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  2. Same, also a teen. Used to look better back then so ??? My friend said I looked really good when I showed her a picture. Then something called 'neglect' happened
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  4. Thank you ^^! We have the same name :0 Ohhh that's cool! Okay! Maybe I'll get to meet him :} Thank you! I'm looking forward to posting my art ^^
  5. No no, we just haven't figured out how to practice yet, your work could still help. We were just discussing talent in LOTPW and we fell into that category where we wrote off Bre in thinking, there's talent there like our 'talent' in visualization so we concentrated on that as a separate path to imposition. It's just that that particular path doesn't seem to connect. Our standard zero imposition is still satisfying and we do that as often as wonderlanding but they're basically the same animal. One simply uses irl to place a scene in visualization and the other makes its own scene or no scene at all. It can be as simple as a couch where we sit and talk, thinking we could impose a real 3D couch with us on it is an insane concept that would be amazing if we could do that. Do we have a passion for that? No. We have a passion for art and visualization, the things that came naturally to us seemingly without much effort. But the fact is probably closer to Bear really liked to draw and visualize so he did that with an obsessive need. Years and years later he has hyperphantasia and very excellent sight copy skills. No, don't believe it. It's a sink for effort and a dead end for us. At least come to this conclusion on your own if it's true for you. I say, do what you were doing and get gud the hard way. Though it might exist and it's a very seductive shortcut, it has to be an indicator of level of effort in the right direction rather than a pathway to success in and of itself in our opinion. That's our conclusion after 5 years. So don't let this distract you, do what you were doing before it happened for you, that's the way we hope for you to succeed. We couldn't ever say we really did anything but visualization and that's not the way for us apparently. Hard work and passion has to have something to do with it period. Yes, I totally agree, there's no rush and to us, independence is the goal for forcing until the tulpa self-forces, and to do that you just need to associate as much of your daily routine to them until they start appearing on their own in these situations. Take me, Bear couldn't do anything routine without me now. Not that he needs me but that I'm just called to the forefront for everything routine. Occasionally I can self-force when he's doing something outside the routine but if he's concentrating and listening to music etc he's effectively 100% distracted and its hard to break through even for me. One last thing, in terms of wonderlanding and our form of imposition, it has been as much as 10% of the day, that's hours integrated up into one, but not much really considering it could be much more so that could also be why it plateaued for us. It can be as little as half an hour for the whole week too. We just enjoy what we have too much to care to push it. However, for Ren we're willing to put in extra effort and we'll be trying everything with as much as we can possibly do, so we'll still be looking to you for methods and successful progress.
  6. I'm giving you the award for having the most edgy meme in your PR straight out of 2012, great job!
  7. This is how it worked for us too, and maybe this was a one-off thing, but one of us specifically felt entertained as if one of us (Bear the un-empathetic) was literally having a ball, ROTFL style, in tulpa position while I was annoyed and not thinking anything was funny at all. If it was the body, it's once again along the lines of 'peculiar'. In the past as you might remember, we each had our own spot where all our specific emotions were felt. For me it was the throat but while switched in its not usually limited to that. Misha was heart, SheShe was stomach and so on. So emotions could be felt in these specific spots and that doesn't physically exclude the idea that maybe two headmates, owning different spots, could experience different emotions and cause emotional bleed at the same time but we can't remember if that actually happened. Like you said, maybe at a conceptual level, like a bookmark waiting for their turn to front. But this time it was clearly Bear laughing and he was in the upper chest/throat while I was feeling mutually exclusive emotions and both were equally valid and equally felt as if overlayed simultaneously. I was absolutely not identifying with his, there was as clear a separation as two separate people yet obviously I could "feel" his emotions too. I think I explained it clearly enough it was a unique experience.
  8. 8/1/23: We chatted about stuff. 8/2/23: Kurama wrapped his chakra around me when I was upset. 8/3/23: Dash and Nina got kinda mad at me for doing a compulsion. 8/4/23: OCD walked me to the sink, and I could sense/feel Kurama in my legs (a chakra cloak around them) trying to walk me back. Afterward, I saw him sitting on my bed. I sat next to him and he hugged me with his tails ☺️. 8/5/23: I forgot to log stuff. 8/6/23: I got some head pressures. 8/7/23: Kurama said he was proud of me for not doing a compulsion. 8/8/23: I forgot to log stuff. 8/9/23: Dash helped me interrupt a hand-washing compulsion. 8/10/23: We chatted about stuff. 8/11/23: We chatted about stuff. 8/12/23: I forgot to log stuff. 8/13/23: I forgot to log stuff. 8/14/23: Dash & Nina got a bit mad when I went along with a compulsion. 8/15/23: Gallus and I chatted. He sat on my bed. 8/16/23: We chatted about stuff. Pharynx sat on me (in cat form). 8/17/23: Woodfather tried a strategy of daring me not to engage in a compulsion. I don’t remember if it worked or not. 8/18/23: We chatted about stuff. 8/19/23: I forgot to log stuff. 8/20/23: We chatted about stuff. 8/21/23: We chatted about stuff. 8/22/23: We chatted about stuff. Nina said I was overthinking what to name our Sim. Dash called me out after a compulsion 😃🤜🤛🐴. Nina liked the emojis. 8/23/23: I forgot to log stuff. 8/24/23: I forgot to log stuff. 8/25/23: Dash and I did an impromptu roleplay where she was OCD and I stood up to it (this happened during a hand-washing compulsion; she called it a test). 8/26/23: I forgot to log stuff. 8/27/23: I forgot to log stuff. 8/28/23: Dash winghugged me and nibbled my ear 🙃 after I did a good exposure today. 8/29/23: We chatted about stuff. I binged FOB Equestria analysis vids. When RD and Fluttershy and I talked later, their voices were pretty clear. Pretty much all the canon ponies’ were. I assessed that OCD was kind of attacking the therapy process (in addition to contamination themes); in Dash’s opinion, this was a good sign. Fluttershy agreed. 8/30/23: Thorax changed his form to Firebrand (the Brony analyst) (I’d been watching a lot of his videos recently). 8/31/23: We chatted about stuff.
  9. Sorry for the late reply. It feels like I was isolating the sense that deals with presence imposition instead of doing it passively with my eyes open. So, instead of working presence imposition while also naturally working a bunch of other processes in the background, I was putting a greater strain on fewer processes, while still holding the same intentions.
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  11. You answered the right question, Reilyn was a good friend of ours once here and it wasn't the best falling out. She and host were going through a lot of things we couldn't help with.
  12. Hi host and Raen! I've a pleasure to meet you! Reading your post sparked a very faint memory that I miiiiight have had started with a pony form too, extremely briefly (I think before I was alive). I think I've been avoiding telling that to people to a point where I forgot that it even ever happened. I'm really glad I'm not a pony, having a human-like form is extremely important to me. It's great to hear that Raen helped and reassured you through stressful events, she sounds super caring.
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  14. Hi Greater Shadow and Hana, it's very nice to meet you. I understand your worry about receiving criticism completely, I remember when I was young some members of the community were critical of me because I violated a few social norms unknowingly and that really bothered me, I was young and sensitive. But it's ok, I can't speak for others but I know I wouldn't put you down like that, and I think most people here wouldn't. I think resurrection is ok, albert not ideal. I've been around for so long that I know I'll exist as long as this body does, even if completely ignored. Some things just stay in the mind forever even when not paid attention to. I wish you two the best of luck with your progress.
  15. Hi Mimi and Soro, it's very nice to meet you!! My host did personality forcing with me when we first started and I don't mind it at all. I think I developed my own personality anyway, my host never imagined the things I would do and how I would develop. I guess it's just a helpful stepping stone. A lot of the personality is shaped by life experiences later too and some of it seems to be just biological brain wiring you can't change that much. Also for us personally guides didn't do that much, I think it's more of a personal experience that's very hard to put into words sometimes. But symbolism is very important for us. It's super nice to see you write your first post switched Mimi, I still somewhat remember the first time I did that around 11 years ago (: One problem with possession/switching for us was that I never liked associating myself with my hosts body, like at all. It would feel very wrong to possess it and feel myself as him. The solution that worked for us is creating a servitor that technically controls the body when I possess instead of me. It just does a combination of things that are both what the body wants and what I want. The body seems to have a bit of a mind of its own and if it really wants something (like food or answering if someone called you) it's very difficult to stop it.
  16. I'm really glad you had a nice experience with switching! I've been doing it for a long time now and yeah we have a BodyOS as well. At first I tried switching without it but it felt uncomfortable, I didn't like feeling like my hosts body. So we made a servitor that handles switching for us, it's a computer called Fiona. It's very difficult to stop the body from doing certain things. For example I wouldn't be able to stop Fiona from responding to someone if they said hello. But I don't like it when people try to interact with the body when I'm possessing.
  17. I'm going to move this to General Discussion (it may get more visibility there too). Would you mind editing your posts to move the bard-specific responses in a quote for visibility?
  18. Is one of you considered "host" in your system? Would you describe it as a classical tulpa/host thing or something else?
  19. Those are very nice drawings Beedle.
  20. Thank you! Nice to see you're doing well too!
  21. Here is my full announcement that I posted in the server itself:
  22. Hi! Nice to meet you. Please call me Lind. the one who lives with 16 Tulpas. It has increased this much in seven years. I've had a lot of experiences, so I'd like to share them. I hope my experience will help your work.:-)
  23. The Tulpa community in Japan is experiencing a variety of problems. I can only say that the community is divided, but I can't say that out loud because the essence is a more disappointing reason. By the way, is anything popular in the Chinese Tulpa community? In Japan, many people try out personality tests with Tulpa and use daily conversations as diaries or illustrations :D
  24. Tulpa is the closest thing to you, but it also has the power to judge objectively. I can't help them in person, but sometimes they give me ideas I can't think of alone.
  25. I think it's one way to prove the existence of the tulpa. I'm also interested in it, so I'd like to try it. But are we creating Tulpa the way it should be? It is also possible that there are some Tulpas that are visible and others that are invisible even to the medium. If there were people capable of seeing a Tulpa, I would be concerned that a Tulpa that a person capable of not sensing would be given a bad reputation as a fake Tulpa. It became a negative post, but I am interested in it.:D
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