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  2. a cyborg can be a human too. I would argue that a lot of humans are cyborgs actually also, I didn't just ask about a brain twice, like you misquoted me as saying, I asked about a brain and a liver
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  4. Oh man this is story idea territory for me. So in one of my worlds, some humans are grown in test tubes and have cybernetics implanted in the brain at a fetal stage. These cybernetics house an AI that create a consciousness that overrides one naturally created by the brain. As a result, you have an AI that has a human body and experience. If someone were to cut out the cybernetic core and stitch the body back up, eventually the brain will create basically a tulpa following the empty front rule, and a human is "born" on the spot. Early on, some cores failed and there would be an AI trying to control a regular person, so the core would be removed and the person would be set free. However, over time, the cores got better and better to the point where these accidents don't happen. However, it would still create a tulpa if you removed the core. It's a bit awkward because episodic memories are also stored in the core, so the new tulpa gets the double whammy of being a tulpa and not having any previous episodic memories. So I would argue that these are definitely robots. How human is the AI? I think that's up for debate. A robot with a human brain... depends. I would assume if the consciousness is coming from the human tissue part, then it's a human. If the consciousness is coming from the metal, then it's a robot. If there's enough blending that it's not clear where the consciousness is from, then it's a cyborg.
  5. Standard procedure is to ask in Talk To Staff, but you can also PM an admin. They're not always individually active consistently, though, so Talk To Staff is better.
  6. I was able to see the smile fine, even on mobile. I don't know what y'all are talking about
  7. The smile is more pronounced. I checked and it makes it go from invisible to there-if-you-look-for-it when smaller.
  8. It's been discussed if sleep is affected by tulpamancy, but it is unknown if there is a connection. If you mediate when you force, it could be the meditation is helping you sleep at night. Otherwise, it could simply be a coincidence. Not usually, and if we do it can either help or distract. While music can help us feel more emotionally connected, sometimes my host wants to listen to the music and not to me...
  9. I don't know, why does a human need a liver?
  10. 2C ^ there's a 2C here, right there.
  11. Ask @Vos in PM and she'll do it if the new name you want is available. You can't do it, it takes an admin to do it.
  12. Yes, calm down and wait usually. Foe me, I had three, one of them went missing and we had a wonderland at the time already so we had to go searching for her. It was half a day before we found her, asleep in the woods. Like intrusive thoughts, it's some sort of temporary stage.
  13. apparently not
  14. No people here, nothing to see... (Incidentally, I also don't see the difference between those images.)
  15. I don't think we've ever seen this glitch, but I guess by its nature it could've happened without our knowing. Though we keep caught up on LOTPW and never noticed anything super strange like that. Either way, weird glitch that definitely needs addressing.
  16. Wow, thank you very much for that, you made Lucilyn very happy. It'll probably still be hard to see in avatar form, but a definite improvement, maybe even visible. Oh, and @ mobile users, no the smile is not visible on desktop. Even getting right up close to the screen (for her avatar, not for these two larger pictures) it's so blurry and slight it could just as easily be a frown as a smile. This version will help. Also I'm just going to post this for her at the end of my post - no one ended up posting before I went to bed last night, so her intent of having me post it on her account for her didn't happen. Lucilyn: Me posting in LOTPW when no one's here: haha I will get lots of Last Postingness Me 26 minutes later: WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - this post brought to you by past Lucilyn, I'm not fronting anymore! timey-wimey stuff!
  17. Ok but why would a robot need a liver
  18. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but is it possible to change your username on the forums? I don't see an option. Edit: Yeah I put this in the wrong category. >w>
  19. Do you listen to music while forcing? Do you notice it helps? If so, what do you listen to?
  20. Hmm... Maybe that's why I accidentally merged two of Bre's non double posts... I usually have lag issues where the post count becomes inaccurate and/or displays posts out of order. I'll keep an eye out for this. Unless I'm right about the fake double post the forum created, I have never noticed this before.
  21. is something that has a human brain, but otherwise completely robot a human? is something that has a human liver, but otherwise completely robot a human? why?
  22. what's that supposed to mean? among other things, yeah
  23. Our pictures are. DuUuh. [Bear] I see
  24. devil is in the detail ;) i can get that, i can get that. too busy reading books, eh?
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