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  2. You should really modify that to like "that's good for you" or something, because "good for you" is almost 100% sarcastic in modern use and only people who specifically know that you don't mean it like that won't take it that way You guys keep joking about the gateway drug thing, but the fact remains that countless people's lives have been ruined starting with them getting into a "not that dangerous" drug. It's really not up for debate that this is a thing, and that drugs are dangerous. Bre himself did plenty of research and was in a good place mentally to be experimenting with drugs, but most people who consider drug use aren't, and it's really not something to be made light of. There's been several people on this forum who replied to topics about drug use who had friends whose lives were ruined or even died after getting into drugs. The drugs themselves may not (or may) kill you, but they and all the context around them certainly do ruin lives that otherwise still had a strong chance of turning out fine. And just because one or two people immediately participating in the conversation may be in a fine place to try using drugs does not mean everyone who sees it is. Take it from someone who just recently found out I accidentally encouraged harmful escapism thinking/behavior by linking what not only should be harmless but was intended to be helpful articles - drugs are a thousand times more likely to screw someone up than some self-help articles. You could very well have a death on your hands from encouraging drug use, if not just the more likely "several years' downward spiral before 1-2 years of rehab" scenario. Don't ever assume all random people here or anywhere are "smart enough" or see things similarly enough to how you do to not go down a bad path.
  3. Ah, that explains why I can so easily be in the tulpa state and even become inactive ~permanently, I knew that made no sense. Time to rework my model
  4. The hottest thing I've ever had was a banana pepper. It must have been mutated. I am very resistant to hot things. I can eat habeneros like they are jolly ranchers. But that one banana pepper destroyed me...
  5. I looked it up and there are some bugs that eat mint plants. But there's probably not a lot of plants that some kind of bug won't eat. Osomatsu: That sounds like me. Although, compared to the way she was up until a few years ago, Ghostly isn't too picky. She still has a few things that she isn't crazy about, though. Chimera: I'm a bigger bean person than host is, for sure. Give me a legume and I'll like it. Well I'm offended by it!!!!!! Chimera: Thanks!
  6. I think so. look it up if you really want to know, but for me, since it will likely never be important, I am fine living knowing that I may have the facts slightly wrong about how other animals react to mint
  7. Are humans really the only animal to like mints? Like, has that been tested?
  8. I like peppers but they never make me euphoric
  9. Baby to not baby is so cute! Haha.
  10. humans are the only animals that like the smell of mint. all the other animals thinks that is is disgusting we have all sorts of different taste preferences, though in general, when Miela is switched in all food tastes better, and as a result in general she likes most foods more than me and is a less picky eater
  11. Food that causes me pain makes me feel betrayed. Cold flavor is better! Chimera: Leaf is the only one of us who likes the extremely spicy stuff, but now that he's a part of me and my others have varying levels of spice tolerance, so I'm not sure we know how we'll react next time we have something super spicy. But otherwise, the others' spice tolerances go like so, from "baby" to "not baby": Reiji (extremely baby), Kokichi (very baby), Ghostly (very baby), Adelaide (not baby), Osomatsu (very not baby). ...I think there's actually a number scale for spiciness, but we haven't eaten enough spicy stuff to really be able to accurately place our tastes on it, because Ghostly is Very Baby. Anyways, do you guys have different preferences like that in your systems?
  12. I do feel euphoric when I down a bunch of peppers. The first few times my bidy couldn't digest them, so it hurt two times. After the third pepper binge it was fine. I can't really even feel the burn that bad anymore. It has allowed me to appreciate really hot thai food too. I haven't done that in ages, it's best on a hot day.
  13. some people have claimed to hallucinate after taking ridiculously hot peppers
  14. @Luminesce hot peppers are a slippery slope gateway drug confirmed.
  15. what is natural about a high that you get from peppers? you take an external substance into your body and get high from it. if that counts as a natural high then every high is natural
  16. Hot peppers are great, that heat and spice that makes you sweat is the best. Also because it gives you a natural high probablyn't.
  17. it's not that weird: pain flavor is perceived similarly to actual hotness, so it makes sense that it is called hot, but it is a bit weird that spiciness is called spiciness since spiciness is from peppers, which are fruits
  18. Peppers = hot as a flavor Mint = cold as a flavor
  19. Isn't it weird that spices come in all kinds of flavors, but if food is "spicy" that means it's hot, but not hot as in temperature but hot as in pain flavor?
  20. I don't know anything for sure. also, I shouldn't what?
  21. Herbs are leaves of the plant, spices are roots/bark/etc. The difference between fruits and vegetables depends on if you're talking to a farmer or botanist becuse they'll classify them differently.
  22. If you don't know for sure, then you shouldn't.
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