a relatively new tulpamancer, having only created one barely-functional servitor since I found the subject. My friends showed me this phenomenon and urged me to give it a go, and after researching it, I've decided it's worth a shot. There is no doubt in my mind that Azure, my tulpa, is already sentient, but as with a baby, must learn to speak and use their personality over time. My goal is to reach audio hallucinations in 6 to 8 months.


Her full name is Azure Bluet, or as I will call her as a nickname, Azzie.


Our goal list:


- decide personality [ x ]

- create a wonderland [ x ]

- create detailed information (random trivia about Azzie) [ ]

- prove sentience, advanced sentience [ ]

- achieve vocalization. [ ]

- achieve audio hallucinations [ ]

- achieve imposition [ ]

- achieve possession of the hands [ ]

- hold a 20 minute (at least) conversation [ ]

- choose a form [ x ]

- learn a new language with Azzie [ ]

- spend an entire day with Azzie [ x ]

- make a tulpa bracelet [ ]

- make Azzie interact with another tulpa [ ]

- force for a total of 5 hours [ x ]

- force for a total of 50 hours [ ]

- force for a total of 100 hours [ ]

- force for a total of 200 hours [ ]

- force for a total of 250 hours [ ]

- force for a total of 500 hours [ ]

- stay in wonderland for 1 full hour without break [ ][/size]

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1.) Azure is caring. If she was to see, say, a baby bird that had fallen out of the nest, her immediate reaction would be to help it back up to the nest.

2.) Azure is trustworthy. If you give her a rule, she will follow it. If she is given a secret, she will keep it to the best of her abilities.

3.) Azure is loyal. She wouldn't go behind your back and break your trust.

4.) Azure is genuine. If she says something, she means it. She doesn't sugar-coat the truth unless the person would get angry.

5.) Azure is athletic. In her wonderland, she enjoys to take walks, jog, and play me in tennis (but she always wins! D:).

6.) Azure is clever. She will think of things that didn't even cross other people's minds. Usually, she just uses this trait to think of bad puns.

7.) Azure is tidy. Since she has so much time to herself in wonderland, she spends some of the time to clean her house.

8.) Azure is resourceful. If someone needs her help, she remembers a lot about subjects that others had long forgot about.

9.) Azure is selfless. If someone else needs her help, she would risk everything for them. Of course, she'd still be afraid, but she'd do it.

10.) Azure is creative. She also uses her cleverness to think of unique solutions to problems.

11.) Azure is serious. But only when she needs to be. She will definitely be goofy and fun until the very last moment, but she knows when being serious is necessary.

12.) Azure is playful. She enjoys most sports, and she is adept at soccer, tennis, basketball, and pickleball.

13.) Azure is mature. She keeps Cherry in line when she starts to act childish in public.

14.) Azure is clear-minded. She helps Cherry with her ADHD, helping her to clear her thoughts when she gets too cluttered or stuck.

15.) Azure is reliable. She is always there when you need her, without fail.

16.) Azure is competitive. When she gets into a game, her main focus is to win, unless the game is against a child. She tones it down, but competitive thoughts still slip through.

17.) Azure is earthy. She has a certain green thumb, and can grow anything. In her wonderland she has a large garden that she grows carrots, watermelon, and other fruits and vegetables.

18.) Azure is stern. But only when she has to be. She enjoys being goofy, but when it gets out of control she knows when to stop.

19.) Azure is goofy. She makes bad jokes, she acts silly, and she can make most anyone laugh.

20.) Azure is intimate. She enjoys to tell stories... over and over again, if they interest her and/or are funny.

21.) Azure is talkative. She loves to talk, especially with Cherry. Talking to someone on the outside is one of her biggest dreams.

22-23.) Azure is willing and courageous. She loves to try new things, which conflicts with Cherry's fear of new things. She will often urge Cherry to, for example, try out a new rollercoaster or water slide that she otherwise wouldn't.

24.) Azure is clumsy. She trips a lot. Over her own hair. However, she either blames it on the wind or trying to be funny.

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Trivia and Little Facts:

- she smells like vanilla.

- she sometimes trips over her own hair, but she says it is to be funny.

- she is very tiny but swims very fast.

- she can make herself taller or smaller based on how she feels.

- she prefers to stay smaller though because it makes her faster.

- her voice sounds like that of Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket (English)

- she acts mature for her looks, most of the time.

- she can see out my eyes, but only through an app on her tablet. There is an app called "CNow" where it will connect to my eyes and she can see what I see. She uses this to see if I'm busy, or to watch a TV show with me.

- she marches with me in marching band if someone from my squad is absent. It helps fill the gap (I can't physically see her yet but my mind's eye does.) from that and while others can't, I can keep my spacing good.






Favorite Movie: Battle Royale

Favorite color: a deep, shimmery blue.

Favorite anime: Free!

Favorite anime character: Nagisa Hazuki

Favorite food: chocolate / watermelon

Favorite drink: Melon Ramune

Favorite TV Show: She doesn't get cable on her island.

Favorite snack: Goldfish (the cracker)

Favorite butterfly: Blue Morpho

Favorite animal: Butterflies

Favorite time of day: Sunset

Favorite season: summer

Favorite pasttime: Swimming, preferably in large, open bodies of water.

Favorite musician: Kagamine Len

Favorite Internet Browser: Chrome

Political Party: there is no politics in our wonder land ^_^ only rage

Zodiac sign: Leo

Favorite flavor in candy: Melon, but when not available, lemon.

Favorite emoji: The ribbon emoji.

Blood type: O

Favorite Movie Genre: horror, because it is exciting. She likes being scared, and she reads a lot of creepypasta with Cherry... usually while hiding under the covers of her bed.

Favorite Creepypasta: TBD

Favorite cosplay/costume: her tortoro costume, which she uses for Halloween/to play in.

Favorite memory: On her 15th birthday, when she moved to the beach house.

Favorite song: Invisible by Hunter Hayes, she thinks it fits her well, since though she can't be seen physically, she is still there. She isn't really invisible, and that I "dare to be different" just by having her. Also, "so your confidence is quiet" we relate to me being so quiet so I can spend time with her, but to others it looks like I'm shy. "But in their narrow minds, there's no room for anyone who dares to do something different" we relate to people who are too narrowminded to even consider the possibility of tulpae.




Least favorite movie: Smiley

Least favorite anime: Nichijou

Least favorite anime character: Renge from Ouran HS Host Club

Least favorite food: Kale and leeks.

Least favorite drink: Tomato juice.

Least favorite Movie genre: romance

Least favorite emoji: Dancing woman.

Least favorite memory: Trying to learn to surf at age 8 (she is 16 in my head.), she fell off the board before she knew how to swim.

Least favorite musician: Hatsune Miku

Least favorite song: Triple Baka

Least favorite activity: walking in the rain.

Least favorite season: winter. She's stuck inside.

Least favorite time of day: night. She's stuck inside.





A small (about 2 feet tall) girl with whitish blue hair down to her feet. When she wants to be funny, she will pretend to trip on it. She has very smooth, clean, pale skin, a small, oval nose and big, pale blue eyes. She never wears any makeup, but her eyelashes are naturally very long. Her lips are very unpigmented and are only a slighter pinker version of her skin tone. She is somewhat chubby (not too much, just sort of enough to make her chibi-esque) Her fingers are normal aside from not having fingernails. Her cheeks are naturally pink, and her teeth are very white. Her ears are hidden by her hair at all times. Her tears, if she cries, are a crystal (but still transparent) blue.




A spaghetti-strapped, white dress (it has a belt around the stomach made of bluet flowers) that comes down slightly past her knees. She usually doesn't wear shoes, since she can fly/float. Her swimsuit is a white one-piece with a blue flower on the back, and her hair is tied up in a ponytail by a big white bow. Her pajamas (which she rarely uses) is a white, plain nightgown.



Like that of Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket.

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A 2-story, pale yellow beach house. A large, crystal blue ocean extends as far as the eye can see behind it, and she has one huge picture window covering the entire 2nd story's backside. Her king size bed is right in front of the picture window, and it has white sheets with a fluffy blue, sparkly (on top) comforter and lots of white pillows. A bracket ([) shaped fluffy cyan rug surrounds most of the bed. Next to the bed, there is a little dresser only a foot taller than the windowsill. 4 drawers, each having a gold colored handle. On top of the drawer is a tablet connected to a charger that reaches behind the bed. On the other side of the room is a smaller window, facing the front yard, with a desk in front of it. The desk has a clear, simple glass vase holding a blue dyed rose. The floors in every room are a birch-like pale wood, and to get downstairs there is a set of stairs (also wood). Under the stairs, which are about 5 feet across, there is a small kitchen containing a plain, standard white mini-fridge stocked with many types of berries, Melon Ramunes, and chocolate, a blender, a microwave, and a stove. There is a rectangular hole in the wall on the edge of the stairs that is like a bar. On the kitchen side, on the left side of the bar is a shelf with 4 boxes that holds cereals, bowls, plates, and silverware. 3 black stools with fluffy white tops rest in front of the bar, which has a picture of her above it. On the left side of the room there is a big white, fluffy couch that you pretty much sink all the way into when you sit down. On the left side of her house is a 1 acre garden that grows blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, watermelons, sunflowers, and assorted wildflowers. About 2 acres in front of her house is a highway that is always empty. In front of the highway is a large, open field leading to a dense forest. Her front and back door are both glass and sliding, but the back door leads to a small porch holding 2 chairs, which leads to a set of old wooden stairs that go down to the beach. The beach has clean, smooth sand with a few canopy tents scattered here and there. There is a little tropical-themed area where you can buy smoothies. It's a machine, but you tap the screen and pick the ingredients, it makes it, and dispenses it out onto the counter in a large clear, plastic glass with a curly straw of a randomized color.

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Day 1



Created a basic personality, form, and wonderland. Will add more to all categories as I proceed. Tomorrow I have planned out a day at a water park to spend with her to see her reaction to different types of people. Too tired to active force today, will try and get some of that in either tomorrow morning or night. Excited to see the wonderland.


Cherry, signing off from Day 1 on Azure's creation.

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Day 2



Spent the day with Azure at a waterpark. Had to put her back into wonderland when I met two cute guys. She had fun. When a song played, "a family, flawless..." an image of me and her standing hand in hand popped into my mind. It was definitely her, and it was very cute. We got ice cream after this. I will spend some time in wonderland tonight to explore her house, which she says she got new stuff for.

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Day 6


We spent around 15 minutes today in wonderland, dancing to various songs on the radio. Azzie helped me begin my summer report by telling me where I left my book (which I had lost around 2 months ago); she isn't completely vocal yet, but she hints to me as best she can and uses her mindvoice a lot, but only when I think of her. She attributes my inability to hear her to her needing more energy and be better developed. She created her own pet, a little (foot tall) pinkish but clear, blocky, jelly robot named Robo. He moves very choppily, swift motions then he stops for a second. His eyes are little black dots, also jellylike and somewhat translucent. His mouth is made of the same material of his eyes, and can bend to his emotion. I asked how she got him, and she replied, "I made him." maybe I have an inventor on my hands. I was trying to sleep and kind of hanging out in wonderland, sitting on the couch, when suddenly it's really close to my face and she explained what it was through signs and feelings. Cute guys mentioned in last post became my friends. May tell about Azzie later on. We made smoothies in wonderland. Strawberry, Blueberry, Watermelon, and a piece of chocolate that fell out when the blender bubbled over. Should've gone to the smoothie shop at the beach. They have a really cool touchscreen.

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