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  3. Alright, Luci and I finished Dragon Ball Z (Kai), or at least the main plot, there's still 3 bonus episodes left. I always knew I liked Mr. Satan for a reason... Well, that was an adventure. I've not been getting much time to play the dang Touhou game, but I guess tomorrow I'll finally switch with Tewi so she can do her thing. Cya guys (but I'll be here for a bit tomorrow still)
  4. Hello recently me and Freyja have encountered an issue (more so I've got an issue) where when I'm doing something say, watching a movie, she'll say something along the lines of "Why are you watching this?" And I'll just say for entertainment. But this is where the issue starts, "What is entertainment?" She asks. Then alas, a slippery slope of questions emerge. Like a child continually asking "Buy why?" After every answer, and its a headache. We dont allow access to one anothers memories, but we would both like this info to be shared so that she spends more time enjoying something rather than endlessly question about it. Also Freyja's first words to all you people "My name is Freyja! Thats all!" Yea I don't know either but at least shes happy
  5. or maybe you can tell but are intentionally deceiving us
  6. Zeldashu's username is tulpacn: -Ember
  7. I think that you are just being contrary
  8. Or maybe it's too zoomed out to tell.
  9. Always looked to me like an overview of a street with tall buildings, but I'm not entirely sure what's going on in it
  10. Who? Say clearly! Zeldashu是谁
  11. Posted from wrong account. And I didn't repeat any, just some languages that share Hello's
  12. Those are Matsi's favorite languages
  13. Good luck Baimisu! @tulpacn You should find Zeldashu, he's a head of a Chinese community. He may be able to help you translate stuff.
  14. It's been a while since I posted here. I am finding it super challenging to navigate the new site, and I am a little frustrated; that is not a complaint- just a challenge I apparently must forge through in order to stay connected. I found a video that I want to share. Apparently, it's old. Almost as old as Loxy, as it was created in 2016. I don't think I mentioned it here before, but i would be pleasantly surprised/pleased if I had, as it would explain my 'deja vu.' I related to it because it's about hearing voices, in general, but more specifically one of the things I took away from the Tulpamancy protocols was that in essence what I was doing was creating a dialogue between myself and other, in this case Loxy, and repetitiously engaging that dialogue until it became an automatic, subconscious response. But further, when you consider the brain regions Charles discussed scanning, it seems to correlate for me that we're teaching the brain to respond to self talk as if it were foreign-talk. It makes me wonder if the 'brain' sensations we feel are literally an exaggerated tactile response that comes from 'forcing' new neural pathways. (Yes, that's speculative, but every time I had a brain sensation, that was precisely the metaphor I self imposed.) For me, the dialogue explanation that Charles offers completely resonates with my experiences to date. Something else that seriously worthwhile about this video is the recognition that 'hearing voices' is not limited to Mental Health! That alone is gold and worth sharing. I highly recommend the following video, and if you have family or friends that doubt you or tulpamancy, this is really worth passing along. The Science of the Voices in your Head, by Charles Fernyhough
  15. I am a Chinese, I am in our country a website know tulpa called baidu post bar, our country has a website about tulpa, where I learned that this web site. I already on junior middle school second grade, but English is not good, the examination often test about 80 points, so in this post is done with the browser's own translation software to translate Chinese into English in duplicate.
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  17. Banned because how else are you going to make your robots feel pain?
  18. [Kurisutina] We can start with a few hello's without looking up Hej, Hej, Hei, Hello, Kon'nichiwa, Hallo, Hallo, Ni hao, Privjet, Salut, Hola
  19. German vocabulary isn't that different from English vocabulary
  20. I don't think there are enough active posters to say hello in a different language each. Or maybe? I haven't counted them.
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