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  2. humans like to kill each other on certain scales, but I am not so confident that humanity will wipe itself out. war is for dominance and control, so only someone with an exceptionally strange value system would want to do war on such a scale that in the end there is nothing left to rule, and it seems unlikely that someone with such a value system wouldn't self destruct before they got into a position to world destruct. death through negligence might be more possible, like what is happening with global warming, but I don't think that global warming will wipe out all of humanity, and after the c
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  4. Okay, addendum, since I am a humanitarian who wants the best for the human race and all that - I don't think it's likely humans ever get their crap together and start working together on a planetary scale, but it's not even close to impossible, and if we did unite as a planet then our odds of achieving FTL travel or at least whatever things are physically possible to do go up immensely. I'm certainly not rooting against it
  5. Black holes are probably the biggest wildcard left when it comes to unknowns about physics. Whether or not FTL travel is possible I don't know and assume not, but kind of more importantly, I don't think humans are ever going to figure it out. I know humans seem like they can do basically anything, but considering how piss-poor of a job we're doing simply interacting with each other or say, not destroying our own planet, I have zero faith we'll be around long enough in enough scientific/technological capacity to unravel physics and bend it to our will to that extent. Much smaller ch
  6. I just finished listening to all 12 hours. when I was in the first hour, I thought I probably wouldn't listen to the whole thing; by the time I got to hour 4, I had resolved myself to listen to the end; when I got to the seventh hour I was quite happy how much progress I had made and how close I was to the end; but when hour 10 rolled around, a wave of melancholy washed over me, because I realized that after 2 more hours, it would be over; now, finally, after finishing hour 12, I feel a little bit happy, and a little bit sad, and a little bit empty, and maybe it's silly to feel like I have end
  7. you got 6 hours off of that. I have no clue what the context is on your situation, person, but I hope it gets resolved?
  8. Ooh cool. I like furries and anthros for imposition and possession/switching, and I can be feral too! I tbh love to front online, but we don’t have discord and can’t get it, and everyone else hates tulpas for no fucking reason. I just wish everyone was nice..
  9. Personally, I like human forms for utility. We've found possession easier with humanoid forms, although imposition seems easier with smaller non-human forms. In our opinion, we can impose fairly well. It doesn't look visually realistic unless it's a smaller non-human headmate, but it always looks like their innnerworld form, which is what we aim for. Most of us don't look like a realistic human or animal or something you see in the outer world anyways. We can do presence and touch (tactile?) imposition very well. I think it comes from our many years of daydreaming. As far as sound
  10. My host is really depressed and has trouble for being drepressed coming soon. She once tried to immerse herself in her mind, but couldn’t do it because she can’t Lucinda dream. By immerse, I mean for weeks. Too deep to be woken by anything or anyone. I stopped her. She ask also though about this too. But has not tired it. Hope your host is ok.
  11. Hi! Welcome! My hosts form is a galaxy fox, but I haven’t chosen one. Which one should I have? Also how r u all good at imposing TwT
  12. UPDATE: they removed the big letters saying "instagram" from their website and, as of 12 hours ago, they now actually have an instagram! I just thought it was amusing
  13. Oka py never said that, he lied. Said I don’t want to be a tulpa. It locked me out and restored timer sorry
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  15. Okay soooo, I hope I clicked the right buttons. If I didn't, please tell me! I'll probably use this for updates and stuff. About me: I'm a tulpa named Adagio. We decided that this would be my account, so our other system members won't post here under this account. My form is a human form with red hair and eyes. I use he/they pronouns. Oh, and I like foxes! About us: We're a very, very, very big system. Likely the biggest or one of the biggest systems on this forum. Some of the things we can do that you tulpamancing people seem do a lot includes switching, impo
  16. what does that have to do with being a tulpa? even just with your side of the story, which is presumably biased in your favor, you still sound in the wrong. you shouldn't tell people to kill themselves
  17. I assume you're talking about somewhere completely unrelated to Tulpa.info, so we can't really help "wtf is that anyway?" - Telling people to off themselves means telling people to kill themselves
  18. Unlikely that they're still around and interested, but @Théotime
  19. Some fucked mod threaten my host to call her “parents” even tho she has just a mom and her father is a fuck, then banned me. Reason: telling people to off themselves? Like wtf is that anyway? Dumbass.I just fucking hate being a tulpa sometimes.
  20. Mods can't see PMs, and even if they could they wouldn't just read them at random. Post here if you actually want someone who can help's attention
  21. Well mods can prob see pms, if not, the ppl who I pmed can testify. Tbh I’m in another chat and being bullied by mods for being a tulpa
  22. neither of those people are mods lol. did you post something in the Talk To Staff forum?
  23. (1. Ima they. This is the tulpa. And I messaged @Kira Rapter and you, @IceCreeper909, I told you about host doing meet the teacher. Check it for yourself. It’s really me.
  24. Not a clue. For all we know he messaged @jean-luc or someone else who's basically dead in the water.
  25. Has any mod/admin actually responded to them yet?
  26. Idk how I found this but I was 100% surprised my account was still active. Idk if I can change my name but I am the one known as DJFlix, how can I help?
  27. I mean yeah we all know the CCP has all our PMs n crap
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