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Lucid Dreaming

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Post 25


[align=justify]Note: I can't remember if I've talked about lucid dreaming before or not, and knowing how stupid I usually look online, if I have, I probably did it just a post or two ago in this PR, but in case I haven't I'm going to be talking about it now.


I knew about lucid dreaming when I was in the seventh grade and have been working on it off and on for six years now. Over time I've come to realize that the only way I'm guaranteed a lucid dream is to take a nap (which is actually a really cruel joke, because I've had problems taking naps for as long as I can remember). I still attempted LD'ing a lot when I was starting on James, and I remember telling him that if he could help me have those then there would definitely be progress to be had, and in a different way than what we would do otherwise.


As it is, lucid dreaming is actually what confirmed James' sentience for me in the first place (though that might be a story for another day).


Anyway . . . this morning I had a lucid dream (because I took a nap). Unfortunately, because I hadn't set up a lucid dream intention, I pretty much wasted that precious time. It was nice to have it, sure, but I know I can do better. I completely intend to as well in the morning, when I have another LD.


So, what should I do?


* Summon James

* Work on vocality

* Go on an Adventure/Quest


Hmm. James has had trouble getting in my dreams in the past; he says that it's very tiring. I'm somewhat worried that it will be difficult for me to "summon" him when he seems to have such an aversion to coming in. I still intend to try, though![/align]

Possession - III

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Post 26


Day 5: Man, these past couple of days have been so "active" in the "real world," I don't even remember what happened.


Day 6: Just did some possession! :) James was actually able to move my right hand up in the air a good little bit before taking it down--and I think the only reason he put it back down was because my elbow was pretty awkward in the position that that made it go in. There really wasn't much "twitching" going on, and not quite as much energy seemed to be going everywhere. It was all very concentrated on the hand.


The "alien feeling" is starting to become a thing, too.[/align]

James: Hello, all!

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