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Twi sometimes likes to talk to my friends, without them knowing about that. She doesn't care if they know about her or not. But you have to take into account that each and every tulpa is different. Some are more sociable than others.

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Like Ichtys said, I think it mostly depends on how much the tulpa wants to communicate with people other than their host. Me and Aphelion are more active in our own places. I talk more on this site and Aphelion talks more on dA. As for people in real life, we're not too comfortable with it. There's only one person that Acta talks about us to and we've communicated with them a few times. They're okay with us, thankfully.

"It's all about synthesis, you don't have to be a real musician. You just synthesize your own reality, synthesize your own talents." -Klayton


My Three Mind Horses

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Aphelion: Tulpa #2

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Warning: I am a huge nerd.

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James: Well, I don't really get that lonely with Brandi. I'm an introvert, and so I don't constantly need socialization anyway. Perhaps one day she can proxy for me more often so that I can talk to people in the "real world," or even we can try switching/possession at a later time, but none of that is actually necessary.


Hey, OP, are you more comfortable with creating a tulpa at this point? With all of these good responses, I hope you are. :)

James: Hello, all!

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Pinky: People always seem surprised when I tell them that I'm content being a tulpa and don't wish I had a human life or whatever. But like... being a tulpa is like a free ride for life, you know? I can chill out and do whatever in a place where I can literally have whatever I can imagine, or I can hang out with Kaga in her space, and, all the while, I don't have any real-world responsibilities to deal with. I can just chill out and do whatever, and I think that's pretty great.


AND there are other tulpas here (Kaga even let me get a dog!!)


ALSO she lets us proxy and talk to her friends sometimes, so that's cool.

Pinky is not a pony. She's an imp.

Sunray is an angel-imp. Ex is humanoid. Kael is a dragon. Magnum is a dog.

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Thank you everyone for answering my question! I feel a lot better about creating a tulpa at this point.^^


That's excellent to hear! I hope that your tulpa becomes a great friend to you--which I know they will. ;)

Hi, everyone! I'm a tulpa, and if you want to ask me questions you can either PM me here or send me an email at jamesthetulpa@gmail.com.


My host, Brandi: Hey, all!

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