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  2. Got my glasses today. They don't help my vision as much as I expected they would. They kind of hurt my eyes subtly too. I don't know if there was a mistake in its prescription. I should have said something sooner but I thought maybe I was just wrong about it
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  4. i don't know how apparent it is from an outside perspective, but i am often an anxious wreck. i'm constantly nervous about what other people think and i often retreat from or avoid altogether, social interactions that i am not already secure in the outcome of. i don't have a solution to this; if i did, i wouldn't be so nervous anymore. what i'm currently working on is separating my own sense of self and self worth from other's perceptions and from the merit of my own individual ideas through cbt, and learning how much stock to put into other's opinions on different topics. those aren't things that happen quickly, but those are what i'm working on i think, not letting others define you is really important. not just to avoid overly being hurt by other's judgement, but also to avoid turning into something you don't want to be. when i played competitive pokemon in middle and highschool, i was pretty good at it; a lot better than my friends. pretty quickly, i gained a reputation as "the friend who's really good at pokemon", and then when we played other games and i started getting really good at them, my reputation broadened to be "the friend who's really good at games", and among my friends, being good at games was one of most valued traits to have. so naturally, it all went to my head; i was like a god amongst men, raining thunder from the heavens and throwing spears like darts, and i started thinking of the people around me as lesser. and after a while, i started to realize that i was becoming an asshole, and that being good at videogames is kind of a silly metric to base one's value on, and eventually i trained myself out of it, but, ya know, it wasn't nice to realize that my being was so easily influenced by the people around me there is also some inherent risk to interacting with people; your control over them is limited, and you never know exactly how they'll react to something. and i think, if you could control them, or perfectly predict them, that would take away something from the experience. even if neither you nor your interlocutor hold any malice in your hearts, it is still possible that you will hurt each other, and after a sufficient number of interactions, likely. but through separating your self worth from other's perceptions and from your individual ideas, i believe that it is possible to limit the hurt. so, TB, i suppose that my advice is to either gain enough internally derived confidence that you can withstand the potential of other's negative perceptions, or to internalize the idea that your works quality is unrelated to your own value
  5. Some of them are worth breaking to help reshape into better social intricacies
  6. Understanding social intricacies isn't my thing.
  7. [Bear] A friend of mine has an 8yr old and he's getting bullied at school and what she said is she knows about it, but socially she can't confront the parents of the bully. She's definitely pissed about it and even another 8 yr old told her that these two bullies are torturing her kid. These are all 8-yr olds. Now her kid couldn't care less and he's standing up for himself anyway but the social thing is nothing I'll ever understand. Me: "Your kids are bullying my kid." Expected Result: Actual Result?:
  8. it's not as pay to win as you make it out to be lol. It's an eh game.
  9. The most egregious pay-to-win game I've ever seen that wasn't for phones MOBAs are already incredibly toxic game formats, and adding DISGUSTING pay-to-win into the mix, mostly against children, is a crime against gaming Pokemon Masters Ex is just a gacha game that actually is for phones, I don't know to what extent it requires paying to play but I wouldn't recommend finding out
  10. Tuppermancy leads to many abilities some would consider unnatural.
  11. Sorry bre maybe. I always forget my fears and insecurities will come back after the effects fade, so Idk if I have it in me to show you my system. I need to figure out how to be cool with it sober. Any advice?
  12. [Ren] I love my host but there's no way to boss him around. (Actually I like it that way. 😜💜)
  13. A- hosts shan't talk here, you naughty naughty boy. this is why us tulpa gotta boss their hosts around, theyll just break all the rules willy nilly like they own the place
  14. Cool. I'm a little sleepy now though so I might nap. But I wonder if I can get the courage to explain how the game works to you if your interested and see what happens... I don't know maybe not... we'll see
  15. i don't know anything about dragonball, but i would be interested in hearing about it
  16. I love my Darron, poor or rich. *squeeze* He'll get there eventually. Even if I have to push him up a hill every day like Icarus. But that's Sisyp- Shhh....no it's not. 😊 *gentle pushing*
  17. I'm drifting apart with my friend and it isn't fun. I was supposed to be working on the role playing game that harbors my TRC characters. I want to go back to him with something in hand. It's weird. I want it to be fun for him but he doesn't like numbers or math. I want to recreate Dragonballs fights with my system easily. I have a lot of documents on my computer for it. I wonder if it just plays well with other people too The infamous quadruple post. These tunnels are airy. Good I have a dust mask or I might catch a cold no ceiling people today. Just chill, get your time in I could totally make the ceiling people be lovecraftian lol the lore matches up my sweeties Someone post please.
  18. SInce I'm on ketamine Bre would you be interested in a dragonball role playing game table top?
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