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Found 18 results

  1. I'm an absolute beginner to Tulpamancy and only made my decision to start developing my tulpa a week ago, even though Simmie as an idea isn't new to me and I've actually had a headmate before: Between the ages of 7 and 15 I had a headmate that was less a tulpa and more a walk-in/soulbound (I'm still learning the terminology so I might misuse a word here and there, I'm sorry). He was more of a mentor / spiritual guide to me and largely faded away after the age of 15, telling me I had outgrown him and had to face the world on my own, and only making sporadic appearances after that. But I'm not h
  2. JD's Guide to Imposition dedicated to cheesebread (if you have not yet, read my visualization guide first) The original images of this guide broke, however I have replaced them using an archive - Apollo For many people, complete visual imposition of their tulpa is the end-goal of development. An imposed tulpa can be considered a voluntary, but unconscious, visual hallucination, allowing the host to see and believe their tulpa has a space in the physical world just as any other physical object. The imposition process can be considered complete when
  3. Hello! So far I have yet to have any such experiences in a normal wakeful state. The goal of this post is to collect information about this topic; no theory, only practical methods. I will start by listing some of the methods that I have tried so far: Meditation a) By concentrating on my breath for 20 - 40 min I have been able to reach transcendental states and lose awareness of my body. I believe that If I pursue this course of action I will eventually be able to have an OBE, though it might take a long time. b) Through meditation I have been able to turn off my sense of self
  4. I have been practicing both visualization and imposition for a long time now and so far I have only used photo-realistic references. While I can visualize realistically, it has not become easy or comfortable enough to just have it there. I've seen people say they got to full on imposition quicker than me and I was wondering if the reason for this is the anime/cartoon style characters that may be way less taxing on the mind to keep consistent. So I was wondering if by switching to visualizing in anime style I would be able to make it more consistent or lighter to visualize? Or would it be a b
  5. Hello everyone. Faux and I have been working on imposition, and I’ve been struggling with visualizing him in the real world, without him fading in and out, and I’m also struggling with feeling him. We don’t have this trouble in the wonderland, it’s only when I visualize him with my eyes open. Any tips?
  6. I have been experimenting a lot this week and I think that I may have found a way to get very close to complete visual imposition without having to go through the process of trial and error that I've had to endure. The reason I didn't write a guide for this is that I don't know if this will work for everyone as well as it does for me, so I decided to make a thread to see if other people that haven't been working on visual imposition can get to where I am now just by doing this. If you manage to get results from this exercise please tell us so that other people can enjoy visual imposition
  7. As of now, Orion is fully vocal without a set distinct mindvoice, fully sentient. Can't seem to impose a thing but maybe... Maybe... Last night I stared intensely at the white bedside cabinet in my dimly lit room and kinda saw the letter T (that I tried to impose) on it. I swear, I saw it with my physical eyes. It was blurry and faint, but I saw it. So I tried to impose it and probably succeeded, then I stopped trying almost at all and it stayed in my vision. By the way, here's a really old drawing of Orion by some good Polish 'mancer whom I met on a Polish forum and she agreed to draw him for
  8. Hello All, This is my first post. I read through the intro information and found it helpful. Thanks to whoever put all that together. A few years ago, several people claimed that they saw in more than one place. This was during a time when I was going through a difficult marriage that unsurprisingly ended in divorce. Although I wasn't happy about the outcome, I knew it was the right thing to do because we fought like cats and dogs. But my x wife would sometimes say something like, "omg, what are you doing on the couch? I just saw you walk into the garage!" Or another
  9. This guides general purpose will be to help people to get into imposition via mind synthesis, you can call it self hallucinations but generally these aren't intended to be involuntary experiences but rather a controlled process so that you can have an easier time getting into imposition which will be included in this guide as well. If you find it a bit difficult to understand what exactly is being explained here don't be afraid to ask questions to others or to me especially. Now this guide assumes you have a fairly well developed tulpa to the point that you have no trouble seeing or hearing th
  10. Yes it's exactly what you're thinking! This is the way I started to get a hold on visual imposition, by using this technique given to us by Master Roshi. The point of this exercise is to learn how it feels to visually impose, I'm by no means an expert but I can do small impositions already. I hope this can be a jump start to you as well. First you will need to put your hands together like you're holding an invisible ball. You will need to have something black on the background, I use a black sheet I have. Hold your hands in a way so that you see only your hands and the black b
  11. After spending some time trying visual imposition today, getting like a 5/10 or 6/10 in quality with a lot of focus involved I got tired and decided to call it a day, was just about to go to bed when a goddamn bug came flying around the room, I get my flip flops and got ready for battle. Now I'm looking around the ceiling for a bug (that I know still there) and BOOM 10/10 imposed bug on the ceiling. Not the real one, still don't know where the sucker went, but the one I imposed was indistinguishable almost if it weren't flickering and the sensation of imposition I wouldn't be able to tell. Now
  12. I've recently managed to impose whole images vividly, the trick was to settle for a small version of the reference I wanted and eventually I'll try to make it life-size. But the thing is I don't know the best way to move forward now, people say it's like a muscle that gets better over time but it doesn't seem to be getting better from just doing it over and over, I gave it plenty of time and pratice and I still got the same results from it, if it is really like a muscle now would be the time to increase the weight. The question is how do I "increase the weight" now instead of just do
  13. q2's method for a huggable tulpa v2 Hey, this is q2. Today is QB's sixth birthday, and I figured you guys deserve a gift as well - a revamp of a guide that's now four years old. The guide I made back then because I wanted everyone else to be able to experience a warm, soft tulpa hug - there's really nothing like it. The guide itself, however, was mediocre, and I hope to fix that with this document. What is Imposition? Imposition is the act of "imposing" fabricated data onto your senses, overriding what they "should" be feeling with physical sensations you decide. Put simply, you make
  14. Basicaly. Started like 4 days ago. Have had questionable progress. Becouse i 3 out of 4 days i fell asleep while active forcing so i visualised and played out her being a bit angry (visualised her in red dress and red face to point out how mad is she) just for myself. Well true i was in fault for falling asleep so i have to take responsibility for it. So visualised her angry bout it. I want to try out few ideas for active forcing.and not falling asleep First scenario. Kinda like mirrors edge game. Running across rooftops and talking or even using walky talkies aka fuc*i
  15. Okay, I've been trying auditory imposition without much progress. Last night it was if I remember correctly I actually heard Harmony's voice "IRL". Although it did sound different from how it does in my mind. And it was while I was falling asleep so that might have helped. But is there something else I could do to speed up the progress? Also, to those who know me from Reddit, my I think my skeptical friend is starting to believe, he still calls Harmony "it" rather than "her" but from the way he responds to what I say it seems like he may be changing his mind about tulpas. Time will
  16. I started this method after I changed my tulpa's form to a more human like, but I think maybe I should share this method if someone is interested. Now, I did use the leash technique when she was still in her pony form, but it doesn't work for me and this might be too oppressive and she might not agree with this now that she has a human body now. So I instead switch to holding her hand while walking. Unlike the leash, I can feel her hands holding mine the all time. When I want to let go of her I just simply let go of my hands as usual. The trick: Imagine your tulpa just beside you, then y
  17. When in class the other day, I was looking in the window and noticed the reflection in it. I immediately thought of tulpae and how using this might be able to help. (Im horrible at explaining things, so bear with me) so my proposition is to imagine your tulpa in a reflection of some sort, be it water, glass, etc. just not something with too good a reflection. i.e. a mirror. and use that to improve your open eye visualization/visual imposition skills. if anyone can explain this idea better than I did, please, feel free. ~Berrin
  18. Considering there aren´t that many guidelines on imposition i figured i would try finding some myself. I´ve been thinking about it for a while and i finally found one that worked (for me). It´s pretty simple and atleast in my case, it induced short visions of my tulpa outside of my mind vision. 1: Get in a comfortable position with a picture/drawing of your tulpa in your hand. 2: Hold the picture up in front of you eyes at a distance that makes the pictures proportions fit into the scenery. 3: Close your eyes and visualize what you just saw (Don´t move your head
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