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I forgot which one of us thought of this idea first, but Brandi offered to let me make the first post, so that's cool.


The game can be very fun, but it's also beneficial with visualization and tulpamancy, so it's a win-win. All you have to do is suggest at most three things that a host, tulpa, or both should do that is fun and creative. The next person who posts will pick one, then offer another thing (or two, or three) for the next person to pick out. When you're finally done with your challenge, come back here and tell us a bit about it.

Here's an example:


Person 1: Host must be a cat in wonderland.

Tulpa must be a dog in wonderland and chase Host around.

Tulpa and Host should fight aliens together.


Person 2: I'll pick the second one!


Host and Tulpa must survive in a jungle for a minimum of thirty minutes.


Person 3: I would like to pick out "Tulpa and Host should fight aliens together."


Tulpa and Host should become knights of King Arthur's.

Tulpa and Host should attend Tulpa Academy.


Person 2: I'm back! So, here's how me being a cat and my tulpa being a dog worked out. . . .




Sound easy enough? Good!


P.S.: Yes, you can say your own challenges first, and then pick one of your own.


Or all of your own, for that matter, or you can try to do all of the challenges on here--but your in charge of keeping up with your own progress. ^_^




1) The tulpa and host are in a setting that happens to be haunted and must spend at least half an hour (you get brownie points if you do it for an hour or more) trying to escape.

2) The tulpa and host are in the tulpa's favorite [book, movie, manga/anime, board game, etc.]. Act out scenes, try to win the game, whatever.

James: Hello, all!

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Picking the first one. I hope brownie points are meant as in the sweet fluffy baked brownies and not black dudes.


1) The tulpa and host are at the beach trying to build a raft/ship/whatever to sail to the other island in the horizon (distance could be short, probably like 5 or 10 minutes sailing).

2)You and your tulpa are at your local supermarket/walmart/target that is deserted.

3)You and your tulpa are stuck in a small, cramped wardrobe for 5-10 minutes.

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First off I loved these prompts. I'm new and was having problems envisioning me and my tulpa in Wonderland. I didn't plan on posting a reply to this thread seeing how I preferred lurking. But my god this thread must live on! That being said I actually chose the first two prompts in the example.


1) You and your tulpa scavenging a house after apocalypse take whatever you find a seller and try bargaining prices watch out for Raiders on the road.

2) Host and Tulpa are camping in the woods when suddenly a bear attacks what do

3) Host and Tulpa just survived the plane crash on a deserted island find shelter and food as well as possible way to get help (Wilson!!!!!!!)


Let me tell you how surviving in the jungle worked out I wrote a lot but let me give you the highlights.


So me Miles (my tulpa(who is a child)) landed in a bunch of mud with nice big backpacks ready to survive for half hour in the jungle. Immediately I suggested we climb a tree because most of the stuff that will kill you is on the jungle floor. We looked up and the trees didn't really have any low hanging branches so we were screwed.... then we saw a bear...long story short I told Miles to get on my shoulders and look big. To which he got on my shoulders and yelled "yeah we're big look us you stupid bear" the bear roared turned around and left... because then a moose came. Miles being on my shoulders with able to find a small branch and climb up the Moose then chased me for a bit then started running at the tree with Miles in it. I lost my backpack I told him to try and tie a rope around the moose that then didnt work eventually it charged right at me and i was done for....Miles then turned back into a dog and attacked the moose (we had just done the cat dog exercise) then I tied a rope around a tree and lassoed the other end to the moose's antlers. Then we ran like a m*********** at this point Miles had a broken leg and I had a broken arm eventually we ran in the moose got pulled back by the rope around his antlers. After that we got attacked by bees and hid in a pond until the end. (Later on when writting this down Miles said something like "yeah we probably killed that moose cuz we never untied it")

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Reenact a fight scene from pacific rim with one of your tuppers in a Jeagar suit. Coordination is key!


Really liking this type of game, let's keep it going!

"Try to get a better understanding of things before making your judgement." -Khan, Metro 2033


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I think we're gonna try 2. Our wonderland is a jungle with a picnic blanket already laid out after all!


You and your tulpa(e) are trying to make a dish with an incredibly complicated recipe.

You and your tulpa(e) are pokemon trainer and pokemon, let your tulpa decide who gets to be which!

You and your tulpae (works best with three or more players) play an acting game like Freeze Tag or Endowments.

Eight Entities to a body, like legs of a spider.

Jaden the host, Saiyu, Claus, Apollo, Chrollo, Clay, Miles, and Cooro! What a family. Hot damn.

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You and your tulpa(e) are pokemon trainer and pokemon, let your tulpa decide who gets to be which!



This is too easy considering Eva is a Gardevoir...


1) Have a mech fight

2) Throw a dance party with the Star Wars Cast

3) Go on a safari through Isla Sorna (Jurassic Parks 2 and 3)

"Try to get a better understanding of things before making your judgement." -Khan, Metro 2033


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I think we'll try number 2. Pokemon is fun.


You and your tulpa completely re-enact a scene from a show/movie. Tell us about what you do and if there's any mistakes.

Have a dance-off with your tulpa!

One of you shoot bullets at the other one while they dodge the bullets matrix style on their way towards you. Victory is given to either the one who lands their shot or touches the one shooting.


EDIT: Still going with the pokemon adventure, we'll train up and beat a gym leader :D


I'm not going to listen to you guys since you are all probably just talking to yourself and don't really have a tulpa like me.



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Dashie and I square off, me with a Glock 19, her with S&W M&P9. We both took guns just to make it fair, the bullets are non-lethal paint, so either one of us can hit or touch the other to win. I have reach, but she has agility.




30 yards separate us on the top of the apartment we call home, over 50 stories above the city streets below. Her in her black leather, skin-tight trinity outfit, me in my all black ensemble with matching knee length trenchcoat.


The wind catches her long silky hair and she smirks as she notices my awe at her serene beauty. If i was to be shot, i'd want her to do it.


Misha stands solumnly with Ashley, holding a red and white flag. She raises her arm and the flag catches wind... why do you have a Canadian flag Misha?


[Misha] cause it's a pretty flag.


Unfettered, i focus on my target, her smirk shifts to a look of determination and cunning as she takes a runner's stance.


Misha drops the flag and Ashley slows time to a crawl with her totally not metaphysical time control ability.


We begin to race toward eachother, we raise our guns painfully slowly and start squeezing off rounds.


*pop* *pop* goes our guns, the first of her bullets reaches me, i see it coming easily and duck with deft grace. She does a side step as she avoids mine.


Her next rounds approach even lower, i nearly trip to duck it as i continue to squeeze off rounds. I aim ahead of her causing her to speed off to the right to avoid the ever approaching stream of supersonic projectiles.


I hit the deck, sliding in slow motion as the last of her bullets just misses my head. I see the look of exasperation as she realizes she's out of rounds.


I have one left and she's out of room.


I scramble forward and fire, she dodges but doesn't realize she was out of room. I see her expression change to shock as she begins to slow fall off the edge.


The look in her eyes is panic, and in mine is concern, she must know that i need to touch her to save her; she'll lose if i save her.


I'm within reach and her slow stare is intense concentration. Will she let me take her hand or push off to her plummeting fate?


With not a moment to spare she reaches out and i grasp her hand, almost toppling over with her, but i manage to drop to my knees and skid to a stop just in the nick of time.


Her body drops against the glass of the penthouse suite and as time speeds i puller her up into my arms


She huggs me tigtly and laughs.


[Dashie] that was fun, thanks for saving me, too bad you lost.


What do you mean I lost?


[Dashie] I touched your hand.


Sometimes in life, you sacrifice for the ones you love, I nod and congratulate her as Misha and Ashley run up and cheer. Slow motion resumes and the camera pans back on two elated angels hopping for joy, as they hoist Dashie above their shoulders, and one man smiling, content that his family is happy.




[Ashley] 1. Write a tale about an encounter in a strange wood where you meey tree ents.


[Dashie] 2. Travel to the moon in as sciency of a description as you can.


[Misha] 3. Have a tea cake party, anime style.

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