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  2. I have little to add other than we'll be trying dream re-entering regularly from now on. Associating tulpas with recurring dream content is another neat idea I had not thought about. Unfortunately my dream recall rate is abysmal, maybe this will also improve. I usually find it hard to open my eyes upon waking up rather than keeping them closed but especially in the hypnopompic phase I'm often extremely tired so actively interfering is hard. Meditating or at least not thinking of anything seems to work though. We'll see how this turns out. Also I'd like to highlight the importa
  3. Lol My friend fixed the internet how can one man's head contain so much knowledge
  4. We rarely have active forced (ADHD amirite?), but passive forcing has worked out just fine. Whatever works, works.
  5. Sounds familiar. I had a friend go through similar withdrawals. TB and Ice sick gang
  6. I'll live, I just hope I get over this cold by friday, bc I have a performance then
  7. My brain stem feels nauseous and I kept getting twitchy cold chilly back tinglies and feelings of faintness And oh, my other friend is sick too. I'm sorry for you
  8. good morning I am sick :( Decided to stay home today, that's a first. I don't think it's covid, I'm fully vaccinated and it feels a lot more like the common cold. Also my legs hurt like hell bc of a silly relay race I did yesterday when some marines visited my school
  9. Don't worry about this, it happens to everyone. Like a parent guiding a child it's important to stay calm and assure your tulpa they have nothing to fear. Explain what happened and that everything will be alright. I am generally in favor of not just shielding tulpas from such ingressions of unpleasant memories but also preparing them to face whatever happens in your mind. Nothing is scarier than the unknown. Once it is established what may happen and how to handle it, you'll both find a lot of anxiety just disappears. See here for a method to deal with intrusive thoughts harmi
  10. This sucks my brain feels damaged Also all I wanted was to play Minecraft with friends and now the internet is dead
  11. Stone: Whenever I see people talk about this (I've read a lot because this is something I worry about), they tend to be biased towards whatever used to create their tulpa, which makes sense. If something worked for someone, obviously that's what they'd be able to recommend based on experience. Active forcing and passive forcing aren't two separate things. It's a spectrum of attention. I used to be bad at passive forcing as I would almost never remember my tulpa, so I had to active force more often than I do now. If your tulpa is with you all the time, you might not need to active f
  12. The weird thing is not too long ago I had a dream where I didn't like the dream (there was a snot picking on some kids) and I said f this I'm making a better ending. I have no idea if I was dreaming or not, and after waking up later I realized it was possible I accidentally became lucid. I don't normally keep dreaming when I try to re-write how the dream goes, and even then, I don't usually get the chance to rewrite bad dreams. It definitely makes me feel better to do this. Otherwise, we actually re-imagine bad intrusive thought scenes all the time. One of my headmates gets hurt? N
  13. I forgot to take my medicine for a little while and even though I took it now I still feel awful withdrawals
  14. Today
  15. The most important goal of any forcing is to connect with your tulpa. If you're perfectly happy and seeing progress with passive forcing, you don't need to switch to active forcing beyond trying it out of curiosity. I can't multitask for the life of me, so I need more than passive forcing to have meaningful interactions with my tulpas. That doesn't mean active forcing is superior or anything like that, it just means that style is a better fit for me. I do consider narration to be a separate skill worth paying attention to- how easily you can summon your tulpa to strike
  16. I agree with Lumi, but I want to emphasize that the difference boils down to the label. If you label a place in your imagination a wonderland, it becomes a wonderland, regardless of what the underlying definition is. I consider a wonderland to be different from other imagined places mostly because I interact with my tulpas in the "wonderlands", but that's not necessarily the case in out system even. I used to speak with my headmates in our original wonderland, but that wonderland is a few buildings/settings that are assumed to somehow connect and not one continuous landscape with a
  17. Thanks a lot! It's refreshing to know I'm not doing anything wrong. I just had a really productive active session so I'm definitely gonna stick at both as much as I can.
  18. I definitely do not consider that kind of "enlightenment" a bad thing in any way. It's just my personal values that make it undesirable for me. I would support anyone whose goal it was to abandon all ego and identification, and if they're successful I think they'd be super pleasant to be around But I'm personally perfectly happy with the related but not quite as "pure" mindset/perspective I've created for life. I see all life as beautiful - the good, the bad, the neutral, the neither here nor there - and I'm appreciative of whatever life I live no matter how it goes. On a spiritual
  19. what's interesting about it is that, though it tells the story of Ermine's journey to remove all masks, it doesn't cast judgement on it. it neither promotes nor discourages the disillusionment of masks. it's a very discordian thing
  20. Sorry, wanted to try it out a couple times first before I tried to write about it. Unfortunately, like basically all lucid dreaming techniques that require borderline consciousness, my brain refuses to let me think even slightly without instantly fully waking up. So practicing this in the hypnagogic/hypnopompic state is something I won't be able to explore. And outside of the falling asleep/waking up states, this only seems lightly more effective for having your tulpas appear in dreams than just normal visualization. As just a form of nightmare therapy though, it should work fine either way.
  21. Got a new walk-in Tulpa (Lucifer) and we both really like music so thats very awesome we might try writing a song together one day :)

  22. Not so easy to search for, huh? https://www.principiadiscordia.com/downloads/HolyNonsense2017-Online.pdf That concept (the ending) does have something to do with what I said about being a "failed Buddhist". I reached a point where I decided that rather than eschew it, that I valued my humanity and humanity in general, and that being "free" from all worldly things was an inhuman goal. It's still a super cool path for people to walk, but it's not for me. I'm here to live life, not run from it
  23. Poor Phil is intimidated by attempting wedding art. 😕 He's afraid he's going to give us derp expressions. 😄
  24. Welcome, Eldritchfrost? Or can I call you Frost? 😁 I'm very interested in your wonderland creation and all the imaginative things you come up with. 👍
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