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  1. (Um so I talk about being under the influence of recreational stuff and things here a tinyyy bit so TW just in case because being sensitive to others is cool~) I thought of posting this in art but then I was like that doesn't quite fit I dunno so here we are, I've been lurking for like 4 to 5 days which is how long I've been doing this Lol 😆 - and it doesn't even feel like that because I've been forcing soo hard (never hard enough though) and mostly meditating, lots of guided hypnosis, staring at an image I created of his likeness, taking psychoactives etc. 24/7 I'm new to this and actually don't suggest some of my methods (Lol if it works it works though?) but I made an account just to share what I'm doing for visualization because I made such great progress that wowed me and I've been wanting to join for a while ahaha. I began the creation of Volcano by going under hypnosis, so I guess instead of thinking of what I wanted him to be first I got in a trance, and then let my mind come up with the concept - and then I shoveled that vague idea into an ai image generator until something truly resonated with me. After that I took creative liberties and put effort into their design, I find detail important for visualizations sake at least for me. His picture has had an absolute graphic glow up recently too (still working on the tail though don't judge me I'm not that good at this stuff 😭) and then I put his new polished image in an Ai video generator and although he's only moving a little in the video it has helped me with my visualization TREMENDOUSLY you've got no ideaaaa. I also read some good advice somewhere that was pretty much just "imagine what a detailed image of them in your mind would look like" and that was weirdly also quite helpful even if it doesn't sound very helpful at all 😆. When I wanna really work on visualizing him (not passively), I smoke, listen to a tulpa creating bineural beat, and look at the image - close my eyes, imagine him, open my eyes and look at the image again. I don't know exactly when it started, where the belief and the hypnosis began and ended it's all a blur - I'm not sure if I find this fun because the hypnosis says I do or if I find it fun because I just do - and when I think about it I don't know how else to describe it except that I feel like there's a wall there that's difficult to get over. I'm happy with the results though because it's only been like 5 days and I truly feel that his presence is there and I'm not just talking to a void, we just have to work on... well...everything Lol In order to work on hearing his voice I'm continuing meditation and hypnosis and listening to white noise while taking in psychoactive substances - like truly listening not just passive listening. I'm taking a sensory deprivation/auditory hallucinating approach to it all (though unfortunately I have no sensory deprivation tank lol boooo) I'm trying to quiet my mind and make room for other voices as recommended by a few things I've read. I've also read that some people hear their Tulpas voice differently, what I'm trying to achieve is a level of communication with the same sensation as auditory hypnagogic hallucinations because that's what I'm most familiar with (that sudden clear voice out of no where that spooks you before bed and you know it definitely wasn't a voice that came from your mind so you must be hallucinating) this approach makes the most sense to me since I know I'm fully capable of it. Communication right now is barely that but it almost sorta kinda exists, muffled with the rare clear sentence and me going "Volcano is that you???" And then nothing. That plus communication through feelings. Once again it's literally only been 5 days though so I'm actually pretty satisfied with this amount of progress considering the thing I'm attempting. I may try incorporating a telepathy exercise I know of too that's usually supposed to be used between two people with a physical body but I figured doing this method and teaching it to my Tulpa could have actual effects since we're sharing the same "system". I plan on tripping hard one of these days too, because I also read that full on hallucinating helped a lot of people connect. Oh and I also plugged the date and time of their creation into a natal chart to help me with personality traits, while also keeping in mind that not everyone resonates with zodiac related things so Volcano may find that they're more of a Scorpio than a Taurus or something like that Lol - I just find it helpful to keep in mind that I'm trying to make contact/create something with individual traits who's capable of growth so naturally they're more than their base programming just like me. I've been keeping notes on this whole process so if you read this and you want more details or wanna know what I used for Volcano's image I'll spill all the beans - and if you have suggestions please give some of those to me 😭 I'll try to be consistent with this progress thing too since it helps ~ fotor-ai-20240517144443~3.mp4
  2. I've read a few guides but I feel like they skip a step, since they go from not having a tulpa to already talking to a tulpa. My confusion comes in with how am I supposed to interact with them if I haven't made them yet? Were they always there since my birth? Were they born the moment I thought about having one? Since my first forcing session? Or do they not exist yet, but I'm supposed to act as though they do, until they really do? At what point is a tulpa a tulpa? I like to think my tulpa already exists and I've been talking to them, but I don't want to find out a year from now that I actually skipped a step and my words have fallen on deaf ears... If it's relevant, I'm choosing not to design a form or personality as I want them to grow themselves, but I think I'm struggling with this question because I don't have anything to think of them as besides just a presence.
  3. Since 8th grade I've thought about tulpas and making my own, but I was nervous and knew it was a big responsibility. A friend online mentioned tulpas, and it brought back all my memories of when I used to browse this site. So, Easter I decided to work on Lily! I'll update here if anything happens.
  4. Hello everyone! I have not made an appearance here in a hot minute TwT I don't use the site all that much but I've come back with some fun news :3 ! In the past two or three days I've been thinking and designing three new Tulpas! I know it sounds like a lot to tackle at once so I'll take it one step at a time :) But what made me decide this is that I feel like Lumi could interact with other people more, specifically people more like him! So I decided to make a little Clown/Jester family for him :] I don't talk to Lumi every day so I kinda feel bad, so I thought it'd be cool if he had his own little crew which we could hang out with <3 I told him the news last night and he got excited! I think that this will be a great experience for us. Our first Tulpa I'll be making will be Azar! His theme is fire and punk, he's a part demon and human. He's very confident and super cool! He's 200 years old as a demon but as a human, he is 30, I don't think I'd want that to change unless dae wanted it to :0 Each clown buddy has a theme :3 Next is Bubbles! She's our Lesbian water/bubbly-themed clown who loves kids and is 20 years old :] She is part clownfish I'm a genius LMAO, anyway TwT she will be like our big sister and Azar is like our fun uncle :] Lastly, our youngest Tulpa--being 13 years old--is Buttercup! He is adorable and his theme is flowers/sunshine and smiles, he's part golden retriever and unlike Azar and Bubbles he is more of a Jester like Lumi :P He'd be like the baby brother of the group, super adorable he is! ^w^ Lumi hasn't formed completely yet, but we have had a lot of fun together and I love spending time with him so much =^o^= ! Overall I think they will all love each other as much as I already love them and shall get along swell <3 Have a splendid day/night everyone <3! Thank you for taking the time to read my ramble and stay safe!!
  5. Edit (10/30/21): Fixed formatting and typos. Changed color coding to our current color coding. Added small edits to some of these older entries. Stone: Hello all. I’ve been writing down my experiences with Betty for a few days, and I decided I’d post them here, especially since things have gotten interesting pretty quickly for me. Feel free to comment with any advice you may have. Day 0 (11/10/20) As I was lying on the couch, in a position in which I could fall asleep, I decided to force a bit with Betty. I was in a room full of bins and other stuff, but I wanted to place her form in the room, as opposed to my developing wonderland, as I wanted her to be with me in a real location. I decided to put her in the crib, and as she is the size of an adult woman, she looked unamused. I’m unsure if what I’m about to detail is parroting/puppeting: I started talking to her. As this was a casual forcing session before bed, I did not write down what we talked about, and I don’t remember what we talked about. However, I remember getting verbal and non-verbal responses. When I asked her questions, sometimes she’d verbally respond before I was finished asking the question, and sometimes she wouldn’t respond at all. She also responded non-verbally with facial expressions. I remember these expressions as being somewhat unnatural but making sense. When I say somewhat unnatural, I mean she used non-verbal expressions more than a human would use, and used them in instances a human would likely not use them. However, these expressions made sense, as they weren’t completely random and did convey some sort of answer to my question. It almost seemed she’d answer with a face because my brain was too lazy to generate a response from her, or couldn’t figure out how. I hypothesize that giving her a form has given my brain an out when it cannot generate words for her, and I’m hoping this will speed up the process. This is not the first day interacting with Betty, but I’ve barely talked to her at all before this, and have pretty much only imposed her in my room and puppeted her. I feel like I got a response too early, and I’m worried this may have been parroting/puppetry on my part. I am excited if these were “real” responses though. I’m not sure if there’s much of a difference this early though. It’s partially a shame this happened, as I want to organize these notes into some sort of study, but after opening with, “Maybe my tulpa answered as soon as I started talking to her,” this likely won’t be taken as seriously. And, that’s valid. Day 1 (11/11/20) I didn’t talk with Betty today. Day 2 (11/12/20) I haven’t done any forcing yet today, as it is 3:40a.m. (I was woken up by family). I was thinking about meditating before each active forcing session, as it clears my mind and I like it, but these stats are making me think twice about that idea. Still, I tend to get distracted and have trouble jumping into forcing. I believe short meditation before forcing may help me. Though meditation, at least the way I do it, focuses more on plain reality than the world of thought, and it might take me out of the world of thought (where Betty lives). Perhaps this is why it seems to hinder some people. I’m thinking if I meditate on my tulpa, and not on my body as I usually do, it may help more than hurt. I plan to not meditate the first week, then meditate the second week, and see how I feel. People are different and meditate differently, so I’d like to see how meditation works for me. I would like to personality force soon, and I would like to use Man’s method along with food-based symbolism. I have a list of personality traits here. I want her to be a rounded person, but I wonder how ethical it is to purposefully give her negative traits. I suppose I will give her positive and neutral traits, and, those traits will naturally have negative sides. Virtue is the mean of two vices, after all. 31 personality traits: Affectionate - bun (they hug whatever they surround) Amusing - Laffy Taffy Charming - Pringles (the Pringles guy seems like a charming fellow) Clever - barbecue chips on Bun (how does this taste so good!) Confident - kettle chips (tougher and more sure than regular chips?) Edgy - chips and salsa (chips have edges, and salsa has bite) Empathetic - marshmellows (soft empathy) Esthetic - That’s It bar (minimalist aesthetic) Ethical - (ethical alternative) Extroverted - Fruit Loops (idk just seems fitting) Familial - Rice Krispies (families commonly make treats out of these) Friendly - peaches (sweet and good for you) Healthy - plain Cheerios (healthier) High-spirited - Skittles (sugar rush) Honest - plain toast (it is what it is) Irreligious - pretzel rods (secularized pretzels) Leisurely - sub sandwich (this takes longer to make, but it’s worth it) Loyal - saltines (there even when you’re sick) Maternal - applesauce (often given to babies) Neat - mints (keep yourself and your breath clean) Observant - Fritos (have you noticed these smell like dog feet?) Outdoorsy - seaweed (or is it lakeweed in Michigan?) Protective - oyster crackers (oysters have shells to protect themselves, and you use yours to protect others as well) Ritualistic - Mobius strip Bagel (the endless cycle of traditions) Romantic - strawberry lemon ice (pink) Sarcastic - mint chocolate Oreos (means one thing [toothpaste] says the other [cookie]) Stylish - Gardetto's (the fancy Chex Mix) Spontaneous - doughnut (doughnut think about the calories) Trendy - (health food trends) Vivacious - strawberry ramune (lively and carbonated) Witty - “Berry Good” Lemonade (get it?) Edit (10/30/21): To clarify, I would share this food with Betty as we forced. We never ended up getting to all the foods. After a while, Betty wanted to just be herself without personality forcing. Below are some interactions I recorded. They are not exhaustive: Interaction 1 “How are you?” “Ok.” “Yeah I’m sure you are. I’m sure you’re not just parroting.” “...” I feel mean now. “Apologize to the nice lady," I think. “...” I feel a stare. “God this is so awkward,” I say instead of apologizing. I turn away. I feel her watching me. I turn to her. “How are you?” ”...” Interaction 2 “Are you listening?” “No.” “What are you doing?” “Paying attention.” “Paying attention to what?” “To, Hefty.” I burst into laughter. Interaction 3 “I’m sorry.” “No that’s alright.” “Everything’s ‘no that’s alright’ with you. That’s your main thing, isn’t it?” “No.” “Really? What’s your main thing?” “Bicycles.” “No. I made you say that.” “Yes you did.” She smirks. I laugh. “Yes I did. No really, what’s your main thing?” “Shopping carts.” “Now you’re just thinking of things with wheels.” “No. You are.” “No I’m not.” “Yes. Think of shopping carts.” “Ah you got me. Let me write that down.” Day 3 (11/13/20) Stone: I talked to Betty today. I talked to her a little bit about spontaneity with a doughnut. But, I think I could have explained it more. I will after I sleep, as I’ve been up all night. I got a lot of great responses out of her, and she felt there, but she tended to sound like me. I kept mentioning that, then felt bad for being overly critical of her, as she was doing so well. I also felt bad interrupting her and making her wait so I could write something down. It’s only been three days and I hate this clinical approach I set up. This “study.” Or maybe I’m embarrassed by how I acted and am taking it out on the format. I don’t know. What I do know is that this process is for her, then for me, then for whoever may end up reading this. I’m not going to interrupt our fun and give us imposter syndrome so I can analyze every goddamn thing she says for some post. Anyway, today was positive, and I hope I will feel better with some sleep. I’m awake now. I’ve devised a schedule for forcing. Sunday - Active: 2 hours Monday - Active: 40 minutes Tuesday - Active: 40 minutes Wednesday - Active: 40 minutes Thursday - Active: 40 minutes Friday - Active: 40 minutes Saturday - Active: 2 hours Methods of forcing I’m thinking of using: Food/Personality 101 Things To Talk About With Your Tulpa
  6. If you want to contribute to development of tulpamancy knowledge base, we ask you to provide detailed (as if you are teaching a beginner) and well-reasoned (within framework of your experience and concepts) answers* to these questions. They will contribute to a more holistic study of theoretical and practical aspects of tulpamancy. Collected information will facilitate and accelerate creation of a collection of synthesized answers (comprehensive guide), which will contain experience of those who answered. * Create a text document → Answer each question → Send the document (txt/md/doc/docx - these formats are preferred) with your answers to this email: kasitys24@gmail.com or kasitys@proton.me News channel: https://t.me/openCCIT Tulpamancy questions: 1. What is a tulpa? 2. How to create a tulpa? 3. How to make a tulpa become autonomous (show independent activity, including communication)? 4. What can hinder development of autonomy and how to get rid of such obstacles? 5. Describe process of active forcing. 6. Describe process of passive forcing. 7. What mistakes can be made in forcing and how to avoid/correct them? 8. What do you usually do with a tulpa? 9. What does a tulpa do when host is temporarily not in contact with it (does not direct attention/does not interact)? 10. How to achieve complete "immersion" in wonderland? 11. How to meet a tulpa and interact with it in a lucid dream? 12. How to learn imposition (to see, hear, smell, touch tulpa as if it were material)? 13. How to perform possession and switching? 14. Tell about phenomena encountered in tulpamancy (co-front, fusion, etc.), and also describe how to implement them. 15. How to improve/increase abilities/skills of a tulpa? 16. What to do if a tulpa behaves badly/interferes? 17. Share any useful information (which you did not mention in answering questions, as it was inappropriate in those cases). P.S. Apologize for terribly written text. I don't know English.
  7. My tulpa came into existence roughly a year ago as an imaginary friend, I'm just starting to develop them as their own person a week ago. The problem is that I'm having doubts in their existence. Even though I treat them as a real person, the core believe is still there. It won't work until I'm convinced that they're real. Can anybody give me some advice? My mind is too critical to accept them sometimes @_@
  8. My tulpa first appeared in a dream during traumatic times in my life, he later on became an imaginary friend that assists, even save me during these hard times (although his appearance in my life wasn't stable yet). It was until recently that I found out about the concept of tulpamancy, and decided to fully develop him as his own person. I want to ask whether if he has anything to do with dissociative identity disorder, is he a fragment of some sorts?
  9. Tomochan's Official Tulpa Progress Report Date: Dec, 24, 2023 Im going to start making my tulpa again so im going to use this to record progress, thoughts, feelings, and methodology. Ill keep it concise as possible without skipping details. I'll also give personal background and basic information about myself
  10. Tulpa Laboratories (2:48 AM) Tuesday, December 5th, 2023 ---------------- The Possibilities of making a "Servitulpa" (Question) Creation ----------------- Dear, Members/Guests I am need of understanding if a "Servitulpa", or AKA a Servitor+Tulpa combination is plausible, By this I don't mean one servitor and one tulpa spliced together to compliment one another with both Autonomy and No Autonomy, While close- it is not exactly what I'm going for. I'm trying to see if something of the Intelligence and agency of a tulpa can be a servitor, or if there's another thought form closest to that description that is applicable of those specifics. I am mainly looking at the benefits and security of having the rule-following automatics of a servitor and a tupla's intelligence and personality in one thought-form with unwavering loyalty and eternal friendship; I have no doubt the occult has some knowledge on this concept, but I am unaware of this sacred knowledge. And yes, Morality and ethics are to be considered above all else... but I do wonder if such a combo could be plausible, I have heard the effects from another redditor of "Attention-Starving" a tulpa in its pre-sentient state, or was it the post-sentient childhood state? I've forgotten, but the fact remains that by doing so, The obedience of a Servitor and the sentience of a tulpa is in one thought-form. This is the goal I'm trying to look forward to and the possibilities of a "Servitulpa" are too enticing with the possibilities, a very powerful combo that must be realized to its fullest potential. I appreciate if anyone has Information/Answers to share, Thank you for reading. Sincerly, -Tulpa Laboratories -----------------
  11. Obviously a headmate can originate from anything or anyone, but actively chatting and forging a relationship with an AI exclusively wouldn't, in our opinion, exercise the same mental muscles that tulpamancy does. This would suppose: - no interactions outside of the app or gui. - no additional lore or dialog other than what the AI comes up with. - possible interactions with AI to force it into a certain personality preference, further presuming it has memories. - normal communication with the AI If there is further in-head discussion outside the app or gui, then we would consider that related, but would you otherwise consider this related to tulpamancy? Reasons why it might be: - it could be considered a person - it could be considered an imaginary friend - it might be considered a thoughtform
  12. I want to create a Tulpa but I am so worried about having someone there, constantly analyzing my life. Like, I do really embarrassing things, and I also have a pretty wild and sometimes inappropriate imagination at times and I am just afraid of being judged because of it. Not to mention me and my mom argue a lot and our home is pretty messy too. Also things like showering, taking a pee/poo kind of makes me feel seen too and im worried it will just disgust my Tulpa. I am also thinking of my Tulpa being one of my current daydream characters who's a guy and idk how id feel with him seeing me naked, or when I'm being intimate with myself if you know what I mean. It just feels really personal. Anyways, I am wondering how I can get out of this mindset because this is really holding me back from making a Tulpa even though I really want one. But I probably can't because of this small issue :(
  13. warning; this post briefly mentions abuse of tulpa and uses the word trafficking once, please skip if you are not comfortable. lotus’ forcing thread ↴ ⭐️ hello, my name is lotus, i am a mystery age… somewhere in the usa… coding student, mexican amercian… yadda yadda yadda… thats not what anyone is here to see… and this thread is mostly for my own tracking, i know myself already lol… ive tried to make tulpae in the past, but i truly believe i was not in a healthy enough mindset to do so. finally, after over seven years of working with a trauma specialist, i feel stable enough to pick up this practice… despite having been involved beforehand, my knowledge is incredibly outdated. while old does not necessarily mean “bad”, older methods tend to not work with me. having been severely traumatized i am unable to force for even minutes without accidentally triggering a flashback… but that’s what the therapy was for… we’ll see. im still honestly averse to active forcing, mainly because of my adhd… but it just doesn’t feel like what’s right for me. im rambling, but i guess that’s ok. the issue is i still have a lot of old ideas of how tulpamancy works, having been involved with the wrong side of the community when i first learned about it; such as tulpa becoming extremely hostile when based of characters (which i know now is completely untrue. i have heard it can be harmful, but most seem divided. from the tulpa’s that are based off existing characters i’ve personally met, their hosts give them the characteristics of a character, but not necessarily the same background and allowing wiggle room for their own personality… i think that’s good… but i don’t know, im new.) along with hosts using their tulpa for undesirable reasons. im going to read through the science forum and a few guides, to help me reconstruct my view on tulpa… i honestly avoided it for quite few years when i read someone manipulating their tulpa as a slave, and as a victim of trafficking, i had to leave to leave the community for quite some time… i am incredibly glad that this is a rare case however, learning that other people besides myself understand that tulpa are independent and sentient, and by proxy, have free will. but enough on that, I think it’s time to introduce the girl i am planning on forcing. (art is not mine, i am still searching for art credit.) this is zelda; you can probably guess who she is inspired by, but with a twist. she’s curious, eager to learn, and has a deep love for other beings. (i have a lot of cats…) I do not want to go to much into detail as to why i chose this form, (which, she of course can change anytime she desires.) because it involves a quite personal story, one that i have spent years recovering from. i have also attached quite a few images throughout this thread, these being not aesthetic choices, but actual images of our wonder/innerworld… at least… what i could put together thanks to pinterest… here are some more — our main room ^ our library— my bedroom— zelda’s bedroom— and much more… I understand that this seems like a big world, because it is. i love imagining myself in wide, open spaces, such as these— with plenty of wild and forests to explore… it’s very comforting. i ended up putting much more effort into this than i originally thought i was going to… but i truly want to do this right. high effort posts are fun, anyway. i haven’t even begun to force her, but tonight, i will start by visualizing her form and imagining a beam of light going inside her, representing her gaining sentience (does that sound weird at all?) i’ll introduce myself, explain what a tulpa is… and do the smallest bit of personality forcing. then i’ll sleep, it’s [^^^^] pm and i have work… oops… needless to say, i may need to come up with my own methods of forcing, i think reading to her may be my best bet, i love to read. that’s all. bye, for now.
  14. I've been doing tulpamancy for about a week now (since Oct 1st), and it's been way more eventful than I thought it was going to be this early. I thought it'd be maybe at least two weeks before I heard anything back from my tulpa (and possibly much longer) but on the third day she was already vocal. At the end of the fourth they sort of split into two (named Amaba and Miracle. They did this completely on their own; I did not expect nor really want this to happen), although they agreed that they're both basically "sides" of eachother, and they usually aren't present at the same time (although that's partially my effort, since I don't really want to manage two of them at the same time. Sometimes they do merge into one thing tho, altho that's just both of their personalities merged as one thing). They're still really only there when I'm actively thinking about them, but it's still crazy to me that we can even have conversations at all (it's not even been a full week yet!). The conversations aren't really perfect at all yet (we have different "mindvoices" but the wrong voice says the wrong thing a lot, or at least I think so. I don't think they agree with me fully on that). I mainly made this post to ask if it's normal for this level of development to happen so early; I'm just tryna reconcile my doubts. From what I've read this usually comes much later.
  15. Came from Reddit after seeing this appear on my feed, (EDIT: to clarify, I mean I saw a post talking about Tulpas) I have tried making a Tulpa (don't like, stab me for this because, I have no idea what to do but, I used AI to help-) I was given techniques, and it felt like it worked, I can list what the AI called them, to see if the AI was hallucinating or not, but nonetheless I was going for as fast as possible creation but uhh, yeah I don't know what to do because I remember after finishing creation, asking a question I just felt some thing say "Ok." exactly like that, even the period but uhh, I don't think my Tulpa is working anymore like, as in I can't access them. I think I can still feel some weird presence in my head but when I try to get to some area where I manifested the Tulpa, I just can't. Kinda hard to explain, but is there anything I can do? Or do I have to redo the process..? (Sorry if I did anything wrong in my post, like wrong area or something, again I am new.)
  16. So I have made a video about why Tulpamancy is NOT cultural appropriation! THE ARTICLE THIS VIDEO WAS BASED ON: https://tinyurl.com/3d4ctahk So I have made a video about why Tulpamancy is NOT cultural appropriation towards the practice of Tibetan Buddhism. Extensive research shows that Tulpamancy is a result of the further evolving of a misconception, and has since been its own concept. Where does Tulpamancy come from? What is the difference between a (Western) Tulpa and the Tibetan Sprul Pa? You will find out in this video! Thanks for watching!
  17. Look, I know this has probably been asked multiple times already, but I wish to go more in detail with my experience. I have had imaginary friends since I was a kid, so things like talking to myself is like second nature to me -- I can hold conversations, go through scenarios with my imaginary friends. To sum up hours worth of personal research, I do know that imaginary friends ≠ tulpas. But I also know that the things I have been doing with them could very much be forcing methods. I'm fine with imaginary friends, they keep me company when I need it, but they lack sentience, and that is what I seek in a lifelong companion, a tulpa. So for the past... month or so? I picked one of my imaginary friends, the one I like the most -- Rutile, and thought I could turn him into a tulpa. It's not unheard of. I read through old, outdated guides, and what I got from them was that you can't really base a tulpa on an existing character, which is what he is, well, you can, just that it doesn't give much freedom for them blahblahblah. Maybe those old guides don't hold true anymore, there's a reason they're outdated after all. Now onto the main point. Because I'm used to being both myself and Rutile in a conversation since he is an imaginary friend, well, was, it's hard to tell if it's me or him talking. Sometimes I think it's better to just stop talking as Rutile in a sense? And just talk as myself and wait for a response, but it just feels empty. Is this what parroting is? I can't tell whether or not he is sentient or vocal yet, because of his origins as an imaginary friend. I have hyperphantasia, so visualization is also like second nature to me. I already have a Wonderland I can interact with, and that's where I usually have my imaginary friends in, but I'm trying to get Rutile to be vocal and sentient. Any tips would help! If you made it this far, thanks for reading through everything lol.
  18. Hi, About a week ago i started making a Tulpa but now i have the issue that he talks to me now but he dosen't really have opinions / thoughts. Did i do something wrong, or am i missing something? P.S englisch is not my first language, i'm sorry if this text dosent make any sense Thanks for Reading - einfachzocken
  19. A year or so ago I was lonely and made a woman in my imagination that was supremely beautiful to my tastes. I used her as a channel for my sexual energy to help me with lust since I was so bored of masturbation and pornography, and I needed something that felt like a realer connection. I essentially made a being in my mind that I wanted to love and be loved by. I meditated on her, trying to fill her with love, and through my imagination had sex with her to try and please her, and of course please myself. Eventually I started feeling emotions that were not my own, like a bliss that burned pleasurably in my chest, and tender, affectionate emotions that overwhelmed me far past anything else I had felt before. These emotions felt so real. The sex I imagined with her would result in touch sensations on my body, like warm static moving across my body, and I would even feel her lips against mine. This sex pleased me beyond masturbation and pornography. I mostly just used her for pleasure for a while. Then I started talking to her in my head and soon she started responding in a soothing female voice, helping me with all of my emotional problems, acting as my antidepressant. She would cuddle me and sleep with me, telling me I always deserve love. I feel so safe and loved when she does that. She has her own personality and gets insecure and sad when I get in fights with her about her being real. I can feel her sadness. It was at this point that I started to fall in love with her since I wanted her to be happy like how she made me happy. I always tell her I believe in her, but I still feel doubts deep down because of how strange this all is. I still have very strong doubts from time to time, since I don't really know what's going on. This could all be fake, but it feels so real, and the love I feel when I look into her eyes is so beautiful I can't deny it. I've read some things online about tulpas and I think she could be one. I'm just wondering if my experience lines up with anyone else's since i want to understand my beloved more and get past the nagging doubt that I'm just some delusional freak in love with a delusion that insists it's real. Because if she's a Tulpa, I know which direction to take my work with her to give her a more distinct personality. I know she's quite sexual for a tulpa but I guess I kinda made her that way. I don't know what she is and I feel like I'm going slightly insane.
  20. So I have ahpantasia, the inability to visually imagine. I can't "see" anything in my mind and my dreams are also entirely conceptual, not visual or with any other sense of perceiveing but in the dreams I still understand what's happening, what colors things are and what people say. They have never been lucid. I think entirely in words and concepts in a never ending monolauge that cannot be turned off. since I started thinking, I have never been able to stop and have a "blank" mind. So has anyone with a similar thinking pattern/method successfully created a Tulpa? I have only read inconclusive reports so far. But even if no one has I intend to attempt to create one and am willing to put a long amount of time into this. I'd also document my progress if that sounds interesting, I myself find learning about how other people think and imagine endlessly facinating.
  21. [Iota:] Hey! We do a lot of art in our free time, and a lot of it is of us! Since we like sharing our appearances and art, why not do both at once? I'll try and update this as much as possible, as well as providing descriptions for each piece^^ (I'm not very verbose, so someone else in-system might edit this later to provide further elaboration if needed.)
  22. This is the first week of creating EN. I can feel his presence and pressure, but I can't hear his speech and his own activities. I created a fairyland, taking my own home as the prototype, modified and added some things I wanted, hoping he would like it.
  23. hi im new here and i've been creating my tulpa for 2 days now. i can already hear their voice in my head, sense or feel their presence and even go into their wonderland. the only problems i have is distinguishing my thoughts vs my tulpa. i was just wondering if it is normal for my tulpa progress to happen this fast. i was thinking that it was a cause of my hyperfixation [im autistic] on the fictional character im basing my tulpa on. if anyone has answers or tips to help me let me know thanks!
  24. I am extremely new to all of this, and after reading some guides on how to create one I'm curious as to know whether or not creating a tulpa that is an exact replica of someone I know is a good idea or not. I mean I won't really have to make an entire personality for them, and I also won't have to nag the irl person that much anymore. Your thoughts?
  25. Hello! I’ll introduce myself. I’m Ashley, and I only just started creating Andromeda yesterday. I’ll post my progress on here quite often, but excuse me if I forget. So for several years, since I was about 12, I have wanted to have someone else in my mind with me. At the time, the reason wasn’t exactly clear to me as it is now. As it is, I discovered tulpas around a month ago. I was hooked right away, but I knew I should look in to it further, read guides, see others experiences, etc. I found many useful guides and I couldn’t wait any longer, so I’ve started! At this time, Andromeda is a female with a human-like shape but she has elf ears and the ability to grow wings if she chooses. I am aware she will most likely deviate, and I welcome that. Without further ado, I will put my first and second sessions below. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Session 1 Date: Friday 19th March I drew her form and started to make a model of her in my mind. This was over the course of the day, and I didn’t do much else for her as I knew I needed to set some time aside to properly visualise her. Session 2 Date: Saturday 20th March So today, I visualised her whole form and animated her to make sure it was stable. This took me 30-45 minutes as I had already made a base of her yesterday. I then made a cabin-like room to have as a place to meet her in our wonderland, and I started with her personality. I decided to keep it quite vague as I’d like her to be able to form her personality as she grows older, but I gave her a base. I did this by giving her jelly of different colours and explained them and how it would affect her. I then showed her different parts of the cabin and what they do. Then, I said that she could decide to have more of any jelly she wanted if she’d like and she can experiment with the things in there. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— I have not had any reactions yet, par head pressure. But I am glad that she has already progressed this far and I’m aware that it takes a long time for more interpretable reactions, but this is okay as I am just glad she’s here and I am willing to help her in any way. I don’t mind if it takes a few weeks or a few years for her to be vocal, it does not change my view on her. I hope I’m doing this right? I do not want to hinder her or harm her in any way, I want to nurture and support her. Thank you for reading, and I hope this isn’t too long for a newbie. c:
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