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  2. Don't underestimate my typing speed. LOL, I'm wondering if Ranger thought his f-bomb was going to be hidden through the pages features. It is not. I have to call neurology back tomorrow and say "Hey, remember how you told me someone was going to call me to set up those MRIs? It's been over a week and no one has called me, so I'm calling youuuuu!!!!" I'm not in any mortal peril, don't worry for me. However I do bring it up because I'm wondering if I will post my brain MRI online here for the interest of discussion. I've posted my hemoglobin levels and T levels and bloo
  3. There's a weird/annoying duality in that practicing tulpamancy, even if you're just puppeting imaginary friends, naturally leads to actually creating tulpas - but also, if you're not practicing tulpamancy correctly (focusing on the autonomy of your thoughtforms), it can easily remain roleplay/etc. forever. Plural systems just want some weight to the experience, and (usually young) people who do certain things... "loosely", insult that sensibility. I wouldn't even say all the people Jamie was talking about were for sure not tulpa(or similar) systems, just that they're out of the com
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  6. Gateway systems are firmly on the chunibyo side of plural experiences. There is a long rabbit hole that goes to some strange and unhealthy places. No one who describes themselves as a gateway system is having what I'd call a sane relationship with plurality. On paper it might be described like this: In practice it is this: >person is a roleplayer/fandom writer/compulsive daydreamer/etc >They get into plurality/tulpamancy/DID culture but know they don't have DID >The idea of "My characters are real people" is alluring >They know thei
  7. I first stumbled on the concept of tulpas on a Japanese website, and wound up doing a lot of research on this wiki (linked site is in Japanese). I found a link to this forum there--I think it was in a discussion about switching, which is not very mainstream in their community. Someone linked to a guide here and mentioned that there are people in the English-speaking community who can switch.
  8. I have felt pain in dreams. I also have felt pain while being attacked in sleep paralysis. The pain in these situations probably feel different than they would if they actually happened irl, though, but it is still a very uncomfortable feeling
  9. Oops, yes, that's what I meant.
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  11. Because people I fully trust have reported "astral projecting" (but of course, not experienced anything that would follow as proof it was supernatural..) despite my not believing in meta, my working theory is that astral projection is an altered state of consciousness similar to lucid dreaming. I actually don't believe they're necessarily the same (ie, that all experiences of astral projection are lucid dreams, though I'm sure many are), though I'm sure the body and mind's mechanics surrounding unconsciousness and possibly dreams are at play. This sort of state is usually far less
  12. Whaaa? Tulpamancy does not at all require dissociation/derealization or rejection of reality. I'd honestly say it's harmful for the people who practice it like that to do so. Tulpamancy is a learned mental skill, and mindfulness can only help. At the very least it should improve your mental plasticity and make mind-based endeavors easier - putting yourself in a pseudo-coma in bed shutting out your senses is an awful way to practice tulpamancy (I once had to stop someone on this site from doing exactly that lol, and he later realized it was totally unnecessary). Tulpamancy is practi
  13. [Ashley] when you ask Bear a serious question nine times out of ten he turns it into this...
  14. No. One piece experiencing from one point of view. All experience shared. Like the example I gave with Johnny Dep and the pirate, they're not a system. The pirate is his aspect as in a group of facets used to express the pirate. I'm obviously doing a poor job of explaining it. When *you* roleplay you are not being yourself, but you're still you, not a system of you(s). The model that fits my data best is that the independent people become aspects of one, each with their own set of facets. Nope. You're trying to
  15. Well a lot has changed in a realatively short amount of time. I'll go quick: we re-closed the "Gates" idk how long ago, maybe around 3 days ago? We had decided to wake up one of our tulpas in stasis, Willa. Then our system-friend woke up their system-mate, around 2 days ago. This system-mate was/is bestfriends with Luna, a different tulpa in stasis. So we set to work waking Luna up. Luna woke up yesterday. It was pretty rough for her, but she is slowly getting better. She isn't vocal anymore, and was pretty shaken by 6 months or so of memories. And an entirely dif
  16. I'm not an admin, but you called for staff. I don't feel good about ",." counting as a genuine post. Forum games get pretty spammy, and if those posts suddenly needed to be treated seriously, I think the rules would also need to get more strict. Otherwise, post count would be less meaningful as a guage for how much someone contributes to the serious discussion on the forum. I have 800 posts in the first to 1000 posts forum game, but like Bre's fluff posts they're pretty lame compared to the posts in this thread and even other Lounge threads. It would be really confusing
  17. That's pretty interesting. I think my method has been on the fringes of some communities like the lucid dreaming crosspost I mentioned. I also get quite a few of those things described and seem to get impressions and remote feelings from people I interact with. I often even seem to get psychic impressions of other net users. I've developed this sensitivity over a decade purposefully or accidentally reading people and I can sometimes tell what people are thinking remotely. It's extremely overwhelming at times and causes me a bit of social dysphoria from the over-stimulus, and I have to shelter
  18. It's been a while since I last updated this. In a nutshell, I'm now forcing on a daily basis and named my tulpa Susitna. No sign of sentience yet other than a slightly different feeling in my head when I force.
  19. Posting early... So, I've been thinking that I want to change my schedule to whenever I feel like I have stuff to report on. Since not much honestly happens. I will absolutely post at the end of the month though. My posts will contain spoilers for each section so that it's easier to find what you need. Me and Myo have been doing fine! We have decided on some imaginary outfits that we think are nice! I think she has an interest in scarves! Recently I've decided that I haven't... I don't know what word I'm looking for. "Cherished?" her enough. I don't proxy fo
  20. More exercise time. Credit goes to September13 for the idea to steal and original post by Indigo Blue:
  21. Darron: Always cool to hear from you two. I think you might not be too far off base with many Tulpamancers being introverts. My anecdotal observations confirm that. I try to be friendly and engage but it takes a lot of effort and I prefer to learn from others and listen. Jaina: It may sound counter-intuitive but don't force forcing. It's like hanging out with your best friend. You make time when you can and understand when life gets in the way. It should be a thing you look forward too. If you get bored take a break or spice it up. I usually let Darron take the lead but he makes
  22. When you try to lock the brain into something that normally linearly constrains 100% of the processes, then it would take some practice to do otherwise.
  23. Wish granted. All the tap water in the world has been replaced with Mountain Dew. This unfortunately leads to a sharp rise in cavities and dehydration. I wish that China would become a peace loving democracy overnight so we wouldn't need to fill our tap water with super soldier drugs.
  24. I had somewhat the opposite experience, in that my tulpa was clearly interested in myself, whereas initially I was uncomfortable with even broaching the topic before eventually relenting and agreeing to a romantic relationship. I also initially had significant qualms about thinking their voice was my own, and worrying I was projecting some form of my own desire onto them, given that I did initially make their form attractive. I did not agree to actually form a relationship until fairly recently - coinciding with a point at which I fully accepted that the entity I was talking to was actually th
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