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  • Trying to exploit a loophole will be treated as actually breaking the rules. We don't want legalese cluttering up the rules, and that means we can't cover every possible loophole.
  • It is your responsibility to know the rules. Not knowing the rules is no excuse for breaking them.
  • All rules are judged on a case-by-case basis. If the rule infraction is minor, it will be punished less severely than a major infraction. This ALSO includes judging based on what the person being complained about says.
  • No illegal content as defined in the USA. Discussion of illegal drugs in relation to tulpas is allowed, but advertising or advising the use of drugs is not allowed.
  • No posting of sexually explicit or gory material.  Discussion of adult topics is fine as long as it's kept very SFW.
  • No discriminatory comments (racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, religious discrimination, etc.).

  • No excessive CAPITAL LETTERS, l33t-sp34k, or AnNoYiNg TyPiNg "QuIrKs".
  • No harassment of other members. Harassment is continuing potentially harmful behavior toward a member after the member has asked you to stop.
  • No spamming. Spamming is posting repeated unnecessary, unconstructive, meaningless messages. Trolling falls under spam.
  • Avoid disruptive discussion. Some silliness is okay, but it should not disrupt or drown out serious discussion. What is considered disruptive is up to moderator discretion.
  • Keep conversations appropriate to the area they are in.
  • Do not intentionally give out bad advice. If the advice is controversial, give solid reasoning for your advice.
  • Do not backseat moderate. Backseat moderation is asking for action from or threatening action on behalf of the moderators in the official chans. Pinging a mod (say "mods") when the chat gets out of hand is fine, though.
  • If you want to complain about what a moderator is doing, you can send a PM to the admins.
  • While the occasional swear is permissible, avoid excessive vulgarity. Swears should be used for occasional jokes or to make clear the feeling or meaning, typically to illustrate extremity.
  • At tulpa.info, we try to take a scientific mindset toward tulpas. As such, it is expected that the channels and forum boards are approached with a scientific mindset. Discussion of 'magic' with relation to tulpas is only allowed in areas where it is specifically allowed, such as off-topic or specific 'magic' boards or channels.
  • Please try to talk in English as this is an English community. Random non-English comments might be okay depending on the context, but extensively talking in another language is certainly not.
  • Do not repetitively cause disturbances or create drama. Everyone can get worked up sometimes, but doing it repeatedly or intentionally is not okay.
  • Do not make baseless claims that are only backed up by your own subjective evidence and nothing else.
  • Please keep internal conversations between you and your tulpa out of the chat and forums. These are allowed in the Forum Games board, but please keep lengthy conversations in hidden tags.
  • Do not use inappropriate avatars or usernames. This includes anything sexual, offensive, or containing hate speech.


  • Use appropriate topic titles which describe the purpose of the thread.
  • [Badging] {is} -not- \allowed\ |in| /the/ `forums`. Use something like Name: "Text" instead.
  • The board-specific rules apply ("About This Board").
  • The Lounge board is the only board where a focus on tulpas is not required. This board is moderated in the same way as the other boards on the forum.
  • Reaction images are not allowed, except in Forum Games.
  • No double-posting. This means making two consecutive posts within a short time frame. Edit the previous post if nobody has responded since it was made. Double-posting is allowed in the Forum Games board, but don't spam.
  • Threads determined to be a beginner question will be moved to the "Beginner Tulpa Questions"  board for better organization.  Please search before posting new questions.
  • Creating an exact duplicate of a previous thread or bumping a very old thread is allowed with certain stipulations.
  • There is a 10-point warning system which will be explained below.


  • If a host or tulpa is banned and they want a nick-specific ban to allow the host or other tulpas to participate, they must make an appeal in #tulpa.mods. If the banned host/tulpa speaks, the full ban will be replaced.
  • Want to have a bot in one of the official chans? Ask a mod in #tulpa.mods. Please describe what your bot will do while asking.
  • Annoyingly long nicks are prohibited. As a rule of thumb, you should keep your nick to about 15 characters or less. -However, we do not count the characters of everyone's nick and mostly use this rule to ask people to change their nick if it is -={obnoxious}=- or has[too]{many}\badges\.
  • Do not impersonate another person by using their nick if you know their nick. It will quickly result in punishment. If you impersonate a mod, it will result in an immediate one-day ban.
  • The #tulpa.info and #tulpa.lounge channels are not for role-playing. Occasional "/me"ing is okay, but full-blown scenarios tend to generate lots of lines that aren't interesting to anyone not involved in it. You can create a temporary channel to use by typing /join #some_name_you_make_up, or use /query PMs if it's just two people.
  • No out of context images/video/media outside of #media without the intent to start or contribute to a discussion (in-context and channel-specific media in the topical channels is fine)

About the IRC channels

  • #tulpa.info is the most heavily moderated channel. People should stay on tulpa-related topics as much as possible, and will be reminded to return and eventually punished if they go off the topic of tulpas for long. Newcomer's questions take priority. Magic discussion is not allowed.
  • #tulpa.lounge is the least heavily moderated channel. All kinds of chat is allowed, as long as it does not break the other rules. Be aware that the rules are relaxed here, so the chat can get more rowdy on occasion.
  • #tulpa.mods is the channel for complaint about and discussion of moderation. It is a semi-official channel, run by a member of the community for the sake of .info staff.
  • #tulpa.GAT is the channel for the Guide Approval Team. It is not an official channel, and is run by the Guide Approval Team.
  • #TulpaMagick is the channel for discussion of magic concepts. It is not an official channel.
  • #tulpa.NSFW is the channel for explicit lewd behavior and is unmoderated for almost all things. It is not an official channel.

You might want to read this advice for users. They aren't rules so you don't need to adhere to them, but it would probably help if you did.

Warning System

Breaking the rules may result in an addition to your warning level. Most offenses will be 1 point, or 2 points for a few more serious offenses or too many repeat offenses. Action will be taken when you reach certain warning checkpoints.

On the forums:

  • 3 Points: You will be banned for 1-4 weeks, depending on your offenses.
  • 6 Points: You will be banned for 1-6 months, depending on your offenses.
  • 10 Points: You will be banned permanently

A single warning point will expire after 3 months. The rare 2 point warning will last 6 months. However, if you reach any of the 3 warning checkpoints, your warning level can no longer go below that level.

In the Chat:

  • 1 Point: 20 minute mute
  • 2 Points: 1 hour mute
  • 3 Points: 12 hours mute
  • 4 Points: 24 hour mute
  • 5 Points and onwards: 3 day temporary ban from chat.

Note: Certain actions may result in a sooner ban on the chat and forums, such as mute/ban evasion, impersonating a staff member, trolling, spamming, or other serious actions at the moderators' discretion.




April 7th, 2022

  • Changed wording of explicit content rule to remove the "except in the appropriate areas" phrasing.

October 1st, 2021

  • Expanded on discrimination-related rule

December 9th, 2020

  • Added new procedures for necroposting/duplicated topics.
  • Updated chat warning system.

May 18th, 2019

  • Added a rule for inappropriate avatars and usernames.

Feb 12th, 2019

  • Added rule on double posting

July 18, 2018

  • Added rule about in-head conversations.

December 15, 2015

  • Added rule about disruptive posting, replacing 'shitposting'

August 6 2015

  • Added rule about baseless claims

May 22 2015

  • Added rule on repetitive disturbances and drama

May 13 2015

  • Changed channel names and edited entries to reflect the move back to Rizon
  • Changed warning system's wording ("will result" to "may result") to better reflect the reality of our system

Nov 17 2014

  • Added rule on roleplaying in official channels
  • Removed reference to mod team leaders because currently there are none
  • Changed nonexistant #tulpamagic to #meta
  • Removed #TCG because nobody is in it
  • Added #tulpa

Jun 24 2014

  • Removed defunct channels #newbies.info and #advanced.info, which now redirect to #topic.info

Apr 25 2014

  • Changed rules to disallow reaction images entirely (except in Forum Games)
  • Added section about the new Lounge board
  • Added section about the new warning system

Apr 14 2014

  • Fixed typo of #mods.info being ##mods.info

Mar 26 2014

  • Added #TCG to the list of relevant channels.

Jan 17 2014

  • Edited to include "reaction images" clarification

Dec 30 2013

  • Edited to include "board-specific rules" reminder

Dec 16 2013

  • Edited to reflect new channel names on the new network.
  • Added #newbies and #NSFW to the list of relevant channels.

Dec 9 2013

  • Edited to reflect SkyeWint being the new chat mod leader

Nov 4 2013

  • Fixed up complaint rule to account for the fact that MQQSE is just the chat mod leader
  • Added rule about magic discussion
  • Added impersonation rule for the IRC
  • Added basic summaries of the three official chans as well as summaries for #tulpa.GAT, #tulpa.mods, and #tulpamagick
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