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Advice for new users

1) The process of making a tulpa and the experience of having one is a subjective phenomenon. That means that while you may experience some similarities to the experiences of other people, your results will probably vary. Don't take anything as a concrete rule, try to understand that anyone giving advice is giving it based on their own understanding; it's up to you whether you decide to see things in the same way as others.


2) Try to keep an open mind about everything, and if there's something you don't entirely understand or agree with feel free to question it in-depth and explain your point of view. There's no such thing a stupid question if you're trying to be honest with yourself. Also,

might be usefull to watch to understand open-mindedness better.


3) Try to ask more specific questions. General questions like "Can you tell me about tulpas?" are unlikely to get good answers. Instead, try asking "What is a tulpa?", "How is a tulpa made?", "Can a tulpa do this?". These questions are more specific and will result in a better answer almost all the time.


4) Read the rules. They're probably things you've read before, but it's always good to know the rules of the site just in case there's something you don't know.


Advice for general users

1) If someone arrives in the chat who clearly doubts the tulpa phenomenon, don't react explosively to it. Do your best to consider their side and give weight to their arguments, and try to get a feel for "why" they doubt. Explain the differences between your understanding and experience and theirs respectfully. Our goal isn't to make every doubter a convert; it's more than enough to engage them in reasonable and thought-provoking discussion.


2) If you have a disagreement with another user, don't attempt to approach them from the standpoint of attacking their beliefs. Even if you feel that they are wrong, it is important to understand why they believe what they believe. Try to engage with them in constructive discussion and explain your reasoning clearly and respectfully.


3) Friendliness is good. We want this place to be inviting to people, not rejecting. Even if you have an argument, try not to take it personally. If someone's insulting you directly, simply ask them to stop. If they continue, you can contact a mod and we'll stop it.


4) Reread the rules. You probably already know them, but you never know if something has changed, even though the mod team will do their best to tell people that the rules have changed. (In the IRC channels and Discord server, there will be a link to the rules and a "last updated" notice)


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