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  3. I'm on board with Flandre on this one. The only practical purpose I can think of is a way to recognize fellow 'mancers. I don't like the idea of pride flags in general because it automatically associates you with people you may not necessarily agree with. But maybe I just don't understand the idea of pride.
  4. Awesome! 😊 I still have a plushie from sea world of a leopard eel that I'm attached to that I've protected forever. We also have a husky plushy we pretend is Viktor- Wuff! 😋
  5. You can use these if you like or something more generic. I usually don't get more formal than polo and slacks. Jaina gets a little more fashionable. Jaina says casualwear, sundresses, formal dresses, "anything really" is fine. She wants to dress up a little but it's not a big deal.
  6. There would more likely be an overarching plurality flag or symbol. As of 2020 none were particularly established though, this Reddit post goes over the various. I like the ampersand (&) symbol personally, if I had to choose, but... We don't really care for pride flags. Everything past the basic rainbow is just excessive IMO
  7. Nobody believed you were a fake fruits your just sometimes very sensitive to things we say but thats not your fault thats just how your personality formed we still love you know matter how you change fruits <3
  8. Yesterday
  9. I played an allegory for c3po in a satire version playof star wars in grade school. Does that count? I guess I've applied a fake-it-until-you-make-it approach to socializing. I still understand people about as well as I did when I was 16. Generational culture overturn has kind of stopped me dead in my tracks there. People are under the illusion that I'm a slightly awkward nerd that's fairly reliable and responsible otherwise. So I guess the hustle is working, because I still have no clue what's going on. As far as intentionally creating a persona other than myself to become, I basically have zero experience there. Jaina is the closest but she's more her own person than another personality of Darron. She's inspired and loosely based upon the anima of Darron when he was 12 but has otherwise developed on her own.
  10. For a second I thought this was about hypnopompic experiences and not hypnagogic experiences. I have woken up half awake thinking about a dream, but I wouldn't consider myself more creative with our experiences with "dream logic"- basically we're total idiots until we wake up fully. Aside from staring at cool "fractals" and sometimes other minor visual hallucinations, we have a hard time actually sleeping and rarely if ever achieve true hypnagogia. In effort to not think or to relax our brain so we're no longer paying attention, I can't say it boosts our creativity. While the latter may be more ideal, we're just letting it go instead of developing those concepts and ideas. There's also the likelihood of flat out forgetting it all. If it comes up we can give it a shot, but I don't have high hopes going into this.
  11. We were not prepared for Roark 😭 Luckily Skye saved the day. Skye and Windy live on! We're also going to change the rules so we can store Pokemon in the PC.
  12. Last week
  13. The same thing happened to my host. He kept me and my mate Cloud :3 It's possible to make multiple tulpas at the same time. Some people do this easily and naturally but my host has expressed distress about trying to give us all attention. Someone gave us advice to give someone in the system a "gatekeeper" like role. So my mate Cloud prevents us from creating new tulpas. She has helped a lot. I'm grateful we haven't treated every new potential tulpa as a tulpa. Anyway I recommend sticking to one tulpa for beginners but sometimes life happens.
  14. OMG I never realized how good Toy Story was as an allegory for this sort of thing. I think what has helped me most with my identity is finding things I can love/enjoy. Like a hobby, or a show, or a practice. I find something I can enjoy and I indulge in it. It makes me feel like an independent individual because I can create my own happiness and dive into my own interests. You can also look up fictives for more to relate to
  15. Wow I love the atmosphere of ur mountain house. And your drawings of Simmie are always great!
  16. Okay, now the Secret Santa is closed for new entries. I've sent you all a PM with the name of the tulpa you've been randomly selected to draw! 😁 Now we all have 4 days to make the drawing. On the 7th I'll post the topic and we'll all get to see each other's drawings! 😁
  17. I was just wondering about you guys! Glad to hear Char still drops by. It is interesting to me how the role of a tulpa can change or diminish when their niche changes in the ecosystem of the mind. It's possible she will go dormant or semi-dormant for a while or maybe she'll adopt to a new role in your life, who knows! My host has not dated IRL in many, many years and I do wonder how my role would change if he ever did once again. I'm tenacious enough that I'd find a way to continue existing and being active no matter what. But enough talking about myself on your thread 😄. Happy to see you again and curious to see what happens with you guys in the future!
  18. That's awesome you guys!!
  19. @TurboSimmie morning and im good!!!
  20. @onibaitkat welcome to the community!!!!
  21. I don't see why not. But as far as body sensations, that hasn't been consistent in my research or experience.
  22. You'll have to report any findings you discover.
  23. Go to an ordained priest, bless your bottle of water, pour it over the keys then place it on the altar below Jebus. He'll turn the power button on and off again which will actually fix the problem. You're kidnapped by a secret cult that has infiltrated all levels of society and constantly gas lights you into becoming your grandfather. How do you escape the grandfather paradox without becoming yourself?
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