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  2. it was a peaceful protest and there had been deals with the town gov't to make sure that nothing got out of hand. the pandemic is bad to be sure, but BLM is finally starting to get more momentum, so it is important to act now, lest people loose interest. I can understand people who don't want to participate in protests out of not wanting to spread coronavirus though
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  4. I'd love it if we got an end to qualified immunity or police unions, but the protestors have been so bad at organizing/actually stating any demands that I'm not holding my breath for any real change to come about, save for Donald Trump declaring Antifa a terrorist organization
  5. Racism has been a problem for... well, let's call it a couple hundred years to be relevant, while this pandemic has been a problem for a few months. The pandemic is temporary and a MASSIVELY bigger threat so it's best to wait it out, though I get in your case/anyone who actually thinks rather than just causing random violence that taking advantage of any spark for protesting is tempting.
  6. it was not. almost everyone was wearing a mask and I tried to keep my distance from other people as much as I could, but as much as I don't want to spread corona, just because there is a pandemic doesn't mean that all other issues are going away, and I cannot stand by while the police can still get away with all this shit that they're doing
  7. The other day, while I was doing auditory imposition practice, Cornelia decided to tell me all the flaws in the anime I'm currently watching. She made some very good points and I think I'm going to enjoy the rest of the anime less because of her. Plurality was a mistake
  8. Hopefully it was one that took place in your house, because these protests in the middle of a worldwide pandemic are extremely stupid to put it lightly
  9. I finally got a chance to participate in a protest!
  10. Added dragonhunter plugin to minecraft server ( ), so slaying dragons should get cool stuff happening. Also added a sleep plugin that makes everyone's lives a little easier.
  11. This world can never have enough GER
  12. yeah, it's been a little bit. good now
  13. Oh, I haven't seen a GER in a while! GER, everyone!
  14. my plan hasn't worked particularly well, so to you the time goes
  15. Because I wanted to think of something post-worthy to not let you just sit as last poster for 5+ hours
  16. sounds like you're on the highway to hell
  17. That sounds wonderful! 🙂
  18. A&J


    Disclaimer: I am not trying to offend, simply offer my opinion on hibernation. Also, I am no expert, but my tulpa decided to leave me around after a year because things were too hard. I think hibernation is not the solution. A lot of the time when you get busy is when you need a tulpa most. To comfort and guide you. My biggest regret in my (short) life, was letting my tulpa leave. I didn't understand that she was what I needed more than anything. I didn't realize once they start to talk, you can't do things without them. It's like your best friend, or sibling, leaving. You think you can do it. You think it is for the best, then it makes everything worse. If you are busy, you can ask Minu about what you are doing, or just have Minu talk in the background. Maybe before going to sleep go on a mini adventure, that is what I do when I am busy. I hope this helped.
  19. She didn't understand it until she read the guides, it was just before she even thought she might be interested. But it was also like when you are having a conversation with someone and you realize you are talking about two different things. I don't know what she understood tulpamancy to be, so I can't really say. 😃
  20. Okay, thank you for that Bre. ❤
  21. Banned because no, no problems here
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