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  1. NOTE: I am currently doing research on tulpae, I do not have any prior knowledge/experience on the topic except a brief search of “how to make friends” gone off rails a couple years ago late at night, I do not have any tulpae! Today I was bored and I remembered something about tulpa, so I began searching and looking up everything I could and wondered if tulpa’s could disappear on their own or forcefully, they can, I also found out what “possession” is and how a host or a tulpa can kind of just hang out in the wonderland or world you have made, I know tulpa’s can disappear, but can hosts if a tulpa is possessing them for a long time? Potentially making the tulpa the new host?
  2. I used to see a dream in my childhood almost everyday for quite a few years. I felt like falling into a deep black hole with swirly orange lines continuously moving around the darkness. After that I could see pyramids everywhere. Then in a blink I see many people around me and I can feel their pain. Everything I saw was occurring at night time. After this dream I always used to wake up crying. But I don't know why after all these years I see this dream as a trance all of a sudden with my eyes open. For a while I get numb. Now I am curious to link every event and control my tulpa. I believe it is lost or going through something and needs guidance. I am really not able to conclude. I am new to this and this is the first time I let out this to anyone, so please help me out.
  3. So i started development of a tulpa about 2.5 days ago and she's been progressing very rapidly. The first day I spent forcing I came up with a placeholder form and name to help visualize ( I called her Tulp before she chose her own ) and embedded that form with some basic traits i wanted her to be built around and started narateing and parroting her responses. a while later she began to answer me with yes and no. she told me later she knew I would think I was still parroting if she just answered normally so instead since she already knew what i was going to say she interrupted me while i was relaying the thought to her. The next day I tried talking to her more and she started to diversify her vocabulary a bit with words like sure, uh-huh, nope, or nah. Later that day I asked her how she was feeling and she responded with happy. Whenever I ask questions that require more than one word to answer though I feel like i'm definitely parroting because the responses are exactly what I thought she'd say and they don't sound or feel like her. Later that day we talked about what kinda form she wanted and she decided she's 6'2", has black medium length hair, fair skin, a wide mouth and a perky nose. I also asked her what her favorite primary color is and she said yellow. We'll keep working hard and i'll post more updates as they come! UPDATE i forgot to mention that i created a mindspace for us that consists of my room and her room ( witch she decorated all b herself! ) and outside is a street and on the other side of that is a park. the street cuts off on both sides and the entire rest of the area is covered in grass as far as the eye can see. Tulip spends a lot of time in the park and also likes to draw things from my memories sometimes.
  4. Hola, soy Vanehaim y decidí crear un tulpa hace aproximadamente 1 año. Comencé a crear su forma y creé su personalidad basándome en usarlo como un personaje de juego de roles, ¿se puede considerar el juego de roles una forma de forzar la personalidad? Bueno, desde entonces he estado tratando de comunicarme con él, pero ni siquiera tengo respuestas sobre si es consciente o no. En el país de las maravillas se mueve y habla, pero siento que lo estoy controlando, si me concentro en no controlarlo no hace nada. Como si le hablo con los ojos abiertos, estoy concentrado en la respuesta, pero no noto nada en absoluto, nunca. Bueno ... solo dos veces lo noté como una respuesta repentina. Pero el intervalo entre estas dos respuestas es muy grande y tal vez incluso lo he imaginado porque lo quería tanto. Ayer pero fui a comunicarme con él haciendo presión en la cabeza, le dije que lo hiciera, y noté presión, varias veces. Estaba muy feliz, pero hoy lo vuelvo a intentar y no noto nada. Ha pasado mucho tiempo y me estoy desmotivando, pero quiero lograrlo. Entonces creo que es hora de buscar ayuda. Busco a alguien que me pueda ayudar en el proceso ... #general
  5. A Question on stage of development. We have been working out a way to force traits more affectively by adding a bit of a religious element into it. In the process of going through the trait list I have been grouping little clusters together that I want to have an overall corresponding aspect to the main trait I am working off of. For example, I have grouped together; Articulate, Confident, Contemplative + Methodical respectively. The main trait is Articulate. -> When you communicate, verbally, your words and thoughts are ordered fluently. You contemplate your words and are able to say exactly what you mean clearly and confidently. [you think before you speck] The trait we were working on that props my question is Loyal. (Loyal + Confidential, Conscientious, Hardworking) The grouping came off as a little weird but what I wanted to get at was I don’t want him to be Loyal to a fault, like he would stay to the end even though he knows he should have bailed. I also don’t want to accidently develop a paranoia of him not being able to put faith in others and being by their side. [NOTE: Gio has a Spotify List for his tunes] In response to this, we have the song Leave Luanne from a musical stuck on repeat. What stage would he be considered at …? Is this a sign of sentience developing? (Please let us know if the below should be moved to another posting of its own.) With that Gio wants to ask about religion. Do your Tulpas have a different religious preference from your own? Do you and your Tulpa practice your Religions or like to do research on them? (He is currently reading through the Qur'an.)
  6. Hello, everyone (sorry for my english in advance). Me and Eto usually communicating through a hand possession. She can type or write 1-2 words in answer to a question, but not complete sentences or her thoughts. So i wanted to ask, if the reason for this is that she is not fully developed consciousnes, or there might be other reasons?
  7. Hello everyone!! I’m Ren, pretty new here (been lurking on the site for a few months but never made an account). I actually got introduced to the idea of tulpamancy through Danganronpa V3, by Korekiyo Shinguuji. Funnily enough, guess who’s now my tulpa?... Yep. Korekiyo himself!! So I guess I’ll be putting my progress with him here. Kiyo’s been around for a month and a half now. His growth has been rapid. I never really had anything in my mind blocking his existence, so it was pretty easy for him to develop sentience (or at least what we consider sentience) in a short amount of time. Our wonderland was also formed in a matter of days, but Kiyo has been adjusting it as he sees fit, so who knows what it looks like now? He’s also been working on vocality, being really pushing to adopt his voice. He sounds, looks, and acts exactly like the character.. so maybe he’s a fictive? Either way, Kiyo’s aware that he and that character are not the same being, but he considers himself to be a reincarnation of the character, without the trauma and suffering. He’s really interested in anthropology, of course, and since that’s the career path I want to pursue as well (I’m 15), we’ve been reading a lot of anthropology books together. It’s quite a positive experience, although he does sometimes get annoyed with me when I don’t read them for while, and starts being REALLY sarcastic. It’s okay, though. When I get into arguments with my parents, Kiyo is with me, urging me to keep my cool and not waste my time on them. I wonder if he looks down on them? When he especially disagrees with them, he calls them “petty idiots”. I don’t have any issues with my parents, I love them more than anything, but Korekiyo gets mighty judgemental of people he doesn’t trust, and it takes him a long time to trust someone. But, he doesn’t ever wish harm on anyone, and shows no urges to lash out, rather wishing for me to do the opposite. So I’d say it’s rather inconsequential. Kiyo can sort of talk through me. What I mean by that is that he tells me what he wants to say, and I type it out. But more often than not, I have a general idea of what he wants to say without him saying anything to me. When I ask him about it, though, he confirms that that is what he was saying. So maybe we just mentally communicate really fast? I can definitely make out a difference between my texting pattern and his, and it’s not a conscious choice- when I’m typing for Kiyo, I don’t have to think out what he says, although he speaks in a much more formal manner than I do. It just kinda comes to me naturally, as though he is speaking through my fingertips. Really interesting! We want to get better at possession (or more accurately, we want to be able to do it at all). Any tips from experienced tulpamancers? Also, encouraging notes are appreciated, by both me and Kiyo. (Also, I included an edit I made of him! SPOILERS!!) IMG_4885.MP4 IMG_4885.MP4 Good day to all! Bye! -Ren
  8. Hello, I am still very new to all of this but we had a question that I wasn't sure how to search for. To start I am not sure if my Tulpa, Giovanni, is vocal. There was an incident, months ago, where early in the morning I heard a voice whisper to me. It wasn't in my head but like right next to my ear, where they could have breathed on me. Truthfully I was spooked by it. I do not remember what it said just the tone of the voice, like a heavy smoker or something close in roughness. It was only later that I reasoned it could have been Giovanni but I have not been able to get a straight answer on it. Since then he is reluctant to open his mouth to speak. Could it have been? Is that what vocalization can sound like/ feel like? Secondly, We have been mildly forceing through the day when we started to talk about fronting. We've been doing that exercise where you have you memory as a library and they can go through and view memories. Giovanni made a reference that forcing could look/ feel like the Emotion Bottles from the show The Magicians. (In the show they trap their emotions in a bottle so they can make unrestrained decisions, sort of.) I thought that was really clever. We have not watched the show together nor talked about it before, but we do talk about magic and similar genres. Is this behavior be considered a reflection of sentience?
  9. I've been mainly following Kiahdaj's Absolute Guide and Reguile's Grounded Guide (while of course having looked at a few others), the latter being what came to me naturally as this gap-filling engine developed more or less by itself while narrating. I haven't focused on character or form a lot, in order to not force anything on my tulpa they might not want. Anyway, my problem is I can't seem to get further than that - I'm able to shut off my "thought engine" within seconds, however, I do not get any thoughts from my tulpa either after that point. I assume that getting to that point would resolve a few other issues I currently have - for example, neither of us seems to be able to tell where a thought came from, usually (it was suggested to me we might be more or less a median system, which is not what I/we want). There seems to be a lack of independence here, in various regards… Furthermore, they seem to be more an aspect of myself, rather than a distinct persona, and they weren't able to choose a name, gender, pronoun and a stable form for now (though from what I can tell, they did not seem to like the wonderland I initially created (a kind of datacenter/server room, based on my metaphor a tulpa is essentially an AI doing machine learning from narration), and have simply moved to an indistinct location within our head, claiming "this is *your* wonderland, not mine"), and they simply seem to switch between phases of constant agreement/approval and constant disagreement/disapproval of what I think - which brings us back to the assumption that they currently are more an aspect of myself, specifically the critical voice in my head that occasionally just doesn't find anything to criticize.
  10. So I've had a tulpa for maybe four months now. I remember seeing a cool Youtibe video on tulpamancy and looking into it, which is how I sparked interest. I still have my first tulpa, Rain, but I've had a run-in with a rather nasty one too. There was a point in which I thought I was too busy for tulpa and almost abandoned her, but I decided to try again and here I am. I honestly don't communicate much with Rain, only when I remember she's there (is she a tulpa at all?) and I feel bad. I really want to have somebody as a passenger in life and share experiences with, but I don't know if I'm ready. I'm 14, so still relatively young, and don't know if it's too early. I'm just going through a kinda rough time now. I'm more anxious than usual as I try to hide the fact that I'm trans-masc and all the other things burdening me. If she can help me, great, but I don't expect her to. She's a bit different than me, but in essence she's shaped around my own personality. I'm thinking about making another tulpa, though I'm not 100% sure how. I'm also very interested in possession. I can visualize her in the real world and talk to her in my head, but that's about it. Any suggestions on how to grow at all from here? Tha ks for reading, I appreciate it. ^^
  11. So I'm not new to tulpamancy. I have had tulpa ever since I was 6 years old- so approximately 14 years. I've loved and cherished them all this time, and only found out last year what they truly were. Or so I thought. I want to run how my tulpa operate past other people and get their opinions- are they really tulpa? I have been doing research into Daemons, Soulbonders, wonderlands, and many other topics, and it strongly has me rethinking everything. To start off, albeit that I am not new to the concept, I seem to not have much practice. When I read about tulpa, I read about fronting, taking over (tulpa coming through the body to interact with the outside world). However, that does not occur with my tulpa. They have done it, maybe once, and I was not "taking a back seat" when they did it. So I'm very confused, to say the least. They function on their own, they have their own wills and personalities, they have their own hobbies, even their own relationships with other tulpa. Everyone of them works well with others, even if their personalities clash sometimes. The only quarrels I have are with "walk-ins"? I'm not sure what to call them, but every so often we get a stray entity that comes around, friend or foe, and doesn't stay long. Sometimes they cause mayhem, other times they sit down and heave tea with my boys before leaving again. I have approximately 25 tulpa as well, excluding those that occasionally come around but are still permanent. (i.e. i have a group of 3 werewolves that I see and talk with every few months) Another thing is, I don't see "see" them, in my physical space around me. I feel the spatially, and visualize them that way. Sometimes their appearances change, alter, or warp. Sometimes they are clear and defined, when I have good days, but other times they truly feel like wispy spirits just nearby, not full entities. I'm really distraught right now because I don't know what to call them. I don't know what to look up for research. I don't know what to practice first. I don't know how to approach anything right now, because for the past 14 years I've just head them as friends in my head, who I talk with and are their own people, but I can't feel them that well. If anyone can offer any advice it's greatly appreciated, I will also answer any question people throw at me. Thank you all for your time. Edit: I really need help figuring out what or who my "first" tulpa was...he's a complete mystery.
  12. Their birthday is 04/29/20 04/30/20: I introduced myself to them today. Told them I wouldn't name them, and they could decide on their own. Weirdly enough, I think the response I got was Clause, and male. Their personality appears to be flipiant and silly. I'll let them take their time to decide though, and take my time in understanding them talking. I'm still unsure what's my mindvoice and what's theirs.. I'm worried I can't hear them well enough to know what they want. So I won't call them anything yet. I'm gonna go back to reading this guide now, with them over my shoulder learning with me. Wish us luck! I've decided to make these journal entries towards you, my Tulpa, in order to help with passive forcing. This way, I can talk to you and we can go over your growth together! I dislike referring to you as they/them, unless that's what you want. But I'll be patient to see what you decide to become. I just don't want to dehumanize you, as your well being is very important to me. Our wonderland, for now, will simply be my room. It's hard to imagine alot of things at once, so I'll stick with something farmilar. I'm going to try and stop doubting what is and is not my own mindvoice, as doubt can be bad for your growth. I do believe in hearing you to some extent, I'm just unsure of how much I'm perceiving as your thoughts. After talking to you again, watching you lay on the floor on your back, roll over, and stretch your neck out on the floor and rest your head, I've figured that your first answer to a question to be your actual answer. Instead of doubting. So hello Clause, it's nice to meet you sir. It's very late, and seems you've stretched out next to me in our mind space. So I'll passively force with you till I fall asleep, since it's nice to have company to fall asleep with. Goodnight bud 😴
  13. I'm very new to this entire thing, but I started researching it because I have this sort of "friend." His name is Connor, and I've been having these daydreams about him for the past 2 years. These daydreams are extremely vivid, where I talk to myself out loud as him and I know exactly what he looks like, sounds like, his lifestyle, his fears and aspirations, his personality, etc. It's gotten to the point where sometimes he feels more real than people I actually know in real life, and I can hear him in my head whenever something happens and he feels like responding. It even feels like he's reading this over my shoulder as I type it. Is he a tulpa, or something else? Is there anyway I can help materialize him more? I would love to have him by my side, but I'm not sure how to. Any help or explanations? I'd really appreciate it. (The picture attached is something that I'm pretty sure he painted; I remember physically making it but I dont really remember why or how, kinda like I was half-way disassociating)
  14. If you are resorting to a guide with a title such as this than you are probably pretty familiar with the entire process of creating a tulpa. You know about how to make a personality, you know what forcing is, you know how to put yourself in a wonderland with relative ease. You have found that despite all this knowledge, despite hours of forcing, despite reading every scrap of information you can find, you really honestly aren't sure what to expect from a tulpa. Alien feelings? A person whispering into your ear while you cross the street? The feeling of a walkie talkie? Some threads speak of tulpa as if they are simply other people, yet other threads speak of them as if there is hardly a distinguishing factor between the tulpa and the host. So what gives? When is it that you really do have something that you can confidently state is a tulpa? When are you or aren't you parroting? Some who have tried to create a tulpa seem to do incredibly well with it. They are out talking about how talkative their tulpa is in the first week! Some take less than a few hours! It's obvious that you, the troubled reader of this guide, must be doing something horribly wrong, right? No. Like all human efforts and questions, some things will just "click" for some people. Be it from prior experience, natural disposition, or just plain old peer pressure, some people hit the track running. You probably hit the track going about twenty miles an hour and with a broken leg. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, you can end up doing much better in the long run because of the foundation you are forced to build. Not all tulpa through the community have voices that are even close to consistently alien/foreign feeling. Even some of the people who have been at this for quite a while have been known to have moments of doubt. The process of creating a tulpa is not something that is just accomplished through an hour of forcing. Outside of certain “breakthrough” moments that drive you to new prospects, progress in the field of tulpa is incredibly gradual. Even If you may not be noticing any improvement, it is almost definitely there in some form. What you will get out of tulpa will be exactly what you put in combined with your own natural affinity, nothing more, nothing less. ___ The only thing you really can do at a stage like this is to just keep at the process that got you here. Do not shut down or shut out that little voice in your head. Cater to that voice. Humor it. Clearly, as you are wondering if some of your thoughts are those of your tulpa, something is going right. Continue to force, continue to develop the personality of your tulpa, continue to work on trying to think of your tulpa throughout the day. All of these things build and reinforce the idea in your head that a thought no longer is a simple, one dimensional thought. Instead, you create the idea that there is some identity, some personality, some tulpa, that can be doing the “thinking”. The stronger that identity, the easier and more often thoughts will be assigned to it. What you are experiencing is the beginning of your ability to recognize and order a thought as being the thoughts of your tulpa rather than yourself. More often than not that thought will feel like its origin lies with you rather than a tulpa. That is absolutely normal and expected. For now, you are very likely bad at the process of ordering thoughts, and you are are almost definitely going to continue to screw up along the way. You may find it helpful to spend some time just trying to recognize your own thought processes as you go throughout the day. It is amazing sometimes how quickly the mind can work, and if you pay a little more attention you may start to notice that you tend to think about two to five sentences worth of thoughts across the course of one normal language-based thought. Learning to pay attention to this level of thinking is very helpful when dealing with doubt issues such as this. I wouldn’t so much recommend to attempt to endlessly be in control of every thought you make. However, being able to pay attention to that level of thought is often very good for assessing and realizing what trains of thought or mindsets lead to you feeling like your tulpa isn’t exactly not-you. Those trains of thought can be avoided while forcing for the sake of fostering progress, and then examined later on when you are not trying to actually communicate. Overall you should expect that as you force the voice will become stronger. Along the line, there will be doubts. It is likely that you will never find a point at which you never have doubts of if what you heard was you or your tulpa. That is normal, that is expected. However, as time slowly passes, the doubts become less. You probably won't notice it at all after any single day, but you may just find that one day things “click” and it really feels like you are talking to a voice in your head. You may even go so far as to call it a tulpa.
  15. Due to a while's struggle with having my own tulpa think separately from myself, we felt the need to come up with ways to help her think for herself. These are methods that can be done both passively and actively, and good for times in which you need to work in short times or when sitting down to force is not an available option. Method 1 The first is simple and easy. Simply lay out a number of items (preferably between 10-20 of them) before you. These can be cards, dominoes, or any other small item you can find. Ensure that you can see all of them at once while staring directly at the middle of the objects. The objects should be spread out to an extent, preferably not overlapping. It is important not to count how many you are laying out, as this negates the process entirely. Now that the objects are before you, stare in to the center of them and explain to your tulpa what is going on. Ask them to count the unknown number of objects before you and then give you the number. Do not participate in the counting alongside them, simply stare and clear your mind. If you find yourself unable to clear your mind, occupy it with something simple such as spelling, reciting a poem, or simple math. Leave your mind open enough to hear your tulpa's response. Try not to move your eyes from the center in order to allow focus to be given to your tulpa. Rely on them to count and give them a minute or so to do so. After they let you know they are finish or decide that their time is up, ask them how many objects their were and then count them yourself. It is optional to keep track of how close they are to accuracy each time to track growth. With this method, I find that my own tulpa generally gets it right 4/5 times with almost no previous abilities to parallel process. An alternative to this method is to lay out a random number of objects on one side, then placing a divider beside the objects, and laying out a different number of objects on the other side of the divider. Then , as you count the amount of objects on the left side, you must rely on the tulpa to count the amount of objects on the right side. For more of a challenge, set a time limit of your comfort and gradually attempt to work down to lesser amounts of time to count the objects. Method 2 This method is better for times in which you don't have as much time to spare, you're constantly moving and having to divert your focus, or there are no objects at your disposal. It shares close similarity with the first method. Look around you for a word, preferably one with several letters, though do not count the letters yourself. If you're in class, look at the posters, if you're outside, look at the signs. If there are no words around you, use a random word generator such as this one: http://www.wordgenerator.net/random-word-generator.php After you have the word, simply ask your tulpa how many letters are in the word and then count them for yourself. The tulpa shouldn't require as much time to count as they would with the objects in method 1. Ask them to report the number of letters back to you and then count them yourself. This can also turn in to a back and forth game by telling your tulpa a word, having them tell you the amount of letters in it, and then having them tell you a word, and having you tell them the number of letters in it. If you're finding it difficult to keep your mind busy as they count the letters in whichever word, you can use the option of giving yourself and your tulpa a word and each of you having to count the number of letters in the word. This allows your tulpa to think for itself while your own mind is busied. - - - I find this to be more of a basic tip for tulpamancer with tulpas still in the earlier stages. It requires small amounts of vocalization, allowing younger, more quiet tulpae to participate and help their parallel processing skills to grow as well as older tulpas suffering from the same issue. The methods have proved very effective for us, and I hope the same shows with other tulpamancers. The way in which these tactics assist the tulpa is simple. It forces the mind of the tulpa to work on its own, without any input from yours. Due to your conscious mind being busied with something else, it requires the tulpa to use your subconscious thoughts and to form their own thoughts on what is happening. It is a simple method to build up the parallel processing of the tulpa before they move on to more complicated tests and tricks. By forcing the tulpa to think for themselves when counting, they no longer feed off of the conscious mind.
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