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Use of Psychedelic Drugs Severely Hurts Tulpa Info Credibility

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

DMT, magic mushrooms, Ayahuasca, Salvia Divinorum, DXM, Mescaline, Ecstasy, LSD, bath salts, 2C-B, 5-MeO-DMT.


Just like use of steroids damages the reputation of professional athletes, use of psychedelic drugs damages the credibility of tulamancers and the tulpa community.


If a tulpamancer admits to have used brain altering substances to create or enhance his or her tulpa, how do I know the tulpa isn't just drug induced psychosis?


Recently I have been encountering psychedelic drug users in the chat and on the forum who admit their tulpas were enhanced or created chemically. Some of them are senior members. Anyone can take a drug and have a trip. That is not using talent, dedication, visualization and practice to create a tulpa. It is a chemically induced hallucinatory effect. I am extremely disappointed and I have lost some of my respect for this community. I have to be honest on that.


If you admit that you have used psychedelic drugs such as magic mushrooms or ecstasy to create and enhance your tulpa, even once, you have lost all credibility with me. I do not respect that at all.


Melian was created with pure imagination and I am now very proud of that. I will have to think for a while whether I will contribute to this forum in the future. Please, somebody restore my faith.


I was told to come to the lounge with my D.A.R.E. message. Well here it is. These drugs hurt the overall reputation of the community, are unhealthy and dangerous, and sometimes even deadly. I am ashamed of you Tulpa Info.


EDIT: In the course of the debate below, the following occurred to me and so I want to add it in after the fact. When you go to comment on this thread, I would like you to imagine it is your own son or daughter who is creating a tulpa and considering the use of psychodelic drugs in the process of that. Would your response to this OP change with that scenerio? What would you want the threads on Tulpa Info to tell him or her? What kind of information would you want him or her to see? Now respond.


EDIT2: by Melian. Some of you in your responses are completely missing the two central points of our post. 1. These drugs hurt the reputation and credibility of the tulpas and tulpa community 2. They are dangerous and unhealthy.


The ends do not justify the means. Our number one reason for this attitude is not that drugs don't have good side effects, they just might for creative mental things, but that they are dangerous and unhealthy and a bad choice for young people. We are concerned about the message being broadcast on this subject by this community and were fairly unaware of it until recently. I want you to consider that many members of this community are teenagers.


We are taking a hard line on it, saying you will totally lose your credibility with us, in order to discourage the idea of using psychedelics in the process of creating tulpas.


EDIT3: It was appalling the amount of hostility we got from the tulpa community (including senior members of Tulpa Info forum) to a simple statement that the use of these drugs hurts their credibility and are dangerous. The counter arguments we got basically went like this:


1. These substances appear in nature so they are natural


(so is friggin' sulfuric acid natural, but you don't see me imbibing it hee hee)


2. These drugs have good side effects that help you imagine/visualize, so the risks are worth it

(really? to make an imaginary friend? really?)


3. These drugs help you create tulpas faster, which is good and worth the risks


(wtf? you're in that big of a hurry?)


4. Teens are already experimenting with these drugs, so why not give them all the pros and cons?


(I see mostly pros in the forum and wtf? Where is your sense of moral responsibility? If it were your child, how would you feel about it?)


5. It is my choice to take these drugs and it hurts no one else


(They are illegal, you are breaking the law and I have to deal with drug related crime and social problems.)


6. It is wrong to judge someone just because they choose to use an illegal drug to make a tulpa.


(Well, why the hell not judge them? They hurt the credibility of the community. These drugs are illegal, they are breaking the law. I expect people to follow the law. I have to deal with the social problems then caused by crime. I judge peoples for their actions when they are STUPID and can harm others or themselves.)




There is no harm to young people with these drugs? Why shouldn't they experiment with them?


There this recent story about a college football player: "A black college football player killed by a white police officer likely used a synthetic psychedelic drug and marijuana prior to the deadly confrontation at a Texas car dealership..." I wonder if he was making a tulpa? In this case, the drugs were deadly for this young man. THIS is our argument. These drugs are dangerous for young people to use for any reason!


Here is the story: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2015/09/03/college-football-player-killed-by-texas-police-officer-had-drugs-in-system/

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Who claimed that their tulpas were created chemically with drugs? No really, who did?


You're assuming two things are related when they're not. I have mustard in my fridge. I baked a cake. That means I baked a cake with mustard?


I understand you have a strong anti-drug bias, and you're entitled to that. But no one has claimed that they made their tulpa using drugs. If you think it hurts .info credibility, that's an opinion that you're allowed to have, but drug discussion isn't going anywhere bro.


This seems like another crusade for attention and self affirmation.

We're all gonna make it brah.


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Guest Anonymous

Who claimed that their tulpas were created chemically with drugs? No really, who did?


From my experience, drugs have been a catalyst for a handful of break-throughs I have had in the creation process. If you and your tulpa are willing to go through with it, I don't see what you have to lose.



I said create or enhance the tulpa. The process of creating a tulpa requires forcing. Using drugs during this forcing process is part of the creation is it not?


Why is it that whenever I state an unpopular opinion I am condemned as an "attention seeker." That is weak beyond belief. Also, if this turns out to really be an unpopular opinion, it will tell me everything I need to know. I can simply move on and find someone else to interact with.

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It's not about stating unpopular opinions, it's about using this entire forum as a mouthpiece for those opinions. Do you see anyone else making and bumping several different threads of their own making in lounge? No one else does that, and it concerns me that you can't realize why that's off-putting. You get disgruntled, you go write giant posts about it and hope someone will validate them by replying and giving them attention, like I'm doing right now.


Yeah, except the thing is, that someone using whatever substances they'd like while they have a tulpa doesn't really relate one thing to another. You're trying to make the argument that using drugs makes this profound affect on tulpas that somehow invalidates them, and there's just nothing to back that up. You're trying to turn correlation into causation. It's bad for debate, and it doesn't really hold up under close inspection.


I can see this is a tough subject for you, but you're painting too many people with too broad a brush and trying to turn opinions into facts, like you've done here since the beginning.


I'm done here, enjoy your thread Mistgod.


EDIT: No one said anything about enhancing the tulpa experience. Putting words in my mouth is a little petty and immature.


EDIT 2: There's no one who uses psychedelics to build, create or enhance a tulpa. There are, however, members here who happen to have tulpas who happen to use drugs. Separating these two concepts isn't hard.

We're all gonna make it brah.


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Guest Anonymous

So there's the message kiddos. Senior members of Tulpa Info condone brain altering drugs to enhance the tulpa experience. Keep using those psychedelics. Just don't tell me about your tulpa afterward and how awesome it is and your frolics in the wonderland during your chemical trip. I am sorry but I really don't care to hear it.

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I don't know that I can say anything to restore your faith as requested, but I can at least say that I created both of my tulpas without the use of drugs. They were created using imagination, and dedication. I worked hard on both of them, and as a result ended up with two seemingly independent, reasonably imposed tulpas. I'm not going to think badly of those who do find that drugs help them, I don't think I have the right or knowledge to judge the techniques used by others but I did not personally use that method. I hope that this can help your faith somewhat and if not, that it goes some way to indicate that a variety of techniques are used to develop tulpas here and some of them may be more palatable to you. I hope that you do not abandon this community completely because of the use by some individuals of a particular technique. I do feel that you have something to contribute here, as I feel that numerous differing opinions are necessary for a healthy community.

Akecalo - Host


Maya - Tulpa


Mara - Tulpa

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So there's the message kiddos. Senior members of Tulpa Info condone brain altering drugs to enhance the tulpa experience.


Stevie's views on drugs are his own, and do not reflect the community or the staff as a whole, any more than we all follow his workout routine.


This community *allows* discussion of drugs -- it doesn't *encourage* it. We don't have any guides that recommend drug use (though one was submitted in the past), and we don't have a drug discussion forum.


Drug users are a majority -- more than half of all 16 year olds have used illegal drugs. And our community is made up largely of teenagers experimenting with these things. The topic of discussion will come up, and I don't approve of taking action against a large portion of the community just because their views differ from my own.


I personally don't use drugs. Never have, and never intend to. Fenchurch has been made entirely by the power of my own mind. But that's just me, and I won't hold it against anyone if they do things differently.

"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson

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I, for one, disagree with those certain members (you know who you are) who force, or even speak with their tulpas when experiencing any kind of high created naturally, by chemicals in the brain. Don't you know that these can alter your perception, and therefore, completely invalidate your progress, whether you can still contact and interact with your tulpa when not experiencing these highs or not? Forcing should be a completely monotonous experience, no joy involved lest ye induce these natural highs.


For shame, you majority, for shame.



But really, we're just a bunch of walking chemicals either way. If I wasn't such a pansy, I'd probably look into some kind of light substance that'd help with visuals, to compensate for my natural sucking in that regard. I don't agree with heavy drug-use any more than the next guy, but I assume that these users aren't jacked up day in and day out just so they can keep in contact with their tuppers. If they've got it down while sober, no need to accuse them of anything. What even is there to accuse? Of it working? Definitely sounds like such a terrible thing to someone like me.


Psychosis through forcing, and psychosis through drug use both sound equally as crazy to someone looking in from the outside to begin with, I'm sure. Hell, if I hadn't been around here for a while, I'd say the latter was less outlandish (and to a degree, still do), as it's actually well-documented. We all know what drugs do, after all.


Just, really doesn't seem to be something that needs to be brought up, is all. Drugs have been, are, and always will be associated with whatever people wanna associate them with. Duh. Goes doubly so for activities regarding the mind.

If you only knew what all this cost - What she gave up, just to save her art


What is fashion, fashion without love? Like an odradek, a spool without purpose

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Guest Anonymous

My primary concern is with the message. It is true that there is no drug forum and drugs are not discussed in the guides. But when I dared to say something critical about using drugs in this post https://community.tulpa.info/thread-tulpa-shrooms-expiriences-opinions-and-discussion-welcome I was told my opinion was "off topic" and not welcome. I think that any discussion of drug use in this forum should be looked at responsibly from the mods and the admin. That is PRECISELY because there are minors reading these forums. A cautionary message on psychedelic drug use should not have been treated with immediate condemnation that I was being "condescending" and then veiled threats that it was "treading the line" of breaking chat rules. I am not judging people, I am hoping to persuade them against dangerous behavior. I will stop with this thread. I got my message out there so I am content.


EDIT 2: There's no one who uses psychedelics to build, create or enhance a tulpa.



NO one said that drugs are used in the creation process?


From my experience, drugs have been a catalyst for a handful of break-throughs I have had in the creation process. If you and your tulpa are willing to go through with it, I don't see what you have to lose.


I am a big advocate of psychedelics, they give your brain to a childlike plasticity. ...You can try edible weed as a sort of intermediate between weed and shrooms. Weed definitely strengthens the tulpa in my brain I'm planning a mushroom trip soon so will post back after it.


I recommend psilocybin to anyone struggling to visualize, it can help with concentration and a quiet surrounding.


I just tulpaforced with another friend who has a tulpa while on dmt, needless to say, it was intense.


Here's a guy giving instructions in this post : http://community.tulpa.info/thread-tulpa-and-drugs?pid=31682#pid31682 Below is what his attitude is.


I really shouldn't be telling children how to score drugs on the internet, but I ran out of fucks to give years ago.


... LSD seems like it'd actually be very good for visualization.


I am concerned about this for personal and professional reasons and I HAD to make my point and this thread. I am sorry.

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Guest Anonymous

I agree with you, Mistgod. Perhaps we cannot truly generalize on drug users, but the main concern I hold is first how much those drugs actually affect the user; Friend of mine did a few of those drugs and developed many negative habits.


And yeah, as saddening as it is, a tulpa should be the product of visualization, and forcing with time and effort... or daydreaming in your case, haha. While it stands valid, the other concern I hold is that a tulpa wouldn't get to know its creator in a legitimate way while under the influence of drugs, and nobody REALLY knows how drugs affect tulpas because it's all relative as some posts say, but to the ones that give you the details... I don't know.




This seems like another crusade for attention and self affirmation.


Oh, please. If Mistgod, no, if Melian wanted attention and 'self affirmation' they wouldn't act like that. I've seen this as a concern coming from Mel and Mistgod when I was still in the chat, it's actually something that concerns them. You shouldn't go along such stereotypes blindly, it's their opinion.

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