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  2. That's admirable but let's do something unpopular and be serious for a minute here: One bear plus Commiefornia-legal gun won't stop any angry mob. They'll just lynch you harder after you shoot a few of them. Also I thought you live in some remote canyon? Apart from that, Rip Miri(chu). I saw it coming but still sad they left without saying anything. Who am I going to annoy now?
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  4. Awww that's sounds very nice. 😊 Got some cousins in Pennsylvania, though I don't think I've been to Lancaster yet. Very mountainous at parts. 😨
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  6. It wasn't usual for Gray to check on a headmate when he was tired and to see them "asleep", myself included. I don't remember if I have seen this with my headmates much if at all now. I'm pretty sure it's symbolism for the body being tired and our headmates not being able to take up much mental energy. I wouldn't be surprised if imaginary friends are similar, or if there was just an expectation your imaginary friend was sleeping at night.
  7. @Emotional bleed We do experience emotional bleed, but it's weird and not actually exclusive to switching. There was one time I possessed and I felt really upset, and Gray spent a lot of time thinking about it and feeling upset for me. Once we started switching, it became more noticable when my emotions bled. Gray once again processed how I was feeling, but this time he was doing it for a lot longer, processing my emotions for me. I don't remember the last time I processed Gray's emotions recently, but I remember seeing something political and hearing Gray's mindvoice start to make
  8. That's a great drawing! We'll look forward to hearing more from you two.
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  10. Extremely good explanation of Chaos Magick. As Zen explained, tulpamancy and chaos magick are the same process, with (maybe) different goals and terminology. If you read Libernull, you are done. Replace sigils with anything and it works (literally anything). If you still want something more to read, I would advise that practice is more important than having more theory. That being said, the best book I read is Advanced Magick for Beginners. From that book are this steps: Decide a result you desire Choose an experience Decide that the experience means t
  11. It's one of the classic 4 models of magic: Spirit model. What you can expect: spirits have the power and do magic. Energy model. There is an energy that forces changes. Information model. Energy is clueless by its own and need directions, similar to writing computer programs for machines. Psychological model. I will expand the latter. In this approach tulpamancy is magick, it's the exact same. Spells, sigils, meditation, rituals, all are used for the same purpose: to enter an altered state of conscious. In this state the mind becomes malleable, the thinking min
  12. watched a yotube video about tulpa.io and made a mistake and typed in tulpa.info and thats how i got here
  13. I used artbreeder just now and i think this is what i want him to look like realistically
  14. Phil used to be that way too before he finally accepted being that eccentric weirdo. 😄 Typical Aquarius. 😄 😄
  15. Gemini: Hey! We have had a big shakeup within the last 2 months so I may as well do an update. First main thing is that our group has a whole has been looking into some system shrink. We have had near double digits in here for a long while and the brain just hasn't been able to handle so many, so a few merges have happened. For who is merged: Clara and Jessi are now Gemini (Me!), Altru and Hope are now Hope, Jen, Horas, and Luna are Jenna, Jade and Mute are Raven. There may be more merges in the future, or this could be it. We will see. The other thing is a breakthrough of
  16. We made a few more portraits, these are all more of an artsy style. Paint tool sai is next on our list!
  17. Therapy seems to be going well so far. Examining patterned thinking and working on my self-esteem issues, self-destructive behaviors etc. Gave me a list of behaviors to watch for during my week and report back on. I already self-analyze a lot so this can be a more positive, focused channeling of that energy away from critique.
  18. My theme for the day. Peaceful yet motivational.
  19. I'm sure once we're all packed and in the car Phil's going to kill it like the rock star he is, but for now, ugh! Come on Phil!
  20. SheShe

    Ashley's Lounge

    [Gwen] It's interesting that a game like Space Engineers, single player, is so immersive as a group playing it. It helps that we're all using the same body and switch instantly. Rimworld is also very good at this even though the characters pretty much handle themselves.
  21. А что, если страны чудес нет?
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  23. For Lucy and I, we are constantly working on imposition, from the moment we wake to the moment we fall asleep. There’s a period when I’m doing my livestream show where we aren’t interacting, but I’ve gotten to where if I look over she’s there and hanging out, and I can very much feel her presence. It definitely wasn’t easy to get to this point and it initially required a ton of focused effort, but like with anything else it got easier over time. We’re still not quite there yet, but almost!
  24. Phoenix likes the kind of food I grew up on...northern comfort food, stews, dumplings, bangers and mash, fish and chips were a treat we only got when we went to the seaside. We lived rurally in a small village so we didn't have own chip shop, not for years anyway. No microwave back then so none of this convenience food or takeaways. we had our own allotment for fresh fruit and vegetables. She tells me that's the kind of food she grew up on. I liked those dishes as I grew up on them too but I also like Indian cuisine and Italian. I've been vegetarian on and off over th
  25. So glad to hear about your progress, both with tulpa stuff and piano! 😁 I've never thought much about classical music being a rock and roll girl myself, but maybe I should give it a try sometime. If you ever feel like uploading audio of your playing Shizuku I'd be happy to hear it!
  26. Welcome, Lzrd and Char! Good luck on your progress!
  27. Ranger struggled with the same thing initially- to the point where he got frustrated and told me he wasn't interested in possession for a few months. After that, he thought of an idea- he was thinking about proxying (how you type for your tulpa) and expanded it to controlling the body. He told me to copy his movements in wonderland and we did that... Which after a little while, eventually turned into Ranger moving by himself. Ranger has a rough draft for his possession guide floating around if you would like to read that. He goes into a lot more detail in general-
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