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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone. Faux and I have been working on imposition, and I’ve been struggling with visualizing him in the real world, without him fading in and out, and I’m also struggling with feeling him. We don’t have this trouble in the wonderland, it’s only when I visualize him with my eyes open. Any tips?
  2. I have been experimenting a lot this week and I think that I may have found a way to get very close to complete visual imposition without having to go through the process of trial and error that I've had to endure. The reason I didn't write a guide for this is that I don't know if this will work for everyone as well as it does for me, so I decided to make a thread to see if other people that haven't been working on visual imposition can get to where I am now just by doing this. If you manage to get results from this exercise please tell us so that other people can enjoy visual imposition as well. So I'm going to write the exercise that I'm doing and if you're interested you can do it too and tell us the results. This process for me results in semi persistent non-translucid visual imposition. The exercise starts by raising one hand in front of your face and looking at it straight ahead, then you slowly go moving your hand to the right side WITHOUT MOVING YOUR EYES, follow your hand with just your attention and keep looking straight ahead. Keep following your hand with only your attention until you find the edge of your peripheral vision, opening and closing your hand may be helpful to find it too. You should find a point where your hand can no longer be seen and then move it back to the very end of your peripheral vision where it can barely be seen and open and close it to focus on that point. Now, can you see the other objects by your side? You still know what they are without having to look directly at them. This is partially visualization and partially vision, try to tell what are the objects around to get used to that feeling, the way you're perceiving your hand indirectly. Remember that feeling, that's what we're going to use for the following part. You should have some reference pictures of what your tulpa looks like, put a reference picture on the computer screen and look at it the same way you were seeing your hand a moment ago. Try to see it through your peripheral vision but closer to the center of your vision, focusing on the the reference using only your attention without looking directly at it. You should try different distances to see at what distance the picture seem to "move". There is a point there that your brain will start to bring you mental pictures of what you're trying to see and try to complete the image for you, you don't have to try to do it, it just happens, if it's not happening, move your vision further away until you find right distance. When you can get the reference to apparently shift around and move, stick with that and hold it in your attention as long as you can. Doing this for a long time can make you feel dizzy, that means it's working. After you get used to the feeling of looking indirectly to the picture, ask your tulpa to show up on your peripheral vision where your hands were before and try to recognize it and get the same shifting effect from the reference. It may be helpful to put something not easily definable by your side (like a pile of clothes or a bunch of colorful objects), make sure your tulpa's colors are present there otherwise you may get something completely different, that's normal, your unconscious brain will try to decipher the blurry mess you're indirectly focusing on while you tell it that your tulpa is there. Warning, this part can be very spooky as sometimes you may see something moving other than your tulpa, remember that's all you doing it. (In my case I had to change some objects around because I kept seeing frieza from dragon Ball by the end of the bed) If you manage to get a peripheral vision of your tulpa you can go slowly moving towards the center of your vision. From this point on you have to unfocus your eyes and make the image kinda blurry if you want to look directly at your tulpa. If you relax your eyes and blurry your vision while keeping the same "peripheral visualization feeling" you should be able to look directly at a blurry moving non-translucid imposition of your tulpa. There is also a way to make it last longer and be more defined but I feel like it's overkill to explain it right now. Anyway I'll be happy to see the results if anyone is interested in testing this method.
  3. As of now, Orion is fully vocal without a set distinct mindvoice, fully sentient. Can't seem to impose a thing but maybe... Maybe... Last night I stared intensely at the white bedside cabinet in my dimly lit room and kinda saw the letter T (that I tried to impose) on it. I swear, I saw it with my physical eyes. It was blurry and faint, but I saw it. So I tried to impose it and probably succeeded, then I stopped trying almost at all and it stayed in my vision. By the way, here's a really old drawing of Orion by some good Polish 'mancer whom I met on a Polish forum and she agreed to draw him for me. (Included in post.) EDIT: I forgot to add, yesterday I was listening to music with my eyes closed and heard a voice too loud to be from outside of my room, and yet I was alone there. I checked twice just to make sure there was no one but me in the room, so most probably Orion's imposing himself as well as I'm imposing him. Yay me! ...I mean, yay us! Edit 2: Also I've had occurences of smelling vanilla in the air randomly, Orion smells of vanilla. I tried to impose this smell a year ago, meditating with a scented candle, and it seems like I succeeded. And yesterday I was lying on my bed (eyes closed) and I felt something like a hand on my crotch. I didn't panic though, I was convinced it was Orion. He confirmed it was him.
  4. Hello All, This is my first post. I read through the intro information and found it helpful. Thanks to whoever put all that together. A few years ago, several people claimed that they saw in more than one place. This was during a time when I was going through a difficult marriage that unsurprisingly ended in divorce. Although I wasn't happy about the outcome, I knew it was the right thing to do because we fought like cats and dogs. But my x wife would sometimes say something like, "omg, what are you doing on the couch? I just saw you walk into the garage!" Or another one was, "I thought you were standing behind me." She said that a few times and we simply ignored the incidents. After our divorce (it was amicable), I decided to sell our house. There was on instance when I made an appointment for a realtor and his customer to tour the house and I'd meet them with the keys. We agreed on a time. Later, I drove up to see the realtor and his client and they looked surprised to see me step out my car. The realtor asked, "is there someone in the house that looks like you? You were looking out the window!" And with that, they decided not to buy the house because they claimed it was haunted. The house isn't haunted. In the end, I ended up selling the house to my girlfriend at the time and now wife. I still live in the house that I was going to sell. After I married again, my wife would see me in more than one place. So much that we started documenting all the times she saw me. I didn't know what was going on so I researched it and read about Doppelgangers. So, I suppose that I had one of those... Really? I further investigated and asked some folks in academia because I don't believe in ghosts, don't believe in angels, demons, or any other machinations of the mind. I actually thought that maybe others were seeing me literally, in another time. Like I was in some sort of time loop. All this stopped after my son was born 12 years ago and nobody has ever seen my double again. But then I discovered literature and videos about Tulpas. I learned that some people can have accidental Tulpas. I wondered if all those years ago, somehow I had done that. Any thoughts? Thank you.
  5. Yes it's exactly what you're thinking! This is the way I started to get a hold on visual imposition, by using this technique given to us by Master Roshi. The point of this exercise is to learn how it feels to visually impose, I'm by no means an expert but I can do small impositions already. I hope this can be a jump start to you as well. First you will need to put your hands together like you're holding an invisible ball. You will need to have something black on the background, I use a black sheet I have. Hold your hands in a way so that you see only your hands and the black background, not too close to the face but not too far either. Now this is how it starts: Try to see what's in the empty space between your hands, not the background, pay attention to the visual noise that is there while focusing on trying to start a spark, nothing fancy, just a spark. Create the expectation to see a small ball of light grow out like it's coming from another dimension. For me it's easy with blue but for you it may be some other color. Focus on the visual noise in a very small area, how it feels to see the visual noise and eventually you should see some of the dots become brighter, focus on those dots and some even brighter will show up, when they do focus on those, like you're climbing a ladder, when you get to that point you need to remember to hold the feeling of seeing the sparks, don't get too excited or you will have to start all over. If you keep that up for some time get ready to see some crazy stuff afterwards, I just did that and I keep seeing rainbows and floating shapes everywhere without trying. I think they call this CEV level 4. I hope this can be a shortcut to you. Once you got a good grasp on how it feels to visually impose, you can try with more complex shapes. Hope this was helpful.
  6. After spending some time trying visual imposition today, getting like a 5/10 or 6/10 in quality with a lot of focus involved I got tired and decided to call it a day, was just about to go to bed when a goddamn bug came flying around the room, I get my flip flops and got ready for battle. Now I'm looking around the ceiling for a bug (that I know still there) and BOOM 10/10 imposed bug on the ceiling. Not the real one, still don't know where the sucker went, but the one I imposed was indistinguishable almost if it weren't flickering and the sensation of imposition I wouldn't be able to tell. Now I'm starting to realize the reason it was so perfect and easy to impose was my expectations of seeing a bug there (because there really was one somewhere). If that's so important, how can I create the real expectation to see something that I know it's not physically there? It also got me wondering about people who report seeing ghosts and elves and stuff like that would make a lot of sense if belief/expectation played such a giant role in it.
  7. I've recently managed to impose whole images vividly, the trick was to settle for a small version of the reference I wanted and eventually I'll try to make it life-size. But the thing is I don't know the best way to move forward now, people say it's like a muscle that gets better over time but it doesn't seem to be getting better from just doing it over and over, I gave it plenty of time and pratice and I still got the same results from it, if it is really like a muscle now would be the time to increase the weight. The question is how do I "increase the weight" now instead of just doing the same thing over and over? I'm at the point of seeing realistic images with a little detail, but small and flickering in and out.
  8. Basicaly. Started like 4 days ago. Have had questionable progress. Becouse i 3 out of 4 days i fell asleep while active forcing so i visualised and played out her being a bit angry (visualised her in red dress and red face to point out how mad is she) just for myself. Well true i was in fault for falling asleep so i have to take responsibility for it. So visualised her angry bout it. I want to try out few ideas for active forcing.and not falling asleep First scenario. Kinda like mirrors edge game. Running across rooftops and talking or even using walky talkies aka fuc*ing radios. Number 2 would be spending time and cuddling in guest room which i explained in another post. Room with window, sofa and coffee table. 3 well here i need a suggestion. What do you do while active forcing? Also touch on parroting and imposition. I parrot her while passive forcing but let her do her own thing while active forcing. Also the red dress thing was while passive forcing today at work and imposed her literally across my desk. Should i parrot her while active forcing too? And if i do all of interactions or just some? And is it fine if i visualise her while working and make some small talk? Or even make story in my head with her imposed beside me? Judging me on the story and making faces about well as i imagined kind of a funny story. Wanted to try but overthinked it today so made nothing out of it.
  9. Okay, I've been trying auditory imposition without much progress. Last night it was if I remember correctly I actually heard Harmony's voice "IRL". Although it did sound different from how it does in my mind. And it was while I was falling asleep so that might have helped. But is there something else I could do to speed up the progress? Also, to those who know me from Reddit, my I think my skeptical friend is starting to believe, he still calls Harmony "it" rather than "her" but from the way he responds to what I say it seems like he may be changing his mind about tulpas. Time will tell.