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(In love.)
In love.

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Sex: Male
Location: Nacho cheese.
Bio: I'm a happy person, that's it about me.

I never originally wanted to make a tulpa, I was interested in the topic, but I just never had enough reason to. Overtime I became less happy, and thought to my self ''Why isn't the world as awesome any more?''. I used to be happy by making other people happy but I lost my touch, became a bit of an asshole, and there I was.

The other that made me happy was the world around me, it always fascinated me but it started to lose its finece. Music gave me less shivers, colours were less bright, the trees branches mystified me alot less.

I found myself literally unable to laugh for months on end. You could call it depression but I wasn't, and still am not, willing to think negitivly like that. I found myself on /mlp/ researching shit for writing a fanfic (oh god I'm sorry....), the third word of the first thread I seen was ''tulpa''; I had read a few creepy pasta on tulpae before so, of course, I was interested as balls.

The thread was talking about a man that goes by the alias 'Methos' and his tulpa 'Raina', he had a 40 page log about the creation of his tulpa which he had only released that day. I always go to bed at 11, it's bloody etched into my body clock. I stayed up a good 2 hours reading that thing fucking log and following that thread, it was literally the most interesting thing ever; I scared Methos a bit with my enthusiasm.

Although their creation process was amazing to me - the creepy pasta was ALL wrong, ''He can acctually feel and smell her?!'' - it still didn't prompt me to make a tulpa, I still had no reason to.

About a week after that I was once again trying to think of a way to make myself happy again, I was sitting at my computer - completly zoned out - reading a new update on Methos' log. It might have been earlier in the log but I read the words ''A tulpa can be anything you want it to be'' and I thought ''You mean, like, happy?!''. And I realized that I needed someone to help me see the beauty of the world again (because a tulpa doesn't really have the most amazing power on other people), someone to enjoy life with, that was my tulpa's purpose.

And so I decided to go off and read all dem guides. I decided on a pony tulpa; pegasi really appeal to me, and at the time I couldn't think of jack shit else other than human and if possible I always opt for other than human (not in a real life setting, of course).

I started the process with thirty-two traits, it became thirty because I had forgotten what I wanted in one and the other was more of a quirk (fun fact, I always pronounce quirk as quark, fuck you science). And I'm actually done personality and moving onto form as I write this.

I didn't think of a name right away; because I'm a self-absorbed douche bag I always think that names must mean something. I eventually found the word prurience which is synonymous with lust, bear in mind that lust can also mean a great desire for something ie. my lust for life. And so I messed around with the word until I god Pruria, the beautiful sounding name which embedded her very purpose of existence.


Pruria is currently a white pegaus with incredibly long, blue hair. She has a longer body than ponies in the show and her legs are slightly longer also (she is of more realistic proportions, our torsos are of similar length). Her wings are longer, pointier and generally more realistic looking. She has no cutie mark, that's her own decision. Her eyes are inline the the top of my hip bone, I'm about 5'' 9' or 5'' 10', I don't know, figure it our yourself.

Even though it's still very early in the creation process Pruria has shown signs of love; I do understand that most deviations and stuff are through the creators sub-conscious preferences, but I don't plan to return them. One of my biggest problems with making a tulpa was that I know they are not to be made for sex/ fuck buddies/ the likes, I never seen this as a valid reason. So even now I don't want it to come to that, I don't feel it right to be in love with a part of my imagination, especially one of which is a pony (narcissism on a literal scale).

Though, saying that, I do see her as very beautiful and I have returned some of her kisses, it's not that I'm against the idea it's that I don't see it as being a valid reason to have a tulpa. I know that I do have one but I feel a close relationship with my tulpa would decrease the validity of the reason I already have. I also feel a little afraid that it will damage the creation process in some way, but that's just me.

Fast forward a few weeks to now: Welp, Pruria is a sex crazed monster and I've given in, I do admit it is enjoyable but it still feels a little wrong.... I always try to move from the subject but sometimes Pruria will have what Pruria will have, ah well. Because I'm a hypocrite - mmmm - hungry, hungry hypocrite.


Pruria is (supposed to be) fun loving, jolly, blissful, competitive, a realistic thinker, creative, analytical and adventurous for happiness; on the face of things. She is very extroverted and enjoys exploring for the small and the big beauties, stimulation of the senses and relaxation. She is quick to forgive (myself, at least) and is very strong minded in her opinions - though not closed minded.

When I mess up (miss a session etc.) Pruria will generally be either incredibly angry or hurt, but never bitter. If I give good reason, make compromise or succeed in brightening her mood she will generally let loose my mistakes; she never forgets about my mistakes and will not simply forget them.


Anyway, if you have read this far, thank you, and please message me; I'd like to talk to a few people, I'm very pent up about this whole thing in real life and it's eating away at me. I'd also like to know how many people are willing to listen to me shite on about complete bull - especially this horribly written, unplanned, in-grammatoricaly-correct grave of good literature and linguistic confidence - Pruria seems okay with it, but I guess she's kind of supposed to be.

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Pruria Joal (Pegasus)
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