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  2. Jumping spiders are the best. They remind me of cats in a way.
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  4. I appreciate orb weavers good morning
  5. I saw a determined spider build a beautiful web from a low hanging branch from a tree to someone furniture on the back deck. It was a beautiful web, but I was scared I would walk into it. I knew I should take it down but it made me sad. I took down the strands on the furniture (which was tougher than I imagined) and then the web flopped, still a big sheet of it though. At least the spider could get it's meal. So I came back the next day and then I saw a brand new web in the position the flopped web was. It was better too and it wasn't directly in my way so I didn't care. However, when I check near the furniture, lower down there's a second web with a decently sized orange spider in it. I have no idea if both were made by the same spider or not. Sadly, my dad came out and broomed both webs. I mean, you probably could walk through both webs by accident and this for the best, but it makes me sad. I wish you can move webs like that without destroying them.
  6. Mosquitoes are estimated to have killed half of all humans who have ever lived. They are enemies of humanity Spiders are bugs that eat other bugs, I give them no special standing, though I respect them as pretty fancy I mean really, the fact that something evolved to make super fancy webs like that is crazy They will still die for invading my living space, though
  7. Yeah mosquitoes are awful! But I like spiders! 🕷️ They eat annoying bugs.
  8. I have minimal sympathy for mosquitoes. They're flying dirty blood syringes to me but I feel guilty when people make me kill spiders. Spiders eat bugs so that makes us allies in my book.
  9. Man, today was a day full of people making me do things (and also spiders and mosquitoes, making me kill them) I don't much care for it, or at least not all in a row like that
  10. silent beast spirits is the best th opening theme. the second best would go to whatever SA's theme is called.
  11. New England be like that. My Dad likes in particular Maine style houses. Something that would show up in a Stephen King novel. I'm a neo-medieval man myself. Clean modern with stonework and a fireplace. Also electricity and central air. How come boys get napkins then don't use them? Just to hoard them? Also those are pretty houses Simmie. 😊🏠
  12. Nope, we always just log in and log out, we never trusted the "Post-as" option. Didn't see your PM until refreshing View Today's Posts I had to look up (the text, transcribed) endings of Touhou 17 earlier, and I just realized for the whole 35 minutes I was writing that PM that the game's title theme was playing in my head But I didn't even launch the game or anything lol, I only read the endings transcribed in text form, brains are weird 10/10 Title theme though
  13. I did pm you. but you don't have to reply now. if you are viewing through another account and using the under-post button to switch to the Lumi name you might not have seen it
  14. Some people are not agreeing with me lol In two different places someone has said "But what if she drank it after (much later) deciding to go to Earth with Kaguya?" Yeah, what if Yukari did too? And Reimu, and Marisa? You can't just assume things because you feel like it, when no official sources have said it happened...
  15. I just confirmed in the Touhou Project discord's Lore channel that Eirin Yagokoro did not drink the hourai elixir (an immortality elixir) like so many people seem to think for some reason So that's gratifying, because I'd been being annoyed by that for years... (A paragraph in this ""recent"" work states that a hourai immortal produces impurity, and that's why Kaguya had to be exiled, which as Eirin was able to stay tells us she did not drink it - they wouldn't be able to make an exception even for someone as important as her, since impurity in the lunar capital would cause people to start aging and die)
  16. Old houses, like ours, tend to let lots of bugs in... There was another big spider in my room, I'm very upset
  17. LOL thank you, I'm cracking up!
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