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  2. If alone, I fully interact with Flora, physically. If we are alone in the car (not so often now, with the pandemic and all) I ask N'sonowa to drive and join Flora in wonderland. N'sonowa likes to drive ( we have a semi-automonous car which helps to assure my wife [a little, she's still not happy about it, but these are some of our best times together.))
  3. It's an enjoyable thing to do but I think I made it sound like I'm more skilled at it than I am, I see an fuzzy/translucent form, most features, apart from the face, are vague, unless I'm focusing directly on the face/hands/etc Wow, must be very vivid to give you the urge to make those gestures. I'm barely at the point of conversation so even if I can see her nearby, any words from my tulpa still seem to come from my location. I get what you mean, to an extent you can imagine the sensation but the feeling of your muscles 'hanging in the air' isn't easily ignored b
  4. Yeah Two of my friends who got their vaccines after us say they had bad chills all night starting around midnight, so there's a chance my brother or mom did not have a good night lol. Dunno why mine started 6 hours earlier
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  6. Yeah, my stomach obviously didn't feel good because no part of me felt good, but it wasn't even rumbly or anything, which is why I'm calling it a 20% chance. It'd be a full 60% or so if my stomach alone was acting up at any point, and it'd be pretty funny if they both made me sick.
  7. I always wonder when I get the bad rumblies. From what you said it sounds like you got fever and chills as a reaction plus the soreness from the vaccine. Most bad food stuff for me is gastrointestinal.
  8. I've eaten plenty of fast food and NEVER gotten anything worse than a headache from it, so I'm still assuming it was just my body dealing with the vaccine. But there's always that tiny chance... Oh, and I don't actually feel "great", obviously. My whole body still feels slightly heavy, and there is a very light soreness over the whole thing, and 5% of a headache. But it's no big deal at all
  9. You're your best expert on you but if you want advice maybe you could imagine what kind of tulpa you want or what role you want them to fill. Then actively look for them or just wait around and see if one like that pops in. Maybe post a roommate ad in your wonderland. 😄 Just a thought.
  10. Well, I keep telling people you can't "mess up" tulpamancy. Tulpamancy should be a malleable experience that you can always mold back into shape with enough effort. In this case, that means you just don't stop developing your tulpa until they're clearly autonomous. Many people have said "unintentional puppeting doesn't exist", including me, right now. Puppeting is purposely controlling your tulpa or tulpa-to-be. Otherwise, you're simply working through the tulpamancy experience - working with your tulpa until they really start to feel separate, believing the whole time that they'll
  11. Oh wow. That's quite the ordeal. I'm glad you're feeling better. I'm still a total trash panda and will eat junk food but I'm certainly not going to defend fast food. 😄 If you can stay away then good for you. 👍
  12. Whew, that was an experience. So I went to bed because I was shaky and cold, and I stopped shaking once I got warm - got up an hour later when my mom got home to ask her if she felt okay, and I got shaky again, because I was cold lol. Suffice to say I love the cold and I was absolutely just sick. The real fun was when I tried to go back to bed again, though. I took a couple tylenols and tried to go to sleep, and then I got unbearably hot. First my neck got too hot with the blanket touching it, and then slowly I ended up 100% not under the blankets, and every part of my body felt li
  13. Congratulations Lumi! I didn't find Bre's statement threatening, I thought she was saying that in a smirking tone that it would be easy to have a crappy day tomorrow. Good morning Miichu
  14. We're thinking about creating a new headmate because we really miss being 3, it was more like a family. But while we already have a basic idea, we don't wanna mess it up like Miri did with Akai? And the thing is that I am not sure what exactly happened with me. I don't feel created at all, Miri one day sat down, talked to me and bam, I was there. Akai's creation was different, she was created through wonderlanding and active forcing, while I was more of a passive forcing tulpa. Akai's forcing was more on and off while mine was non-stop, so maybe there's that? But our brain can make
  15. Walks are fun. I want on a walk recently and listened to music with Cloud and Stone. Now, I'm half-watching TV.
  16. Stone: I created Betty fully intentionally after learning about tulpamancy. I wanted a companion and I wanted to learn more about the process. I wanted to see if I could replicate the experiences others were purporting to have. Cloud came to be semi-independently. I had imagined creating her in the distant future, after Betty was more developed, but she inserted herself into my life one day, and instead of ignoring her, I argued with her. That's a poor way of trying to get rid of a headmate, by the way. They can only exist if you take them seriously. If not, you can write them off
  17. Leftover KFC and went for a walk. No biggie. Also, I am good and happy. 😊
  18. Stone: This happens to me when I try to see my tulpae. I can't see them for long, but I can feel like I see their outline for a moment. When I visualize them moving in realspace, it's like they're blinking along, like bad stop motion. Since practicing tulpamancy, I've been seeing and hearing things more often. I'm forcing less regularly now, but when I was forcing and visualizing a lot, I would hear clear voices of family members that weren't there, hear the opening of and knocking on doors when alone, and see cats that weren't there. I also had a moment when I completely misinterp
  19. I didn't do anything for Easter. How's everyone?
  20. 😄 😱 I just slept mine off during my weekend post-work coma.
  21. it was probably a delayed effect of the fear induced by my post
  22. I actually got kind of shaky in the last ten minutes for no real reason, so either that Burger King is waging war on my body or the vaccine is starting to kick in, lol I'm just gonna go to sleep, was about time anyways
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