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  1. Since 8th grade I've thought about tulpas and making my own, but I was nervous and knew it was a big responsibility. A friend online mentioned tulpas, and it brought back all my memories of when I used to browse this site. So, Easter I decided to work on Lily! I'll update here if anything happens.
  2. Hello everyone! I have not made an appearance here in a hot minute TwT I don't use the site all that much but I've come back with some fun news :3 ! In the past two or three days I've been thinking and designing three new Tulpas! I know it sounds like a lot to tackle at once so I'll take it one step at a time :) But what made me decide this is that I feel like Lumi could interact with other people more, specifically people more like him! So I decided to make a little Clown/Jester family for him :] I don't talk to Lumi every day so I kinda feel bad, so I thought it'd be cool if he had his own little crew which we could hang out with <3 I told him the news last night and he got excited! I think that this will be a great experience for us. Our first Tulpa I'll be making will be Azar! His theme is fire and punk, he's a part demon and human. He's very confident and super cool! He's 200 years old as a demon but as a human, he is 30, I don't think I'd want that to change unless dae wanted it to :0 Each clown buddy has a theme :3 Next is Bubbles! She's our Lesbian water/bubbly-themed clown who loves kids and is 20 years old :] She is part clownfish I'm a genius LMAO, anyway TwT she will be like our big sister and Azar is like our fun uncle :] Lastly, our youngest Tulpa--being 13 years old--is Buttercup! He is adorable and his theme is flowers/sunshine and smiles, he's part golden retriever and unlike Azar and Bubbles he is more of a Jester like Lumi :P He'd be like the baby brother of the group, super adorable he is! ^w^ Lumi hasn't formed completely yet, but we have had a lot of fun together and I love spending time with him so much =^o^= ! Overall I think they will all love each other as much as I already love them and shall get along swell <3 Have a splendid day/night everyone <3! Thank you for taking the time to read my ramble and stay safe!!
  3. warning; this post briefly mentions abuse of tulpa and uses the word trafficking once, please skip if you are not comfortable. lotus’ forcing thread ↴ ⭐️ hello, my name is lotus, i am a mystery age… somewhere in the usa… coding student, mexican amercian… yadda yadda yadda… thats not what anyone is here to see… and this thread is mostly for my own tracking, i know myself already lol… ive tried to make tulpae in the past, but i truly believe i was not in a healthy enough mindset to do so. finally, after over seven years of working with a trauma specialist, i feel stable enough to pick up this practice… despite having been involved beforehand, my knowledge is incredibly outdated. while old does not necessarily mean “bad”, older methods tend to not work with me. having been severely traumatized i am unable to force for even minutes without accidentally triggering a flashback… but that’s what the therapy was for… we’ll see. im still honestly averse to active forcing, mainly because of my adhd… but it just doesn’t feel like what’s right for me. im rambling, but i guess that’s ok. the issue is i still have a lot of old ideas of how tulpamancy works, having been involved with the wrong side of the community when i first learned about it; such as tulpa becoming extremely hostile when based of characters (which i know now is completely untrue. i have heard it can be harmful, but most seem divided. from the tulpa’s that are based off existing characters i’ve personally met, their hosts give them the characteristics of a character, but not necessarily the same background and allowing wiggle room for their own personality… i think that’s good… but i don’t know, im new.) along with hosts using their tulpa for undesirable reasons. im going to read through the science forum and a few guides, to help me reconstruct my view on tulpa… i honestly avoided it for quite few years when i read someone manipulating their tulpa as a slave, and as a victim of trafficking, i had to leave to leave the community for quite some time… i am incredibly glad that this is a rare case however, learning that other people besides myself understand that tulpa are independent and sentient, and by proxy, have free will. but enough on that, I think it’s time to introduce the girl i am planning on forcing. (art is not mine, i am still searching for art credit.) this is zelda; you can probably guess who she is inspired by, but with a twist. she’s curious, eager to learn, and has a deep love for other beings. (i have a lot of cats…) I do not want to go to much into detail as to why i chose this form, (which, she of course can change anytime she desires.) because it involves a quite personal story, one that i have spent years recovering from. i have also attached quite a few images throughout this thread, these being not aesthetic choices, but actual images of our wonder/innerworld… at least… what i could put together thanks to pinterest… here are some more — our main room ^ our library— my bedroom— zelda’s bedroom— and much more… I understand that this seems like a big world, because it is. i love imagining myself in wide, open spaces, such as these— with plenty of wild and forests to explore… it’s very comforting. i ended up putting much more effort into this than i originally thought i was going to… but i truly want to do this right. high effort posts are fun, anyway. i haven’t even begun to force her, but tonight, i will start by visualizing her form and imagining a beam of light going inside her, representing her gaining sentience (does that sound weird at all?) i’ll introduce myself, explain what a tulpa is… and do the smallest bit of personality forcing. then i’ll sleep, it’s [^^^^] pm and i have work… oops… needless to say, i may need to come up with my own methods of forcing, i think reading to her may be my best bet, i love to read. that’s all. bye, for now.
  4. Pickle tulpas may be a little sour but you can still strike up conversation with them. Just keep in mind and practice the following: Don't talk to any pickle tulpas that aren't dill. The others can't be trusted. Relish the situation by finding a cozy spot in your house, apartment, or even at the diner. Atmosphere is everything. Don't radish things. Take it slow, keep in mind your pickle is going to be cool as a cucumber Start of with a crunch. Make the first move by thinking of your tulpa and starting things off Don't be cucumbersome. If your pickle tulpa doesn't want to talk, just focus on them being there. Enjoy the silence. Sometimes your tulpa needs a breather. Turn over new leaves. If you don't get the burger with your first topic, try a new one.
  5. I am currently in the process of creating my first Tulpa (about a week in). Im pretty convinced of the validity of the phenomenon due to my inhability to otherwise explain so many people lying to each other with no reason or apparent benefit (which makes me believe that at least a good portion of the described experiences are truthful). First i will explain my motives to ask this question. My interpretation of tulpa is the following: You first define a roleplay character and then through suggestion you make yourself feel alienated towards your roleplayed thoughts. I want to prove/disprove this theory, although it might not be currently possible because one might not be able to differentiate that from the alternative, which may effectively make them equivalent. I also do not think tulpas have an independent sentience from yours although this is even harder to prove due to the lack of a strict and testable definition of sentience. I think their hability to surprise or subvert your expectations has nothing to do with sentiece. I do however think that tulpas should be treated like if they were sentient beeings. To aproach a first step in this matter, first i need to better understand the phenomenon, and i think a good place to start is the following question: Do tulpa have fully parallel thought processes? Meaning, are they an independent "thread" of reasoning. This could also be explained by tulpamancy increasing your hability of parallel thinking which makes it not a definite difference of my interpretation. A different question that might be similar would be "Is a tulpa istill 'running' when you dont think about them". (I dont think this is the case, tho i might be completely wrong) To test this question in a reliable way i formulated the following experiment: A person with three or more tulpas would need to have a conversation with one of them while they listen to an unconnected, simultaneous conversation of their other 2 tulpas. If its possible to do this without suffering a high mental load or lowering the "level" of the conversation, this could be a good indicator of my interpretation being incorrect (or a good indicator of tulpamancy increasing your hability of parallel thinking). Any other evidence in favor/against my interpretation is very much welcome. :)
  6. Ignis has lost his form. I cant visualize him as anything anymore. I tried asking him what he wants his form to be, but he isnt talking to me either. Is this his way of being angry with me, or is he just...gone? I dont know what to do, and this is really worrying me.
  7. Some of you who have mastered switching and likely play a big role in managing your system may have this awkward side problem- talking to your host is hard. You and your host want to talk more, but there's a barrier you don't fully understand. Luckily, there is a simple solution: A helpful mindset for talking to your host is to only consider what was talked about as repeat information. If your host wants to talk but struggles too, it could be due to an underlying assumption on how to communicate. One of the unwritten rules in having a conversation with someone else is sharing information you assume they don't know. If you bring up the same thing over and over again, people typically find it annoying. This can make it frustrating to hold or even start a conversation with your host because you know everything they did and vice versa. This is why talking to other people on Discord or even your less active headmates can be easier. Odds are good they don't know what you're about to share or they have enough disconnect from you to not immediately say "I already know that". A simple solution is to use a different conversation rule for in-system conversation. Consider what you remember telling your host and vice versa as possible repeat information. For example, if I watched a video about hippos and I didn't tell my host yet, that's new information I can share. He remembers all of the content from the video I just watched, but I didn't take the time to talk about it yet. A helpful mindset for talking to your host is to only consider what was talked about as repeat information. Additionally, when you explain something as yourself, you will likely add things to make it sound more personalized to your point of view, helping establish separation. Hearing your host's take can be a welcome surprise too. It may feel like the best conversation you both had in a long time. Submitted for Narration Tips and Tricks
  8. Okay so. I started creating my tulpa...around 2 days ago. Here is what I've got so far. 1. His form will be a Siberian Tiger 2. He is male 3. His personality is: calm, reassuring, and loving...though once he becomes vocal he can add to that. 4. His name (temporarily) will be Ignis, and i will let him change it if he wants. 5. His design: His eye color is a greenish yellow, he has a long tail and short legs, and his pelt color is a soft orange. His special trait is a heart stripe on his right cheek. Is this all pretty good? Do I need to add to it? Is his personality realistic?
  9. So i started development of a tulpa about 2.5 days ago and she's been progressing very rapidly. The first day I spent forcing I came up with a placeholder form and name to help visualize ( I called her Tulp before she chose her own ) and embedded that form with some basic traits i wanted her to be built around and started narateing and parroting her responses. a while later she began to answer me with yes and no. she told me later she knew I would think I was still parroting if she just answered normally so instead since she already knew what i was going to say she interrupted me while i was relaying the thought to her. The next day I tried talking to her more and she started to diversify her vocabulary a bit with words like sure, uh-huh, nope, or nah. Later that day I asked her how she was feeling and she responded with happy. Whenever I ask questions that require more than one word to answer though I feel like i'm definitely parroting because the responses are exactly what I thought she'd say and they don't sound or feel like her. Later that day we talked about what kinda form she wanted and she decided she's 6'2", has black medium length hair, fair skin, a wide mouth and a perky nose. I also asked her what her favorite primary color is and she said yellow. We'll keep working hard and i'll post more updates as they come! UPDATE i forgot to mention that i created a mindspace for us that consists of my room and her room ( witch she decorated all b herself! ) and outside is a street and on the other side of that is a park. the street cuts off on both sides and the entire rest of the area is covered in grass as far as the eye can see. Tulip spends a lot of time in the park and also likes to draw things from my memories sometimes.
  10. Well, I've lurked, and I've lurked, and then I've lurked some more. I've read pretty much every guide there is. But now it's time to actually get to work Problem is... Well, you see, I'm lazy. Like, really really lazy. I also have a habit of hesitating and second guessing myself. I can also get a little distracted. Sometimes. So, I'm starting this little journal here. I'll try to add a post here periodically, even if it is relatively short. At least in the beginning. Cultivating this small habit will hopefully force a little discipline. Typing it all out will hopefully solidify my thoughts. Yell at me if don't keep this up. :Þ That being said. Lets start: Why am I doing this? What do I hope to gain? Well a companion for one. I don't have that much trouble making friends, but I have trouble keeping and maintaining connections. I've quite often drifted or grown apart from many people in my life. I'm a bit socially awkward, maybe even a bit socially anxious in some respects. I can certainly hide it, but the more people are around, the more I find myself wishing I was somewhere else, doing something else. It's not that I hate people, I don't. And I don't plan to stop making connections with physical people. I just don't have the physical or mental energy to deal with too many people for too long. Still, the opportunity for someone to understand me on a truly deep level that no one else can is very enticing. I can only hope that I'll be, and remain, worthy of this connection. This will also be a bit of an ego journey for me. A chance to better know and understand myself as well as my future headmate. having someone to share this journey with will make it much more enjoyable. Also add to that the opportunity to learn first hand an experience that seems rather alien at first glance and that I'm already a creative person, this becomes less of a choice and more of an inevitability. The start Right now I have a name and very loose, general idea of who I hope this tulpa will be. Staying within the tradition of opposite genderedness in tulpamancy, "Hazel" will start female. This will help me differentiate her thoughts from mine. A couple main traits I will be cultivating are: Compassion- A personal code I like to live by is if someone needs or asks for help and I am able to do so, then I will help. Lessen the suffering of others. Having her share in that will make it simpler to coexist. This will also encourage many positive traits Curiosity- a desire to learn and grow will help develop her and push her to be self sustaining Outspokenness- to encourage vocality. this is not exhaustive just some major points What I won't be forcing: Love- From what I understand, most tulpas tend to be already naturally very caring towards their hosts. Also love, I feel, needs to develop naturally. Making someone love me just feels weird. plus that is a pressure I wouldn't want on anyone. Still, I'm sure my subconscious may still add this to the list regardless. Lust- same Form: I don't have much of a form for her yet. I've had some ideas but none are really sticking. It is humanoid though. Freckles and dark hair are also coming to mind. That could just be my attraction to them. I will, of course, accept any deviation from her. Encourage it, even. The Method I'm a very secular being by nature. Still, the mind loves symbols and most of the tulpamantic process is extremely symbolic. As such, I'll be taking some inspiration from the occult, particularly chaos magic. so: I love symbols, glyphs, and sigils. This is a representation of my intent to create a thoughtform. It is a seed or an egg as the round shape suggests. A beginning. Small and empty at first, but as time goes on, I'll be altering it and adding to it. It will slowly grow as she grows. In time, I may pass it to her. I'm creative by nature so this will just be a natural part of my creative process. The dotted outline suggests openness, inviting life to enter. The geometric shapes invoke a crystalline structure to "trap" the energy or qualities being cultivated. (Again, I'm not a proponent of metaphysics, but the symbology here is very useful). I will use and meditate on this as an aid while I cultivate her development. I'm not too fond of the term 'forcing' at all, so I'll use the term 'cultivate' as it way better describes the process: to raise, to grow, to prepare, do develop, to improve, to acquire. It brings to mind watering and tending to a garden. This will further put me in the right mindset. (I also have mixed thoughts on the terms tulpa and tulpamancy but I have no desire to get into a fight with the entire lexicon). Wish me luck.
  11. Hello! This is our sketchbook gallery. Here you will find pictures from my system, including drawings of me, tulpas, other headmates, and the dreamscape. I draw some things myself, other projects may be collaborations between me and Matt, Clu, or Shalkagi. I'm not quite into the switching phase yet. Usually, they talk to me as I do the drawing. Here's our first entry! It's also on the ITT: We Draw Our Tulpas thread. This is my first full visualization of Shalkagi. She started as an original character idea and began to form as a legit tulpa. I drew her face and body so I'd have an image to recall when narrating or forcing. Shalkagi (who also spells her name as Sal'qagI) is a Klingon female. She's pretty tough and belligerent, as Klingons are. I consider this drawing here one of my best works so far. This drawing was done by me as the host, while working on the visualization process. Notes on details: On the hair on her left side, there appears to be a light spot. There, is a streak dyed neon purple. I didn't include the purple in this black-and-white drawing. The weapon she's holding is a traditional Klingon bat'leth. But she uses other weapons, including just fists and feet. The light metallic armor is just one of many things she wears. Pictures of other outfits will come later. The quote on top is written in tlhIngan Hol. She is saying: "My name is Shalkagi. I am a Klingon!" And this is the very first Klingon I've ever drawn! I had lots of fun with this. Follow me for more!
  12. Hello everyone!! I’m Ren, pretty new here (been lurking on the site for a few months but never made an account). I actually got introduced to the idea of tulpamancy through Danganronpa V3, by Korekiyo Shinguuji. Funnily enough, guess who’s now my tulpa?... Yep. Korekiyo himself!! So I guess I’ll be putting my progress with him here. Kiyo’s been around for a month and a half now. His growth has been rapid. I never really had anything in my mind blocking his existence, so it was pretty easy for him to develop sentience (or at least what we consider sentience) in a short amount of time. Our wonderland was also formed in a matter of days, but Kiyo has been adjusting it as he sees fit, so who knows what it looks like now? He’s also been working on vocality, being really pushing to adopt his voice. He sounds, looks, and acts exactly like the character.. so maybe he’s a fictive? Either way, Kiyo’s aware that he and that character are not the same being, but he considers himself to be a reincarnation of the character, without the trauma and suffering. He’s really interested in anthropology, of course, and since that’s the career path I want to pursue as well (I’m 15), we’ve been reading a lot of anthropology books together. It’s quite a positive experience, although he does sometimes get annoyed with me when I don’t read them for while, and starts being REALLY sarcastic. It’s okay, though. When I get into arguments with my parents, Kiyo is with me, urging me to keep my cool and not waste my time on them. I wonder if he looks down on them? When he especially disagrees with them, he calls them “petty idiots”. I don’t have any issues with my parents, I love them more than anything, but Korekiyo gets mighty judgemental of people he doesn’t trust, and it takes him a long time to trust someone. But, he doesn’t ever wish harm on anyone, and shows no urges to lash out, rather wishing for me to do the opposite. So I’d say it’s rather inconsequential. Kiyo can sort of talk through me. What I mean by that is that he tells me what he wants to say, and I type it out. But more often than not, I have a general idea of what he wants to say without him saying anything to me. When I ask him about it, though, he confirms that that is what he was saying. So maybe we just mentally communicate really fast? I can definitely make out a difference between my texting pattern and his, and it’s not a conscious choice- when I’m typing for Kiyo, I don’t have to think out what he says, although he speaks in a much more formal manner than I do. It just kinda comes to me naturally, as though he is speaking through my fingertips. Really interesting! We want to get better at possession (or more accurately, we want to be able to do it at all). Any tips from experienced tulpamancers? Also, encouraging notes are appreciated, by both me and Kiyo. (Also, I included an edit I made of him! SPOILERS!!) IMG_4885.MP4 IMG_4885.MP4 Good day to all! Bye! -Ren
  13. Hi! Renesmee here. So, today I created Rosalie (placeholder name). I introduced myself during an active-forcing session and then sent an email to an account I set up so I could email her for forcing. I'm feeling encouraged and optimistic. More reports as events warrant!
  14. Hi! Sorry for the title, I didn't know exactly how to phrase it. Also, this sounds like a lot of the posts here, but it is actually different. Anyway, I recently started creating my tulpa, but I want to feel her presence more often. Whenever I can remember, I try to narrate to her, but sometimes I forget to actually think about her and am just talking to myself. I also can't remember to constantly think about her, because I get distracted pretty easily and sometimes have to concentrate on something a lot. I know you don't have to constantly talk to tulpas, but I know it can be beneficial and I like talking to her. (I also do active forcing sometimes, but not as often as passive) Thank you for answering!
  15. DISCLAMER : I am not here to talk about the classic "Is God a Tulpa?" question, but comparisons between religious practices and forcing will be drawn. With that, I will get on with it! During my past few forcing sessions I have been using music and candles to both quiet my environment and enter a state of trance. This music, being compositions by Arvo Part, has very distinct "church vibes" to it leading to a more reverent air while I am narrating. When forcing casually during the day I am commenting on my mood or the activity I am doing to Chai, but when sitting down for my active forcing session I fear my tone shifts too dramatically. I begin narrating in an almost poetic manner that no one would use in a conversation with another person. I am being completely sincere in the words I say. There is emotional weight to it all and I believe that to be a powerful thing. But, having reflected on it for a moment, I realize this is not to dissimilar to how my morning prayers went back when I was in private school. The act of focusing thoughts, emotions, and concerns through a mental narration. My questions are as follows: Is prayer adjacent forcing a viable way to help raise a healthy tulpa? Should you only narrate to a tulpa using your natural speaking style? Are the emotions in prayer similar to tulpish? And lastly, did you have a good day? If not, please accept my virtual hug!
  16. Hi! I'm Corrin. Im 16. My tulpas name is Oni and he's 17. I've only created him a month ago. So far he can communicate through emotions but thats all. I have a hard time visualizing so we arnt even really working on that quite yet but I have drawn him. Lately with school I've been really distracted and stressed so I haven't been remembering to narrate. I've also been having trouble even knowing what to say. I've set a reminder to show every 2 hours to remind me to talk to him so we'll see how that works. When we talk as a response he gives me an emotion but its really just a warm feeling in my chest. Im not sure what it means but I enjoy knowing he's there.
  17. During narration, it's easy to reach a mental block and become unable to think of what to talk about to your tulpa. This list provides you with many different options for topics to use during narration, conversation, and vocality practice. For narrating, talk to your tulpa about anything that interests you. Don't worry about repeating yourself or telling your tulpa something they already know: the content is secondary to the actual act of talking to them consistently. Use this list for inspiration, talk to them as much as you can, and don't stress over whether or not it's the "right" way to narrate. Do what works for you as best as you can and you're good. If there's anything this list is missing, feel free to suggest it. The list: All about you All about your tulpa Animals/pets Art/creativity Aspirations/goals Books/literature Cars/transport Celebrities/entertainers Childhood/adolescence Clothing/fashion Comedy/humor Cosmetics/beauty Countries/the world Culture/society Current mood/thoughts Decorations/design Emotions/feelings Entertainment Exploration/adventure Facts/trivia Fame/fortune Family/friends Fears/worries Fiction/stories Food/cooking Fun/games Habits/quirks Health/fitness History/events Hobbies/talents Holidays/festivities Hometown/country Hopes/dreams House/room Idols/role models Imagination/wonderland Immediate surroundings Interests/obsessions Internet/social media Issues important to you Life itself Likes/dislikes Love/romance Mathematics Memories Mind/mentality Morals/values Movies/TV Music/instruments Nature/environment News/politics Past/present/future Personal belongings Philosophy/thinking Places you like/want to visit Plans for the day/week Relationships/people Religion/spirituality School/work Science/technology Seasons/weather Senses you're currently experiencing Something you're looking forward to Space/the universe Sports/athletics Stores/restaurants Successes/achievements Superpowers/magic The day/week/year so far Toys/stuffed animals Tulpamancy ...and anything else you can think of! Sources: 1 2 3 4 5 Submitted for Tips & Tricks
  18. It's been always like this, my Tulpas could always hear each word I think and see everything I picture, and see what I'm dreaming about when I sleep, and feel each of my emotions, and they both receive whatever my senses receive, but I never got to hear their thoughts unless they said what they thought "out loud". I want to separate my train of thoughts from the thoughts I want them to hear but if I don't direct my thoughts at them for a while, I always get lost in my train of thoughts and forget to keep talking to them, and that makes me forget to impose. And not to mention, it affects their parallel processing abilities. I don't mind the other previously mentioned things to be obvious to them, but I want to have a bit of privacy in my mind... But is it really possible for me to keep to myself what I want to keep to myself and share what I want to share without forgetting about them in the process?
  19. Teaching my tulpa how to solve a rubik's cube, something i know how to do. This is still my first full day and I've been forcing w/ her. Felt my first two head pressures from her- I told her to finish a step of solving the cube and then felt it a few seconds/minutes later. Progress maybe? I've forced with her this morning and while I was playing a game, but now I'm feeling head pressures.
  20. Hello ! Before i start i just want to say some things about me. First of all, i am really skeptical about this whole thing. I do believe that the phenomenon of hearing another voice in your head exists and that you can train your brain to hear one. What i find very hard believing, is that your tulpa can take your place, or that you can hallucinate your tulpa IRL (imposition is what it is called). If i can get to the point where my tulpa can speak on its own, it’s enough for me. I am 20 years of age, and i feel that what I’m doing is complete madness and a little awkward. I feel a little ashamed to be honest, but I’m bored out of my mind and i find the idea of having a tulpa very interesting. Let’s start ! My tulpa’s name is Al, short for Alice. She has the form of a tall woman resembling lady Maria in Bloodborne. And...that’s it. I decided to skip the personality step. Btw, i feel like i should mention that a year ago, when i was 19, i tried making a similar tulpa with the same form, but i gave up after 4 weeks. I decided to try again by giving my tulpa a different name. I don’t know wether i should treat her as a new person, or the one from a year ago. But I’ll try not to think too much about it. 24/05/2020 Today after sports, i decided to lie down on the floor, close my eyes, and speak to Al. I spoke to her a little, and i got an idea. I told her that i would ask her a couple questions, and that she could answer yes or no by giving me a tickling feeling on the left (no) or right (yes) foot. I asked her if she liked cats, and surprisingly i felt tingling in my left foot (no). I thought it was just a placebo, or wishful thinking, but i just went with it. I asked her if she liked dogs, and i felt it in my right foot. I asked her if she liked chocolate, again, in my right foot, and so on. It was an interesting experience.
  21. So, I have been trying to do the whole narration thing (which from what I can tell is sitting down in head void and talk to a inanimate version of the walk-in/tulpa/soulbonded [maybe that works the same idk] until they properly respond [speaking of which, from my last post, they did kinda come back but now they seem to be diminished. Perhaps now that I am paying attention with them being walk-ins or something?]) and among things like not being able to stay in first-person for very long (idk if thats just a recommended thing) every so often when I think I am getting somewhere my mind seems to drift off and start showing me weird imagery. I don't really know how to describe it but its the kind of random stuff that you see when your dreaming, so I am assuming it has something to do with that. And then I back out of it again and I'm just back at the beginning and the feeling is gone. I'm pretty sure its not the tulpa itself showing the images, since they seem to be very out of context and random and they usually follow with that sense of drowsy-ness that you get when you start to fall asleep (kinda like when you somehow get into that weird half-awake, half-asleep state, where you are aware of whats happening, but whatever is happening is usually nonsensical, yet it somehow makes sense until you really think about it and realize that its a dream). So, as the title states, how do I keep these from showing up? I'm pretty sure they aren't supposed to be there and they are interrupting things. But like I said, every time I think I am getting somewhere they appear again and I'm back at square one.
  22. Hello. I am completely new here and very confused and scared. I have had imaginary friends since I was three, my first extremely visual one being when I was 5. He never left me, though, and became jealous of the others as they developed. I have three that really stick around now (I'm 24), and developed them as I encountered problems in life. I wrote them into a series of books called Saga for Pirantina, and now am making them into a webtoon, because I was so frustrated that there are multiple people/beings talking to me as if they're real people living inside my mind. I thought I was just intensely creative, and that this was a curse and I was insane. I had never heard of a 'tulpa' until several minutes ago, and it described EXACTLY what's going on with me. I am going through some sort of emotional revelation right now, it's extremely intense. Yaitolan is here with me, he agrees it's interesting. I don't know what to think. I have three main 'tulpas', I suppose. I'll attach images, since I actually can. Yaitolan likes posing for some of them. First, there's Yaitolan. He came to me in seventh grade, and we've grown increasingly attached, to the point that he's around all the time unless I need personal space, and helps me think through things. He can shift form from being a 21-foot tall humanoid alien with no mouth to a 6'3" human male, structurally similar but his hair is only neck-length and curly. After I broke up with my first ever boyfriend after college, Yaitolan became romantically inclined towards me, and helped me discover my more sexual side, as well as my confidence. He just came in and initiated it, I didn't really ask him to. It was bizarre. My first ever 'tulpa' was (and is) a small, blue dragon named Quickmick. He can run at the speed of light, and appears in the first chapter of the Saga for Pirantina webtoon. He's been my best friend since we were 5, and became increasingly jealous as Yaitolan replaced him... which hurt even more, because they are best friends on Pirantina. I still feel guilty about it, and Yaitolan and Quickmick dislike being around me at the same time, since they get angry at each other. We're still figuring out how to deal with it. My third 'tulpa' is kind of scary. On Pirantina, he was Yaitolan's predecessor, and hates the living hell out of me because I created him and his world to be a story when he actually had to experience it and the pain. His name is Rintentide. He's like Yaitolan's species, but 35 feet tall, black as night, with gleaming, sky-blue eyes. All majji have claws, no mouth, no genitals, etc, but his claws are especially long, and he's murdered many people. He is the 'devil' over my shoulder. I never knew how to handle my anger and frustration, and suddenly he magically appeared in my stories, and eventually began interacting with me. It was NOT pleasant at first, but I wrote him a happy ending, and he eventually warmed to me. His presence can still be unnerving, but he's calmed down a lot and gone back to raising orphans in the desert and fighting the gods of Pirantina, etc. The other 'tulpas' I interact with are several other majji (Spethu, Khataru, Eliya, Unglada, Queen Wayru, Lord Omi, Lord Blu, King Hilnej, Omiun, Kaijar, more....) two elves, Areth and Karraganst (though Karra not as much as Areth, since I wrote the death of his wife and he found out it was me in book seven), an ancient, rough, cybrog-dragon named General Hectar, a god that takes on the form of a psychopathic, clown-like mad-hatter cat (Ditto), and several other characters that occasionally drift through my head. I'm scared, because people on here mention one, two, maybe three tulpas at most, but I have an entire WORLD in my head that I can teleport myself to, and the people in it visit me or act on their own. It's been like this literally all my life. I thought it was strange that it never disappeared when I was a teenager, then a young adult in college, and now, at the age of 24, I feel like a crazy person, and it's driving me nuts, and hurting Yaitolan because he had no idea what to do, and Quickmick has gone silent on the matter. I feel like the only thing I can do is write the books, share them, do the audiobooks, webtoons, art, etc... I don't know how or why there's literally an entire dimension stuck in my head, does anyone else have this? I never even tried to make them up, they just came along on their own and never really feel inclined to leave. It makes me feel intensily lonely, because I can hear them, they sit around my room, I know their sense of humor, what irritates them, they'll goof off or sit in the car to go on adventures with me, but I'll never really get to see them, interact with them, talk to them. For reference, here's the link to the Webtoon. I've only just started it thanks to a rabid 90k strong TikTok fanbase... otherwise it's just the book series. https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/saga-for-pirantina/list?title_no=380059 There's a bunch of Pirantina art on my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mirandathehybrid/ And the illustrations below are Yaitolan (light blue, he and I are chilling together under the night sky in the last picture), Rintentide (tall and black, towering over Yaitolan on the ground), Queen Wayru and King Hilnej (the two in the flowers hugging. They're Yaitolan's parents), Khataru (Yaitolan's little brother, white face with black hair), The Hybrid, which is me whenever I go to Pirantina (the lonely, white creature sitting on the ledge looking into void), Karaka-nor/Illustionist (ghost guy with the glowing eye)... I have so many more, but I don't want to spam this place with pictures. I just need to know if these are tulpas, if I am sort of crazy, natural tulpa-summoner, or if I'm literally just bat-sh*t insane with a wild, uncontrollable creativity. If it helps, I'm a girl and my IQ measured something between 135-150 in high school. I'm sure I've lost quite a few of those IQ points from stress... lol. I'm an illustrator and art teacher by profession, and used to design aircraft for fun.
  23. Hi. I started creating my tulpa, Ciris, yesterday and i have a question about narration. When i talk to my tulpa, should i talk to her as if she knows everything i know, or consider her as a new born ? For example, should i be like: "Hey Ciris, this is my aunt, my mom, my brother and sister.." ? Thanks for replying :)
  24. The poll Don't answer unless you know, because you yourself have a tulpa. No guesses please. Pointless foreword Narration is pretty much the most important step in tulpa creation - I think so, at least, and I would expect most to agree. But how many narration guides are there? I can't see any. There are a load of nice guides for everything else, but still people rock up into Q&A and ask basic questions about narration. They could put in a bit of effort and search the section for their question, which has likely been answered ten times before, for sure. But why do that when you can read a guide? So here's a guide. The actual guide This is all my opinion on what you should do. Don't take it as the divine word, but take some hints at least. Even if some of this isn't necessary, it might help your narration to be more productive. That said, this is only a guide, so don't treat it like the law. When to do it? If you're going to do personality, but haven't started it yet, then don't. If you're underway with, or have finished, personality then do it. If you're not going to do personality, then do it. If your tulpa isn't vocal and you fit the above criteria, then do it. If they're already speaking back then you probably needn't read this. Starting off; get an idea of your tulpa So you want to narrate? It's not just talking to yourself, or talking out loud, it's talking to your tulpa. Before you start with the ridiculous monologue, you should get a sense of who you're talking to. If you've done or are doing form, or personality, or even just an introductory session, then you should probably have in your mind some idea of your tulpa. If haven't done any of this and you don't have any idea of your tulpa, then do one of them, or just try your best to get an idea of your tulpa through visualisation. If you visualise them as a fluffy cloud then you can talk to the cloud, and so on - more generally, you can visualise your tulpa and talk to that. NB: This isn't strictly necessary, it just helps most. It is far easier to narrate productively when you have something to narrate to, but not necessary, and if you think you can manage talking to your tulpa without this then by all means do. Having an idea of your tulpa helps by giving you something to narrate to. This makes it, on the whole, easier to narrate, and likely more productive too. Starting off; focusing At this point you should have some concept of your tulpa in your head. If you don't, jump back a section. If you do, great! Now it's time to talk at length; or, it isn't. As I have already said, you need to talk to your tulpa. When you start narrating, the most important thing is to get into the habit of addressing your tulpa. Make a conscious effort to talk to the idea of your tulpa that you have. You can talk complete gibberish for all it matters, just get the hang of talking to your tulpa. Consistently address them by their name. If you suddenly realise you've been talking to yourself, it's not a big deal. Stop and refocus. To reiterate, the most important thing is who you're talking to right now. Actually narrating So now you can talk to your tulpa? Great. If you feel as though you've got the hang of that, then you probably won't need to ever revisit it, even if you think you've lost it. Then, the next step; talking. Talk to your tulpa about anything. It doesn't matter what you say, as long as what you're saying has some sort of meaning. You should try to communicate in words rather than ideas - this helps to build language in them, which helps later on in the creation process. Narrate at any time, anywhere. It doesn't matter if you're not focusing 100% on narrating. The important thing now is to narrate all the time. I don't know what the hell to talk about You don't? Idiot. Anything. Talk about what's going on around you; explain what you're doing, or what others are doing. Talk about what you're studying (if you're studying). Rant about politics, or history, or your favourite TV show. Explain the deeper meaning behind Tim Hecker's latest album. Make things up at random. Talk about your relationships, your problems, your sources of pain and stress; narration can be therapeutic. And so on. Continuing Been doing this for a while? Great. Do it more. Unless your tulpa's speaking, you should be speaking. Don't think you can skimp on narration afterwards, either. It helps with fluency, with a clearer voice, with development in general. FAQ Because questions are asked frequently. Because these things would break the flow of the main guide. Because the reader is assumed to be lazy. Is this all necessary? I'd say you need to narrate. This guide, however, is not the only way to go about it. Can I narrate about...? Yes. You won't give your tulpa 'bad energy' by telling them about what makes you angry. If you're narrating 'about' something then it's not going to be bad. Can I narrate through...? Reading to your tulpa counts as narration. Anything that involves speaking words to your tulpa is narration; it's all good. Can I narrate while...? Unless you're performing a task that requires all of your concentration, then you can narrate while doing it. Mopping floors at some poorly-paid job? Great time to narrate? Driving? Try not to get too into it, but if it's not seriously affecting your concentration then do it. Is it bad to narrate while angry/frustrated? Opinions differ, but I'd say no. If you're losing focus because of your emotion, then you'll be less productive, but it's not actually detrimental. If you think your 'negative emotions' are getting to them, that's not really that bad either. They live in your head, and they're going to have to get used to your emotion at some point. It's not going to make your tulpa evil; worst case, they get upset themselves. Can I narrate in my head? Yes. By all means. Should I narrate out loud? It's preferable. Speaking out loud is better for narration; it helps to differentiate your from your tulpa. Even muttering under your breath helps. But again, it's not necessary. Am I doing it wrong? It's very unlikely. Whatever your problem, you'd have a hell of a job actually narrating wrong. How long am I going to be doing this? Hour counts are evil etc. Aside, anywhere from a few days to a few months. You'd be somewhat unlucky to be narrating for more than two months if you're actually putting any effort into it. If you have autism and you had a harem of imaginary friends as a child, then expect to be narrating for less time. This all seems somewhat complicated. I've embellished the process with more detail than most will need, just for the sake of making sure. It's simple, really; talk to your tulpa until they talk back. This is boring. Talk about whatever you enjoy talking about. If you don't like talking, then just do it anyway. Why have a tulpa if you don't like talking? I get distracted. What to do? At least this is a question. Do something else while narrating. It honestly helps. If not, then talk about something you enjoy talking about. If not, narrate from a book or comic or whatever. If you still can't concentrate, then you should take some concentration-enhancing drugs, and God help you when you get down to proper forcing. In closing If you still have questions, then ask someone, be it me or anyone else, here or in Q&A. Remember to have fun narrating.
  25. Hi! Host here, Lolli; I'm very new to the forums, so I apologize if this has already been addressed, but this question isn't so much about forcing/visualization/dialogue or anything like that so much as the means to express these things. I'm an artist and I've doodled and drawn my first tulpa, Ichibod for years, and while Priscilla is young, my visualization of her is very strong now and they are both extremely vocal. Our new system is adjusting and it's fun, but it gets complex because they often talk between each other, or with me, or about general things that I'm not even involved in. I've been trying to think of some kind of way to channel this communication. As a host, I'm comfortable with text, but I know that my tulpas aren't some kind of mechanism for roleplay or anything like that. What I'm seeking is a way to both document some of our conversations, so that I can draw them later as well, but also let them talk more fluidly besides random spurts of words, tulpish, and emotive impressions. I started brainstorming how we could effectively talk in text without it being through some simulated bot in a chatroom or anything like that. Has anyone had any experience using a chat service or anything like that to engage with their own tulpas without outside influence? I mean, there's typing into a notepad, but that seems like parroting for them. There's Discord, but I don't know if there's a way to have multiple accounts and use them in a room. I'm not that tech savvy (Icky may be, but he's a little out of the loop about this as well; he's always been socially awkward, lol.) I hope I didn't take too much of your time! Thank you so much for reading! We appreciate it :3
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