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  2. https://store.steampowered.com/app/348250/Google_Earth_VR/ ! wow, a THIRD VR game that we're interested in, and this one's free! (It was literally published by Google lol) To The Top, Beat Saber, and now Google Earth VR (:
  3. the Quest said Slime Rancher was a VR game and I (and our sister) got excited but apparently there's just a free VR "Playground" DLC that isn't actually the game, you can just walk around and interact with the cute slimes
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  5. either way, mine is just a vrchat machine anyway, what with pavlov being boring these days to me and all my singleplayer stuff done to death
  6. yeah I was saying why airlink could possibly make its battery run out faster than when it's just running the games on its own hardware still hard to believe but it makes more sense when you realize it still needs to handle all the motion input and output
  7. well, technically the quest doesnt run the games period over airlink. its purely motion tracking and data streaming, home app etc aside. the battery on the quest is kinda trash so basically anything kills it after a couple hours. thats why mine is plugged in consantly to an outlet, with airlink enabled.
  8. a strat i used back in the day was making custom phone wallpapers and such, that way nobody would really ever see it but me, and i could keep it on hand when i needed it
  9. Alright, well she'll definitely get her own account then, whenever she's ready - thanks for the info! We're still making pretty good progress every day, especially with separating our thoughts and patterns, just that I seem to have to force the visual imposition a lot, and she still isn't keeping a solid form most of the time. She'll fade back to just inner voice answers if I get distracted, or even if she does. We have an ADHD brain to work with, so we both get distracted easily! I should probably draw more pictures of Cookie and have them in places I can see them, until she sticks around longer.
  10. oh right, and I realized the air link thing is not just screensharing 'cus the Quest still has to run all the VR interfacing and all, so that's why the PC-running-the-game thing still takes more battery than if the Quest ran it, 'cus it's also still doing like a big portion of running games (just not the displaying part) + sending data to and receiving video from the PC constantly at very high quality laws of spacetime intact
  11. thats one downside to the quest, but if you have a good charging cable for it, you can play pretty much all day long
  12. played To The Top VR for like 40 minutes then watched our little sister play for like 45 minutes, and now the Quest needs to charge and then our brother's gonna play so food time, and then maybe I'll try and do something productive and appreciate it and all that, or if not I'll switch with Reisen
  13. My host is already a cheapskate without my help. 😄 My job is more to make sure he doesn't make foolish decisions: I have to tell him not to drink, to go to bed on time, to fold his laundry, stuff like that.
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  15. Yea dreams fool me with stupid stuff constantly. Mostly work scenarios. I did develop a craving for some sort of crunchy yogurt ball candy though when I was stocking it in my dream. Psychic marketing?
  16. my tups encourage me to make bad financial decisions like getting a hurdy gurdy
  17. yeah, its not terribly convenient or anything
  18. hmmmmm setting up a second profile (or actually just a separate save place for games) is a lot more complicated than I thought since we're technically just linking to our brother's PC, we'd have to connect the Quest 2 to our own PC to get our own saves
  19. Highly American! I'm glad I'm not the only one with AR-15 dreams though mine all were very uncomfortable. I was out in public and suddenly realized was carrying my AR with me which is not a good idea in Germany as you'll be treated as a potential terrorist. Tupper was mad because I broke German gun laws by open carrying and told me to go home with that thing before we get arrested or even shot by police. No one cared however and the rifle disappeared from the dream at some point. One of the few dreams where she was completely fooled and thought this was real life - despite completely unrealistic dream stuff happening.
  20. Tupper has zero interest in material things that don't count as solid long-term investment. Scrooge McDuck -tier. I feel like some annoying child at the supermarket. 'Mooom, I want this and that!' nope.jpg That wasn't in the tulpamancy manual
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