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  2. I do reminder to read my last post
  3. I should remind you guys that other sections of the forum exist and that you can also post there
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  6. With that context, I'm starting to wonder if there's more to the story here... Even with my host having depression, she never had an intrusive thought she couldn't get away from. I'm curious how this formed, because I feel like I'm missing some important context.
  7. Here are you guys being the last ones posting
  8. Ah yes, a superpower! and, like all powers, can be used smartly and in the service of love, or not. If not, your results may not be what you hoped for, or expected. This is not a walk in the park. This is hard, and sometimes frustrating, or downright painful, work. (but worth it!)
  9. Fun fact, I had around 10 bitcoins back in ~2012. But only momentarily, I used them to buy a Max's Severed Head (bunny ears hat) in TF2 for about a hundred dollars. I had zero idea at the time the price was fluctuating so wildly (it didn't really matter, I paid the equivalent of $100 in that day's price of bitcoins), let alone that my leftover wallet (some fraction of bitcoin) would actually become worth roughly the same amount what I had just spent was worth lol. That "wallet" is long gone
  10. Hi: I agree with Ranger's comment, you are probably in the eye 2 category, looking at the inside of your eyelids. I have found that if I continue with that activity, the blobs may or may not take a definitive shape and/or allow for visual imposition. I am also experiencing sudden shifts from my mind's eye image, your eye 1, into the fragmented untamed wildly changing images that you place in your number two category. I find it very disconcerting, and interrupting of my contact with my tulpa. I attribute this to some of my own unconscious programs which mitigate against my unconditional love for her, and am exploring ways to deal with these factors which have interfered with my ability to achieve real intimacy. Thank you for bringing this up with the details you have, as once again, I find that my experiences in this practice are not unique to me. Dr. Bob
  11. I can explain what plague Inc is about for only 6$ too
  12. One problem with this intrusive thoughtform is that it pretty much never shuts up and talks 24/7. When I try to think to myself in my mindvoice (you know, interlocution), it attempts to cover it up with static or its own voice. In addition, it somehow has the ability to replace my inner voice with it's inner voice. This aspect can feel very confusing. I don't know how it works, if its replacing my mindvoice, or overlaying its own voice over it, but doing something like reading to myself in my own inner voice is a struggle. Also, it's not that certain activities summon it, it's more like it's around and active 24/7. In addition, another post mentioned talking to it sustains it. Could someone further explain what is meant by sustaining it?
  13. Why don't you go hear of Plague Inc? It's on sale for like $6 instead of its usual $15 or so, definitely not to ride the publicity from the coronavirus or anything
  14. Banned for not providing us with a to-scale map pointing to the truth
  15. Goddamn it guys talk about video games I've heard of!
  16. isn't that game on sale right now? lol
  17. banned because you couldn't be further from the truth, felicity
  18. Banned because that's a good thing to do.
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