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New procedures for reviving old threads or duplicating existing topics


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As discussed in the Reviving Old Threads topic, we are clarifying policy on necroposting/duplicating threads.  As of now, the following policies are in place:

  1. The Beginner Questions General thread has been retired, and replaced with a new Beginner Tulpa Questions board, which is a sub board of Tulpa Questions & Answers.
    • Any topic that was previously merged into BQG will now be moved to the Beginner Tulpa Questions board.
    • Duplicates are allowed.
    • Now an index of beginners questions are not forever lost in a massive thread (because nobody is going to search that).
  2. Exact duplicates are allowed in other boards if:
    • the thread doesn't appear on the last 3 pages of the forum OR
    • last activity on said duplicate thread is over 1 year old
  3. Necroposting is allowed unless:
    • there's an exact duplicate on the first 3 pages of the forum OR
    • an exact duplicate younger than 1 year old exists
  4. Exact duplicates of discussion threads and answers alike can be linked to/referenced in the newer / older iterations to provide the author and other readers with context.
    • For example, if there's a new thread on fighting intrusive thoughts, I could say "You may find this thread from 2012 useful, it has some techniques."
    • Another example, link to a previous thread on the same question OP is asking in a questions thread.
  5. If activity ends on either thread, a moderator may decide to merge them later after discussion has ended.
  6. Topics that are similar but not exact duplicates (I'm going to call them "fuzzy duplicates") are allowed anywhere in any board.
    • E.g. the topics List tulpas in the media, How do you think tulpas should be portrayed in the media?, and What did you think about the Tulpa short film? should not be merged even if they exist on the same page.

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