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  2. Breloomancer

    [Game] Last one to post wins!

    then nightgood
  3. IronStriker

    Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

    Hi! I’m IronStriker, and taking another crack at tulpamancy - I feel like I’m in a much better place than I was two or so years ago. Spitfire originally started out as a story character, yet seemed to be the only one in mind when I looked into tulpas once more. We're only a few days into creation, but already he has shown signs of deviation [in form] from what I originally envisioned. And I’m certainly not complaining.
  4. Today
  5. ↑ This was a good tip thanks, I did something very similar and it was helpful. While meditating I tried to separate my perspective of self from my inner monologue, but instead of counting and separating which is me and which thoughts are intrusive and whatnot, I just meditated as if they were all intrusive, as if my stream of consciousness and every single thought I was experiencing was something external and involuntary. I just used a mantra like "this is not me" and thought it over and over while dissociating from the words until a change of perspective happened. This led to a burst o
  6. ZenAndMika

    community feedback survey

    I can't help but notice the question isn't really answered. How is a Guide rejected if only positive engagement is noted? A lack of positive engagement? Does a pseudo-GAT still exist that just won't comment on why they're rejecting a Guide whilst pointing to a lack of upvotes? If so what's the difference exactly, other than a lack of visible accountability? I don't just think an upvote system is flawed. I think it's irrelevant. Upvotes measure engagement only, not quality. Well written guides that are just large are likely to receive less upvotes with such a system.
  7. starberryGhost

    Do your friends/family know about your tulpa?

    so update: my family already sees me as mentally ill, my friends are generally open minded, so they let me be my weird self. but i think the worse thing that has happened was friends getting jealous.
  8. starberryGhost

    The Tulpa Role-Playing Game - Guide V4.4

    Did this ever get off the ground? Ive been looking for a tulpa building game.
  9. They should decide if they want a headmate. That's about it. It seems like either you really want one or you don't really want one and you have to really want one for the best chance at success. It's entirely up to that person in my opinion.
  10. September13

    Art of Simmie and our World

    Thank you so much!
  11. September13

    Simmie - Brand New

    Aww thank you so much! 🤗 This makes us both happier than you know! I find that Tulpas work a lot like other things in life: you get out what you put into them. I made sure to nurture Simmie with nothing but love and joy, and as a result she has grown to be such a loving and joyful person! That isn't to say that other things have affected her as well, though, but it all makes her a well-rounded person. One thing I learned about tulpamancy is that putting an aspect of yourself into your tulpa doesn't remove it from you; rather, it multiplies it within you. I actually intend to write
  12. September13

    Ren and Korekiyo’s Progress Log

    Hey, welcome, and good to hear about your progress so far! I can't say I'm familiar with the game Kiyo comes from, but don't be surprised if he starts to deviate from the character in the game once he grows and matures. That's great! Hearing that he is speaking his own words with his voice is a great sign in his development. You have a leg-up on vocality because of Kiyo's origins; I struggle a bit with that myself because I still haven't nailed down exactly what Simmie sounds like and her mind-voice comes across as "generic female voice" most often.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Andy, at his heart, is a central processing center capable of expressing different "personas". Within each persona are aspects where he has a range of behavior given different scenarios, wherein there are expressions given scenario and say mood or will, these could be called facets. So a personality or persona or ego has aspects (traits are similar but not the same concept) which would be made up of a group of facets. Mary and Andy might be considered completely separate personas depending on the subjective experience of the outside observer. However, it could also just be one
  15. WondrousFairy

    Wondrous Fairy's System Update Thread

    So, to start off the new year, we decided that something light-hearted might be fitting considering a lot of heavy stuff has happened recently.
  16. Last week
  17. That specific state of awareness can be induced by using theta frequency strobe lights. there was a topic about this on here==> https://tulpanetwork.com/network/1/eye-bo-the-ocular-fitness-program!/ But it seems like the resource links were deleted recently. (I still have some of the files if anybody wants it) I used the theta frequency and after like 10 minutes that state just sets in. But it doesn't last very long it's a little hard to maintain. But it is quite an unmistakable experience. Just now reading this I went "oh shit that's what that was". But if you have a good me
  18. TB

    Gloomynoon's Progress Report

    It is nice to see a drawing of your tulpa
  19. R8-Adelia_Wildhome

    ~ A&J's progress report ~

    R8's ramblings Wow! I haven't wrote here in a while, but I suppose that's fine, y'know? more un-eventful months, though Luna did make it to her one year of existence mark and Sadie's birthday is in a few weeks. (March 13) So, congrats to those two!! I am, as always, so proud of them. I love them. Some big changes are coming, they fill me with anticipation, mild fear and anxiety, and excitement. (The big changes aren't coming, they're happening) Soon it will be spring, one of my favorite times of the year. (I actually enjoy all times of the year, with fall being my favorite.) It means rai
  20. capricornus

    the Capricornus Journal (Terry & Tel)

    Update for February 28, 2021[TERRY] Hello! This is going to be our last update before we introduce another tulpa into our system. Just a brief update on what we've been doing. I'm in the middle of moving and my finals are quickly approaching, so I haven't had as much time to work on forcing Tel or practicing wonderlanding, but we have been talking quite a bit. Right now, since we don't have time for switch training, we're just focusing on trying to get Tel to be able to act more independently, approach me without me having to focus on him (which we're making progress on for sure) and so on. I'
  21. Glaurung26

    OleGL’s art thread

    These are all fantastic! Excellent job! Jaina: Many talent, much excite!
  22. Chupi

    About brief visual flashes

    This happens to me a lot too. I try to visualize something, see it vividly for just a tiny fraction of a second and then it's gone. This usually happens when I need to spend more time learning to visualize it properly. Try zooming in on each part and getting all the details right, then zooming out more gradually. It can take some time and practice to get right.
  23. September13

    Get Your Tulpa to Talk to People!

    No worries! 🙂 We've been doing a lot of "virtual shopping" lately and Phil's drawn me in one of my new outfits. I've actually started to question the need for a "signature" outfit. After all Phil doesn't have one, does he? 😋 If I find one I really like I might wear it a lot, but I don't want to have to wear the same thing every day, I'm not a cartoon character after all! 😁 I know Phil really wants to draw me again but he has something very important to work on first and I want him to focus on that, but if he makes enough progress I'll model a new outfit for him to draw me
  24. September13

    Renesmee & Rosalie's Progress Reports

    It's great to see that you two are progressing so well! New York is a cool idea for a wonderland; I have always enjoyed visiting the city and feeling it's excitement and energy. I want to take Simmie there but sadly it'll have to wait a few months longer due to...you know. But if you have New York in your mind it will always be open and safe and you'll have plenty to do! Telling Rosalie you believe in her and you're proud of her is a great way to create a positive feedback loop, and the fact that she started to be vocal is great news. Sounds like you're on the right track!
  25. Glaurung26

    Darron Draws Badly ft. Jaina

    Thanks! I figured I'd lean into not having art skills 😄 Jaina was particularly proud of panel 5. How did she get dressed that quick? 🤔 Jaina: 😉
  26. BearBaeBeau

    New Dragonchan's art thread

    Cute tho
  27. ZenAndMika

    LGBT Tulpamancers

    May as well throw this out there. It is also relevant to mention that I am presently in a romantic, sexual relationship with my tulpa, Mika. 1. Bisexual. Or perhaps Pansexual. Though I am not attracted only to the two genders, the reason I use the former mostly rather than the latter is the sense that forms of expressed gender are still important to how my brain decides if it is attracted to someone (even if their presentation is transgressive in some way.) I am also nominally polyamorous, but with little interest in pursuing such. 2. Male, and cis. 3. My sexuality is imp
  28. CM

    CM's Ramblings

    Misa is already doing a lot better. She's back to being active and responsive, but she's feeling a little lost. This experience really rattled her and she's not used to negative emotions, and while her personality seems a lot more balanced now (as opposed to being overly cheerful 247) it's something she still has to adjust to. Her personality overall is a bit of a mystery to us at the moment, it's hard to make out what exactly it's like. She's still giggly when she gets excited or happy, but it's not as common anymore. She's a lot calmer than before, more rational, and I think she doesn't like
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