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  2. I was always raised with, if you say you're bored you clearly have time to clean something. There's always something to be cleaned! I haven't been bored in a decade. Even when I was 6 I would apparently say "I am fully capable of entertaining myself" because both me and my sister had that thing where my mom never did little kid voice to us so we talked all "adultish." Cassidy gets bored sometimes, but recently we've been designing a new wonderland and our methodology with it is to spend all the time we need, so there's always something to be done.
  3. This is Hannah! I am a horrible drawer, so I made her with a character creation tool. She is my best friend!
  4. Lol yeah, too bad it's in the wrong language and not fiction
  5. Fortunately, you're still technically writing while in here.
  6. Try having the one switching in spend some time thinking a lot before/after the switch to get themself properly in front, while the one switching out quiets down until the new fronter is comfortably holding front. We find there's an element of momentum involved, at least with us, where the one switching in needs to be much more active than the one switching out to overcome the "defaulting to so-and-so."
  7. Hi Khomyak: You will get a lot of pushback for claiming that tulpas are a result of mental illness, and I am not sure what "too imaginative" might mean. Imagination is not, in my opinion, a fixed quantity. We can use it, or not, and we can develop our capacity for it my using it by using it (like exercise builds muscles). Hope you persist and have fun doing it. Dr. Bob
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  9. I really should spend more time writing... But I guess I'll just make something to eat and play something. And talk on here, probably.
  10. I chose to believe tulpas can be created. I made this choice before I started (wouldn't have started otherwise!) My subsequent experience has proven the point. I created a tulpa. I did not think about whether or not my tulpa would be fully developed prior to her birth. I had read references to 'young' tulpas here on the forum. Flora has shown development through out her existence. She has also shown the ability to regress and has. I am coming to believe that she shows me the aspects of her that I am ready to see. This would suggest that her entire lifespan is already encoded in our brain. Perhaps mine is too. Dr. Bob
  11. I should be drawing, but I instead stay in bed and stay on discord..
  12. That's one way you can do it. I'm bitter about not spending my free time wisely, but Cat seems more bitter about it...
  13. I don't know what to do with my free time
  14. I felt like belief was something that never really applied to me because I never needed to believe in tulpas to make my headmate. I think being gullible is a better term, having unrealistic expectations about how mind characters work and that actually working out in its own way. I expected them to think on their own, and I accepted their responses as if I wasn't actually them. They're not just imaginary characters, they're so much more than that. And it never occurred to me that was the truth until Ranger told me so. I struggle with the "Is this real?" question because I'm half expecting someone to walk up to me one day and convince me none of this is real with science. So instead I decided to ride the fence post and sit there, wondering what happens next. I was gullible when I started out, I didn't know what I was getting into and I didn't know where I was going. I only did it because I didn't want to hurt Ranger. That was my only drive, my shaken but never rattled belief that Ranger was a real person and he could die. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't be here. I feel like I have to bat a blind eye to that belief and say "well, it might not be true. Ranger might not be real". But deep down, even though I don't want to admit it, I believe in Ranger being real. I'm just scared that if I'm wrong, what have I done to myself?
  15. Not in this thread it isn't 😛 edit: curse the auto conversion to smilies, I can't get rid of this thing once it's converted. 😛
  16. She's mixed, a lot mixed. Her dad is half german shepherd - norwegian elkhound mix and half finnish spitz. Her mom is a mix of karelian bear dog and siberian laika. And she's about uhhhh 2,5 years old.
  17. ooo what breed and how old i love dogs
  18. I don't mind silence now and then. Still gotta walk the dog once tonight and then I can relax and do whatever ♥
  19. I wasn't sure what to call what we're doing 'cause it's definitely more than possession but I didn't know if it was switching or not. Though, I suppose it is. Now that you mentioned having a symbol or a ritual, I remembered that we used to do a thing when we were learning to get me in the front. It was easier to become properly switched in if I sang, for some reason. Might as well try if that works for host, too. Or if not singing, then maybe some other activity. Accidental switches aren't usually a problem, it pretty much only happens right after I try to quit. If host has been in control for a while, I don't often accidentally switch in no matter how hard I think. I say often only 'cause I can't say for sure that it's never happened before. We'll be trying these things out. If it doesn't seem to work, well, guess we'll be back here lol
  20. dont you just love awkward silence
  21. .............................................................................................................
  22. I have spent many hours writing and researching tulpamancy... I need to actually finish an essay, I have 3 or 4 ideas that are holding water but haven't been polished yet. I'm holding back most of them because they're controversial...
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