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  2. does anyone know any really effective exercises to develop parallel processing? recently me and Tulip have made some good progress (she's answering with responses that need to be thought out) but we've hit another roadblock. no matter how hard i try we aren't having any success with parallel processing (she only talks when i give her a lot of focus).
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  4. does the fish bowls not work
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  6. CM

    CM's Art Thread 2.0

    Danyla: Thank you! Iro: Decided it was about time I painted L again. It's interesting to see how my style develops. So here's the art, a comparison picture between 2018, 2020 and 2021, and a video of me making the art with A Portage to the Unknown playing in the background.
  7. Banned for not having a basic account photo.
  8. Welcome Aiko and Peter! Good luck on your journey!
  9. Hi everyone! Like I promised, here is the third part of the story about how we ran into an NPC called Sandy and ended up getting into so much trouble than we expected. If you’ve missed the other two parts, I suggest you start with The Search For A New Bar and then continue on with the sequel part which is named Kicking It High In The Afterlife. This part was aptly named Fun With Flamethrowers, we hope you enjoy the read! As always, if you've got any comments or questions, let 'em rip!
  10. UPDATE: something really exiting happened today, me and Tulip were playing tic-tac-toe (she told me where to put her mark) and after about 10 rounds i noticed when it was Tulip's turn my hand just moved without me even realizing! i asked Tulip if that was her and she said she thought so. I'm not sure if this is early possession or not but it sure is an interesting development.
  11. * besides food preferences, we get along quite well. Still have to nudge her away from distractions though
  12. We've discussed this, but in the end he wasn't interested - he's not into networking outside of Wonderland for a variety of reasons. We only created an account on this forum in the end because we were reading various posts and there was something he felt very strongly about and wanted to comment on specifically as himself. He does have an Instagram account, though, but that's so he could look at pretty pictures of his own choosing. She'll send me accounts she thinks I'd like to follow. Some of them are downright unseemly! (They're NOT, they're just really delicious-looking food! 😆)
  13. I don't have anything too profound to say right now; I'm just feeling grateful to be here and be alive. 😁 I think we all need to take time to appreciate what we have. My host is a wonderful man (no you are! Don't feel embarrassed about typing this!), I have a purpose for being here, and there's plenty of things in the world to be excited about. The world is a fascinating and interconnected place. Small wonders every day. That's all. Just feeling randomly sentimental and happy. 💚
  14. "The Mirror" "Beauty?" Long Post, I'll put it in quotes because I know it's getting crazy. It's either genius or very dumb.
  15. @Red Gray Shadow Thank you for your insight, Red Gray! Best of luck to you for finding a new name that suits you :) I have a feeling Reese may change his name to Lewis later on, as you said, names can always be changed. I am excited for the future and to watch him grow and make his own decisions. Maybe he will decide to change his name, or maybe he'll change it who knows! Sometimes Reese feels right but other times it doesn't. I guess it's all a part of this crazy process :,)
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  17. 10/24/21 Hiya, my name is Jace, and I was hesitant to actually publish anything regarding my tulpa journey... but why not? I tried this once before, a couple years ago, only keeping a journal on Google Docs, and it didn't work out. I've decided to become more involved in the community this time, to give me some extra motivation. I’m also in better mental condition than I was before; I can focus on Lune better than I could on "Iggy." The reason I chose Lune was, really, because they were the first person who popped into my head. My Graal character. Just an appearance, a vibe.
  18. J: 🤔 Simmie must really be on a roll. I wonder how November will go.
  19. Stone: I have had problems with this. For a long time, even when I'd active force frequently, I would never passive force (i.e. just remember my headmates during my day to day routine). I also went through a bout of barely talking to my headmates at all from about January to summer this year. This week, for the first time ever (I've been been doing this about a year), my headmate Betty will actually react to things that happen in my life, suddenly, without me having to remind myself to remember her. Here's what I've been doing to passive force more and to keep Betty in my thoughts:
  20. I hope the metaphor is extreme....If not, I really am in trouble. Life has imposed itself between Flora and me. She is not happy about it and tells me about it. She does not re-impose into my busy preoccupied life. (I have invited her to do so multiple times) I have had the experience of starting a fire. It is hard to do, and there is a secret, best taught by an experienced woodsman. It is doable. So is creating a tulpa. It wasn't as hard to get the first smoke as it is in the metaphor. It is getting her fully developed where my difficulty lies, and that I can put right at the feet of my wande
  21. Thank you. It is nice to hear that I am not the only host whose need to deal with life's impositions, suffers an interrupted connection with tupla. I, like your host, love the opportunity to have uninterrupted time with my beloved while driving. Dr. Bob
  22. My ferret brain friend is neutral to petting. Doesn't hate it, at least.
  23. I've noticed that red text has been messing with my sense of identity, because we have a different headmate who used to type in this color, and I almost unconsciously start acting like him more. I'm changing to green text instead. I've also kind of decided I'm fine with being called "T", because I don't really feel comfortable using my full name. I have a really weird name lol. Today's conversation while co-fronting (yes, we do this almost every day): TGS: Guys we need something to talk about today. Some random headmate: Does butter or milk have a higher melting point?
  24. We don't have a host but the differences between us three using this account right now: I don't like video games. Adagio loooooves them, and T says they're a gamer, so yeah. Adagio is weird and has synesthesia differing from the body's synesthesia (which then means the other two of us get it too) Adagio is the only vegetarian out of the three of us. I don't like reading but the other two do. Adagio and I like art and drawing, but T doesn't as much. Edited because T finally chose something to go by.
  25. Nepeta: Thanks @Glaurung26@TurboSimmieand @Adagio ! Today was awesome! We spent a lot of time in visualization since that was easiest. She prepared presents for our mindscape. Stuff for my room and a lot of clothes, which I'm very thankful for! Also, she promised to make the wish I made come true (since it's impossible to hide my wish.) I won't reveal it until it's already come true. Oh, and she made me a song in meatspace, but she doesn't want me to share it though... Gloomy: I learned today that she's not a fan of dizzy things...
  26. My tulpa happened on accident. I was young, childhood was a mess and I was suicidal. Having Cletus by my side was a huge help and even now years later I still have tons of issues because they never got resolved. He doesn't resent me for this, for having put him in a place where he pretty much is in charge of what I would call my personal hell. His personality is exactly what it needs to be for him to deal with this stuff. And he still helps me out. Sometimes even preventing me from trying to think about the past because he's worried it's too much for me. But: Cl
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