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  1. I thought about a way to fight these damn intrusive thoughts because I could barely focus for 10 minutes even after forcing for multiple weeks. So what i found out was: -Be as awake as possible! The more relaxed you are, the more the intrusive thoughts come through! -Drink coffee and/or black tea! The caffeine works wonders!(I only tried black tea but i guess coffee would have the same effect) -Force early in the day! If less stuff happens throughout the day(or it is still early) you can concentrate better and wont think about stuff that happened(even if you just watched a TV show this counts as stuff happening) I hope this was helpful for some of you with the same problem and maybe you can add something to the list! Btw don't try the letting them play out argument on me, if you have really bad and sometimes evil intrusive thoughts you want to avoid that at all cost!
  2. I was focusing on Keaa's character traits in a 1-hour session today. After a bit, I felt tingling sensations on my arms. Since I was outside, my first thought was that they were some type of bug or spider. I broke my concentration and rubbed at my arms, just to find that they were clear of anything, living or not. Could these sensations just be a result of relaxing and not moving for a certain amount of time, or could my tulpa actually be sending some form of signal of some sort? Thanks.
  3. So, a few days ago I found out about tulpas, and immediately wanted to create one for myself. The next day I started and because quite frustrated. I'm a very structured person, I need a clear outline for what needs to be done to accomplish it. I've come to the conclusion that I probably don't have the discipline or the visualization techniques to create one. Well, I'm trying anyways, but that's not really what this is about. While tulpaforcing I've figured out so much about myself it's not even funny. I've even come to admit to myself some things that I really don't like. I feel like this may be one of the best things I've ever attempted. I just wanted to say thanks for introducing this to me, and thanks to the admins who put this site together.
  4. So I've been reading both FAQ man's and Irish_'s guides, and they both specifically mention hour counts and strict "no parroting/puppeteering" policies. Then, on the other hand you've got people that swear that parroting (in moderate amounts) is actually beneficial to the forming of sentience and that hour counts don't mean shit. So I'm asking you about your opinion on the matter. And it just may happen that I'll learn something from this and Huginn will actually pick a more suitable name for herself.
  5. More and more I'm finding out that it's easier to develop a tulpa by "passively" developing them instead of doing it only on set times for some set amount of time. The reason I think it is more effective is, because if you interact with them at any time during the day whenever you feel like interacting, it makes you unconsciously recognise the tulpa as another person, because you interact with people at any time you feel like it, not only on some set times. I would like to hear your thoughts and hopefully someone to make a guide around this principle (and probably around the "Tulpa exists if I believe it does" principle), so that we can later make an experiment on this to see if it is indeed better to work on tulpae passively rather than actively. Also it could be that doing both will get you the best results, so don't forget to include that in the experiment.
  6. I literally learned about tulpae yesterday. After reading every guide on this site and a lot of other sources I decided I wanted to make my own. I had a very easy time imagining the tulpa was there before I began forcing or even coming up with a personality. I spent probably an hour talking as though I was talking to it; explaining what I was going to do and how it was me. Eventually I had in my head how it's personality would be. I didnt really think about specific words much, but more of how it would act in certain situations and the personality as a whole. Overall I dont think I spent more than 2 hours on personality, but I still felt like I had a good idea of it. This morning I sat down and visualized my Wonderland. I have always been an open-eyed visualizer and meditator, probably due to the enourmous amounts of boIoks I read when I was little, and can even imagine and visualize things while doing simple tasks in the real world. Anyways, I decided on a wolf figure for my tulpa for this first visualization and explained to it that, 'Its not set in stone and you will be able to change it to your liking later.' After visualizing in my Wonderland for only about 30 minutes, his form focused on something in the distance (much like a wolf would) and ran off. I kind of dismissed this as my imagination trailing off and me not staying focused, but when I tried to visualize him next to me in the, Wonderland to create his form a bit more, it seemed difficult and like I was actually forcing too hard. Could this really be an early form of consousness? I really have not spent much time on this at all. Also, i feel like i should spend more time on personallity, but when I do it just feels like I'm rpeating myself and not making any progress. I apologize for any mistakes in the post, I'm. Writing this on my phone quickly.
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