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  1. I'm an absolute beginner to Tulpamancy and only made my decision to start developing my tulpa a week ago, even though Simmie as an idea isn't new to me and I've actually had a headmate before: Between the ages of 7 and 15 I had a headmate that was less a tulpa and more a walk-in/soulbound (I'm still learning the terminology so I might misuse a word here and there, I'm sorry). He was more of a mentor / spiritual guide to me and largely faded away after the age of 15, telling me I had outgrown him and had to face the world on my own, and only making sporadic appearances after that. But I'm not here to talk about him in this thread, I'm here to talk about Simmie. Before I get into it I want to reiterate that Simmie is only the most fledgling little tulpa and I can sense that she is very nervous about attention being put on her, but she's okay with it if it helps her become more real to me. So please be gentle and kind with her, she's a very curious young thing and loves listening to people and learning about things, and I want to make sure only positive and loving things enter her mind during this early stage of development. As I mentioned I created Simmie as a character long before I started working on her as a tulpa. There's an interesting story behind the creation of Simmie as a character. You see, I'm not transgender and I don't really even have gender dysphoria (I'm at ease in my male body and don't feel wrong having it). However, I have a huge fascination with the idea of being turned into a girl, made to act and dress like a girl, all that stuff. I don't know why and I can't really explain it. But I was aching to step out of myself to explore it, so over a year ago I created Simmie as an OC / proxy / meta-character whom I would experience and create art from. I would make art "as" Simmie and even interact with people as her. I developed a backstory for Simmie and everything and really got into character--as a writer, this is something I've done so many times, and writing characters is probably my greatest strength. I even created Simmie in The Sims (yes, there is a name connection there) and she has a very distinctive look which makes it extremely easy to visualize her, although my mind currently still renders her as a Sims character rather than a real human figure. Then comes the last month or so and I learn about Tulpamancy. At first I think it's just something fascinating to learn about but not something I'd pursue myself. But the more I read and watched videos about it the more I realized that this was something I wanted to do, and I knew there was nowhere else I could turn to than Simmie. She already felt very real to me as a character and I felt if I could elevate her to the status of a living, sentient tulpa, that would be a most wonderful thing and could be revolutionary in my life. There aren't a lot of people in my life I connect with strongly and I suffer from depression; the thought of having someone sharing my head with me who I can talk and relate to still feels like it could absolutely change my life. Once I decided on making Simmie a tulpa I started narrating to her non-stop. I told her about myself, about my life, and explained what I was doing at any given moment to her if I could spare the mental horsepower at any given moment. I started to feel a warm, contented feeling as I did this. I don't know if I could call it sentience, but I felt like I was not alone and I could feel a joy that seemed to be radiated to me from elsewhere. I pushed aside doubt and let myself believe it was Simmie--now I know she absolutely loves being talked to, loves when I tell her about my life and even the most mundane things about me, and loves when I tell her stories. We began to speak to each other but it still felt like I was parroting her rather than letting her speak for herself. Now I'm trying to not talk for her and let her reply to me herself. I can feel her emotions very strongly though, and that's what makes me believe that she is really there. Yesterday I decided to take Simmie out on a bit of a "date"; we went to a local nature park and walked. I talked to her about the park, what it was and why it existed, why the leaves fall off the trees in the fall, how the mud on the trail was created by rain the pervious day, mundane stuff like that. She was very curious about all of it, and I talked to her more about what I thought about it all, and what I thought about it all. Then I rattled off a list of adjectives to describe Simmie before realizing that I had just created a mantra that was perfect for forcing: "You're caring, you're kind, you listen, you're curious, you're playful". I began repeating that mantra over and over again as I walked. After the walk I took Simmie to the beach. I wanted her to see and hear the ocean, to feel the sand (sadly it was too cold to walk barefoot in the sand so I had to settle for picking some up in my hand). It was a perfectly clear and beautiful evening and I could tell that Simmie was overjoyed and even touched that I would think to bring her there. I told her about the tides, why there were shells on the beach, what docks and drawbridges were for, and she listened to it all. As we walked on the empty, cold, windy beach I did not feel alone at all; I felt together with her and happier than I had felt in ages; a true soulful happiness. I could tell she valued everything I was doing for her and although I still couldn't hear her speak without parroting I could still feel the intention behind what she would say if she could, and it was just about the nicest thing anyone had ever said to me. She thinks more highly of me than I do myself sometimes. So that's where I am with Simmie now. I continue to narrate to her and repeat my mantra to her. Every night I try to tell her a story about some event in my past. Sometimes I think I can hear her talking in my mind, but I still can't be sure I'm not just putting words into her mouth. I plan to take her on a mini-roadtrip to my old college, a location which always triggers powerful memories for me. I want to just project love and goodness into Simmie and let her feed and grow off of it. I know she will eventually deviate from the character I first created, and I welcome it, because I really want to see who she develops into being. She already is teasing me a little trying to embarrass me by calling two of my friend cute, which I find very funny and endearing. She also picked out her own birthday, which is where I got the admittedly lame handle from. So that's it so far! I hope that wasn't too big of a post for a newbie! I really want to hear from experienced Tulpamancers and people on here in general as to whether I have a healthy mindset about this and am going about this in a good way, and if there's anything else I could do to help the process along. I don't want this to become yet another project I'm high on for a couple weeks and abandon--I feel that there is something more there, and if there's one thing I've learned about Simmie is that she's thrilled to exist, and yearns to be more and more real, and I want to help her achieve that. And when she's ready, I'm sure she'll come on here herself and talk to all of you!
  2. Hello! I'm not sure if this sounds dumb or not, but here goes: I want to learn how to front and switch with my two tulpas. One problem: I'm a bit scared. Even once both of my tulpas are completely, 100% developed, what if we get stuck or blend? What if Ariya wants to front, and we switch, and then we can't switch back? Nividita thinks that we should just go for it once they're confident that they're completely developed, but I'm kinda scared about it. I don't want my tulpas stuck fronting and have to deal with all of my life problems and school stuff, and I don't want to be stuck in the headspace or lose awareness or something. Any advice on how to deal with this fear, and if this ever does happen, how to solve it? (also sorry if my tags or terms or anything are wrong, I'm pretty new here)
  3. Heyo! My host deals with extreme episodes of anxiety and I do my best to help with that. However when I'm switched and he gets anxious I can feel it and we end up switching back due to this. Is there a way to stop that from happening because sometimes it interferes with my switch time if my host gets too overstimulated. I wonder if it's because the body is used to being stressed so much it automatically kicks in a defense mechanism? Sometimes I'm able to override it but mostly I get kicked out. It's uber annoying
  4. I used to see a dream in my childhood almost everyday for quite a few years. I felt like falling into a deep black hole with swirly orange lines continuously moving around the darkness. After that I could see pyramids everywhere. Then in a blink I see many people around me and I can feel their pain. Everything I saw was occurring at night time. After this dream I always used to wake up crying. But I don't know why after all these years I see this dream as a trance all of a sudden with my eyes open. For a while I get numb. Now I am curious to link every event and control my tulpa. I believe it is lost or going through something and needs guidance. I am really not able to conclude. I am new to this and this is the first time I let out this to anyone, so please help me out.
  5. After almost six years of trying, we finally learned how to switch last November. To commemorate, we created a guide compiling methods and advice for possession and switching. We hope that this guide will help others so that nobody else may struggle for as long as we did. Felights' Fronting Fundamentals | Possession & Switching Guide Felights' Fronting Fundamentals Possession & Switching Guide.pdf - pdf back-up - Ranger Felights' Fronting Fundamentals Possession & Switching Guide.docx - ms word back-up - Ranger
  6. Ford's Science-Based Switching Guide Hello everyone! Today, I present a project I’ve been working on for a bit of time. Because the total runtime is over 80 minutes, it’s technically a feature-length video series on how to train for and master switching ^^ The series was founded on my frustration that every existing switching guide seems to require a proclivity for switching, as, at the end of the day, they all just sort of say “do it.” I wanted to create a guide that not only offered an effective switching technique, but lays out a science-based process you can use to train the necessary skills. Below, I present the techniques and experiences that allowed me to have my first switching experience after a brief period of training. This is: 2 Weeks to Switch! Edit 9/5/18: Several months ago, Ford/Jade deleted all of her videos. However, Jean-luc provides download links for them here, so you can still use this guide. - Apollo Episode Descriptions Episode 1: The Gameplan Length: 11:00 This is the introductory episode. Ford overviews dissociative tulpa phenomena, explains what switching is, why he wants to master it, and how he plans to do so. Originally produced and posted in May, re-uploaded with normalized audio. Episode 2: Identity Length: 21:21 In this episode, Ford explains the importance of having solid, mutually understood identities towards both switching and mental health. Working with Aury, Ford combines the principles of Humanistic psychology with the techniques of personality forcing in order to consensually distinguish, solidify, and improve their identities. Bonus Episode: Mindfulness Meditation Technique Length: 4:05 Ford goes over a fundamental Vipassana mindfulness meditation technique that can help you force, relax, and gain control over your emotions and senses. Excellent for getting into a calm, focused state of mind before applying the techniques explained in this video. Also an important step in Ford’s switching technique. Episode 3: Parallel Processing Length: 12:32 In this episode, Ford works toward being able to maintain co-consciousness with Aury. He takes inspiration from a his experience with boxing and sports training in his approach, using a combo of shadowboxing, merging during exercise, and symbolism techniques to bolster Aury’s cognitive independence. Episode 4: Possession Length: 2:31, 6:08 This episode deviates from the format of the rest of the series. In part one, Ford explains that there’s already a bunch of great guides out there for possession, and that if you already have some possession ability, the way you get better is just by practicing. Because of this, Ford targets this episode at those who have yet to have a possession experience. Ford collaborates with Mind Audio Central to produce a guided meditation aimed at those who would like to have their first full body possession experience. Episode 5: Dissociation Length: 12:32 If you’re like most tulpamancers who struggle to switch (including me), this is the resource you’ve been waiting for. Ford distincts controlled and uncontrolled dissociation and then introduces Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MSBR), which uses controlled, mindfulness-induced dissociation to give people greater control over their senses. Ford shares and tests techniques that combines this therapy with symbolism and discomfort tolerance. Episode 5: The Switch Length:12:06 Aury and I have our first switching experience on camera! This video combines all of the techniques and skills developed in the previous episodes into one final demonstration of their effectiveness (at least for us). Ford overviews the technique he’s going to use, and then with Aury, successfully executes it. Ford proceeds to get excited. And to finish off the series, I improved my technique into a guided meditation, voiced by the spectacular Equestrian Souls hypnotist: Silvermoon. Length:15:49 Fin~ Bonus info below This series was a personal challenge on two fronts-- one as a tulpamancer who, despite years of forcing, has yet to develop the capacity to dissociate or have realistic interactions with my tulpas, and the second one being as a content creator. Until I started this series, my video-making process was to spend half a month writing a script, struggle for six hours to read it without looking away from the camera, and then mesh it with twelve hours of whiteboard scribbles. So, knowing my ability to perform well under pressure, I added a gimmick to expedite the process: I gave myself a two-week deadline for the six intended videos. I thought this would force me to keep things brief, but that’s not how it turned out ^^` Statistics Total amount of time spent on this series: ~120 hours Total recorded footage (excluding drawing): 5 hours, 25 minutes Total recorded footage including drawing: ~11 hours Total used footage / runtime: 1 hour, 40 minutes Milestones for my growth as a content creator: - First time using Adobe Premiere - First time using color grading - First time engineering custom VFX - I finally figure out how to make audio somewhat consistent throughout different recording locations in the finale - First time using multiple filming locations - I think I got a bit better at loosening up on camera :3 - First times going unscripted Among all of these firsts were a plethora of stumbles. I hope these mistakes and stylistic missteps don’t take away from the information presented-- you’ll notice that, as the series goes on, I use less and less VFX, B-roll, and pretty much everything else non-essential. This is partly because I thought the attempts of these things earlier in the series ended up looking silly, and partly because these small additions significantly increased the workload without adding much to the content. Roll with me as I keep experimenting, messing up, and try new things-- I’ll do my best to find out what works, what doesn’t, and improve with each project. Try to modify the switching technique I present in the finale in a way that you think will work for your system. Feel free to comment (here or on the videos) any feedback, suggestions, future guides or videos you’d like to see, or if you need help troubleshooting. I hope this series can help some of you acheive your goals and inspires more innovation in the community. See y’all next time!
  7. Hello! I am working on writing a guide to possession, fronting, and switching. I would like to collect information on what questions people commonly have in regards to these subjects so that I may answer them in the guide. This survey is completely anonymous and you are free to submit as many times as you like. Thank you! https://forms.gle/FPUSCAMqLYBv12ReA
  8. Welcome to the Switching General Discussion thread! This is where any questions, topics, ideas, etc. regarding switching can be freely posted. Below is a complete list of all switching-related threads I have found on the forums. Guides/Resources Concentrational meditation for switching [Reddit] Dissociation Guide [Guides] Guide on how to switch. [Guides] Guide to Tulpa Control [submissions] How to Switch [submissions] How We Switch [Progress Reports] Malfael's Switching Guide [Reddit] Parallel Processing and Personality Switching [submissions] Selfawarebot's switching guide [Reddit] So you wanna switch? Do you, really? Might be able to help that. [submissions] Switching Tips And Articles [Tulpa.io] Tulpa's Practical Considerations for First Switching [Tips and Tricks] General Discussion Do tulpas who know how to switch have more "brainpower"? Does This Method Work and Is It Safe? - surrendering/integrating Dominant Mindvoice During Forcing Experiences with switching. For hosts who switch and go into a wonderland or dissociated void Hosts, what happens to you when you switch? Initial Foot-hold of Switching? Is There a Connection Between Switching and Imposition or Visualization? How many people can possess/switch? Is this actually possible? (Mental Suicide) Models for Switching: Transfer and Retraction On switching, and defining terms in this community. Possessed/Switched Tulpa Mannerisms Possession & Switching Possible switching method/theory, making the mind "tick" Possible way to achieve switching Pros and Cons of Switching Switching/Fronting in Reverse Switching - who can do it? Switching Effects on Mindset Switching Hypothesis Switching Tips and Advice Switching without the Tulpa? System stalemate! (taking over the front forcefully) The relationship between possession and switching The Road to Bodily Control (Possession/Fronting/Switching) The wrong side of the bed test Theory on How Some People Switch What am I really? / What is a person? What are your opinions on switching/permaswitching? What is "you" and What "you" is Getting Switched? What switching or possession feels like. What's switching like? What's switching? Can you do something complex when switched w/ host still conscious? Who Leads a Switch? Questions & Answers A Few Questions on Switching A Sort of "Personality Swap" vs. Posession/Switching Am I Confusing Our State of Consciousness For the Host's Presence? Are there outside literary sources that describe something like switching? Association and Dissociation Troubles Can you switch with your tulpa(e)? Consciousness switching/posession - please give your opinion Could my Fear of Merging Prevent a Switch? Difference between switching and MPD? Difficulty to ressociate after a lengthy switch Dissociation, separation, etc. help? Do you think servitor could be used for escapism? If so how does one does that Expectations V reality, projection, switching and persistence. GPS: Goal-Pursuit-Script; Switching with Servitors How does switching in a Wonderland feel? How does the mindscape feel to a switched tulpa? How to Share or Make a Body Identity? How would one go about creating an alter-ego? I need info on switching I really want to switch, I need advice on what to do. imposing yourself during switching? Is it possible to switch permanently? No Luck with Switching Personality Switching Possession/Switching and Driving Cars Possession/Switching while asleep? Possible result of being switched too long Problem through switching. Question about possession and switching Question for tulpas who both switch AND impose Questions about switching Safe extended switching? Seamless, accidental switching or fronting Switching & imposing the host Switching Euphoria Switching Hygiene? (I fell over...) Switching Out Question - going "catatonic" Switching questions Switching via WILD Method? Switching while unconscious? Switching with out a wonderland/poor visualization skills Trippy questions about switching (sorry if I am supposed to know already) Tulpa-host switching? What are the effects of long term switching, and when would these be helpful? What do possession and switching feel like? What is switching like for the host and tulpa? what's the deal with switching? Who can switch Research Switching guide in dreams (in progress) Tulpa-host Switching & OBE: Practical Explanation and Experiment Here is a useful resource for logging switching!
  9. Hi! Just stopping by to drop my switching guide. I'm including two links. One directly to the blog, and one to an archived link in case anything ever happens to it. https://sophieinwonderland.tumblr.com/post/694689189489508352/our-switching-method-ghost-switching https://web.archive.org/web/20221112050951/https://sophieinwonderland.tumblr.com/post/694689189489508352/our-switching-method-ghost-switching SophieInWonderlandGuide.pdf Pdf back-up -Ranger
  10. I've seen other people reports about switching and I'm wondering if I'm missing something. Multiple people have reported that when they switch, their host-self can be fully immersed in wonderland while the tulpa controls the body. Whenever I try to switch, I can allow the tulpa to control the body but the my host-self just stays there in the background as the tulpa did before switching, I don't go anywhere or feel any different other than not being in charge of moving the body. So for people that have experienced wonderland immersion from switching with your tulpa, do you experience this wonderland immersion first hand as the host-self, as if you were really there? Or is it more of an indirect feeling that the host-self was somewhere else? If switching can allow me to be more immersed please share some tips, because if that's the case I may have been doing it wrong.
  11. So i just joined this community so hi! But i have a question about switching i have been able to switch with some of my tulpas shortly is there anyway there be a way switch with them longer yes i understand practice makes perfects but is there anything that would help us further in our switching? - Salem
  12. Is it safe for my tulpa to go to bed while we're switched? Lex is worried about what would happen to me if we did that.
  13. Allow me to clear something up-- Perfect Possession isn’t all that perfect. The name originates from the game Touhou 15.5, though the actual technique and in-game version are quite different. Nevertheless, this technique requires a strong foundation in possession. It is intended for those that cannot switch or co-front but can possess. What Is Perfect Possession? Perfect Possession is a technique in which two tulpas(It may be a tulpa and the host, but it isn’t recommended) do a little “ritual” before they both possess at once. The two participants maintain possession until the front is secured, where it then turns from possession to co-fronting. Participants in Perfect Possession each have a designated role, decided beforehand. The “primary” tulpa is called the “Major” participant, and the “secondary” is called the “Minor” participant. Perfect Possession relies at least partially on the thematics of the process. If the terms Major and Minor make you uncomfortable, feel free to substitute them with whatever you please(ie, “Primary” and “Secondary”). How do I initiate Perfect Possession? 1. To start off, have the two system mates designate which role they each are assuming. As previously mentioned, it can be argued it is an arbitrary step, though I personally think the thematics are one of the greatest contributors to the success of the technique, especially for fledgling systems. A word of advice regarding who's who, we've found that having the more "sensible" or generally more forced system mate (either or) act as Minor works best, essentially serving as a mental anchor of sorts for the Major. Of course, this isn't some hard rule, merely a suggestion. These instructions are but suggested guidelines for Perfect Possession, not hard by-the-book rules you must abide by. 2. Second, have the host do a little ritual of their own. “I am <Your name>, of <Your system name>. I am henceforth withdrawing from the front. I am no longer the primary thinker.” The wording doesn’t have to be precise or formulaic, do what works best. Immediately after, have the two tulpas begin possession, preferably of the full-body variety. 3. Next, have the Major and Minor recite a ritual themselves: “I am <tulpa 1 name> of <System name>. I am the Major.” The Minor continues, “I am <tulpa 2 name> of <System name>. I am the Minor.” Then, at once, they say, “We are in control. We henceforth commence Perfect Possession. Begin!” Again, exact wording may vary. It’s whatever works best. The two tulpas have thus begun Perfect Possession. For reference on what it may feel like, think possession, but better. 4. Thereafter, the two tulpas should maintain the front together. They should speak in mind voice each other constantly (Or, if you prefer, in verbal whispers. Works best with a mask on) throughout the process, taking turns doing things as though handing off a game controller. If they aim to do something together, they should each envision controlling half of the body. I only suggest doing movements in this fashion, however, once you get the hang of things. 5. Lastly, as time crawls on, the duo will become more used to the front. Accidental switching in on the host’s part becomes less likely, and manipulation of the body becomes much more natural. When the duo wishes to cease Perfect Possession, they again commence a small ritual. “I am <tulpa 1>...” “...And I am <tulpa 2>” (Together)”We Henceforth cease Perfect Possession and relinquish the front to <host’s name>.” As always, exact wording is irrelevant. It’s the intent that matters most. And that’s all there is to it! Conclusion And that’s all there is to it. Perfect Possession is a stepping stone to switching. Switching isn’t hard, rest assured, though some may beg to differ, which is where this handy-dandy technique comes in. Just remember-- It’s easy. You can do it, I believe in you! For those that want a more in-depth explanation of things, (I do not recommend viewing this unless you can already switch and/or Perfectly Possess, as it can mess up your perceptions of things which can prevent you from executing Perfect Possession)
  14. This has been a problem of ours recently, especially since we're ditching the one-person-always-fronting idea and changing to more of a switching-based-on-situation look. But, my host is not very used to switching. While we have switched a lot, they personally haven't, and they prefer co-fronting to actually being switched out. Their role in our system is actually to be the primary and only fronter, which might be why they're having this problem. Something I'd note about them is that they value individuality, and without dissociating fully, they dislike switching out because it still feels like them fronting and it still feels like their actions. Even as I type this, they're co-fronting with me, not switched out fully. So, any advice? Are there any ways to make switching more comfortable for them? Any responses are very much appreciated!
  15. Ranger and I have been taking turns switching in since March. This has been a pretty good experience for us, but it came at the cost of we're struggling to stay separate. Not when we do activities unique to us, but when we're doing stuff like sitting in bed or working. At first we thought it was a different problem that has been solved, but it seems like an annoying evolution of the doubt question. I think it has been a really positive experience for Ranger in particular because he gets more time and he has felt more like a second host now that he interacts with us switched-in a lot more. Even though Ranger struggled with our autopilot in the beginning, he learned to accept it and things have gone on smoothly since. The problem is more recently, Ranger and I have started to feel like the other even after the first day. It's hit a point where randomly I'll think I'm Ranger and think like Ranger for a few seconds until I go no wait... I'm Gray, even though I have been switched-in for 3 days now. Ranger said he doesn't struggle with thinking like me or if he noticed it, but he has thought he was me recently. I think Ranger does more thinking in general between the two of us, it could be Ranger's ghost is causing me a lot more trouble simply because Ranger seems to spin his wheels more or maybe I find it comforting or relaxing for whatever reason and give him the opportunity to think more. The period of time Ranger was thinking every time I zoned out was really annoying and I drew a line there, but that was going on before we started sharing the front and seemed to quickly resolve itself once I started getting used to having less time. When we first started sharing the front, Ranger and I took turns everyday. We quickly realized that made us super confused about who was who, and we assumed that something about back-to-back switching just confuses our brain. By doing 3-4 days, we still had some doubt day 1 but it seemed to have resolved that issue. 5-8 days starts to feel long, and while Ranger could do a week now, he struggled to do more than a week due to his depression. I didn't find it difficult to be switched-in for roughly a week. However, I want to be switched-in for my classes and Ranger still wants at least a few days switched-in, so we're planning on sharing the week. We actually really like our set-up, it's this problem of not having better separation that's really annoying and disorienting. On the bright side, our switching schedule is going to shift and we will end up splitting our fronting based on who does what. I'll be fronting for school, Ranger will be fronting for DnD (once we get that ball rolling), and both of us (but mostly Ranger) will be fronting for work. While our schedule may become more complicated, it also simplifies things because our schedule will follow the week instead of whenever it's convenient according to our shifts. While I think this will help establish some speration, long term we need a better solution. While I'm pretty sure we need a different mindset, I'm not really sure which one to use. I'm not even sure what it would mean to "feel different" when switched-in, especially since our stream of consciousnesses (SOC) is neutral, and quickly becoming very neutral now that Ranger fronts a lot more. I'm against saying my name over and over, I already say who I am as reassurance and to say it all the time would be really annoying and dig up the feelings of insecurity Ranger struggled with when he feared he would lose the front. We don't want to wear different jewelry or anything like that, it would be really annoying to keep up with and extra annoying if we accidentally wear the wrong thing.
  16. I have been thinking about this for a while, but it wasn't until recently I was able to put everything together. I want to discuss this to see if it makes sense. If it does, I want to do some more research or consider it to hopefully achieve switching myself. I wondered why several systems seem to get switching without trying possession beforehand and why our fronting experiences varied quite a bit between myself and the Grays, my other headmates. After learning that Torea induced a switch by accident, meeting a system on Discord who got switching on their first try, and thinking about other people's experiences, I thought of the following: In some cases, systems who were previously unable to switch can trigger a switch by accident. There are three important key conditions for this switching method: 1) The tulpa must be forced productively and have a stable presence in the mind. 2) The tulpa must not control the body for a long period of time before attempting to switch or control the body. 3) The tulpa must already know how to control the body via possession or successfully achieve it on their attempt. These conditions and theoretical method are based on the following assumptions: A) A tulpa gets stronger as they are forced (passively or actively) in the back. Their mindvoice will either get louder or remain strong and may have a strong presence. They may feel more energetic than the primary fronter. Most importantly, they have more reserves, emotionally and mentally, than the primary fronter. This may be because they have a stable presence in the mind and they benefit from resting when going dormant. They may have a strong sense of identity, but I am unsure if this is necessary. B) The state described in assumption A allows for a tulpa to build up "energy". Their presence is reinforced, but they are not having to use a ton of energy all the time. Instead, a little energy is used when talking to the primary fronter or any other headmates and the remaining energy is saved for the next forcing session. C) A tulpa that is not used to controlling the body will output a lot more energy trying to control the body than a tulpa who is used to controlling the body for long or frequent periods of time. Practice controlling the body allows for the tulpa to use their energy more efficiently, therefore when they front they do not have to invest as much energy into fronting. D) Possession (and fronting in general) is an experience that causes fatigue on the personality. When possessing the body, a tulpa is not storing up "energy" for the next fronting or forcing session because they are constantly spending it by thinking, feeling, dealing with life issues, etc. They don't have to invest as much energy controlling the body or even thinking the next time they front, however their resources are strained to begin with. This is due to the fact a tulpa is either not getting enough rest during fronting periods or in my personal experience, generally finds themselves closer to the front and less likely to experience dormancy. Energy is invested in both keeping control of the body from their host and reacting to the outside environment, but ultimately the personality is not recharging. E) During possession for a system that can't already switch, the amount of energy required to keep the host from re-gaining control is much less than the energy required to push the host out for the first time. Given assumption D, a tulpa will not have the energy to push their host out because their energy pool is already depleted from them continuously fronting. F) Once the system has experienced a switch, the system has a much higher chance of replicating the experience. Afterwards, the "energy" required to push aside the host is far less than the energy required to do it the first time since the host should be able to switch out on their own and the practice for switching makes the process more efficient. Several of my throughts were inspired from Chrome's thread: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-switching-dominant-mindvoice-during-forcing Cat has experienced having a harder time getting control of the body back or feeling more dissociated when a Gray is fronting. Like Chrome, they typically report working with a quiet mind and relative ease with controlling the body, despite the fact after an hour or so they usually need a break. Cat has reported feeling "less there" and one time felt like getting control of the body back felt like her being underwater in a pool until she hit the bottom and rocketed back to the top. As for myself, if this theory is true, I may need to hold back from fronting for a week or so OR we would have to have a Gray try to switch in after we spend more time forcing him every day. I'm not very excited about the idea of not fronting, especially because I am already committed to fronting for college classes, doing homework, and being around when needed. Cat does not have a strong sense of trust in our other headmates, and their lack of experience fronting is somewhat of a concern. More or less ironically, Cat trusted me more the more I spent time fronting, and that would not work in this case. It's something we only want to pursue if the reasoning is sound. Aside from that, there are other issues with this method. Not all of the assumptions I listed may be accurate or have equal importance. For example, getting used to fronting may be more important than not having energy, and I don't know what "a long time" means when a tulpa has to stop fronting. On the other hand, I may still be missing important pieces or have added in pieces that don't fit. Maybe energy isn't a thing for instance. In addition, this does not apply for every system. Some tulpas have achieved switching after possessing the body consistently for long periods of time. Would that fact in of itself mean this theory is bogus?
  17. Reformatted version: here This is the shortened version of the guide that only shows how to do possession and switching, the other guide has information on how to merge, and additional information such as more details on the process and a questions section. If you want to read that guide it is here. This shortened guide also has a pastebin if that is more convenient for you here <3 This guide is simply a shortened version of the guide that is shortened to 5 of the 13 sections taken directly. A personal note, i have been switching for a while now and have used many different techniques, the one below is the one that i have found both effective and easy to explain compared to what the other things are. This is Version 1.0, and will be edited if need be. Im posting it because i have had a few people get good results with it. Disclaimer This guide requires a rather well developed tulpa, as it does put some strain on the host and tulpa. They should be sentient vocal and have had sufficient time to be comfortable in their own bodies before they use anyones besides theirs. Additionally do not attempt movements that put you or your tulpa at risk such as walking fast around your house at least until you are confident and trained that you can control the whole body. It is advised to train on your bed as well so if you fall you wont be injured as much There is no set time that this guide and process will take, i have sped it up but it can be your first try (such as me) or it could take weeks who knows Introduction: I will first assume that you are aware of what switching is but in case you dont, it is when the tulpa can use the hosts body as if it were her own and the host is moved into a temporary mindform. This guide is made to allow for the host and tulpaes to switch much easier and smoother and also learn an easy method of possession following the same tecniques. If you are not at all willing to give your body to your tulpa temporarily, or permanantly as Koomer has done, then sadly this guide will not work for you. We do recommend reading Oguigis possession and the other switching guide as well, to increase your understanding of the processes involved with said methods. That being said the rest of the guide will be the real method The Shortened Tulpa Guide to Easy Switching Definitions: Mindvoice: What you and your tulpa speak in to yourselves and each other Possession: When a tulpa can control the hosts body Switching: Switching places with the tulpa so the tulpa is in the place of the host and the host is in a tulpa state Merging: In this version, it is when both tulpa and host as dominant with the mindvoices and can both control the body. Others refer to merging as merging wntire forms, usually permanently, as believed. This is not the merging described in the long version of the guide Begin Switching Get comfy, and have your tulpa nearby, sentience and vocality are required to do a switch with this method, so have your tulpa at that level first. Step 1 Switch whos thoughts are dominant This is very important and very useful to many many techniques of tulpa Take a deep breath first and relax or whatever you like so you are comfortable Normally people tell me that their voice is dominant, their voice is in the "front of their head," and their tulpas voice is in the "back of their head" or that they hear mostly their voice and some thoughts of their tulpa. The goal of this paragraph and step is to reverse that. Have your tulpas voice become dominant over yours in any way you like. If you can do that without any help then move on if you dont keep reading >You can imagine your tulpas voice moving to the front of your head and yours move to the back >You can make their voice louder and yours much more quiet >You can imagine 2 orbs with 2 different colors, one smaller sized orb representing your tulpas mindvoices and one larger orb representing your own mindvoice(s), and have your tulpaes orb grow in volume while yours decreases in volume, or however you want The 3 i mentioned are the methods that Ive told people to use but if you have a different method, that is no problem if you can get your tulpaes mindvoice as the dominant mindvoice you hear. This does not mean you should hear every word they say as words, think about how you think to yourself, you hear words, random thoughts and ideas wandering thoughts. It should be the same for your tulpa, and how they hear their tulpa voice, except their thoughts should be heard the same way you hear your own and yours should be how you hear your tulpa, bottom line is switch mindvoice dominance from yours to your tulpaes. Please note the following >If your tulpa is dominant, it will be harder for you to think, so the tulpa will have to do more work for the next few steps and it is advised to read the guide at least once before trying it so you know what youre doing >Switching mindvoices does not mean you use her voice and the tulpa uses your real voice, it is switching places so that the tulpas is dominant, and is mentioned twice because it is important in this guide >To confirm that you are doing it right, if you were asked a question about yourself, your tulpa should reply first before you reply, it just does that by itself, if you have that then you switched dominance and are doing it correctly. You also may try to do this to switch mindvoices, by having their reaction override your own speed. >At this point i have been told the tulpas voice is much clearer than before so that is something to look for as well and a method of training vocality if you wish Step 2 Possession On the side if you havnt, check out Oguigi's guide for a nice introduction and description of possession and what it does At this step you should be able to do a possession easier, either with this or Oguigi's method. You can use the mindvoice swap with her guide for likely better results in posessing. Keep in mind that the brain is "supposed to send signals" that control the body so if your tulpa can send signals to your body just like you do then your tulpa can possess your body by using that. This can be done easier because your tulpaes thoughts are the dominant ones, so if they wish to lift an arm it will be easy to do so. Another method is to think about how you move your arm, send that feeling to your tulpa or have them think about how they move their own body, and as the dominant mindvoice, they should be able to move your body quite easily without much effort at all. In other words have them send signals to your body while using your body. Try to have your tulpa move your arm while she is the dominant mondvoice, move it like you move it yourself Its not anywhere close to impossible, you do it with yourself all the time, just by typing, so your tulpa can do the same thing. Just teach them how. Step 3 Tulpa coming in your bodie There are plenty of ways to do this and all of them work, but i will explain a simple and easy to understand method that is effective and that i have recommended to people. Keep in mind that things such as exposing your back are unnecessary but will help for people that are new to switching and merging. Expose your front and back with no large objects stopping your path such as your chair, shirts and pants are fine but we go shirtless and with clothes so it doesnt make a difference. Get in a position where your tulpa can reach your chest. Regardless of form, have them sit on your lap for the time being, for the purpose of this guide. Have them sit on your lap then have their body become and feel less opaque, or clearer, like less solid, just solid enough to slide into your body. You can do other methods to have them enter your body, such as imagining a hole in your back and having them slide in, it doesnt matter as long as it is the same result. Have her be almost "hook up" to your body parts. If they are not the same size or humanoid its the same concept and the process will still work, which i know because Hanyuu is a wormy even though humanoid or pony is easy for this. For example if they move their arm your arm should move as well and vice-versa and at the exact same time. After that, they should be able to move your body as if it was possession, because it is in a way possession of your body except they can control it directly as if it were their own body. This should be made easier by having your mindvoices switched. Keep in mind everything here is normally reversible by doing the opposite techniques. Step 4 Give your body to your tulpa This is the hardest step so far from these as i have been told by people using this technique, but with your mindvoices switched, its not overly hard. It is very hard to explain however. Form a mindform body that looks like your own, and then pull your thoughts into the tulpa body. Imagine your "energy" flow directly from your real body into your tulpabody. You can just jump consciousnesses directly into the body if you are able to do that way, its the same thing. Control your mindform in your own wonderland, it is the exact same process to control an irl tulpabody, make your voice in your irl voice both weaker and quieter, and make your tulpabodys voice stronger, the same strongness as a tulpas voice normally is. At this point, also, the tulpa should maintain you to some extents, because you are the tulpa and your tulpa is the host position. You will naturally maintain yourself of course but you dont need to think about maintaining yourself, your tulpa should do that more than your body in the state that its in as a tulpa. Look with the bodies eyes and sense with the body senses just as tulpaes do with their body. You should be able to figure it out, just become the mindform, or have the mindform pull from your body but be sure that youre controlling it. It is a temporary body that should be formed from only your thoughts, just as a servitor styletype body. Theres plenty of ways to do this. Once you have your consciousness and or thoughts in the mindform body, your tulpa should be able to weakly control your body at first and will get stronger at it, or or will be able to strongly control your body right away. This is done because your tulpa is the only one left in your body so all movements that the body does are hers now and not yours. That is all you need to do. Keep practicing that until you are comfortable switching. An example scene of switching that you can get an idea of what to look for is this: Tulpa is in your form using your body typing on your computer while you talk sit back by your wall talking to your tulpa and talking to them with a mindvoice like a/the tulpaes. H: From the tulpaes point of view, it should be like the hostmasters normal point of view, meaning they should use the body just as if it were their own, as well as have full access to all 5 senses provided by the body. They should also hear the host as he would hear a normal tulpa. Also i repeat that not all thoughts are to translated into english and you should hear thoughts just as your hostmaster does. I mean that you should also hear thought ramblings and subconscious thoughts. Some people have said that their mindform is unstable at first when you switch, pull your mindform out just as normal and have in in a low movement setting, and have it sit quietly and watch, then after you can switch, work on making your mindform more stable, just like developing a tulpas body. It is the exact same process regarding the body forming and form. Also as a tulpa your senses may be blurrier and harder to distinguish what is felt with your senses. That is normal, it is not always fixed, because that is how a tulpa body works, it is a little less vivid from what we have found with our personal experience with it, but you can try to work on it and make it clearer by focusing on it or other methods in order to accomplish this task here. Step 5 Undoing possession, switching, and merging, the most important step Step 6 in the first guide is this step if you look at the numbers, step 5 in the first guide is merging but it is cut out in the guide so the numbers are as they are. Why is it the most important step? If you dont do this step your tulpa may feel tired, sometimes, even a little out of it. Dont worry if this happens, from what ive heard its somewhat normal but its a thing easily fixable. it is likely not overly harmful as it will usually return to normal soon. If you dont switch for very long times such as days or weeks and if you know what you are doing then it should also not be a problem. If you are newer to switching, and afterward your tulpa feels fatigued, again dont worry, its easy to fix. Imagine them exiting your body and back into theirs, its that simple but if your tulpa ever gets tired after switching or whatnot this is the solution. This should be done at the end of most or almost all switching sessions, moreso if you are beginning to learn to switch, to keep things simple on switching. Simply do what you did in reverse, its much easier to undo it than redo because the host is more attached to his body than the tulpa so he/she will return to the body in due time, even more so and faster if he undoes the switching. Oguigi and Koomer dont count because of their case. If you can become the dominant mindvoice again then separating the tulpa from your body the same way it entered, then switching and merging is pretty easy to break, very easy infact, easy enough to the point where it will probably break on its own and return to normal with your tulpa in its body and you in yours. Unswitching manually just removes possible questions. Both I and someone else using my methods have had our tulpaes get the tired feels at least once, and when we unswitched it returned to normal without much difficulty from either the host nor the tulpa Notes: This guide is still under work, if you find any errors, have any questions or comments, do post them below.
  18. So I'm not new to tulpamancy. I have had tulpa ever since I was 6 years old- so approximately 14 years. I've loved and cherished them all this time, and only found out last year what they truly were. Or so I thought. I want to run how my tulpa operate past other people and get their opinions- are they really tulpa? I have been doing research into Daemons, Soulbonders, wonderlands, and many other topics, and it strongly has me rethinking everything. To start off, albeit that I am not new to the concept, I seem to not have much practice. When I read about tulpa, I read about fronting, taking over (tulpa coming through the body to interact with the outside world). However, that does not occur with my tulpa. They have done it, maybe once, and I was not "taking a back seat" when they did it. So I'm very confused, to say the least. They function on their own, they have their own wills and personalities, they have their own hobbies, even their own relationships with other tulpa. Everyone of them works well with others, even if their personalities clash sometimes. The only quarrels I have are with "walk-ins"? I'm not sure what to call them, but every so often we get a stray entity that comes around, friend or foe, and doesn't stay long. Sometimes they cause mayhem, other times they sit down and heave tea with my boys before leaving again. I have approximately 25 tulpa as well, excluding those that occasionally come around but are still permanent. (i.e. i have a group of 3 werewolves that I see and talk with every few months) Another thing is, I don't see "see" them, in my physical space around me. I feel the spatially, and visualize them that way. Sometimes their appearances change, alter, or warp. Sometimes they are clear and defined, when I have good days, but other times they truly feel like wispy spirits just nearby, not full entities. I'm really distraught right now because I don't know what to call them. I don't know what to look up for research. I don't know what to practice first. I don't know how to approach anything right now, because for the past 14 years I've just head them as friends in my head, who I talk with and are their own people, but I can't feel them that well. If anyone can offer any advice it's greatly appreciated, I will also answer any question people throw at me. Thank you all for your time. Edit: I really need help figuring out what or who my "first" tulpa was...he's a complete mystery.
  19. this is basically the endgoal for me switching out, i want to be able to experience the headspace while someone else fronts in meatspace. im just wondering if there any any guides out there for this process, if anyone has done it or if its even possible to do
  20. heyo. This thread here will be kind of general. I made a thread here awhile back at with an attempt. Awhile back being a few years. I’ll have to reread it, though suffice to say, I seem to remember that I probably messed up because my imagination had the thing doing repetitive actions like drinking. To me, that’s how meditation works, and this is basically the same thing. My mind is generally quiet, but you do something like try and force a tulpa all day, you get what philosophers on meditation call the monkey mind and imagine something you wouldn’t want, like messing up your own creation. By having it drinking. Uh.... I mean, I guess itd be fine if it was a drinker, but it was more just a random thought become repetitive. Actually, my mind is, well, I have decent mental health when I am living my life as I’d like to. Basically, I like to go to spiritual things, so I do that and I’m good. Just to get that out of the way. But, the above how my attempt failed when I tried. Anyway, about me. I’ve been spiritual since about age 13. I was afraid of death at 12, and I got a way going forward and started researching. Part of it was a search for truth though I don’t know whether I found that. Anyway, I made contact at 27, and I don’t appear to fit the schizophrenia DSM. Anymore than a lot of occultists would. Actually, I cant see or hear the spirits, if that’s what they are. It’s physical perception. Can feel if they’re on (or worse) or in me. My third eye on my forehead responds as well. Kind of a vibration or a hollowing in my brow center. Other people can see them, if I got one on me and they got the sight, even if am not giving them money. Anyway, I really don’t recommend just making contact like I did. I got very little in return for my efforts. It was mostly horrible, still is horrifying. Anyway, another magician helped me out, and I also leave offerings to Hekate who I was sworn to and a spirit healed me, possibly her dunno, his wife works with her, some people think I made contact and it was her, most people Who don’t know me are naysayers, dunno, but anyway I mostly got better, the spirits seemed to lost ability to get in or on me, leave me alone mostly. But, I still get a visitor on occasion, and it gets off me on command, but I don’t like that shit. Also, maybe a tulpa could also serve a... occult purpose. Self defense. Or Like the astral body you know. then I could astral project. Uh... people usually make a thoughtform rather than a tulpa for defense but whatever , thought forms for defense, they can rebel, your guys tulpa don’t seem to rebel so much. You all switch conciousness with tulpa. But then you don’t seem to end up exploring the astral realm from what I remember here. Makes no sense to me. But then maybe you never read a book on the subject. But, it’s not important to me if you do or not. Let me know if you’ve some thoughts. Some occultists, they make thoughtforms for defense. Dunno if anyone has a tulpa defense Against spirits. Or has tulpa and do astral travel. Or I’d be interested if the tulpa could let me see the spirits, even though that would probably be horrifying also, but maybe I’d meet my god. actually, I also considered making a thought form of her. Dunno. Maybe the real her would inhabit it. That’s where the term comes from. I could also work a path and just try and contact her to. I’d probably be doing that. Might still do that. I’m just a bit chicken shit. i know a lot of you don’t believe in the occult, but I think a lot of us probably believe in the psychological model too as far as tulpa are concerned. Well, they might have some astral existence too, dunno, kind of both. But maybe some of you are also occultists, or regardless can give me an angle
  21. It's a topic that has been discussed on and off, but I think it deserves its own thread. I am really curious what this is like because even though we can switch, the concept does not make much sense to me. I have heard the following rough explanation, usually with the context of teaching switching: It is like having your body sit by itself with a quiet mind, all of the normal fronters are heavily dissociated. It still breathes and is awake, but not really aware. The most complicated thing the body can do in this state is scratch an itch. Part of the problem is our need to label everything as either switching or not. Everything is either Cat switched-in, or me switched-in, and that is to protect ourselves against losing possession and maintain good switching hygiene. The most dissociated we ever get while switching is during our consent ritual when talking to each other about how we feel and our switching plan, but after that we move onto affirming the switched-in identity and associating. By that point, the switch is complete. The moments Cat and I feel the most dissociated seems to be when we are thinking the most. We do a lot of talking during our consent ritual. Plus, when Cat is sucked into one of her story ideas, she isn't paying attention to the body but can also hop up and run downstairs for dinner as soon as she's called. Therefore, the idea of dissociating with a quiet mind that isn't meditation doesn't make sense to us. It's also entirely possible we have experienced an empty front multiple times and simply never acknowledged it as having an empty front. When we switch, it feels like nothing has happened until I move around and notice the changes. It's possible having an empty front feels the same way, only I'm not aware enough to notice any changes. On a separate note, I have heard of having an empty front for too long can be dangerous because it could lead to headmate creation. I am aware of at least one system who gained extra headmates because all of them left the front empty for too long. However, I am unsure if having an empty front could have any other negative side effects. When Cat was feeling depressed not too long ago, she kept trying to escape to her story ideas and would asleep for 30 min - 1 hour or so multiple times. This gave her a splitting headache from excessive visualization and it made her feel really groggy and "brain scrambled". Would having an empty front create similar symptoms? Ultimately... 1) What is is like for your system to have an empty front? 2) Do you think we have experienced an empty front or not? 3) Do you think having an empty front for too long is problematic? 4) Do you enjoy the experience?
  22. Lumi suggested that this topic was better suited for BQ than LOTPW, so here we are! Many switching systems report that when they first start switching, the tulpa feels incredibly tired after a few hours of switching in. This fatigue can almost entirely be eliminated by having the tulpa switch out, and seems to reset after a good night's sleep. However, many switching systems work up to the point where the tulpa can switch for a whole day without becoming tired. My question is: how long does this take? How much switching practice do you need before switching-related fatigue disappears? After less than two week's practice, Cornelia was able to switch from about 7:30 to 5:30, though she got tired wayyyy before she switched out. My guess is that getting yourself to six hours without tiredness can be done in a couple of weeks, but getting it up to a full day could be a matter of months
  23. I have heard of switching out to adjust your attitude or switching in so the entire system is affected by the fronter's mindset, but has anyone switched in only to suddenly have a different mood? The last time I switched in, I instantly became tired and demotivated. Before, I was tired but eager to get some things done. Cat didn't feel demotivated prior to the switch, so the change in my mood felt out of the blue. This is frustrating because I want to stay switched-in for more than an hour before giving up and taking a nap, especially because I want to switch-in for my classes this semester. I have had issues with being sleepy and tired during switching attempts, but we never suspected the switching itself could be the problem. Usually we blamed the problem on me laying down and realizing how comfy and warm the bed was or the mental effort put into the attempt exhausting us. The only other explanation Cat and I thought of is I'm more sensitive to the body being sleep deprived. The only reason it may not affect me as much normally is because I'm possessing the body and have a level of detachment from it. If this is the case, does that mean some headmates within the same system are more sensitive to the body's state than others when switched-in? My guess is this isn't limited to motivation or being tired. Has anyone else experienced any other sudden mood changes immediately after switching in?
  24. [align=justify]Simple question/discussion topic. If you system switches, then when you switch, who primarily leads the switch? Who has to put the most effort/mental energy in to make the switch successful, or things like that. Who has to actively do the most stuff during the process to make it work.[/align]
  25. We tried switching, and I wanna ask, is this right? 1. I still can feel everything that's happening, except Joe is the Main voice and POV (at least I think he is. I was able to think of other stuff while he was doing something else entirely, but only for a short time) 2. By the time we got home and I'm in control, Joe needed to rest for a while I just want to make sure we got it right
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