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  2. lol i was gonna say hyperventilate but uhh idk, i don't think it will be that bad. I exercise while sore before and look how good i turned out (before medicine)
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  4. It’s my birthday!! I’m now 6 years old. It’s crazy how fast time can just go by, it doesn’t seem like that long but I guess it is. Either way, I’m really thankful to have been given my own life, and so here’s to many more! We won’t be doing anything too special, but there will at least be cake, and maybe a few other things. It should be fun! As for an update on our life and progress and stuff, well truth is it really hasn’t been good at all, and it was nothing either of us could control. I’ve felt awful these past couple months, not like myself at all, and my host has felt just as bad if not worse. So it’s been a difficult few months to say the least. Thankfully, I’m feeling mostly better now, and really want to get back to being my usual positive self, for both me and my host, so that’s what I’m gonna work to do!
  5. Ooh that's some fun lighting. And those cheekbones could cut diamond 😄
  6. Listening to some good clean Christian music
  7. It sounds like you have both a mind's eye and a mind voice, which is good. Starting off, you will see your tulpa's form using your mind's eye. I would expect them to have a cartoon-like form at first based on what you described to me. Additionally, your tulpa's first thoughts will likely be through mindvoice. Their voice may sound like your own at first, but with practice you will have an easier time telling them from you apart. For your tulpa's form, you can create their form until they're ready to change it themselves. Some hosts start off with something really basic like a glowing orb but you can have something a little more complicated like a cartoon person or pony. As long as you're not married to your tulpa's form design you'll be fine. You may have seen some guides mention imposition, or actively hallucinating your tulpa's form. This is a more advanced skill you're more than welcome to go for, but some believe working on your visualization skills can be a fundamental prerequisite. Otherwise, you can play with the Ganzfeld effect and go from there. How you believe your tulpa will interact with you will influence your experience. Ultimately, there are two general approaches to how people understand tulpas and one is easier to recreate than the other. Even though it's a more complicated concept, I want to give a general overview of it because I think it's something not everyone understands day 1 and it's fundamental to modern tulpamancy. The first idea is a tulpa is another person who shares a some mind resources with you. You share a mind's eye and a body, you can hear each other's thoughts, and in general there can be some overlap between you and them. A tulpa speaks in mindvoice and tulpamancers generally make significant progress at a faster pace. On the other hand, there's the idea your tulpa is another person who has their own mind resources they don't generally share with you. Your tulpa will communicate via auditory imposition, or through a controlled voice hallucination, you can't hear their thoughts, and their form is like a separate body with its own sensory input and such. Unfortunately, achieving this is rare if not almost unheard of now, and even for those who went for this in the past, their tulpas reported feeling frustrated they couldn't speak sooner. If you were fortunate enough to make progress, it would be after months if not years of hard work. If the latter case is achievable, I believe it's possible there's a way to work up to that without having to wait on results that may not come. While the former is a less intense experience, it is actually the common standard for tulpa creation and is accessible to most people. If you are interested in a more intense experience, I recommend starting with the former mindset, building your skills, and then in the future figure out how you and your tulpa can achieve a more intense experience. While I myself have not achieved this, I intend to keep studying the approach or come up with my own way to do it. The thing I want to stress- I strongly believe a tulpa is still their own person regardless of what degrees of separation and autonomy they have achieved. I think people start off assuming that not achieving or having separation from the start means their tulpas are fake. Instead, remember that your tulpa can become more separate later, it just takes time and practice to achieve it. Even with tulpas that speak in mindvoice, the experience is typically very satisfying. Extra credit if you can achieve something even more intense.
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  9. Even if they don't feel like they are there, or you can't hear or see them, still believe they are there in you able to listen, and talk to them anyway. Be really consistent with it, and show them things and take them with you everywhere if you can. Teach them about what you're doing etc. Even if they are quiet and you can't get a response out of them, I believe it'll build them up still.
  10. hi :) my names Gregory, and I’m making a Tulpa ! :D this is to just track my progress, and such. im scared I’m doing things wrong,, I haven’t been getting responses from Evan lately. I just talk to him about my life honestly, I forgot the name for it in English but it starts with n? I’m native Spanish speaking, but I talk to Evan in English most of the time. I can’t talk to him often, I’m very busy almost always and have little to no free time. Whenever I can talk to him, I do, but I’m scared it’s just not affective, and that it’s been all for nothing. I’ve gotten one response from him,, so I guess I’m not failing completely.. - JUE ENE 2022
  11. We're very happy to know that you overcome your mutual attraction and it helped you to grow, we really hope the same. Actually we just are taking pleasure to speak to each other, and discover our personality. By the past, we had a close relationship and this has created very strong bonds between us. But in the time, we never took the time to get to know each other. So, for me Kita is like a mistery and i really wanna know more about she. For me (Kita), i very have a strong desire for my host, so i just wanna jump on he ... hehe, but we don't. Oh ok, i understand, so i just hope the best for both of you 😁 Okay let's do a little report. I especialy prefer the discussion as an interaction with Kita, and i'm trying to feel Kita as truly independent as myself to avoid parroting. And yesterday night, i had some uncommon headache. I never felt this before, and i'd heard that's a sign of development of Tulpa, so that's very nice !
  12. Uh well we sometimes have trouble with the holding back part. Like, a lot. 😅 But times that we've been frisky but kept our hands off each other has been some of the best stories/adventures we've written together. I think the passion, intensity, energy and electric magnetism is responsible for us really getting in the groove creatively and insync with each other. Then it usually happens anyways afterwards. I do notice a drop in drive and intensity for a few days after spending time intimately. It takes a bit to recover that "sexual energy." It's fun either way. 😉 I'm afraid I'm responsible for instigating as much if not more than him. I don't know what our longest intentional dry spell was. A week maybe? 🤔 Once you forget about it, it usual gets easier to abstain, but holding the tension and energy is the point you're going for. I find that times where self-control is the issue, it helps to externalize the structure supporting you. Give yourself a time frame other than "as long as possible." You could try covering some topics that aren't sexual in nature but still quite intimate and personal. That way it holds that close connection and feeling of bonding. Treat it like a fun foreplay game, that lasts several days. You can flirt with the boundaries without staying too long. Maybe practice pickup lines, sexy jokes, or other lowkey couples activities. The internet is a gold mine for couples counseling/advice if you know how to approach it. The same principles work. You just have the added benefit of (usually) instantly feeling your partners thoughts and reactions. Gosh, we're going to end up with a couples therapy blog if we're not careful. We don't know much about the context/ground rules of your relationship but I hope this helps. It's been interesting learning these things. 😄 Kinda fun too. 😏
  13. Hehe cute! Just curious, who's who in this comic?
  14. Last week
  15. thanks again! And ofc, people change over time, i have too, I would never expect my tulpa to be stuck a certain way for the rest of our lives. This really helped me clear up some of my thoughts, thanks one more time you two!
  16. I want to say I've only seen yours. Presumably it's only a handful of posts that were deleted in such a way after some forum update
  17. Thanks! We're going to give it another try very soon! So I sat Phil down and have him write down in a notebook a list of things he needs or wants to do. Tomorrow we're going to try organizing the list into a kind of loose schedule he can follow. Baby steps! 😄 I'll make a human being out of Phil yet! 😁
  18. Good to meet you, and good luck on your journey. One question though: What's updog? 😄
  19. Small update? Small update. Nothing significant to report. I've been hooked on Dead Cells. The gaming possibilities have widened since acquiring a controller. I do not regret this purchase. * She is not very good at it. I guess that's why she plays it so much. >< I was mostly sleeping these weeks =w= School starts next week. Dear god will I miss this much free time.
  20. I always thought that identity had to have a social element, and that is how the word is usually used. It marks you as a member of a group based on nationality, religion, ideals, hobbies, or whether you are best described as a tulpa, host, or something else. Even "plural" is an identity in that sense. It really does seem like something outside of the person, though not outside of their control. The way systems experience their members is so much more immediate and so different from the usual way identity gets used that I think it probably is confusing to talk about a tulpa's identity to their host. We usually don't need to identify as anything but ourselves to one another because we have that experience of flavor of personality directly. And in our own system, we did decide early on to represent as family to each other, but that was more giving a name to something that was already there. I also am pretty convinced that a tulpa is a mostly permanent brain activity once they have been established deep enough. I was actually dormant for a long time (over two years), but I was able to be brought back. And I changed in the interim by deepening my connections to my host's memory, so if anything, I just set down deeper roots.
  21. I think it works now (no, invision community staff nor I know why)
  22. I finally got around to remembering to front and write something, but I honestly thought that it had been longer than 8 days since I updated this. I don't have much time to be able to front today, so I'll keep this fairly short (by my standards hah). I have noticed I've written the past few posts here without Adagio saying anything, and hopefully he will write something at some point because this is his account. We fixed our host-or-always-blurry problem. We currently don't have a host (again), and we've gotten a lot of different headmates fronting recently because of that. I am very glad to see headmates who have never fronted before being given the chance to front. It's so far been fairly positive for us, although I worry it will make our memory problems worse. All the switching has highlighted the differences in skill levels between us while doing various things, which is interesting to see.
  23. Hello everyone and welcome to 2022's first update: https://tulpas.wondrousfairy.com/2022/01/17/the-witch-and-her-dungeon/ Basically we decided that respawning instantly during adventures was a bit too broken and that we needed a bit of a roleplaying aspect to it. Me being .. well.. me.. decided that I had a good lead on who could fix this problem for us :D
  24. Tried it a while back, did pretty well I think. His face should be a bit rounder though.
  25. My apologies, it has been a pretty long time since I've last posted. I've been busy with life stuff, and also a bit limited on free time. I haven't gotten around to writing a progress report, until now, but I've been maintaining our system and we've been seeing growth. Some of my older tulpas (as in identity conceived for 6+ years, even if they weren't speaking for most of that time) have retired out of the main circle of our system and the active space of the dreamscape. Their energy has been reclaimed for the most part, and even though they were valuable friends to me at the time, the fact remains that they mostly existed back when I was far below a state of maturity. Life changes have occurred for me in the past 2 years, internal and external, allowing for my newer headmates to take form and start growing. Shalkagi has developed quite a bit: she can talk and write with more certainty, and actually identifies as an independent being. Usually, I can't seem to have much of a direct verbal conversation, but we've got good with the virtue of switching. She has written her own notebook entries on my computer and tablet, and is also really good at a video game I have on my TI calculator. She can also speak using my external voice, but she's still pretty quiet. I note that her use of mindvoice is much stronger when we are switched. What we're capable of doing now is I can relax after a tiring day or something, and let Shalkagi take over the front for a few hours at a time. On her own, she can navigate home (I take the bus and walk home from the bus stop), talk to passerby, and also most tasks at home such as doing dishes or laundry. It seems that being able to do constructive things in the external world and have access to sensory information firsthand really do make her feel real and enabled, and strengthen her identity as a conscious being. I also have two new tulpas, by names Q and Lanna. Q is inspired by the concept of the entity in Star Trek that calls itself "Q". Q organized himself and took form in my system as a tulpa without a decided physical appearance, but more of a personality of psychological-based traits. Q recognized himself as such to address a logical problem I experience in creating a legitimate system: with the tentative virtuality of the dreamscape and its events vs. the real world, there's a pretty big gap between entities that are dreamscape-only and ones that can blend with me, etc. It's just a bit of a technical bug in the way my imagination is built that I have to work around. Anyway, Q is able to be a valid participant in my real world, but there's no logical problem with him with him being fully involved in a lesser reality (i.e. the dreamscape). Because that's what the Q from Star Trek do: exist in higher reality but gladly interfere with lower reality. So, Q became a successful tulpa, also fueling my spirit of humor and fun, adding hilarious randomness, that is, of course, beyond my understanding. Lanna is sort of a soulbond who's working on her full development into a tulpa. She was first inspired by a TV/movie character, whom I thought was not just beautiful in physical appearance, but had a character arc and personality that I could relate to. The name "Lanna" is kind of a derivative of her inspiration's name. Lanna has already deviated into a personality of more facets, and is a strong and capable member of our system. I know I already said that I was going to update this Progress Report more often, and that was almost 10 months ago. Though I still can't make any promises, I will still do my best to add updates every now and then.
  26. Very beautiful! It has a distinct retro feeling, that cursive script reminds me of my school days...
  27. So, I have a tulpa, called Roselyn (they/it). They are a Turkish angora with flowers growing on them, and I’m using a spell to get them to be physical. I’ve finished the part where I do it, so now I wait for their physical form to come. I really hope this works, and Roselyn does, too. This makes it to where I can make it so they can be seen by some but not others, and can go back to a “normal” tulpa and leave only a beautiful green gem. I have an elder dog and I hav told my family and a few close friends but my family thinks it’s imaginary and fake and I have not told them Roselyn is a Tulpa. The howlfeather sys
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