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  2. if you keep going left you should find your way through eventually, assuming you only need to deal with 2 dimensions
  3. I feel bad saying this in Bear's lock-merge thread, so I'll just say it here: I'm totally lost
  4. this is the original version, for reference
  5. that's basically how that scene went, it's almost less embarrassing than the original (her scream of desperation feels fitting in the midst of the actual game because she's having a bad time and Riku was beyond no help, but out of context it's hilariously awkward)
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  7. September13

    Chat Thread

    I might be changing my name on here soon...
  8. [Ashley] that's not nice to call uncle Lumi "nobody".
  9. i didn't realize that nobody had posted for 4 hours
  10. No. One piece experiencing from one point of view. All experience shared. Like the example I gave with Johnny Dep and the pirate, they're not a system. The pirate is his aspect as in a group of facets used to express the pirate. I'm obviously doing a poor job of explaining it. When *you* roleplay you are not being yourself, but you're still you, not a system of you(s). The model that fits my data best is that the independent people become aspects of one, each with their own set of facets. Nope. You're trying to
  11. Well a lot has changed in a realatively short amount of time. I'll go quick: we re-closed the "Gates" idk how long ago, maybe around 3 days ago? We had decided to wake up one of our tulpas in stasis, Willa. Then our system-friend woke up their system-mate, around 2 days ago. This system-mate was/is bestfriends with Luna, a different tulpa in stasis. So we set to work waking Luna up. Luna woke up yesterday. It was pretty rough for her, but she is slowly getting better. She isn't vocal anymore, and was pretty shaken by 6 months or so of memories. And an entirely dif
  12. Yesterday
  13. I'm not an admin, but you called for staff. I don't feel good about ",." counting as a genuine post. Forum games get pretty spammy, and if those posts suddenly needed to be treated seriously, I think the rules would also need to get more strict. Otherwise, post count would be less meaningful as a guage for how much someone contributes to the serious discussion on the forum. I have 800 posts in the first to 1000 posts forum game, but like Bre's fluff posts they're pretty lame compared to the posts in this thread and even other Lounge threads. It would be really confusing
  14. Ido

    Ashley's Lounge

    What's Taundre? Did you mean: Tsundere? Probably not Flandre.
  15. I'm not sure if you were agreeing with what I said, disagreeing, or adding to it after reading this. I'm going to try a different example to see if I can better understand this. Scratch that, I read again and I realized my example probably doesn't apply. I'll leave it here instead of deleting it: 5 seperate pieces... All 5 are paralell processing, and only one is interacting with the system while everyone else passively observes... That sounds like a sub-system, especially if the thoughts of the others are hidden from everyone else but shared b
  16. That's literally what post counts exist for, to show you how much someone's contributed on the forum. The reason forums even mark boards as "off-topic" in the first place is to avoid them incrementing post count. It's literally just how forums work, it was not an invention of the admins of this site. I think the reason we may not see eye to eye is that Tulpa.info has always had a duality between being a place for information, but also naturally becoming a place for community. Being Tulpa.info though, staff has always put the information side before the community side, standing by t
  17. What do you mean by this? By safety, I mean that by not attempting to keep parts of a merge active while they should be merged, you avoid many very easy problems of doubt and identity confusion, sense of self philosophical issues... But as soon as you start having both the merge and any of the merge-ee's active at the same time, these questions arise and need to be dealt with, and a lot of people really aren't good at dealing with them. Also, when I talk about problems with identity and sense of self, I'm usually just referring strictly to tulpamancy. You don't need any
  18. The title makes me clearly hear "Hello! Hello!" from 1:12 in this song It sounds weird, but I feel like I want to "reestablish my relationship" with this song. It was very important to me for a brief time in my life in 2013-2014 and then I just kind of didn't listen to it since.
  19. On a lighter note, Akino Arai makes nice music, I really like her music
  20. What do you think changed in the last year? Is it like a brain chemistry change or sudden realizations?
  21. What safety? This is consistent with a typical merges. Tulpamancy is in itself dangerous for DR/DP and psychosis prone individuals. It's an ungrounded activity. Yet no one warns this. I've seen a pattern of seemingly ok people in tulpamancy for a few years, and suddenly they're having DID symptoms. It's a correlation. Your concerns are noted. Being of sound mind and body probably should be a prerequisite to tulpamancy IG.
  22. On the word retard... WebMD says " A person is considered intellectually disabled if they have an IQ of less than 70 to 75." Where mental retardation was the old term for what they now call intellectually disabled. So it's not specific to Down syndrome. Sorry if this was already mentioned and I missed it. https://www.webmd.com/parenting/baby/intellectual-disability-mental-retardation#1
  23. That's an easy statement to make, but it doesn't sit right with me. I don't think it's actually true that disarming a word's offensiveness causes an exact counteraction in another word gaining offensiveness. The concept of "If people want to use a word to mean something, they will find or create a way" is true, but I don't think it's a zero-sum game.
  24. Oh no, so you are describing "lock-merge" as merge-ee's existing at the same time as their merge. You're just applying special connection rules to it in your system (that again, make it much much harder to recreate for others - it's not easy to understand and set up such a connection/way-it-works, which is why things like switching are so difficult to teach/learn) I mean, for any system who can set up this framework this is perfectly fine. However I don't endorse the concept at all to people not already successful with it. Tulpas should be considered totally gone during a merge - w
  25. every time a word like that loses it's edge, a new one gains a similar edge. the only way to make a lasting change on a language is to change its speakers
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