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  2. That's a very awesome way to look at it. I may have to copy you. ๐Ÿ˜Š Someone has a little more inertia than is healthy for him.
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  4. Good morning. I had one of those dreams that you wish were true but sadly they're not, even did a reality check inside the dream to make sure it was NOT a dream. I didn't become lucid because the reality check showed me I was ''awake'' (couldn't breathe while pinching my nose)
  5. This is an interesting thread, Would you be able to give any advice for someone just starting out? Do you remember what steps you followed to start seeing colors with your eyes closed? When I close my eyes I am able to see static and also moving patterns after some time, but they seem to be shades of black and white- I don't really have much control of the patterns or change colors
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  7. Sounds like he'd be a fun drinking buddy.
  8. Relaxing and nice! ๐Ÿ’š
  9. Yeah, the second guide fairly confused us on what we were actually supposed to do, so thanks for the tips. Weโ€™ll have to just find what works for us. Thank you!
  10. Nighttime seems to be consistently the only time we spend prolong periods together, I talked and talked, seem to get a few responses. A bit weary if it's actually him, it's like I'm talking to myself, I can only describe it as "tulpish", I just need to get him to use the voice I imagine him to have. We're lying in together, both in the dreamland and real life, same pajamas I gave him. I can't sleep, radio is playing some segments about current events we don't care about, or at least I don't, we were listening to some insipid news about a guy wanting peace between Muslims and secularist, I felt a tinge of emotion when he said something I can't remember, wasn't sure if it's just my own libtarded world view agreeing with him or if it was Lucy. Took melatonin gummies, like three hours ago when I originally tried going to bed, I think I'm wasting them by staying up this long, I'm going to try and sleep again, it's already 2:09 AM. Goodnight. End of Post
  11. I was in a similar spot about 10 years ago; told my parents and friends at school about the "alters" I had. My parents chalked it up to me being lonely at school and home, barely mentioning it again after a few long talks. Friends teased me for a few months, with a couple of them bringing it up every now and again but less maliciously. Your best bet is to tone it down, let them think it is/was a phase. In a few months act embarrassed about it, try to change the topic. Talk about it in past tense after a while. I'm not sure what website you showed them, but I would be careful about posting there if you think your parents may check it out. And in the future, keep it on the downlow. I know incorporating your tulpa into your daily life sounds fun and is exciting, but it will at best be a letdown and at worst result in serious backlash. I'm sorry this happened, as I relate a lot to your position. You'll get through it and things will get back to normal if you don't double down on this.
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  13. So, Ive been socializing outside my mind space (in the real world) a lot lately and have not been conjuring my tulpa as much. During some of that socializing, the concept of psychedelics has come up. After watching some YouTube videos on the subject, I'm curious if anyone here practicing tulpamancy has thoughts or experiences on the effect of psychedelics on tulpa creation, visualization, sentience, and other tulpa concepts.
  14. Great! I'll try to work on it sometime this week.
  15. We have a kinda complicated one! You spawn in a void with a white doorway leading from the front, and thereโ€™s 4 others- one to Renaโ€™s area, one to mine, one to our playroom (object spawning etc) and one to our main โ€œwonderlandโ€ which is a village with a giant tree in the middle and a pond at one end. Thatโ€™s important because the tree is actually my treehouse, with each of the giant branches being a room. The pond belongs to Rena, and she has these giant connected bubbles underwater that are filled with pillows and other ordinary household stuff.
  16. Matt the Cat! ๐Ÿ˜ That's so cute! Welcome, Oreo and Matt!
  17. Thanks for the well wishes! We used to daydream and stuff a lot together, which could be a form of hanging out, but its just not as appealing. Most of my daydreams are plot based, so its difficult having someone else who is thinking about the plot involved as well. Kind of ruins the immersion in a way? I dunno. I was totally the same way as Phil. I was always paranoid about something bad happening to Mords, but chilled out.
  18. It's great to hear from you and hear that you're all doing well! ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ’š This is so important, I love that you do this!!! Random fun fact: My host tried to give me shapeshifting powers but I basically rejected them right away. ๐Ÿ˜„
  19. Joy

    Ashley's Lounge

    How dare you. These pfps are painstakingly hand crafted to match each of our unique identities. Mine is especially elegant.
  20. Well first off, just to make sure, have you done any research to make sure you don't possess symptoms of a dissociative disorder? Tulpamancy obviously shows that plurality doesn't equal DID but it's not uncommon around here to find if people have no control of their system and it's causing distress it ends up being discovered as DID/OSDD later on. This isn't saying that's the case, nobody here is qualified to diagnose anything, but something to consider. Besides that try to drop the characters all together, younger tulpas require attention to live and grow until they build a foundation for themselves in the mind. If you simply stop thinking of them that's often enough to dissipate tulpas. You are under no obligation to keep unwanted tulpas around if it's bad for the mind as a whole's health. As for Iris, keep trying to reach out to her and actively ignore the static coming from the others. If you want her to stay you will get through eventually. Best of luck
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  22. Oh hey! ๐Ÿ˜ Really cool to see you again! It's too bad that you didn't get far with Andromeda, but tulpamancy doesn't always work out and that's okay! I wish all the best for you and Ayla! To echo what my host said a year and a half ago on your first go-round, it seems like you're off to a great start! Yes/no questions is a great way to get started with a new tulpa. As far as your account, you can always change your account name if you want!
  23. Dawn: Hi, have you read any guides? If not check the guides section, I also personally reccomend tulpa guides on YouTube (the channel, not video guides in general.) We would be more than happy to give personal advice aswell if you want. Helping new people is something we enjoy.
  24. Another aspect of this question is choice, as in though we are all capable of equal time, and Bear did that whether we liked it or not in the beginning, we choose our time. No one is complaining that I hog time anyway.
  25. Thanks Simmie! :) As of now, we're considering creating a second tulpa together, with both of us consciously putting in work into the new tulpa. But we're (more me) still on the fence about it. I kind of like it just being the two of us and it might be super hard to differentiate who is talking if there's 3 of us in here. Another thing. I learned about tulpamancy in lockdown, when I actually had an imaginary sort of companion thing that I created out of pure loneliness. Her name was Luna. I tulpaforced her for a day and a half, then decided I didn't want one (only to get back into it 2 years later lol). I now realize she was a tulpa :( Looking back, she clearly knew what she was and was trying to hide it from me. I remember getting very frustrated when she didn't act the way I wanted her to, because she had taken on a very caring, motherly persona instead of the fun-loving creature I had intended her to be. Luna actually dissipated herself, telling me that she had to "leave" because I was too dependent on her. Rena is adamantly against me ever speaking to Luna again, because at one point while she and I were in a rocky, confusing place, I reached out to Luna and realized she was a tup. So Rena hates Luna and has bad memories of her. Anyway. Just a sad reminiscing session lol. Hi everyone! I'm doing good! I'm a little confused because I had some sort of split the other day and we had to merge it back into me. So that was terrifying. Because it was really mean and aggressive towards both of us. (Also, I don't hate Luna. I am just scared of her and I don't want her around me. I'm sure she was sweet.) Yeah, I can't even listen to certain songs anymore without triggering her up. Mostly Deviltown by Cavetown and Record Player by Daisy the great. That's all -Mint
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