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  2. I'm glad. I got a message back today from someone I was waiting for for days worried as well
  3. He messages back aaaaaaa I'm so happy T_T
  4. I will begin with trying to remember undocumented stuff, it's not too much though. --- Beginning (Before I started writing this stuff down like I probably should have?) --- I created Myo on October 20th of this year. I gave her an anime girl form, because at the time I was thinking that it would be easier to visualize than like a full on human. Now I know it doesn't really matter. Either way it is easier for me to talk to something with a form, rather than an orb. I might be missing out on the whole orb taking on a form of their own, but I often remind Myo that she can deviate if she wants to. She has short brown hair, her eye color is black. She wears a black suit with a red tie. She is also the same height as me. Her face was hard to visualize at the time; I hear a lot of tulpamancers have issue with visualizing the face anyway so, I decided I would not mind it. Our wonderland before today was very not final. The first one I used was condensed, there wasn't anywhere to adventure. It was more of a casual place. When I started I would try to have active forcing sessions before bed. Honestly it's pretty silly, I would take Myo to the kitchen, and have a chat while drinking coffee. I struggled with talking about stuff and fell for a lot of intrusive thoughts about the process. So during this time I would be constantly talking about the process explaining each and every detail I knew, and also my ideology on it. I understand during the early phases this does not matter too much? The point is that I'm directing my attention towards her, but if I was in her shoes; I would probably get annoyed if that's all we talked about. I tried to have methods on finding topics to talk about since I usually end up talking about something negative. I even wrote a program I didn't really use, that picks random words. Eventually I saw I think it was a post by Mirichu. Saying that you could play games and talk to your tulpa like if you were recording for YouTube. This was probably the best advice for me in terms of forcing, I find it easier to talk about games and positively too! I did this whenever I could. I would sit down and play Terraria while talking to Myo. It was fun! When I started doing this though, I stopped going to our wonderland as often. --- The past week --- This is when I started documenting. Not much happened in terms of what we were doing, however I made wonderland 2 (Which I would later scrap for something that I think is better.) We actually had adventures there and I had my fair share of chilling. We fought NPCs! It was cool! I like action. I also started noticing changes with Myo, if I think hard enough I can visualize her face perfectly, but when I'm not focusing on her facial features like usual. She's always smiling when I look at her form in my mind's eye. I also started to notice that I think my right ear moves a little bit whenever I force with Myo, and only when I force with her. Her voice also changed a bunch during this week, I think it sounded like mine, and then I gave her one to use, but then she changed it I guess? The point is it's different now. I thought this would mean that it would be easier to differentiate us, and while it is. Sometimes it sounds like a thought I had so, I think for a second, and then continue. The end of this week I scraped the wonderland again. Now it's just Gensokyo from Touhou. It's easier to visualize and still focus directly on Myo. It's also kind of sentimental to me. We still have active sessions that last 15 minutes to 1 hour. (Sorry if this is not how you write a progress report, I can change it.)
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  6. do they live in a different timezone?
  7. Literally ended up texting them.. They're probably sleeping..
  8. I'm currently waiting for someone to log into discord and it's really hard.. I've got no idea when they've last been online
  9. Almost certainly yes it would bend/break, but it might still hurt. A stabbing/lancing kind of attack could be a lot worse. A pocket staff is still chiefly dangerous when being opened up because of the spring.
  10. it seems that pocket staves were not made to carry heavy loads this whole thing makes me wonder if, if someone tried to actually use a pocket staff as a weapon, would it just break on impact? my backpack wasn't that heavy, but it still proved to be too much for my pocket staff
  11. Gray and I are working together on a story idea we have and we are enjoying that.
  12. it was always a different picture of an albatross as of right now my conlang isn't developed enough to say anything in. I have most of the semantics set up, but I don't have much in the way of phonology or phono-sementics
  13. OHH we thought that was literally your conlang 😂 “Nothing happens in my head when I read it xD”
  14. Saying the same thing over and over again annoys people. You have to mix it up.
  15. I think that the albatrossposting annoyed people more
  16. The two symbol posts annoy me. The only purpose of them is to get more time and they don't add anything. It's not even cute like kitten shit posts.
  17. pure-punctuation-posts have no inherent meaning. all meaning is derived from interpretation on the part of the reader
  18. 😂 I mean if it’s photorealism then go for it! But generally for a lot of works there’s a certain level of abstraction that is hard to avoid unless you want to spend significantly more effort and time on works! Which depends on what you’re going for really... Wait so you’re designing the formatting before laying down the meaning/associations?
  19. “I knew someone with DID! I referenced tulpas while talking to her and said while I don’t have DID I do talk to voices in my head basically so there’s nothing inherently wrong with that. I definitely think it’s a legitimate condition, she talked a lot about it and how she’d lose memories or one time went off on me about owing her drug money for all this random stuff.. I’m like ‘dude I’ve never done drugs like that or bought them from you’ she’s like ‘really? Dammit..’ because her other personalities would front and then she wouldn’t remember what they did while fronting. Yeah and the problem is that some symptoms can overlap with other unrelated stuff. Like my one friend is bipolar and he used to get ‘blackout angry,’ where he’d literally get so agitated he would just wake up in some random place with no memory of what he did, and he usually ending up destroying stuff. If you weren’t aware of the different reasons for doing this, two different people saying “I woke up and can’t remember what I did” would sound like the same thing. The thing I’ve learned about trauma victims is that they often aren’t believed, because they have some behaviors that are counter-intuitive and hard for most people to understand so that can make people more likely to think they’re faking it or something. This obviously creates this terrible pressure to “look/behave more sickly,” so yeah, I feel for people like that and try to listen as much as I can. And that’s a lot of good insights you have, about the complexities of supporting traumatic systems and things like that, especially when most people like us aren’t really qualified to help most effectively. Harm reduction is generally a good idea I think. But yeah it displays a lot of self-awareness, and sometimes it’s better to pass it off to someone who’s more qualified. But yeah it’s a lot of questions with difficult answers.” Also everyone learns at different speeds! I think maybe we’re ‘late bloomers’ in comparison to many others but everyone’s got their own priorities and life events and strengths and weaknesses.
  20. Cat and I like to write in short paragraphs. I want to think I'm better with writing topic sentences than Cat is, but I don't know if that's true. It's also easier for us to digest. I use line breaks when I'm talking about a different topic. If I need to dump a rant, I usually throw it in a spoiler tag/box. My issue isn't what to draw, it's sitting down and actually doing it. I pretty easily get frustrated but after a break I'm usually willing to give it another go.
  21. Ooh!! *raises and waves hand* but.. if others don’t want to read it then maybe this isn't the best place 😯
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