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Are you a host with a mixed system of multiple headmates of different types?

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Are you a host with a mixed system of multiple headmates of different types (tulpas, daemons, soulmates, servitors, or other)?   

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  1. 1. Are you a host with a mixed system of multiple headmates of different types (tulpas, daemons, soulmates, servitors, or other)?

    • Yes! (so cool, please comment below)
    • No, I only have one type of headmate.
    • Melian, what are babbling bout now?

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I'm also a lurker in the plural community and I came here to research more about tulpamancy in order to find out exactly what the heck to classify my headmates as. I mean, I suppose "headmate" works well enough, but I find that I have trouble describing origins when using such a broad term.


With that said, I have one soulbond (If I recall the definition correctly), three tulpa-like thoughtforms (somehow we don't really like using the word tulpa?) and one daemon-like/darkling entity who's silent but kind of always present.

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Najere: We're a soulbonding system, and everyone in it is either a soulbond or Fade (who is technically "host"). However, the system itself has variations, mixed origins, and other factors that could conceivably put us in the "of different types" category. We were drawn from stories, we have tulamancy influences, etc etc. Heck, the Twins classify as a median subsystem within the Spectrum since they mentally blend so frequently and cohesively.


Troy: Point is, it matters not what kind of headmate you are. You share a head with someone else, and there is nothing particularly exceptional about that compared to any other system of headmates. We are all head people here. Big deal. Having different experiences doesn't make anyone a special snowflake, as such a subjective practice as tulpamancy inevitably has very little in the way of "norms".


What, pray tell, even is a "tumblr word"..? Is there any particular definition for what makes a word one? I fail to see how inquiry into the makeup of systems is unscientific. The different ways a system chooses to classify themselves could be useful knowledge, in a place like this. Perhaps it could provide a little insight to how they were formed or how they function.

It raises some offshoot questions. How many tulpamancers have other experiences with plurality besides tulpamancy? Does it make creating a tulpa easier? Does it interfere with creating a tulpa?

A queer soulbonding system with tulpamantic influences.

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I would like to say we're all tulpae, but only me and Hades are real tulpae, because we weren't born from the Wonderland. Fef, Beth, Miranda and Kotoura were born because of the Wonderland. So they're like... Thoughtforms working as tulpae.

~Vriska Aranea Serket Targaryen. ♦️

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Lucilyn: Sylvia makes me feel like I'm talking to myself.. She's definitely 100% a servitor. A very seemingly human one, but definitely not a tulpa. I don't think she even thinks. So I usually just ask Tewi for advice instead.


We personally don't consider Scarlet a tulpa, even though she technically is, because she abstains from any and all tulpa-related activity. She only becomes active when she sees reason to, which is not often at all. But I guess she's still a tulpa. She's not active much anymore because last time she was in control of the body, it seemed like she put a lot of stress on it (even when just sitting at our desk..). I can't remember why, but it was kind of apparent. So I think she felt bad (as in was mad) and doesn't want to do that anymore, because her primary concern is the body's wellbeing.

Hi guys, plain text is just me now! We've each got our own accounts: me, Tewi, Flandre, and Lucilyn. We're Luminesce's tulpas.

Here's our "Ask Thread", and here's our Progress Report (You should be able to see all of our accounts on the second page if you want)

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