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The Abilities of a Tulpa



There are a lot of reports in the forums looking into what tulpae do, other than be a lifetime companion. A tulpa is part of your mind, and as such, can very profoundly influence it. While some of these qualities are commonly found in the reports of many creators, and more hypothetical abilities are being experimented with every day, there are plenty that currently lie in the realm of theory - however, few are willing to say outright that tulpae can or cannot do some things. In order to promote some understanding, we've decided to talk about some of these experiences. Despite that some feel commonplace, or perhaps expected, each of these things are extraordinary testaments to what the mind - and tulpae - can accomplish.


Note: "can do." Not "will do," necessarily. The experience is all about what you put into it. As far as tulpae go, get used to the ideal of "results may vary."


First, the basics. If you develop your tulpa as such, you may inevitably see, hear, smell and feel it just as realistically as you sense anything else. The exception to this is touch, which behaves differently from the other senses. You would get a sensation of feeling, warmth, even texture, but as tulpae do not have actual physical presence you will not feel pressure.

Visual and audible hallucination are one of the more intriguing basic aspects. Consider the sci-fi concept of a hologram such as the one used at the end of (spoiler alert, for those who haven't seen a movie from 1996) Escape From L.A. While not having any physical presence, people see and hear Snake Plissken without him being there at all. Reportedly, it's like that. I say 'reportedly' because I, personally, can't confirm this yet (I'm still in developmental stages.) The olfactory hallucination works in much the same way.


A tulpa can have aesthetic abilities like flight or laser eye beams, but these are aesthetic and nothing more. If you would like to incorporate something like that into a tulpa, by all means do so. Physically, a tulpa is a full-scale illusion, so there's no harm in doing this (or abstaining from it.)


Tulpae see the world through your eyes, hear it through your ears, smell it through your nose, etc. "So they know things because I know them?" someone must have asked. "Then they have access to my memory as it happens?" Yes. Also, the rest of your memories.

Memory is a very tricky subject, scientifically. For us, anyway. Your mind and memory are a book, and should you decide to, your tulpa will read it. It will know things that you've experienced down to the letter. Fully developed tulpae have the potential to recite every word to every book, movie and song you've ever read/seen/listened to. This is a subject of great interest to creators, and one of the main aspects of tulpae that inspire people to create.


As they are a product of the mind, tulpae are also capable of very quickly executing thought processes that may otherwise take some of us longer. An example of this is incredibly quick mathematical prowess. It's okay to think one could use this to ace a math class - but again, consider your tulpa. Think of how it would feel - if it were you, would you really want to stand over someone's shoulder throughout years of schooling and give them answers? Math is so boring to some that even a tulpa can fall asleep from it.

While we're touching on the concept of tulpae and school, while they can help, a tulpa typically won't be any more or less creative than you are. So don't expect it to write your essays for you while you have writer's block the night before the final draft is due.


Now, for some of the trickier, advanced things. Experiments and the like.


The empirical evidence gathered by Tulpa.info users suggests that many things are possible, with new theories being developed every day. One idea is that while tulpae cannot affect the physical world, they can greatly affect your perception of it. This includes the concepts of manipulating the creator's perception of time (experiencing things slower or faster), possession (allowing tulpae to control your body), dulling or blocking the sensation of pain, controlling dreams, and many more. Considering the power of the mind over the body, many things are possible that were thought impossible (or highly improbable/difficult) in the past.


If you find all of this interesting, consider reading some of the guides we have hosted. They expand on many of the concepts and ideas put forth here.


Tulpae are amazing in everything they do. The concept is so intriguing that it's easy to become lost in fantasies while contemplating what they can do; however, the line between that fantasy and reality is being pushed every day. Consider how quickly the rate at which the idea of tulpae is growing, when as recent as two years ago it was practically unheard of. Tulpae and their creators are the newest pioneers of the mind - and more and more is discovered every day.

We don't get much in life. But we do have this.

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