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Your tulpa's thoughts on religion?

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I feel like for a tulpa to be outwardly religious, the host would probably have to be actively thinking about religion during early development or they learn through possible interactions with the outside world through possession/observation.


there's a lotta tuppers that are religious when their hosts aren't or aren't when their hosts are. Even in this thread-

Nah, my tulpa and I have some pretty different religious views.


Without getting too far into it, I'll say that I was never raised around the church so religion as something more than just a thing other people did never really entered my life. He seems to think that it takes way too many coincidences for life to be accidental and believes in intelligent design.


but also in a different thread about religion here


you're still right about "commonly" just wanted to point out it's not a rule

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Heh, this is like a double necro. Ah well.


Most of my system is fairly atheistic, mostly because our host is. While she'll say she's open to being proved wrong, I'd say she falls into the "hard atheist" philosophy more than she'll admit. She's done a bit of research on it, and regularly listens to philosophy discussions on the topic.


For me... it's tricky, and it's mostly because of the soulbond thing. In my world, God exists. The physical world, though? I guess I like to believe there's something, yeah. Maybe not necessarily a strictly Christian god--my host's research on that is pretty convincing there--but I like to think there's some sort of guiding force to the universe. But at the same time, I'm a "live and let live" sort of guy, so I'm not about to kick up a fuss about it, and, hey, if I'm wrong, the world still turns.

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I suppose as a tulpa, I have a say in this thread. :P Greetings!


This system is very... belief lacking, for lack of a better term. Our host is an Atheist, and at the most, this system is agnostic as they follow in suit. I would say I fall into the agnostic category myself. It's not that I have an issue with religion, or a god existing- it's that in my current state of being, it doesn't apply to me. My goal in life is to spread kindness and smiles. Whether god exists or not, I will still wish to spread kindness and smiles. That said, I am happy to support other's beliefs if it makes them happy. 


If God does exist, however, I want to play him in pool when we meet! ;D And give him a grand hug and congratulate him on forming such a beautiful world.

Remember: Every day you've woken up, alive, has the potential to be an amazing day. You are all wonderful people who deserve to be here and be alive!

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Such a controversial topic to discuss especially when it comes to moral vs ethics and politics. Nihi, follows the religion of Christianity, he's catholic. Well, to be more precise he's a light agnostic. He believes that there is a higher being above but mostly follow the science of creation.


As for me, i am agnostic all the way, like Andrew powers. I am very neutral when it comes to religion. As long as you do good then you are good, you do not need religion to follow this, do what you think is right and can benefit others while trying to avoid such sinful actions.

Hello! I am one of Nihi's Tulpas! It is very nice to meet you! :D

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I'm Wiccan and all my tulpas are completely indifferent about religion. We don't talk about religion and stuff related to it unless is comes up somewhere. They don't mind it but they don't include themselves in it. For us it's almost like talking about color preferences, someone likes yellow and the other doesn't, and there's nothing to really talk about.

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I am Christian but don’t take the Bible word for word. I believe God created the Universe by starting the Big Bang and that science is how the universe ended up how it was. Think of it like starting a fire. The Universe. You don’t miraculously get a fire without something to start it. Maybe God used forces in the universe to create us, ex. Evolution being a tool to create the various organisms.I questioned religion a while because of evolution until I thought why the Big Bang happened in the first place.


I asked Sally {my tulpa} about religion and she thinks that each of the religions share a common truth or parts of the truth, which, now that I think about it, also makes sense.


I don’t really know what to call it

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the host (me) is like that collgehumor video, the church of people who are spiritual but not religious


spice says shes got some magical thinking [but im not as into it as he is. spells and stuff. I like runes though.]


i used to incorporate tarot into forcing, i should try that again. [No you shouldn't]

Despite the name, the host bodybody is the one usually using this account. 

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