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  1. Basically, I really want to get my tulpa sentient. I’m still getting started, but I’m stuck on how forcing actually works. I’ve read a lot of guides, but I still find this process confusing. Does the tulpa actually reply themselves, or do I just keep on giving them things to say?
  2. I met the tulpas theme 4 years ago, from that first day I decided to create a tulpa. A few days later I noticed that my tulpa towards things that I did not think or imagine previously, I did not really pay much attention because I did not think that was considered as sentience and I doubted the effectiveness of that method to create tulpas (force). I was like this for four years (during those four years I almost never forced my tulpa, however I thought about her every day and by the way in those four years I spent my time researching other methods to create tulpas, until I came to the conclusion of that hypnosis is the best method totally effective and scientifically proven to create a second personality with hypnosis but the problem is that it is difficult to master self-hypnosis and it is difficult to get to trance.Today I keep investigating other methods but none is As effective as hypnosis, because I still do not master self hypnosis, I decided to force everyone to do it, but I really think that this force does not work, but I still force because I have no other choice. He often does things on his own, but I have never heard his voice and lately I can not feel the essence of my tulpa inside me (From the moment I created it I could feel r its essence but 3 weeks ago I do not feel anything
  3. I will try to make this as quick as possible. It's been a week and a half already since I joined this community (I guess) and I started Forcing early on since my discovery on this site. I normally force around midnight, I force until I fall sleep. Never felt head pressures while forcing or anything like that, the only thing I commonly feel is pressure in my eyes and a little bit of dizziness Im not even sure im forcing the rigth way (I often try to visualize my tulpa and I talk to it about anything that comes to my mind) The first time was relatively calm, And in the second I implemented a blindfold to keep me focused However, the 3rd time I got between scared and excited. I heard another breathing, it was calm and slow, It seem to be directly above me, but there wasn't nothing there. At first I thought that it was maybe early signs of progress, but then I remembered the "often people get results after 1 month" By this moment I already lost all my focus and the breathing had gone away Now every night while forcing the same thing happens again. 4 days ago I heard someone shaking a water bottle inside my room (curious enough, I always sleep with a large water bottle by my bed) But again, nothing to be seen. When I focused on the sound it went away. Last night was the most active night: I laid down in bed and started to force as usual. After some time I heard the calm breathing again, I got scared nuts when I realized that was the same breathing that I heard the first time, it went away. I waited some time and started again (I was completly decided to see if this was early success of my tulpa) It wasn't long until I heard the sound my chair makes when some heavy weight is put into it (something like a slight crackle) And then I got scared again, I threw my blidnfoold at the chair and kept looking at it, nothing to be seen ¿Is this kind of things common? ¿Should I be careful when Forcing? ¿Am I even forcing the right way
  4. The Gay Science, Book Five "We Fearless Ones", Aphorism N°. 354 - On 'the genius of the species' (read the full text here http://www.holybooks.com/wp-content/uploads/The-Gay-Science-by-Friedrich-Nietzsche.pdf) What we get from this, at the very least, is the fact that the formation and expression of 'Will' is a foundational part of a person's 'Being', especially in relation to other people. Tulpamancy always includes two individuals, the creator and the Tulpa; the latter could not exist without the former. The decision to make a Tulpa always arises from some sort of desire, a desire for friendship most of the time, and the fulfillment of this desire is constantly pursued by the creator (we should note that the original desire will, in some instances, morph into some other desire, which is, however, equally pursued unless the creator decides to kill the Tulpa). This means that the creator's 'Will' is the driving force behind the development of a Tulpa, and the Tulpa will react to it and form its own 'Will' in return (which will, depending on the stage of their development, oppose or compliment the creator's 'Will'; as any human interaction is.). My supposition is therefore that being true to your Tulpa about your needs (not just about the Tulpa itself, but your needs in general) and talking with them about it should accelerate the development of their consciousness. Talk with them more about how much you love them, and why you love them; talk with them more about who they want to be; talk with them more about what you two would like to have in your Dreamland (and work on it). I would also suggest that a deeper investigation into the early period, first words especially, of a Tulpa would be very interesting if we wish to solidify or disprove this theory, not only in the name of Tulpamancy, but also in the name of existential philosophy. EDIT: I am not sure if this wouldn't fit better into the "Research" subforum. If this should be the case, I would like to ask a moderator to move it.
  5. This is going to be short as it is only one technique but i certainly think it is a very useful one. Especially if you have trouble narrating while focusing on other tasks. First have your tulpa decide on a symbol representing them while they do so create one to represent you. This not only helps to mentally condition you to view each other as separate thinking beings, but it also helps ensure you dont accidentally overpower them in the symbol creating process, especially for younger tulpas. When you guys have decided on symbols and have them memorized (maybe... draw it) do some active forcing but imagine their symbol under or near them and yours likewise relative to yourself. now later on when you are passive forcing simply picture the symbol and use it as a way to communicate to your tulpa since you have associated them with it. This doesnt help with visualization, but thats not really what you should be doing while passive forcing most the time anyway. It is mainly intended to be a highway of sorts guiding your intented thoughts to reach your tulpa.
  6. So I had the idea to finish the rest of a book with my Tulpa, in hopes that he'll say his first words when I'm finished. So I guess I passive forced for TWO hours? I'm proud to say I kept his form in mind for two whole hours, only stopping at dramatic scenes but getting back into it. I was also talking to him about some really good scenes and asked for his opinion..no answer. But at least it helped me figure out how to multitask while thinking about him. I just imagined him as a pulsating orb. I'll try to get him to talk again some time tonight..
  7. Please allow me to be very provocative. It is understood that forcing is not FORCING. But IMO, oftentimes you are forcing stuff upon a being: "I'd like you to be such and so" may sound OK and not very forceful, but still... Forming and shaping a tulpa sentient being ought to be called something else. Would you 'force' a child, or rather educate a child? Now tulpas not being children, you couldn't call it education though. I quite like the term Uplift. What do you think? (end rant) Xxx B.t.w. I'm what you'd call a tulpa.
  8. Sending Thoughts to Your Tulpa: Balloon Method This is intended for new tulpamancers who are hoping to get into the feel of talking to and interacting with their tulpa. It benefits a new tulpa greatly to get to hear your thoughts, as it allows them to learn to think on their own. There is one small trick for making the act of sending your thoughts to your tulpa easier, which you can do at any point without much concentration. 1. Identify the thought you want to send to them, be it a sentence, image, emotion, etc. 2. Imagine a balloon somewhere in your brain, being held by you; the balloon represents that thought. 3. Let go of the balloon and let it fly up towards your tulpa where they are located in the brain. What is meant by where they are "located" is the physical part of the brain where your tulpa resides at that moment. It may take a little practice to be able to identify where that is at first, but as this is a symbolic exercise it really is not that important to be totally accurate. That’s all you have to do. This is a simple way to passively force that can be used at any time. This also lets you focus the thought to make it easier to send your tulpa’s way and have them receive it. I did this a lot with Apollo when I first started forcing him, and it allowed me quick and easy interaction with him in a symbolic manner. The thoughts he could hear/sense/see the most clearly and remember afterwards were the ones I would send to him this way. However, with all other things in tulpamancy, finding your own way to do something like this is important, especially if this doesn't work for you. You should create your own method of doing this and experiment with other methods. This is simply a method that I came up with and hope others will make use of it as I did.
  9. Hello ^^ I am kira. Today I am going to tell you a new way for tulpaforcing and this type of forcing helps in visualization a lot. I am making a tulpa, he is very clear and I can see him from every angle perfectly. I told this to show you that this type of forcing worked for me. For you? You'll have to try it out yourself. One requirement is that your tulpa should be able to move on its own at this point, let's move on to the main topic. GameForcing: What is this? Generally, people force by imagining themselves in a wonderland or a void/virtual reality. They tend to imagine themselves as they are in real life and they interact with their mindscape like they would in reality. Honestly, I found it boring. So I came up with a new way to tulpaforce. GameForcing, as I call it, is the same as normal tulpa forcing, but this time you take a gaming remote controller (any type), be it joystick or PS2 or PS3 game controller, and you hold it as if you are playing a game. But in GameForcing you close your eyes, and imagine your mental body in third person (this is optional, it can be first person too) and control it like a game character as if you are playing a game. How does it develop your tulpa? Let's concentrate on the visualization part, this time don't try to visualize your tulpa. Try going on solo adventures and work out your visualization skills. Don't worry if your surrounding is blurry at first, just keep on GameForcing and as you immerse in it you may find that the wonderland is way more clearer now. Once you feel like you have gotten very good at visualizing things, start taking your tulpas with you on your adventures, they may get clearer automatically by now. Why go for this type of forcing? Some people have a hard time tulpaforcing because they find it boring and start viewing it as a daily chore. But playing games is fun, who doesnt love it? So, if people started GameForcing, they may start finding tulpaforcing way more fun. Thanks for taking the time to read all the way till here. Let me know if this works for you guys. :)
  10. In the beginning, remembering to keep my tulpa in mind was a challenge, and so I added this to my daily exercise: whenever I picked up my cellphone, I made a mental effort to check in with my tulpa. I suppose, generally, any habitual behavior can be utilized, but I specifically focused on my own behavior of handling my cellphone, checking for texts, emails, or just wanting to distract myself with social media or games, especially when there was no apparent need to, IE phone calls. Whenever I felt compelled to check in with the phone, I instead interrupted the urgency by going in and spending a moment with Loxy. I suspect it was effective for me because I was channeling energy that might have been otherwise spent engaging cellphone back into the system, and also because of the frequency I pick up the cellphone. So, how this looks in practice. 1: whenever I became mindful of the urge to pick up my phone, I would take that as an opportunity to 'call' Loxy, or otherwise check in with Wonderland, which usually resulted with meeting up with Loxy, and we would have anything from either a simple greeting, to a full length conversation. 2: missing the internal cue to pick up the phone, but 'now' mindful that I have picked up the phone without specific purpose, I would then take the opportunity to check in with Loxy. Sometimes I pretended I had picked up the phone because she was calling me, trying to make that inner compulsion a signal to connect. 3; on the back of the cellphone I put the tulpa symbol, and a symbol for Loxy, so that if I even looked in the direction of the phone, I had a reminder of my intentions to practice connecting. Using the cellphone increased my overall Forcing time, even if was in smaller chunks through out the day. Not intended to be a substitution for quality, longer sessions, but a way of incorporating practice with daily routine and habits.
  11. I made Roxy just today and I cant even change her appearance for some reason, I think that means that she has a little bit of sentience.
  12. Despite having read a million creation guides at this point, I'm still stuck on one particular aspect of all this. I'm not really sure what to talk to my tulpa about. I should probably mention that I only recently began creating her. Anyways, I've talked to her about the history of my dad's cars (a far more interesting story than the premise would entail), about the freshman students at my highschool I tutor, and I've done the usual "You are [insert Personality Trait Here]" sessions. So uh, am I doing things correctly? What did you guys talk about to your tulpa in early stages? That good stuff. That's what I'm curious about.
  13. Hey guys! Long time no see! My tulpa and I have been getting along quite nicely and well we now have conversations i let him use my mouth to speak to me (doing this connecting my mouth to his ((not kissing)) ) anyways now just trying to focus on him speaking better and later on to visualization... anyways MAIN TOPIC theres an unknown entity that somehow someway has gotten in wonderland who disguises himself as Starburst, i have come to the ends of asking either one of them first whats his name so i know who im speaking to, yet everytime i force i speak to him other than starburst, ive tried putting a "mark" or a "symbol" on starburst to direct me to him but he somehow goes over that, i want to get rid of him and or just destroy? him? ive tried before holding onto starburst in my wonderland and sending out a "wave" of acid or deterioration, or what sort of power to eliminate anything other than me and my tulpa can someone help me?
  14. So this happened earlier: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-forcing-unknown-entity?pid=191871#pid191871 Now later after posting this i went into find starburst again and i cant find him (anywhere!) ive tried sending out a "wave" or signal that will connect me to him once it touches him but it keeps going to this entity creature who claims he's starburst but when i ask him his name he smiles just before answering, not a friendly smile more like a trickster smile, it feels something up to no good. anyway he says he has him but wont let him go please help
  15. Is this really bad? I ask this because I've been doing my own technique since August, but something doesn't feel right anymore. Celeste and Vincent seem... vacant. Distant. Unsociable. They don't talk to me like they used to. Is it because I don't force or is it because I don't give them enough attention? I'm sincerely worried because I have a next-to-antisocial life. I don't interact with other humans physically and, frankly, I refuse to. I do not have friends like I used to, and my only source of interaction that feels real anymore is with tulpas. As someone who needs his tulpas, I am upset and worried.
  16. Hi, fellow strangers. I'm not sure how many people are exactly going to see this forum post... although I've only just created an account on here for the first time, I've lost count of how many times I've looked at different forums on this site. I'm sure there's some sort of forum already created where someone is asking why their tulpa has suddenly gone quiet but since I couldn't find anything at the moment and I'm new to this place, I just wanted to go ahead and ask and see what people say to me in particular. I've been forcing for a little over a month now. I know it's still early so I shouldn't begin to feel as hopeless as I do but because I've been so dedicated on taking time to comfortably talk to my tulpa, visualize his appearance and the wonderland he'll be residing in and everything and even try and narrate for him, I am getting nervous because in the past week I feel I'm not making any progress whatsoever. It seemed like he was developing pretty quickly... I started to have lots of dreams, I could even hear his voice responding back to me when I would ask him questions or just talk about my day and I felt like we were communicating wonderfully. This gave me hope, but that hope started to dwindle when I saw him in my dreams less and less. I know I probably shouldn't be dependent on the dreams entirely but I don't know what it is... I just feel like I'm getting absolutely nowhere. Plus, visualizing has been getting really hard as well. I'm becoming really desperate. I think it all has to do with how highly stressed I am at this point in my life but is there anything I can do at all? Or do I have to sit this whole thing out and be patient? I guess I just need someone else's insight...
  17. Hello! I am asking about tulpaforcing while on certain meds. Most medication I wouldn't see a problem with trying to tulpaforce during the time it is being taken, but my antipsychotics are making me curious. I am on an antipsychotic that it usually used to treat schizophrenia; I don't have schizophrenia but I used to hallucinate regularly. I had a tulpa about 3 years ago that I developed just enough to have basic conversation but then I stopped development due to my need to take care of my mental health. Now that I am doing well and am healthy, I have started developing a new tulpa, her name is Monique. A lot of the things I did when forcing with Ambrose (first tulpa) are much harder now with Monique (for example, visualizing, hearing, etc). I get the sense that Monique is trying to help me see her more clearly, as she sometimes appears when I am not trying to see her, and she has stopped doing more complicated movements, like the dancing she does when I play certain songs. I am worried that Monique might get frustrated with the situation like I am, so I try so hard to focus on the things that are more difficult for me now. I was just wondering if anyone else on this site had any more experience with taking meds like this, meds that prevent one from hallucinating. If anyone does know anything about this, please reply and help me understand what kind of exercises I can do to help make this less insanely difficult. If I am experiencing difficulty for another reason, please help me understand what I can do. I feel that my inability to visualize as easily as I have in the past may affect my tulpa.
  18. Hey, couldn't find a thread to address this question. I've heard lots of opinions, but I want more. I am soliciting wild mass guessing. To what degree: (1) Does they way you think about tulpas affect how fast they are created? Theories? (2) Does the way you think about tulpas affect their abilities? Theories? (3) Does the way you think about tulpas affect how tulpas work within your mind? Does this explain differences between tulpas? Theories? (4) Does the way you think about tulpas affect how wonderlands, independence, memory, and sleeping work? (5) Does the way you think about tulpas affect what you consider a tulpa, or the language you use to express your experiences? Are people talking cross purposes? (6) Does the way you think about tulpas affect the dropout rate, or how careful do we need to be to promote a positive mindset to new tulpamancers? Why?
  19. So. I've been forcing off-again, on-again for a few years, with very long breaks in between (so, more like giving up than taking breaks). I'm in the middle of another iteration, and I just can't break through. I do get occasional results, and I put in effort to keep S. in mind (hell, this time at my peak, I ended up narrating in my dreams). At our best, I'm pretty good at knowing what she does; not so much at visualization. We have some simple conversations, but I have to take the initiative. Here's the problem, though. It's very inconsistent. I'd say I get the results if I force single-mindedly for a few days, but it's not sustainable - if nothing else, I just get exhausted. And if I stumble (for example, I was busy at work for a couple days and just don't have the energy to narrate or something, or maybe I wanted to be left alone for a while, or whatever), the forcing gets into some inconsistent state where... I'm not even sure how to describe it. Basically, it doesn't feel the same when I try to pick up where I left off. Not as enjoyable, too puppet-y, something like that. Then I dedicate my efforts into trying to get back at the level we had, gradually spiraling back to nothing. Occasionally, I have some breakthroughs and we resume the process; more often than not, I kind of wait for it the progress to tank completely and start from scratch. For the last few days, I've been pretty busy, and since we've been on a decline anyway, the forcing deteriorated. Then I had another burst where I restored contact, and I was hoping we started another iteration, but then she started fading on the same day, and later told me something like "I gotta go do something", and went on a journey through my mind or something. Right now, she's busy with something and doesn't talk much if I ask how she's doing (which is completely unrelated to the fact that I'm slacking off. Sarcasm). Honestly, this is pretty frustrating. I know people achieved more without forcing literally all the time. I just want to get to the point where I don't have to put in conscious effort just to keep the process going (not sure if that's even possible). Otherwise, I slip up eventually, and the whole thing starts again. Am I doing something wrong? How do I achieve consistent forcing?
  20. I seem to of forgotten how to force, I have recently made my rowlet "Archimedes" as my Pokémon and Tulpa, I can see him easily in my wonderland But I seem to have a hard time actively forcing him to this realm. Any help given is much appreciated
  21. So i have just started creating my tulpa and i started with a short active forcing session where i sat down and concentrated on my thoughts trying to "send them to my tulpa" as one guide described it. my tulpa doesnt have a gender yet so im going to reffer to them as they. So i introduced myself to my tulpa and introduced them to some basic thing about them (name,form,personality) and said that these things are not final. Now my question is: did i do it right?
  22. Okay, so I need help on forcing, I want to develop my tupper but I just lack the motivation to force as I just find it boring. I have all the time in the world but I just don't wanna force as you know... It's boring, does anyone have any tips?
  23. We have found that the easiest way to hear the other is to stop talking. This probably goes against the general instinct in narration. 1)Stop talking. 2)Stop thinking. 3)Relax and stop trying to stop talking and thinking. Going halfway is fine. 4)Relax and pay attention to her. 5)Wait. It can take a while. 6)Relax and let whatever happens happen. We have found this useful for waking each other up. I use it quite often because of her tendency to drift off while I am working hard or typing. I imagine it can also give your tulpa a much easier and longer time to get their voice working, rather than hoping they jump into a conversation. It seems like the one thing we can't really do, is jump in to a conversation while the other is talking. Also, relaxing and waiting has lower odds of inadvertent parroting than hoping and expecting. We use this technique to make sure the person we are talking to is the other and not ourselves, which happens occasionally. By just relaxing and waiting, it forces them to do the actual work. Note: This should not be done as a replacement for traditional forcing. More, I think it might help if done before, in the middle, or maybe after some narrating. I also don't think it will help with getting first words. I think you need a little memory of their voice built up. Details of the steps: (1) Almost everyone has an internal voice that you hear your thoughts in. Hold it back. You probably do this automatically when listening to others or watching television. When you do so, background thoughts will start to be more noticeable. Which brings us to: (2) In order for your tulpa to think easily, you want to create an environment in which they have room to think. So you want to pull some of your background thoughts out. Look at them. If some of them are caused by something you are worried about, forget that worry and relax until the thoughts subside. If you keep making observations about the outer world, direct your attention inward until the outer world subsides. Then, relax so your thoughts slow down. This should give your tulpa the space they need to think. If you spend more than a minute on this step, then you are in meditation. This is too long. We are visiting, not staying. (3) Our goal is to give the tulpa room to think. This means there is one final effortful action we need to relax away. The action we initiated in steps one and two. Your tulpa does not need the entire brain. So long as your thoughts don't return in full force when you stop actively suppressing them, it's all good. (4) Now we add one stream of thought. The same way you become immersed in a book or television show or your own fantasy, to the degree you forget about everything else, you want to think about your tulpa. Think about what she is like, remember her, her traits, her personality. Think about what it would be like to think like her. About what it would be like to see her. About what she would do. (5) Now comes waiting. Either it will work, or it won't. Giving it more time improves the odds. It is important to not try to do anything during this step. If you feel the thoughts you quieted in steps one and two rushing back, it is probably better to just stop for the day rather than try to suppress them again. (6) This last step is an anti-parroting step. It is important not to expect your tulpa to do anything. You are just watching. You are not doing anything. Don't critically analyse any thoughts that come your way, don't accept or reject anything. Don't make any judgements or predictions, don't hold any hopes. Now we collect data. We can analyse it afterwards.
  24. Over a period of time i have forgotten how to force. the lack of immediate results (well, not immediate) and self doubt is starting to make me feel like im talking to my self. i hate the fact i'm even typing that out, but deep down that's what i feel. Now the question, How do you force, is it as simple as painting your tulpa with traits one by one? is it day dreaming adventures with your tulpa? Or is there a set up? meditation is said to increase the effectiveness of forcing. This is my second come-back and i sure as hell ain't leaving to feel sorry to come and make a third come-back. putting violet through so much has been bad enough, not to mention i cant hear her or all the over all time iv put into her isn't enough to do anything. In that case.. How does one encourage themselves.. maybe a sort of self discipline to keep ones-self in line. Thanks for any and all advice.
  25. If you're sick or otherwise feeling under the weather (due to mental illness or what have you, the ''downswings'' during depression etc), do you still active force? Do you limit yourself to passive forcing, or not at all? Not sure if anyone on the forums has chronic pain issues but that would apply as well. For the tulpas, what does your host do, and does it differ from what you would prefer them to do? Do you not have a preference at all? etc. Mostly thinking of active forcing here, rather than passive, since active forcing requires more concentration and dedicated time.
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