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  2. I think this proves no, it's not. I was thinking awesome eatth rotation
  3. Congrats on achieving visual imposition! We don't have visual imposition yet, but it sounds like this issue may be more specific to visualization. If the goal is to achieve a life-sized visual, it may help to slowly upscale until you achieve a life-sized image. Enlarge the image until it's low resolution and fuzzy but not a blur. From there, focus on enhancing the minor details until you are comfortable with that size. In theory, this will reveal what detail work you need to focus on and you can break it apart piece by piece, slowly building your way up.
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  5. I love it! V is adorable! Why does V have a "V" on their paw?
  6. The curse of BER is it's open to interpretation Better or bad? I don't know if AER is any better.
  7. I just don't think BER is going to catch on
  8. I still read it as Bad Earth Rotation instinctively
  9. I betcha I can stay up longer than you!
  10. sleeping now? we didn't agree to this! 😮
  11. Hey, someone in my system will be here when you wake up!
  12. I'm going to be a responsible host and go to bed right now
  13. Count me in the heart race. Team 💜!
  14. whatever colour your heart (or blood) is, it's still a heart.
  15. 🖤 Actual picture of my heart 😮
  16. don't forget the purple one! 💜
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