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  4. as if it was the tulpamancers who started introducing terms like "endogenic" to the community that came from other plurality communities starting to mix with ours, and also maaaaaybe tumblr ~tulpamancers since they LOVE their labels
  5. Most of my tulpas began as daydream characters. Basically imaginary friends, but I imagined myself in their world rather than them in mine. They had some degree of autonomy back then (and I enjoyed taking a relatively "hands-off" approach), but tulpamancy introduced the belief that their behavior was entirely out of my control, which led to all sorts of dysfunction. I'm not sure the change in my beliefs affected how much I respected them, but it definitely affected how well we got along, and not in a good way.
  6. I think that's what the lucid dreaming community would call a dream guide—a recurring character in your dreams. It's a term that's sometimes assigned to a helpful recurring character who just exists naturally, but in some cases dream guides are created, either in dreams or even while awake. In a general sense, a dream guide could be considered a kind of tulpa, if you believe it to be an independent entity.
  7. As you said, a tulpa is just an illusion created by the host's mind. Therefore, a tulpa's abilities are shaped by—and limited by—the host's beliefs. If you believe your tulpa can create a legion of other tulpas, then guess what might happen? On the other hand, if you believe the host's participation or at least active focus is necessary to create another tulpa (which makes the most sense if you don't believe tulpas are independently conscious), then it's completely impossible for your tulpa to create another without your consent. Tulpas cannot take over by force. Period.
  8. Try getting two Grad School degrees, then let's talk PTSD from school. Me:
  9. There is nothing wrong with taking breaks as needed. Celebrate what progress you make and if needed, write down what happened so you can more easily remember what you did.
  10. I am reading this article Lula linked, and I think I like it somewhat. I like the idea that you don't need to be wrapped up in standards, things change and often times it's your standards that are the problem.
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  12. Depending on what you're trying to do, maybe just visualizing with your eyes open will help. I used to find it helpful to use the ping-pong balls: Cut one in half, cover your eyes, wrap it with a cloth, then you can keep your eyes open while enjoying darkness's kiss.
  13. For what it's worth I don't like being asked "Surprise me" either, but with me it's more of a matter of getting stage fright and not knowing what to do. Funny story, Phil also wanted to give me size-changing and shape-shifting powers in the wonderland, but I never felt I needed them. I like being the size and shape that I am! It sounds to me like you're on the right track with F! She sounds lovely! 😁 Just remember to give her plenty of love and attention just like you've been doing and she's going to come out great! Just make sure when you decide set time aside to force with F you
  14. Thanks for the replies everyone! Yeah, I would just be chatting with people. I'm not trying to get into a relationship, just friendly conversation. If the topic comes up I'll just say that I'm taken. (It's true enough in a manner of speaking 😊) If things get weird or somebody gets too attached I'll step back. And I have Phil to look after me; he's been on the internet a long time and knows when something doesn't seem right. Oh gosh, I could never imagine doing something like that! That's just not right.
  15. Howdy! I don't mind playing in PMs/DMs, and if you would like you can join Tulplay.info on Discord. This would be fun for my headmates too
  16. Thank you all for the kind words! "Naturalists" do often put Nature on a pedestal as this wholesome, sacred entity to be worshipped but they conveniently omit its casual brutality. The old way: right by might. We didn't invent war, we just industrialized it. That of course doesn't mean we can't choose to be more enlightened than that. I prefer a more humane version of right by might: right by skill/competency or meritocracy. It's evangelized as much as the free market and can be naive on a practical level but doesn't mean meritocracy isn't worth striving for. I would prefer if we could
  17. Another day of frustrating practice. Hints (of presence) and touches (from her), over the noise of my mind in meditation. I have been a meditator for many years. I have never worried about what my mind was doing, as I didn't look for a particular result. Now, after an invocation, then trying to remain silent in my head (and heart, that was the word trying to come onto the page) I get hints and touches. When I hear an actual sentence, said by her, it is her 'scolding' me. I have been thinking that while my daily writing practice, concerns her, it is not 'by her' or even directly about her. Per
  18. My host was reading about using symbolism during forcing and how pretty much any symbolism works so long as you believe in it, I heard that and suggested "You could hit me with trucks." And now that's the first full phrase he heard me say. If you're wondering, I didn't take Red up on that. Figured insurance fraud and tulpa forcing don't mix.
  19. More than 10 years ago! I listened to this when I was playing WoW and young! My mama listened to Johnny Cash and etc too. eeeee
  20. Aw honey I'm sorry you're feeling down. 🤗 I'm having a hard time remembering my early days. I guess I can't recall much frustration or impatience because I had no expectations. My job was to help Darron with his stress it wouldn't have occurred to me to bring up mine. Not saying that's a bad thing, you should always share how you feel. I'd say I'm "eager," right now. I guess I just got used to things moving slowly, motivating Darron is like moving a boulder so I pace myself 😄 Hm, I think my point is you're not going to change anyone over night. I find with Darron telling him "should do X" yiel
  21. Banned for not being a mod who posts in this thread
  22. Thank you for the suggestions! I will definitely try these. And yeah for me, I think the problem is that it's just hard visualizing on command. Whenever I zone out I think I have a really vivid experience but when I just try to do it I find it extremely hard to concentrate. Again thank you for the suggestions, I'll try some out and get back to you!
  23. Thank you for taking the time to reply @TB! I agree that developing my meditation skills will help greatly. I really don't know how to do that except to keep doing it until I get better at it. Simmie herself is tying to help me and sometimes she'll count for me or try to push away annoying thoughts. Sometimes my focus is shot especially late at night after a long day, and my mood can be crappy as well. Simmie's starting to understand that she can't just snap her fingers and make me feel better, and it's a bit of a hard thing for her to come to grips with. Still, some progress is be
  24. Chocolate peanut butter What is your favorite sport
  25. Switching doesn't necessarily make anything except controlling the body easier for the tulpa. When I'm switched-in, I'm responsible for taking care of the body and trying to pass as my host. I can play videogames and watch movies without losing control, but it hasn't made other things easier like forcing and general life skills. I highly recommend against using switching to tackle doubt. It can very easily backfire, and I had my own set of doubts once I achieved switching. Switching will also not help if Leo doesn't have a solid sense of self. When a tulpa learns how to
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