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  2. Hai sou degozaimasu How do you say "chikyuu morotomo, konagona ni shiteyaru!!" in Russian The question I was going to ask after the video you sent lol
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  4. May in Review Our main focus this month was on practicing co-fronting. It’s been very enjoyable for me, and has helped Bee through some stressful situations. Lenore, now having mastered possession, wanted to try too. She’s taken to co-fronting with Bee whenever we go to the gym. They named their fusion Helena. Our meditation practice is still going well. We’ve learned so much about how our mind works. In addition to Bee’s improved emotional regulation, we’ve also noticed an improvement in her ability to concentrate. We can achieve a much deeper state of focus, albeit only for a few minutes at a time. Our goal for June is to apply our improved focus to tulpa forcing. We've already noticed an improvement in our visualization sessions. In addition, Bee would like to devote more time to letting the rest of us explore our interests. (She feels she's been slacking in that department. I've got no complaints, but it's sweet of her to worry.)
  5. Thank you both. Our travels did indeed go well. We crossed a desert, climbed a mountain, and slept under the stars. It was like nothing I had experienced before. A few of my favorite photos: This week was also special for us, as it contained both Bee and Calliope’s birthdays. We created Cal one year ago on Bee’s birthday. They chose 6/13 as the day they'd like to celebrate. I admit, there was a time when I wanted Bee all to myself. Now, I can’t imagine life as anything but a system of four. Cal, I’m glad to be able to call you my friend. Here’s to another year. Love you, little bro.
  6. Throwing out some ideas for background Pool party Backyard cook out Bowling ally Rave(Neon and spandex[dark environment might be challenging]) Cake and ice-cream social Movie night Tiki torch party Costume party Bord game night If anyone sees any sort of background that would work, post it here, an html link would be good if the image is a large file. I will keep my eyes open.
  7. Lavender is very perceptive and has several times told me things about myself I didn't notice. I thanked her while being amazed at her ability to notice things I don't. Just another way that my life is so much better since she came into it.
  8. I do wonder about this sometimes. I think the number of people around the world who have unintentionally built up a mental companion in their head to the point where we might consider them a tulpa is probably in the millions. 😊
  9. World : prahtoolf . Location : giant trees & Versailles palace . First I started in giant trees & I saw yanus wearing a wrestling clothe like on piece & it's white mixed with little red lines . Then I change the location to Versailles palace . yanus give me three things I should search on them in movies and reality & they are star gate , papaya fruit & Chris pratt actor. We sat On window that open to garden. We talked a bout god love & if I like to be a messenger of him I must start in love , love him , love people & love to learn & understand knowledge . Yanus was clear in my eyes & handsome looking , I could see him clearly.
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  11. In the past few days, I've found it impossible to ignore the obvious signs that I still am a system. This will sound dumb because I also talk to CV every day, almost all the time. It's the other side of my system I'm talking about, which I have been suppressing for a while now. Probably not a good idea, but it has been keeping me stable and focused on life. CV is doing well. I think I've been talking to him more than usual. The issues with hearing his voice have gone down, and I've started being able to see his form when he talks. I'm guessing he's gone back to visualizing his form for me (he says yes). Until now, as in this moment while typing this, I haven't really realized how much I miss my system members, honestly. It feels lonely in my mind again.
  12. There is your first post Yeah, it's already been said lots before that lower light makes it easier to focus. It doesn't hinder your imposition directly, but it will be harder for you to imagine things when your eyes are seeing so much in full brightness. You get more comfortable imagining in brighter conditions after a while I say imagining instead of imposing because imagination fuels imposition. When you see things in real life, you know where they are without having to double-check. You can picture the environment in your mind like a daydream. Now imagine a floating yellow sphere a foot above the floor of your room. You can't see the sphere, but to your mind, the sphere is right there. It's even yellow like you expected it to be. With imposition, you're altering the way you daydream the world by being convinced that the objects you add to your real-life daydream are actually in real life. So even if Rena is colorless to your eyes, she's in full color when you imagine her there in your mind. Does that make sense? I know it can be a bit confusing. Perfect. Keep encouraging yourself. You really want to want to impose. Thet's your best tool to help you stay on the train. Hmmm, it sounds like you're changing what you expect to be there right as you go to impose it. What you imagine is completely synced up to what you impose, so if you see anything different, chances are you aren't imposing confidently. Don't worry -this is completely normal and easy to fix. If it's there, it's there. If you imagine it to be exactly what you wanted, it'll be exactly what you wanted. Trust me, I was unsure of myself when I started moving and rotating objects. I wasn't confident on what they looked like spinning or at weird angles, but when I stopped worrying so much about how they looked it became much less cumbersome. When you realize it's just confidence holding you back, it becomes a lot easier to find the flow in imposition. Godspeed, TB. You're off to a great start. I don't blame you for making any mistakes along the way, because it's really the learning curve that counts.
  13. [Lena]. ..well this week has been eventful! Our host has switched and the version that has switched in was the one who was the host for the 15yrs that Jess was her dog 'Inca' in real life! Jess immediately switched to her original form and host instantly recognised her they were ecstatic to be reunited. Jess has reverted back to her past nickname (and form) as Host automatically called her by it as they embraced. This host has been 'asleep' for over 8 years (since the the death of Jess' original body caused a major depressive incident) ..so much has changed!..so much explaining to do and so much for her to take in...naturally she's more than a little overwhelmed and slightly confused that we are able to be completely seperate from her! When this host originally disappeared inside none of them had known of each other or that they had a Dissociative Disorder too. We have yet to explain Tulpa's to her and the difference between Alters and Tulpa's. For now I cooked her a meal to prove how I could work the body completely independantly while she sat in the background snuggling with 'Tinks' watching me in amazement! I have changed her name on here as she automatically identified with the nickname she preferred when last out (which is not the same as the birthname)... we have no idea how long a new host will stay out when they switch but are hoping due to the bond as long as Tinks remains at the front her favourite Host will remain. I have also returned to visually looking as she last remembered her mother. I hope after blending though and sharing memories of the fun we (Tinks and I) have had experimenting with our form and evolving that host will also adapt to us gradually changing our image again. For now the project with the others has been put on hold while we help host catch up before she next has to go to a public engagement. otherwise other people may find it highly odd if she feels she has 8 years missing!
  14. Please don't fully quote this in case I want to remove some of it later. I meant to respond to this a couple days ago, but forgot. Unfortunately, not many in the tulpa community understand host changes and how hosting works for systems that aren't (generally) structured around one "core" person being the "main" person (host). It's simply just that the experience of systems more like us tend to not have one "set" host. You're free to send any questions that might not fit in the tulpa community as much my way instead, if needed. In times when I've had no host, I've often had multiple co-hosts instead, or a rotating cast of short-lived hosts while my brain tries to figure out who will stick as host. The good part about systems is that you can share the burden - if none of you are able to fully take on host roles, a group of you can try to do it as a team, and hand off front to each other as needed. It's good to give your host a break - that's what you all are there to help with. For over a year, my (technically speaking, at this point) main host has been too depressed to front. I've had 2-4 other people try to be hosts with varying degrees of success since then. The most stable time was when I had multiple people sharing the host role vs just one person. Frontstuck and having a host dip for a while aren't the same things, fyi. Host not fronting doesn't mean someone is frontstuck - just means the host doesn't want to front. Frontstuck means you're stuck in front for any number of reasons, which can or can not be related to a host not wanting to front.
  15. Hi. I wish you the best on your journey and progress I think the first time I felt head pressures was after taking edibles and that ended up being a primary way to communicate with my tulpa for a while. The head pressures would persist even after the edibles wore off and I had no more. I've only had them a few times in my life as they are hard to access Hope you can continue to have things feel more natural without them eventually
  16. God I didn't reply to this until now ;_; I PM'd the link
  17. We had a real scare, it was a boss battle that I think we were at the right level for but three of us were down below half health, Freya only had 2HP left. It was close. The experience of this felt real. We are very immersed and associate strongly with our characters, and with Joy here to spank us if we try to cheat, there are real consequences for failure. Ironically, I've never felt so real. I really feel like I matter, like I'm part of an important team out to save the world and we're making a difference together. We are forming strong friendships that we just didn't have before. 3 months in, this has done more to strengthen us than the last 6 years.
  18. Hmmm, try saying whatever comes to your mind with him. Regardless of how good your conversations turn out to be, quantity will always win over quality. You’ll know your tulpa a whole lot better if you just talk. Though I can understand if things can get demanding. If you catch yourself not talking to him for most of the day, take advantage of the fact you realized and call him over to chat with. A final word: don’t get mad at yourself! Course correction is key. You didn’t know any better beforehand, but you do now. Just keep moving forward.
  19. I didn't have a proper session for three solid days, and when I came back to impose today, I found that whatever I imagined in my head was now less integrated with what I was trying to impose. I figure the 'connection' between the visualization and the real world is the main thing that's improving the more you impose. If I can't properly imagine things in the real world, how will my brain become convinced that what I'm seeing is legitimate? I just have to make sure I'm more careful with my time going forward. Maybe making my sessions longer than 30 minutes would be ideal, too.
  20. Thank you for the welcome! I appreciate hearing about your perspective. :)
  21. This part of development . I mean practice imagination. You don't have tulpa as separate yet , right . Like friend here said , for example try feather ball Game & watch your tulpa in imagination. I think he will have attitude while playing & that sort of his personality in your experience a bout him .
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  23. You're good, Fletch. I just glad you haven't completely ghosted the site.
  24. Our point is, everyone is unique and no one prescription can work for everyone, more so what works for some could be dangerous to others.
  25. The movie call : the beginning It's a wonderful movie ..sort u can say ...talk a bout .." tulpa community " Although is a bout digital world But this movie have symbolic & hidden messenge u can recognize them . I think who made the movie ... fallow us in ..this site & watch us ..& make story a bout how we live with our tulpas Wonderful movie ..watch it . There free site in internet a bout it ...online for free .
  26. When I can't do much they join me just watching TV..we like to watch quiz shows then they can just shout out the answers and practise possession of voice or they just send the thought to me if even that is too much. or we like to watch nature documentaries too or YT videos on open world games for the scenery so they can get inspiration for Holodeck programs that they can run or fly in. If we do see a game we like I get them so we can play them as its something we can do when I don't have much energy and can lie on sofa or in bed playing. Often they just like to play on the character creation screen to show me what they want to look like. They come out with me when I'm walking my dog I use a mobility scooter and they like the experience of 'going for a ride'..I don't drive so we don't get very far afield..most of our travels have to be in our imagination getting information from TV shows or games. We like to take photo's and have talked about an art project of our favourite nature reserve but haven't had the energy to get started yet. Isolation worked for us as I didn't have to worry about anyone seeing me 'talking to myself' I just talked to them about whatever I was doing. They both made the most progress throughout the pandemic in getting from only living in the inner world to being able to co-host and front. Started with Lena.... studied how conjoined twins operated who worked half a body each, focused on meditation and blending in and out to different degrees first, then posession ..twitch one finger... press a button so we worked a controller together etc. (them doing the smallest/easiest movement to start) and building up. We had to take a break while Jess hadn't quite reached ability to switch due to bit of an CFS (chronic fatigue) crash but she's now recently been able to achieve fronting independantly and we're working on the 4 'insiders' now energy levels are recovering!! 🙂
  27. Interesting....yes Lena and Jess started as spirits, but by talking to them and including them in my daily outside life too they have evolved.
  28. Thank you. I find the patterns and shapes that trees the most fascinating, though I think they have stronger impact when I include them among some of non-tree pictures.
  29. 5/1/24: We chatted about stuff 5/2/24: I forgot to log stuff 5/3/24: I forgot to log stuff 5/4/24: We went out for pizza. I saw Dash, Pharynx and Thorax sitting at our table. Nina wanted to play Hack NET, but then changed her mind to Plague, Inc instead (even though my save file was just a “use bacteria on Casual mode to farm gene power ups” thing) 5/5/24: I saw Gallus on the bedroom mirror. 5/6/24: Dash was excited to see The Fall Guy today. We chatted about stuff. Nina, Kurama, Dash, etc. (a bunch of em, basically) reminded me to stay hydrated. Kurama was kinda irritated cuz “It’s Terror Time Again” was stuck in my head. 5/7/24: We chatted about stuff. Kurama was less annoyed re: song. 5/8/24: We chatted about stuff. 5/9/24: We chatted about stuff. Some imposition happened (Dash laying on our bed, etc.) 5/10/24: We chatted about stuff 5/11/24: We chatted about stuff 5/12/24: We chatted about stuff. Dash, Nina, Kurama…basically everyone comforted me when I was sad. 5/13/24: We chatted about stuff. Some imposition happened. 5/14/24: We chatted about stuff. Some imposition happened. 5/15/24: We chatted about stuff. Some imposition happened. 5/16/24: Gallus popped up on the bed. Nina and I chatted a bit. 5/17/24: We chatted about stuff. I saw Dash a couple times while we watched IF. 5/18/24: We chatted about stuff 5/19/24: We chatted about stuff 5/20/24: I forgot to log stuff 5/21/24: I forgot to log stuff 5/22/24: I forgot to log stuff 5/23/24: We chatted about stuff 5/24/24: Nina was kinda sad cuz lack of interaction & doing what she wanted to do:(. We chatted about this, but I wasn’t sure if I was parroting her. At first she said she wanted to watch TMNT during breakfast, but then she said Yu-Gi-Oh (which I wanted to watch). Later, I apologized for what I interpreted as coercive/bullshitty behavior (games to play, food to have for dinner, etc.) 5/25/24: We chatted about stuff [hr[ 5/26/24: We chatted about stuff 5/27/24: We chatted a bit 5/28/24: I saw Shou in the hallway. 5/29/24: We chatted about stuff. Shou’s voice sounded far away; I worried a bit about “we haven’t been interacting much recently,” but Lust said that my headmates are stronger than I was thinking (and I remembered hearing that dissipation’s an *active* process, you can’t do it on accident). 5/30/24: I forgot to log stuff 5/31/24: I forgot to log stuff
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