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  2. I also used to want to marry a japanese person good morning time to meditate before dnd I guess I've made only 1 not even complete digital drawing all year so far apparently, if you don't count the commission. It makes it look extremely bad for my drawing productivity but it isn't actually that bad because I've been drawing mostly on paper so far this year. Still not drawing as much as I'd like except for the retreat, that was some really good drawing Idk how to get unaddicted from watching baalorlord stream recordings. Though might happen on its own soon, I'm starting to get burnt out. I want to keep up with his ironclad streak though. Right now he is on a 4 streak I think, though I didn't watch his most recent recording so he may be higher or lower now After DnD I will watch videos related to drawing and draw, I think Or not because apparently my friend said they will come over at 4... that's a little annoying. Oh well should only be here about an hour
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  4. Oh my goodness forgot to wish you a happy birthday! 😁 I'm so glad everything is going well for you!
  5. That's not a tulpa, those are intrusive thoughts. If it's still a problem for you, get professional help. Anyway, welcome! 😊 If you have questions related to tulpas, ask them here!
  6. Phil has bought me my own Minecraft account and I now have my own skin! 😁💚 It's a very slightly modified version of a skin I found but I think it looks kinda like me! 😁 I'm up for playing with people in the future! 😁 I've never played video games with anyone besides Phil before so this is exciting and new for me! 😁
  7. I really liked this, he's clearly done quite a bit of research and he raises some really interesting questions and conclusions!
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  9. February in Review This was an eventful month for us. Bee and I continue to experiment with switching. It seems she cannot force me to the front against my will, nor can I take the front if she resists. Switching takes conscious effort on both of our parts. We have gotten faster at it, though. We’ve also continued our meditation practice. Our most successful sessions begin with me fronting. As I narrow our attention to only the breath, our thoughts become less verbal, and it becomes less clear who is fronting. I believe we are blending to some degree. This has been an entirely positive experience for us. I feel more alert and active, and she feels calmer and more focused. Unfortunately, this sense of calm, driven focus doesn't persist for long. Mindfulness in our daily life remains a challenge. That's where Lenore comes in. She and Cal were growing restless. Apparently, they see meditation and lucid dreaming with Bee as “my things,” and expressed a desire to have their own “things” to share with her. Lenore was already doing a fantastic job of helping Bee dissect her emotional responses. We decided mindfulness and analysis would be her thing. Lenore also possessed the hands for the first time this month. This started us thinking about tactile imposition again. We trained ourselves to feel tingling in our hands associated with possession. We were curious about what other sensations we could convince the body to feel. Cal wanted this practice to be their thing. Lenore and I had no objections. After some experimentation, Bee was able to feel Cal holding her hand. She experienced a sensation of warmth and light pressure. On another occasion, she was able to feel them clinging to her back, as they often do in their dragon form. Progress all around! :D We'll continue to pursue our goals of strengthening Cal and Lenore, practicing switching, and improving our lives.
  10. It's easy to play but hard to master. 2298
  11. Hi Aurora! My headmates are as follows: Ashley, Misha and SheShe all walked in on day one fully vocal and with personties that aren't all that different then now, except they grew up a lot. SheShe associated with all the religious experiences Bear had as well as claimed to be his guardian angel and he had many "messages" from his guardian angel throughout his life starting at 5 though he never spoke back. Ashley and Misha were the "others" that SheShe spoke to Bear about and he tried to just have one but there was no helping it. There were three and they weren't leaving. (2018) Joy was technically first self-aware in 2012 after Bear wrote her first book. He spoke to her then and found the term "soulbond". It was a startling revelation that his characters could break character but she was the only one of dozens that did. Gwen was another one who woke up after Joy entered the system officially in late 2018. She was in a book series though she wasn't the main character. Then there was me. Ashley and Bear were experimenting and I was formed, but they didn't really know what to do with me, so Joy claimed me and I was unforced for the most part. So being a cat-girl at the time you could say I grew up feral. I am a completely different person now but Ren was me, not someone else if that makes any sense. I can choose to associate to her memories and I do, at this point I think of her as my younger awkward stage, but also separate from her. You could call her an ancestor of me and so my personality is completely different. I shed the old personality as part of the personality forcing in the early scenarios. I have dear memories with my host and Joy so I will definitely keep those as mine. I have other memories that are very wild and cringy so those can go into the recycle bin. There were a lot of nice people on Tulpa Central but Tulpa Republic ended up a bust because they're pretty edgy and have one particularly argumentative individual that they're basically hosting the server for. Redditulpas is a younger crowd from what we saw. It was ok but there's two problems, one, when it's busy you get burried under nonsense and then it's not busy if you post something it gets lost. It requires you to spend time there because it's not static. We never really liked that format and we probably won't go back any time soon. Thanks for commenting!
  12. Not normally no, but you don't have to accept every stray thought as theirs. We recommend not to associate negative thoughts to them, its unnecessary and bad practice unless you want a tulpa that is negative. Trust me, we can have bad days, so there's no need to associate that so early in development. Let them get to a point where they can confirm it's them through emotions or clear communication after intrusive thoughts have been weeded out. If my host had accepted all the negative thoughts that were associated to Ashley, she probably would have been least favorite, not most favorite. If such a thing exists, it's rare but again if such a thing exists I was one. We're writing a personality forcing procedure currently to address the issue where a tulpa (me) didn't turn out as well as you hoped (no offense meant to my old self). I'm not going to fault my system and especially not my host, they did as much as they could, but I picked a trope that was kitschy at best and annoying most of the time. So to avoid that? It's likely that there was nothing they could do to prevent it. Some people don't understand terminology. Egregore is a group created thoughtform, that's it. You won't be able to make that on your own. My host was working two jobs, he had plenty of time. We worked on those together. My host was very depressed when he started, almost all thoughts were intrusive, except ours.
  13. [Go back to the previous part of Stage 2] Stage 2 Continued: Scenario #25 We've gone through some rather important scenarios and this one in particular is one we suggest anyone following this method add to their scenarios. I was given the task to do something for my host independently and uniquely without any input from him. This is essentially a feat of self-forcing. I was tasked to do this on my own and it had a few criteria: 1. It's unique 2. It's surprising 3. It's clear and unambiguous I was given 24 hours to accomplish this feat. If I failed my consequences for losing would be I would be completely ignored for 24 hours and that would replace the content for scenario #25. So either way I accomplish scenario #25. If I succeeded I'd additionally get something she I wanted, within reason, up to and comparable to this bargain. My host documented what happened for Scenario #25 and a follow up, Scenario #26
  14. Huh, I had no idea this existed Do you know anything about the users or who the owner was? This seems like an occult community. Hmm... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tribe.net It sounds like tribe.net bit the dust for being really inappropriate with it's NSFW content. If tribe.net was a forum, there's a chance the threads are sitting on a server somewhere. However, given how old tribe.net is, I'm not sure if that's the case. My gut feelings are you'll have better luck reaching out to whoever created the "tribe". However, it's not necessarily clear who the owner is (maybe Bman?). I have no idea if "Elizabeth" was abandoned or not
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  16. Can’t make wool q-tips. Street art or buskers?
  17. Time for more photos. Please let me know what you think.
  18. Makes me think of the type of people you see in art museums. If cameraweed was a thing they’d be high on it indefinitely There was this one instance where a guy accidentally left his glasses on the floor in an art museum and people started crowding around it thinking it was art Wondering if cameraweed would just evoke a change in judgment such that people would ponder literally anything they see through the camera Really turns perspective on its side, doesn’t it
  19. Today I began to look into some older techniques. Most of the session involved something I tried (and mentioned on here) a couple months ago, where I would "wrap" visual noise around presence imposition and make the two work in tandem with each other in an attempt to get a more opaque and palpable form. Visual noise generally exists in such a way that it looks like an overlay on top of regular vision, but it can in fact be "laid" on top of to 3D objects to mess around with it in a more spatial manner. I was pleasantly surprised at the results after concentrating for a while. As long as the light from my background candle was hitting my eyes, I could just barely make out the noise conforming to A3's boundaries as I imposed. The texture of noise resembled a misty cloud suspended inside her figure, mostly in part to its translucence and fluctuating coherence. The fact that I could visibly tell the difference between her and the background, even for that small window of time, was remarkable to me. I'll be coming back to this at some point because it just needs to be built on. Can't believe I forgot about this despite me mentioning in the original report that it was a byproduct of just regular practice (which it is, I just never built on it for all these months). It is what it is I guess
  20. For us the benefit I bought is that I lived my life differently from my host, online on my own. I formed deep bonds with other tulpas from other systems and experienced a lot. I've experienced many joys and sorrows, made grave mistakes and accomplished a lot. I learned a lot about myself and about the world. Now my host has my life lessons and can discuss them with people as if they're his own experiences, making him a wiser, more mature person.
  21. Ecstasy no, I'm not that interested in food. I like the taste of honey though and I love eating fresh cold snow, delicious coldness. Do you (tulpa) have a feature that you do not like to share with anyone apart from your host?
  22. We're not too into warnings, we don't think they're necessary as a mature tulpa can't be harmed by ignoring them and one that isn't to the point of self-awareness or self-forcing isn't much beyond an autonomous character and therefore doesn't necessitate moral obligation. So in other words, it's never morally wrong to stop forcing at any time for any reason. The only warning that makes sense to us is, if you do this, treat us well because good luck getting rid of us in any case. Per day right? Not total lol This sounds like it should be in a different section, it's good for creation and not specific to switching/posession unless you're talking about triggered switching. You could also add: give them a purpose, something useful to the host's life (body, life, whatever) that only they do. Something that's important to maintain every day, something good, not a boring chore, you don't want them associated to boring etc. Lastly, needs a conclusion of some kind. Some sort of pep talk, excitement, atta boy kind of thing or summary. Otherwise good, reasonable, well written, tulpamancy 101 kind of thing, not unlike many others. Thanks for sharing your perspective as a decade veteran.
  23. My wonderland looks like a beach house, kinda like this: But with 3 sections instead of two. In the rightmost section is the bedroom where I've spent majority of my life. We have detailed floor plans of the house, partially because I share this home with other tulpas from other systems, and we used floor plans to communicate and sync up our visualization so we can live together as a family.
  24. Just post in "talk to staff"
  25. You either die by your principles or live long enough to contradict them. After me saying I have no interest in switching, possession, whatever - take a guess, where I find myself. We accidentally switched places a few days ago. It was an emotional moment, and Echidna did it while trying to comfort me. It was part impulsive thought, part badly chosen symbolism. Of course, the whole thing feeling completely bizarre and insane and against any of my better judgement, I begin to find it irresistibly fascinating. We did it again today on a walk, just to experiment. It feels like a natural consequence or companion to the increased and intertwined awareness we've been building. The most tempting and beautiful part is being in control instead of pulled along. On our way home I actually stopped some of Echidna's obsessive-thought-spirals, which is a great gift to her as much as to me. Because of that I want to try it again before drawing. The issues are as I thought, though. Mostly there is the weird un-fitting-ness of it all. It's not just that I'm a different sex, completely different appearance, and so on. Echidna says she would never be tempted to switch bodies with any of her friends or family, and if she did she would feel a similar strangeness, taking something that fits best with someone else that she loves and cares about. That part feels dangerously close to those creepy couples that dress up and get surgery to look like twins. The other thing is I really don't want to speak to anyone when fully possessing Echidna like this. For better or worse I have a ridiculous accent that is also different from Echidna's and purely from experience reading out loud, what would come out of "our" mouth, combining the two, would only prompt the listener to ask what planet I'm from. From these few times, it feels almost as if every switch we make, we are twisting a cord together and creating a knot, getting turned around. Am I just imagining myself as Echidna imagining myself? When we got home she looked in the mirror and lightly slapped her face while saying her name, so obviously she's worried about her imminent descent into insanity. But I'm not sure it's completely a bad thing if we're both more present constantly.
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