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Tulpae are "too predictable"?


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My oldest tulpa is, by now, over two and a half years old. Fluently vocal, easily visualized, generally well developed along with a vivid wonderland. But I came to an odd observation recently, which was that my tulpae have hardly ever surprised me directly. Like I've seen new things in the wonderland that I knew they made without my perception, but when I interact with my tulpae, it's always because I started it. I've never had a tulpa come out of nowhere and spark up a conversation without me being aware of their existence consciously. Which is strange to me considering how long I've had my oldest, and how many I have (7).


Anyway, on to the actual question, is there any way I can encourage more of this? Sorry if my English is a train wreck, I really don't know how to word this.

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This is an issue you could help by doing some parallel processing exercises.


Here's a guide for using math (specifically flashcards) to help with independence, although if your tulpa is older you might wanna skip the addition and try something else. Order of operations isn't ultra hard and most people won't be able to figure it out at the first glance, which gives your tulpa a chance.


And here's the black box differentiation exercise, I've never done it before so I can't give you any feedback on that.


Mostly, you probably haven't put your tulpas in situations where they have to figure things out on their own or have to really think independently of you. It's easy to get stuck in the day to day of conversations, maybe some forcing, whatever. I'd say try your best to challenge them to do those things you're talking about, like contacting you first or surprising you.

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I think Linkzelda's Image Streaming Guide might be helpful too. I know at first glance it may seem more like a visualization/narration thing, but when I first came across those exercises, they were being used to teach spontaneity.


Also, to some degree, this will eventually come naturally, so long as you spend plenty of time with your tulpa.

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It's also important to note that even when a tulpa is vocal, hosts don't always hear them. It's extremely possible that they have tried to talk to you before and you just didn't hear them--because you didn't expect them?--but when you do talk to them first, then you expect them to answer.

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[Tri] It could also be a bandwidth issue. Us, we have found that to some degree, whoever is not controlling the body is very predictable to the one controlling the body. When Hail is in control, we are decently predictable and don't surprise that often. On the flip side, when we are in control, Hail rarely surprises us and is rather predictable. We just don't have the parallel processing yet to avoid predictability. The one not in control is starved for computational resources and thus runs in a more primitive fashion.

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