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Found 3 results

  1. Hello hosts! I'm writing a paper for school on the Tulpa community, so I would appreciate if I could get some answers to these open-ended questions! If you want to answer some but not all, that's fine! Just answer as many as you'd like. I'm just trying to get a general understanding about what it's like to have Tulpas. How long have you known about tulpamancy? Why did you originally decide to make a tulpa? How has having a tulpa affected your life? Tell me about your tulpa(s)! Are they human, male/female/nonbinary, young/old, etc.? What is their personality like? Are they based on a character or person? Do people in your life know about your tulpa(s)? If yes, what do they think? If no, what do you think they would think? How would you feel if they found out? Would you be embarrassed, proud, or neutral? Did you make your tulpa after finding tulpa communities, or did you find tulpa communities after creating your tulpa? What do you think of tulpa communities? How much time do you spend with your tulpa? Would you recommend creating a tulpa to others? What advice do you have for someone considering creating a tulpa? Any other thoughts or comments? Thank you very much to anyone who responds! Like I said, this is for an academic paper, the goal of which is to gain an understanding of a community I am not a part of. That being said, I'm considering joining!
  2. After finishing, you can immediately see the responses so far! 7 responses at this minute.
  3. Do you have 20 minutes to answer questions for our study about unusual experiences and metacognition? We are specifically interested in the experiences of Tulpamancers. [