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Found 67 results

  1. I have done some research and have read that feeling pressure is a good sign. I saw that somebody has been feeling pressure on their temples, but I am feeling it on my forehead. I have been feeling this for a couple of days and when I read up on it I found this. So is this something that I should be feeling? Sorry if it's in the wrong place or it's already been answered. It takes a little bit for me to get used to new forums.
  2. I can't seem to find the motivation to carry on with my tulpa's creation process and I've been working on her for about 2 weeks now. I had initially started the process while I was on holiday (I spent the majority of it locked in my room, so I thought it was a better time than any) and since I've come back I've been distracted by many things. It's annoying because I literally promised to myself to make sure I finish this project. I tried once before and it just didn't work out, however, I really want to go ahead with this tulpa. I'm not sure what order most of you guys went with, but I've started out with Visualization. It has been a relatively easy exercise as I've found time to picture her in my head while multi-tasking. However, I wanted to do Imposition next (with Personality and Narration coming afterwards) and my mind just keeps switching off. Responses will be much appreciated, thanks.
  3. This is a delta binural beat at 1.5 Hz, that is meant to help people with ADHD/ADD, like myself, concentrate while tulpaforcing. I made this, but you may redistribute it as long as you credit me with this url! Here is the link. ADHD/ADD Tulpa Tones
  4. Centering Guide With Regards to Tulpae Background Information Centering is entering a state of mind that isn't a totally clear mind state, and yet isn't intensly focused on one thing. Think of still letting thoughts go through, but viewing and percieving those thoughts from a passive state, and on top of that choosing a specific train of thought to follow. In this case, the specific train of thought is how the tulpa is interacting with the five senses. The subconscious streams data to the conscious mind every waking moment of our lives, and there is much more data there than we often willingly perceive. How the tulpa is to the five senses is part of that data. In a centered state, you can choose that data stream to be the train of thought you want to observe. So what am I getting on about? Learning to purposefully center will allow you to both hear and sense your tulpa either more clearly or at all if you're not already hearing them, and hopefully make the whole process of hearing tulpae easier. During the process of a tulpa becoming vocal, we teach ourselves to automatically perceive the data stream that is the tulpa interacting with our five senses. Learning to do this purposefully could speed up that process, and on top of that will allow for easier communication. Before getting to the actual 'guide', I will say that after a while holding a centered state or a stream of data at the forefront of the mind becomes much easier, and it becomes easier to sustain for longer and longer periods of time, so don't be discouraged if it's difficult to keep it up at first. And before anyone mentions anything about centering being Psi or 'metaphysics' related, I'm going to stop you and say that it's used in everything from therapy to martial arts to magick. And now we're going to apply it to tulpae. The How-To First off, we want to be able to clear our minds. Go through whatever methods you have to do so, and get into that state. After that, we want to figure out what the 'data-stream' from the subconscious feels like to you, and figure out how to focus on it. This involves getting into a particular state of mind that isn't exactly the clear-minded state. You see, one must be able to passively examine thoughts without focusing too much on them (thus stifling them) or not focusing enough (thus ignoring them outright). There exist several visualizations to get into this state, and while at this point I don't need to use them they did help me to get the feel for getting into the state. The first is visualization I want to share is that of a rough lake with many waves and an island in the center, which represents your mind being full of other thoughts and just generally unable to get into the centered state. One then visualizes this lake calming down to a reflective state, representing the mind going to a relaxed state that is ready to casually observe trains of thought. The second that's often used is visualizing a ball the color of your choice with a tumultous surface, once again representing your mind, and the ball calming down to a very still and smooth status. If visuals aren't your thing, you can also think of a rough noise calming down into something very nice and smooth, or do something tactile if it suits you. Tactile methods include bringing your hands towards your body in a sweeping motion while breathing deeply (Tai-Chi uses several tactile centering methods, actually, and I can say that from personal experience if all else fails they should work, even if you look rather foolish while doing them). The state of mind one gets in feels like less intense than purely focused on something, and yet more mindful than being purely clear-minded, and it's often very obvious. After the centered state is obtained, the next thing that must be done is locating the data stream specifically related to the tulpa, in this case the one relating to how they interact with the five senses. This is done by thinking of something that relates to the said data streams briefly while in the centered state and waiting for thoughts to go by. If in the centered state properly, the thoughts will ordinarily be very obviously different from regular thoughts, since they have a certain feel to them that is entirely different from the thoughts completely fabricated from the conscious mind. Sort of like they belong a little bit less to you, though not how foreign emotions and the like from tulpae feel. Anyways, while it'll be up to the individual to find out what they relate to the data stream, I've found that what often works for me is thinking or saying to myself "Video stream for Clair" or "Audio Stream for Clair" or "Sense Stream for Clair", which I then soon perceive while in the centered state. Remember: Do what works for you in this scenario. The same goes for visualizations for getting into the centered state. Now then, so you're in a centered state and you're percieving your tulpa. What do? Well, you learn to sustain this for longer periods of time. This is achieved through going into a centered state often, and keeping centered while doing other activities. Eventually staying in the centered state becomes habit, and the data streams you were focused on just stick there at the forefront of your mind without any effort. That is ultimately what we are aiming for, and frequently centering and trying to stay centered is going to help us towards that goal. -ThatOneGuy
  5. Written by Dutch. I've always had trouble focusing on one thing for too long. I have issues keeping my mind on my tulpas for extended amounts of time, seeing as I like to get distracted and let my thoughts go on whatever tangent, temporarily forgetting about my tulpas and what I'm doing in my head. While my monologues are great, I wanted to choose when I give them to myself, so working on improving my concentration and focus has been a priority for a while. In this post I'll explain a few of the things that have helped me improve. There's a couple cheap tricks that can give you results right away, and some advice for longer term, structural change. You can improve with cheap tricks, but structural improvement is probably more useful in the long term. Cheap tricks: -Actively describing things I've found that while active forcing, where I spend time with my tulpas in our wonderland, I can keep my attention on things much more easily if I narrate what's going on to myself. If I don't just see or imagine something, but also think a description out loud, it's easier to keep my mind on the things at hand. Try not to forget listening to your tulpa in the meantime. “I'm sitting on the windowsill, my feet dangling outside. I feel the sun and a slight breeze on my face. I can see trees close by and cliffs in the distance. I notice a whale shark swimming above me. Yuki sits back and kicks her legs next to me.” Et cetera. Just describe whatever you're paying attention to. Use all your senses, try to paint a picture not just with your sight, but your hearing and touch and smell and taste as well. It will help with feeling like you're really there. Narrating like this can keep your mind focused during a boring silence. When your tulpa isn't vocal yet, you could narrate this kind of thing to them constantly, in and out of forcing sessions, by explaining what is happening around you. It'll keep you busy at the very least. Even with a vocal tulpa, you can describe things in conversations with them, so as to keep talking to them instead of to yourself. They could even help you immerse by describing details you might not notice by yourself. -Speaking out loud Just thinking to yourself and your tulpa is the standard way of communication for most people, but it's easier to stay focused and not get off track when you're speaking out loud. You might also find that your conversations become more consistent and coherent this way. A bonus feature of talking out loud is that it'll be easier to differentiate between who's saying what, something many people have trouble with with young tulpas, and it might help if you have trouble hearing your tulpa at all. This is also the easiest way of staying involved with and focused on your tulpa while doing other things. People will know that you're crazy once they hear you talking to yourself, so be careful. -Writing stuff down Similar to the above tips, here you'll actually be writing or typing down your interactions with your tulpa. This method is kind of slow, especially if you're bad at typing, but it'll be easy to stay involved and keep your mind on the conversation at hand. It's probably best to let everyone involved speak in turn so you can keep track and note everything down. You can also just jot down details and little bits of info. Upsides of this method are that your interactions with your tulpa will become less fleeting, you'll actually have a physical memory of a moment, one that will be the same in a year, or twenty. Also, everyone in school always told me that writing things down fortifies your memories, and a quick search will show you that that is indeed the case. Writing down things your tulpa does, quirks they have, things you learn about them, or things that you narrate to them will make it easier to remember these things. This will help with their development in the long run. Structural change: -Meditating The best way of teaching yourself to focus better is learning meditation properly. Clear your mind, learn to think about nothing, to just be. It will help you to learn to not constantly be concerned about the daily hustle and bustle of life, and to be able to force with a clear mind. If you have structural focus issues, regular meditation will help you in all areas of your life. If you don't have structural focus issues, regular meditation will help you in all areas of your life. Mindfulness meditation is good for you, and being mindful makes for a great mindset and attitude in life. Mindfulness in Plain English is a good read on the topic. -Association Associating outside influences with your tulpa will help you think of them more often, and in the case of the incense story in the linked post, will help you stay focused on them. -Practice.
  6. I have worked on a tulpa for maybe 2 weeks now and i dont really understand what to do now when i force. I just keep vizualiseng her and trying to talk to her but i havent got a single response. What should i do when i force on her?
  7. I'll start by prefacing that I have what my doctors (of which I need several) call an "extreme case" of Panic disorder and an overall high anxiety level. I discuss with my therapist about making what I call (I read a blog and really wish I could credit the person who coined the term) "Non Zero days" where if I'm not feeling great and maybe I'm more anxious or panicked I do something little like even drink a little extra water or even write a post on the forums. I think could really benefit to look at progress with my tulpa the same way. I'm at a place where my anxiety and panic keep me from concentrating and some days I just have a heck of a time trying to force. And I know other people have concentration issues so I don't know I'm posting this, one as a thought for people to maybe just accept a less productive day and make it a "non-zero day" instead, but also as maybe a way of asking if anybody has times like this and how they handle it.
  8. Hey guys!^^ I wonder if anyone of you ever read "The Kingkiller Chronicles" by Pat Rothfuss? In the first book a special thinking method is mentioned, called "Alar", or "riding-crop belief". To put it short, it means to believe in something fully. For example, if I'd throw a stone in the air, I would have to believe that the stone will keep floating upwards. I'd have to believe in it as much as I believed that it would fall down. And then something was mentioned, along the lines of: "And now, believe that the stone falls down, and that it floats upwards." Later on we get to know that Kvothe, the protagonist managed to do that. One part of his mind believed that the stone would float, the other part believed that the stone would fall down. Do you guys think it'd be possible to do that? It sounds like one of the perks of having a tupper: the dual processing part. Just without actually having a tupper. -Maru
  9. That's a problem i always had with my mind since i was young. I have aleatory impulsive aggressive thoughts, no matter what person is around me. I NEVER had my actions changed or influenced by these thoughts, but now that i want to create my tulpa this problem came to me again. I'll exemplify: i'm making my bread in the kitchen with my father, i took the knife and start cutting it. Then suddenly came to my mind the scene when i stab my father and i saw all detailed gore in my mind (all this thought in a fraction of seconds and then disappear) Or i'm brushing my teeth with my friend, and suddenly came again to my mind i spitting in his face and his exactly reaction. BUT I NEVER got my actions changed by these thoughts, they just appear for a fraction of second and then disappear and i just ignore it. So, let's get to the Tulpa. I was forcing yesterday and i got in a point were she asked to hug me. She was at my side and it was very comfortable. Then suddenly the aggressive thought invaded my mind and i slapped her face for a microsecond, but it was sufficient to start a bad experience with this forcing section. I apologize to her, but for some seconds after that, it seems that the aggressive thought invaded her, i saw her form changing to an aggressive and feral form for again, a fraction of second, and changing back, then i got her under control and hugged her again. This was the only time it happened. What do you guys think? I should search for a psychologist? This is NOT a problem that originates with my Tulpa, it's a psycologic problem i have. Sorry for my english, i don't speak it very well.
  10. Meditation (Second Revision) To begin with I would like to say that I am not an experienced "tulpamancer" like a lot of you but I have been lurking and using all the guides here and I wanted to give something back. I have been Meditating for years now. I have a BSc in psychology and I studied for 6 months under a monk in Bangkok Thailand who is very renowned for his techniques in meditation and I have taught many people and now I would like to share what I learned but only the points that I think useful to a "tulpamancer". I have been using my techniques for the creation of my tulpa and the immersion into my wonderland has become a lot stronger than I even thought possible in only 3 days. I'm now at a point where it feels like I'm in a lucid dream and here is how I did it: Posture Now most of you probably think you know a thing or two about Meditative posture and I'm sure you do but re-learning basics always helps refresh your mind and remember whats important. Now I see many meditative beginners slouching and hunching: To be honest through much hard work you could still achieve some altered states of consciousnesses in this posture but why make it harder for yourself? I won't bore you with yoga like instructions but here are the basics: Never let your back out of it's natural curve. Always keep your pelvis higher than your knees The body must be in alignment Relax!!! I'm not asking you to be in full lotus but following the 3 keys you could even meditate in a normal dining chair as long as you don't lean on the back. For meditation on the floor (Recommended) a Zafu or meditation cushion or anything to bring your pelvis above your knees but sitting directly onto the floor will leave you in agony within a short amount of time. Relax!!! Now for some reason this doesn't always occur to everybody but the biggest tip I can give to anybody is relax. In order to meditate more effectively you need to forget about your physical body and focus internally and the only way to do that is to relax! You all probably know this technique but here it is once again: Begin by being in our posture and working your way up, starting with your toes just allow gravity to take a hold of them and let the tension naturally fall away. Moving onto your feet and legs you're looking for those tiny bits of tension in your body. With the correct posture as previously outlined your body won't slouch your head can balance perfectly on your shoulders without falling forwards and your back can remain straight. With the back straight and the body aligned your breathing will naturally fall very shallow allowing you to ignore it along with your physical body. State of Mind There are so many states of consciousness that can be reached through meditation and hundreds of texts attempting to describe them. Personally I always think their descriptions missing something and so have decided it's a very personal experience. Let's get back to "tulpaforcing". As I have previously stated I am not a very experienced "tulpamancer" but, having lurked on this forum for sometime I have established that the most important factor in "tulpaforcing" is concentration. The key to concentrating inwards (meditation) is giving the mind the freedom to let go of physical stimuli through posturing (for comfort and staying awake) and relaxing the body. Do you find stray thoughts popping up? Make sure there is no tension in your body by working your way from your toes to your scalp just like before, allowing gravity to take hold and refocusing on your intent (your tulpa). Stray thoughts are normal (even if they're in the background), always bring your focus back to your tulpa, try not to get frustrated (remember to relax even your mind). With everything in this guide you will be able to visualize stronger (the fact that your physical body can mentally stop existing, you can become immersed into your visualization, into your own wonderland). It makes you focus harder and it becomes easier to concentrate making the hard work of "tulpamancing" just that little bit easier and without having to become a meditation master. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions.
  11. Hello, I am trying to create Tulpa. I talk to her almost a week but I can not see her face ... I just can not concentrate on them ... My Tulp is a white Tigger, I can imagine her sitting and I can also imagine her ears and the fur around the face but can not see her face!!! I do not know why ... And when I start to talk to her I begin to imagine what I'm talking about and I can not see her again... I see her body without a face, and when I start talking to her I imagine what I tell her and then when I want to see her again it's hard for me to concentrate on her again ... thanks to helpers :)
  12. Hello, I know there was a post similar to this but it was a slightly different topic. I'm wondering if anybody else has ADD and has trouble with active forcing/seeing in your wonderland? I have bad trouble trying to active force, as I try view my wonderland and my tulpa, my thoughts are like a storm that cause me to lose sight of the wonderland. Also, when I move, it's more like I'm glitching across the floor (probably looks a lil funny to Animus) and often end up just teleporting to where I was heading. It's hard to explain, but it's just like some impossible force is pushing my mind away from the wonderland like a negative magnet
  13. Hello there everyone, my name's Stormy. I just made an account here today! Now.. I've been researching and planning since last November, but I'm having a problem that is starting to cause issues. I legitimately cannot force, no matter how hard I try. I've tried binurals, meditation, white/pink noise, concentration exercises, almost everything I've seen on tulpa related forums, but I just can't concentrate. I know a lot of people say that they can't focus, but it's starting to get worse for me. Whenever I try to force, it's like there are multiple random dreams going on in the back of my head. For example, I would think of my tulpa, and all of the sudden there would be a musical and instead of my tulpa there would be something else. I try to get back on track, but it feels like my mind is purposefully trying to stop me from thinking about her, using whatever means of randomness or fear it can grab hold of. Just recently, I even started remembering some repressed memories that have been really bothering me. I'm afraid that forcing with those negative thoughts associated with her is going to cause problems in the long run, so I decided to take a break for the time being.. Passive forcing hasn't really been working for me either since my concentration is always jumping to something else.. I want to be able to do this, I really do. But I just want my mind to work with me instead of against me. Is there anything I can do to help with this? I've tried so many different things and I just want one thing to work.. If I can get help with this, I promise your time won't be wasted. ^.^
  14. I was attempting to connect with River last night when a voice starting talking and wouldn't stop. It was spouting gibberish, literally gibberish, and occasionally laughing. In all honesty, this isn't completely unusual for me for when I'm going to sleep. There's a marked difference though: usually it's more like a radio, with someone changing the frequencies rather fast so that I only catch a certain voice for a second and then something else will come up. My fix for this is usually to turn one of the voices into music, which usually works and then I drift to sleep. Last night, it was only one voive, and once I started playing music, I would attempt to reconnect with River. It didn't work, the music would turn back into the voice. It's as if trying to concentrate on River was too much combined with composing a song. At first River looked shocked, and then impatient as the voice would interrupt and drown him out. Eventually, he was just sad. This morning I couldn't hear River, nor could I feel him. It wasn't until this afternoon that we were able to touch base. He believes we'll get through it and I pretty much don't doubt him. He thought that we could work in wonderland when I wake up, after I hit snooze for the first time. I'm wondering if other people had gone through this successfully and if there's another strategy we haven't thought of.
  15. Hello i'm new to this whole thread thing, so i'm a bit nervous about writing but I really need help. Last year I tried to make a tulpa and I managed to think of a base form and some personality traits, but my mind would constantly wander and woudn't focus, eventually I gave up and said that i'll try again once I learn to focus better. 10 months later I decided to try again thinking I had a better grasp on focus. I tried to pick up where I left off but everytime I tried to focus my thoughts just kept getting distorted like looking at a reflection in the water and having the image twist and bend making it really hard to focus on. So now i'm wondering, should I just start from the beginning? And if anyone has any tips on focusing better could you share some? Any help would be much appreciated.
  16. I know I ask a lot of questions so let me start out by not apologizing but thanking you all for your gloriously wonderful answers! My question is about presence. I searched the board a lot and read some guide but I didn't find anything that really covered what I wanted to know. It's another riveting two part questions so hold onto your seats lady's and gents! 1) presence. How does one go about feeling their tulpas presence. Toby doesn't seem to have one... At least if he does it's faint enough that I can't hardly pick up on it unless I'm concentrating to the point of nearly having an aneurism. So how do I work on that? 2) independence. He has some. We have long conversations about B.S and nothing quite a lot but I want him to be able to start conversations on his own. He's been trying but so far all he's managed is to follow me to work completely in the nude after realizing that human laws don't apply to him and he can and starting a conversation with me about a giant hot dog tearing hell through town with a pair of nunchuck's. ....... What can I do to help him develop this further if there is anything I can in fact do or is this something he needs to work on himself? Thanks again guys :) It is fun To also note that now that he realizes that he can do whatever he wants he has begun denying the option of clothes whenever possible, climbing on walls and making random weird noises for no reason while I'm at work an confusing the crap out of me because no one else can hear him and he thinks it's funny. I think he may have gone mad with power....
  17. Hello everyone, I've been visiting these forums for a while now. Trying to learn as much as I can before I actually start trying to create a tulpa, Honestly I'm a little scared. But I've decided to give it a try. The only problem I'm having right now is that throughout the day, when I want to passive force. I never remember my tulpa, I can never just sit there and think about her. I was diagnosed with ADHD at a very young age. I'm 18 now so I'm sure I've grown out of it, but could that be a reason why? Really my question is how or what can I do to remember her all day long? I was thinking about a bracelet or something with her name on it maybe. But I would love some feedback on what you guys think. This is a wonderful community you have here and I'm happy to be making my first post. Thank you :) MrKitty871.
  18. I'm wanting to be able to have an easier time focusing and concentrating during my sessions of creating my Tulpa, but I have some walls that I think could really affect how the creation sessions can go. First is ADHD. I was diagnosed with it while I was around 7 or 8, and had the medicinal patch to help with it through my Primary and early Secondary years. Now, I can control most aspects of it, and have been considered by my doctors as ADD. Secondly, is the OCD. It's focused within alphabetical and numerical orders of things in a succession. Example is the Harry Potter book and movie series in my room's bookcase and video section-area-thing. Each of them are in order, with everything facing the same way. Otherwise, I get irked by it really easily. Lastly, is my own sub-consciousness. I'm scared that anything relishing in my sub-conscious, whether it be a sensual or sexual fantasy or anything that would, in my opinion, cause a potential negative result in creating my Tulpa. With the three of these combined, I'm feeling that it's not the easiest to sit down and starting trying to visualize. I can understand that doing this process can take a long while, but I'm okay with that. My main issue are the three above, and I'm wondering if there are ways that I can be able to focus long enough during a session to not be distracted and also not have any major sub-conscious events that could cause some abnormality in my Tulpa's personality or anything like that. Help?
  19. Hello. I'm Lunar and my tulpa is Octavia. (MLP, No bow, Blue eyes not purple, Stands up, wears a red kimono/ dark purple coat) I've been working on her every now and then and nothing really long timed yet I can (barely) see her, hear her, look into the wonderland and all that wonderful stuff. And I want to start working on her longer/ more dedicated because even talking to her everyday isn't going to complete the whole process of seeing her etc... but one of my biggest issues is distractions and I was wondering If y'all could share some ways y'all keep distractions at bay (games,tv,etc...) because that's the big thing that keeps me from sitting down and focusing my tulpa.
  20. So I'm always seeing mention of Orange Juice and that it's the best solution for helping and preventing concentration / forcing headaches. Is there a reason why? Is it the sugar? The vitamin C? The acidity? If anyone knows I'd be pretty grateful! OJ has too much sugar for me, but I'd like to find an alternative. Thanks!
  21. A common problem of early tulpa creation is a lack of focus on the part of the host. This may be because he/she may have an attention deficit disorder, are overly-creative (not always a negative thing), or for other reasons not specified. Nonetheless, this guide describes how you can increase your focus and synchronicity with your tulpa(s) through the magic of classical conditioning. [This isn't really so much a guide as it is tips, but I'm sure some of you may find it helpful.] So before we start the method, you need to know how it works. This method uses Classical Conditioning, which is essentially reinforcing a reaction based on an unrelated stimulus that has been associated with it. For example - Ivan Pavlov, the Russian physiologist who developed this idea, would ring a bell and feed some meat to his dogs. The meat would make the dogs salivate. After a while, the dogs would begin to salivate once the bell had been rung, even if there were no meat in sight. They had been conditioned to salivate every time the bell rang. You can do this with your mind as well. Now what this method is attempting to accomplish is to associate your tulpa with whatever stimulus you choose. Hopefully, if you can associate your tulpa with that stimulus, then you can use that stimulus to bring your tulpa vividly back to mind whenever you are having trouble concentrating. For example, when I first began tulpa forcing, I would burn incense. Since smell is strongly associated with memory (and because I burned it every time), I began to get 'in the zone' every time I burned incense. Now whenever I smell it (even though I don't use it anymore), I vividly remember my tulpa and it brings back a lot of memories. So what you can do is burn a scented candle, incense, or whatever you find most effective. If smells aren't your thing (I'm looking at you, anosmiacs), then you could try taste. One day several months ago, I was sitting down with my tulpa having a conversation while eating chips and salsa. Since then, every time I ate chips and salsa I would start talking to my tulpa, and now she automatically comes to mind whenever I taste Picante. These are simply examples of course, and you can use any sort of stimulus that you desire. If you can do this, then all you have to do is reintroduce that stimulus when you are lacking focus. That's basically all there is to it. If you have any suggestions, feedback, or criticism then post away.
  22. Hello everyone, I'm new to the subject of tulpas, found out about them just about a week ago. Since then I have been trying to create a tulpa, but there is a problem. My imagination always was a little stubborn, it would do some things i didn't want it to do, like shut the imaginary door i just opened or other not important stuff. But when i started tulpaforcing, it went wild. Each day it gets worse. It all began when i tried to enter the relaxed state in order to enter wonderland. I tried going down stairs, counting steps. At first it was good, but then suddenly my head in my imagination started spinning, so i couldn't continue going down. I thought it was one of those little tricks and easikky stopped the spinning, then continued my way down. The next time i tried to use the same method, my head went spinning again, and it was rather hard to stop. It kept happening each time i tried to go down, one time my imaginary self even fell on his back which i did no make him do. Then i switched to another method and finally entered wonderland. I made a nice medieval basement with a sleeping room and a hall with some bookshelves and a table. But those tricks happened there too. After some time the doors in there became really hard to open, like they were magnetized, and even if i'd manage to open them, they would immediately shut themselves with furious force. One time i tried to stop a door from shutting, and it actually cut my fungers off. Then my head would stop obeying me, spinning just like on the stairs, objects would change their size etc. I tried to develop my tulpa's appearance. I made her sit on a chair, but then she jumped up and tried to strangle me. I couldn't fight her! I just opened my real eyes and stopped the session. Today it became insane! I had almost no control over what was happening in my wonderland: First i was in my basement, as i wanted to, but the next moment the floor cracked and i fell beneath it, appearing on a field. Surfaces would suck me inside of them each time i tried to appear in my basement, making me appear in random places. When i finally made it into my basement, i tried to edit my tulpa, but when i was editing her face, her head cracked and it looked as an SCP-173 statues' face. My imaginary body stopped obeying me, it fell on the ground and started shaking and spinning the head. I have nothing different from how things used to be in real world, but my imagination is uncontrollable. What should i do?
  23. I've started listening to ambient music while forcing, it seems to help. I find it rather relaxing, and I wanted to know if anyone else listens to music while forcing. On another music related note, Stomp and I have sung Bohemian Rhapsody a couple of times, and he knows the lyrics better than me.
  24. Hey I have a useful technique for those that sometimes feel like the doubts they're having will negatively affect their tulpa. This technique will also help with distracting thoughts during meditation/LD's/Kundalini stuff. Note: You do not have to go through the whole process that I narrate, this is more of a guideline to help you find the exact "muscle" used when forming thoughts, and allow you to manipulate it. A major problem/stumbling block that people run into when trying to create a tulpa, is doubt (What if my tulpa can't really talk? Am I just insane? My tulpa doesn't really exist and I feel crazy talking to nothing [lol], etc.). A great way to deal with this is to first get relaxed, and in a meditative state. Pay attention to your mind and all the thoughts flitting by, but in a third person perspective. Examine where these thoughts are coming from and where they go when you forget about them. Now every time I had a doubt about my tulpa, I would visualize my tulpa reaching into my head grabbing the thought (I visualized the doubt as being a black worm), pulling it out of my head and using a flame thrower to incinerate it. I would do this constantly. As soon as a doubt formed in my head my tulpa would kick it's ass. Eventually I got so good at this it would become automatic Doubt > Tulpa ass whooping > no doubt, but at the same time I was getting tired of visualizing the whole scene in my head so I cut it down. I changed the visualization so that every time a doubt worm formed, my Tulpa would stick a gun in my head and kill it before it got out. As I was doing this something clicked in my head [Not the gun ba-dum tshh]. I realized that thoughts are just another action similar to moving a hand or a leg. It starts with an intention. As soon as I noticed this I changed the visualization again. As soon as I felt the impulse [intention? Not sure what to call it] that a doubt was forming in my head, I would visualize a spark going off where I thought the doubt originated and I would immediately suppress the thought before it fully formed. Eventually I did this process so much during the day that it became automatic, Doubt forming > Spark > Doubt gone. I believe my subconscious took over censoring my thoughts, but I would still feel the beginning of the doubt before it sparked and I didn't like that. So I changed it up once again, but this time a bit more subtle. I examined my thoughts again, and realized that where I thought the thoughts were originating was actually not where all my thoughts originated. Eventually I found this sweet spot, that i determined was the origin of the intention to form thoughts about my doubts about my tulpa [mouthful]. I found I could flex a muscle [or something like a muscle?] and it would kill the thought before I even knew what it was. Again I practiced this a lot with different thoughts that I wanted my sub to filter, and eventually the process would become automatic. At the same time however, I could actively enforce a "blanket ban" of all thoughts while meditating (Not for long, I feel like I can filter specific thoughts much easier than all thoughts) to effectively have a calm and quiet mind while my sensory awareness was greatly enhanced. Remember that you do not have to follow the exact process I did, the end goal in this excercise is to be able to identify the region of the brain where your thoughts are formed, and control it. Any questions, let me know! **Quick edit to add an exercise [thanks Lacquer for pointing out how confusing this can be]** If you want a quick exercise, try this: 1. Say the word "Hello" Loudly and clearly in your head 2. Now repeat the word, but cut it off halfway through 3. Repeat and cut off at H 4. Repeat but cut off the instant you hear a sound 5. This is the tricky part, now you have to intend to say the word "Hello", but cut it off before you hear anything. This can be made easier by saying "Hello" twice and cutting off the 2nd "Hello" before it is vocalized. 6. Finally, as soon as you feel the "impulse" to say "Hello", cut it off. This exercise should help in identifying that "impulse", and hopefully help you figure out just what I am talking about.
  25. So i'm pretty new at this tulpa thing, I am about 5 days in but I have ran into a problem, I never can seem to get focused anymore! I have tried concentration exercises and such. I have laying face down on my bed, sitting upright on my bed, forcing while trying to go to sleep, and sitting in my desk chair. The best session I got when forcing was on the bus to school but after about 15 minutes I lost concentration, and usually after about 15 minutes I can't do it anymore. So my question is, how do you get conformable when you start forcing (how/where do you sit).