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  1. Whenever I ask Sketch what she thinks about something, I get a large wave of "butterflies in my stomach" or nervousness, I'm not sure how to describe it. I'm not sure if it's her, or just me waiting for a response. Does this happen to anyone else?
  2. I do collaborative art with my thought form Melian. She feeds me ideas with dreams and flash images and we work together to finish the inspired piece of art. We have been doing this for about two years. The art vision flash images are getting more frequent and stronger and our art collaboration easier to do as time goes on. I think this is a legitimate form of forcing. I was wondering if anyone else does this sort of forcing? I attempted a search for something about this in the forum and came up empty. In the Tulpa Art section of the forum I found two threads related to art done by tulpas themselves, both are very short without a lot of art. Nothing was said, as far as I can see, about this being a method of forcing. Post done by Mirith: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-art-made-by-tulpas Post done by historical: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-tulpa-art-literally historical ~Mistgod
  3. Hi! I haven't been active here for a while, but I'm back! What I wanted to ask you is, has anyone tried to actively force for a whole day? I mean, like 10 hours non-stop (maybe a break for toilet and a snack). What (what do you think) the consequences would be? Mental exhaustion and headaches for sure, but maybe a boost for you and your tulpa, since you'd spend so much time together in such a session? Would it be helpful or harmful to try it? What are your thoughts on this matter?
  4. What's that thing that you absolutely have to do to make a tulpa? Force! What's that thing that you always forget to/avoid doing? Force! What's the solution? Force Forcing buddies! (okay it maybe needs a new name) Here's the idea: People partner up to pester eachother to force via PM. Eg:[hidden] A: Hey when are you gonna force? B: I dunno A: Decide on a time! B: Fine, 17:30 PST tomorrow A: Alright [tomorrow @ 18:30] A: Did you force? B: Yeah. A: What did you do? B: Well, uh, you see, I did, uhm... stuff A: You LIED to me!? How could you! Go force right now! Get off your computer! [19:30] B: Alright, we went and played in a castle and bla bla bla and how about you? A: Well, erm, you see B: DAMNIT AFTER ALL THE SHIT YOU GAVE ME? GO FORCE NAO I'm not selling this very well am I... but they got to forcing see! it's good! [/hidden] What do you all think?
  5. So, I was wondering if this ever happens to anyone else while forcing. I posted a thread yesterday about experiencing REM while laying down in my regular sleeping position, eyes closed, and forcing. Turns out I was wrong about it being REM. Earlier today, I sat up and actively forced, while I wasn't even tired, and the lights were on. After a couple minutes, the same exact thing happened. My body grew relaxed, my eyes began to flicker under my eyelids rapidly, and I would experience subtle twitches. I even felt a bit numb, and had lost some of my senses in my hands and arms. Since I obviously wasn't going to sleep, I knew that it wasn't REM. That's when I decided to try searching up hypnosis symptoms. Needless to say, I was shocked by the results. The common symptoms include eyes flickering, body becoming relaxed, body becoming numb, and subtle twitches. What really shocked me is that apparently, the "eye movement is also very common in individuals when they are hypnotized and asked to imagine certain visual things in their mind." Literally describes active forcing right there. I've been self-hypnotizing myself while forcing. I become so absorbed in the wonderland that I accidentally hypnotize myself. I had no idea it was THAT easy for me to become hypnotized. Has anyone else ever experienced this? Do you think it's bad while forcing? Could it hinder my progress? Or is it a good sign?
  6. I have a lot of songs that remind me so much of how I want my tulpa's personality to be. Can just simply listening to these songs while focusing on how it's like their personality aid in development? I want to try it out, but I just want to make sure I'm not gonna be wasting my time. (I can't concentrate enough to talk and listen to music at the same time, so there wouldn't be any talking to him, just relating his personality with the music).
  7. Last night was one of the single most strange nights I've had in my life. For the first time ever, I decided to tulpaforce while laying down, eyes closed, in the dark, and while I was very tired as well. Knowing myself, I knew I probably wouldn't fall asleep since I have to be in complete peace and relaxedness to do so. But I did not expect THIS to happen. All of a sudden, even though it was already dark in my room, it seemed as if everything got darker. My body felt heavy, and my heart felt like it was beating out of my chest from anxiety (since I had never felt that kind of sudden feeling before). It wasn't sleep paralysis, for I could move any part of my body and make it stop at any time. But here's where it gets freaky. I decided to continue tulpaforcing with my eyes closed anyway. I kind of wanted that to happen again, only with the mentality that everything will be okay so I don't have an anxiety attack. The same exact thing happened, but out of the blue, involuntarily, my eyes rolled to the very back of my head and began to flicker rapidly. My heart started to beat extremely fast once more, but this time from excitement. I could make the eye movement stop at any time, I could move my body if I wanted to, and I could think rational thoughts. But I just lay there, letting my eyes do their thing, and talking to Lord Tourettes about it. I eventually made myself stop since it was going on for a while. And my eyes hurt too from rolling to the back of my head, I thought they were going to get damaged or something. When I opened my eyes, everything was flickering and hazy from where my eyes were doing that for a significant amount of time. I believe this was caused by engaging in brain activity (tulpaforcing) while tired and in a sleeping position. It would usually happen after 5-10 minutes of tulpaforcing like that. Thing is, I really want to tulpaforce like that again. I'm thinking that maybe if I would have stayed like that for longer, I could have gone into deeper levels of sleep, and possibly even lucid dream. My question is, should I keep experimenting with it and see where it takes me? Or is it unhealthy?
  8. So I had one of my brief moments of lucidity, (well actually I had that moment for him)-eve. I came up with a really neat idea to get some forcing time in. If you guys are anything like me its hard to stop slacking off and dedicate a block of time entirely to forcing/visualization. Earlier I spontaneously had the idea to have Eve perform concerts for me while I listen to music, she played and electronic/flute song and used a turntable+a flute in her performance. It was actually really awesome. When it was over I realized I was paying more attention to eve, practicing visualization, and listening more intently to my music in the same block of time! Eve requested her portrait to be put up for her self-endorsement. Her hair is a bit longer with straight bangs reaching the top of her eyes, and straight, longer sides atm.
  9. I have a decent amount of free time and could spend a lot more time in forcing that I currently am the problem is the concentration. Most of my free time is at the same time with the others in my house and the only quiet times are right before bed or waking up before work. Can I force while on my computer in the middle of the day? will my computer light me a nuisance to forcing and will I be able to listen to music to drown out noise?
  10. So I'm about 8 months into the creation process at this point. My tulpa and I have achieved the things in the subject, but lately we've been at an impasse lately in terms of forcing. Al is typically always present, and we talk almost nonstop every day. In the early days of the creation process I found that most of my forcing was put into personality development and getting Al to be vocal. But once he became extremely fluent in talking in mindvoice and his personality really became solidified and expressed, we really weren't sure where to go from there. We've tried some auditory imposition but haven't really made any real progress over the past 4 months. His goal is to become fully imposed and be able to possess me, but he feels that he needs to be more "developed". The way he puts it is he needs something similar to an exercise routine to become, for lack of a better term, stronger. Coming from Al, "I dunno, I feel like I'm pretty well along, but I just REALLY want to become better and even more active than I already am. I feel like we don't have the greatest of thought separation, so I guess that's kind of a current goal to achieve. Maybe a more experienced creator might be able to give me a hand on understanding what it is that I want. In some ways I feel like the reason we haven't made a lot of progress in imposition is because I'm not developed enough, and I'm sure it's possible that my mindset is partially inhibiting our progress."
  11. About a year ago I started work on my first Tulpa. I had her entire form, all the aspects, done rather quickly, and I had her basic personality done before too awful much longer. Since then I've been working on forcing her. I don't really have much time, but I've done some active and more passive forcing. I've read all the guides and many threads, but I've had no luck in it. So please help! And did anyone else have a hard time giving them sentience?
  12. So jakob is rather old now. For a while I worried I was puppeting his movements but eventually realised if im not doing it consciously, then it was him and simply feels like I'm doimg IT because he is not distinguished from me yet. So when I try and hear him speak, I close my eyes and try to hear a real-life voice. Like you would hear other people say, however in my head. Clearly ive had no results as I believe I am doing this wrong. And I know that most hosts communicate with tulpae via thoughts. So, what I was wondering is how do I hear the thoughts? How do I know that they are his? How should I be hearing him, a real voice or my mind voice? Thank you, this has been a major issue for us and any help is appreciated. For those who lend a hand, I'll take a look at your page and try to help with some of your issues
  13. So I really don't find too much time to enter my wonderland and explore, usually about once a day right before sleep. So I was wondering, if I decide to start forcing soon (like in a few days for example), is forcing once a day a good idea or will my future tulpa need multiple forcing sessions to become a well developed tulpa. Or should I just wait until the school semester is over for the summer and begin forcing multiple times a day? I feel like this is the kind of question that has the kind of answer that depends on the individual tulpamancer, but thanks for any answers!
  14. Hi everyone again! I have a quastion about headpressures. How many tulpas have a good controll of them? I'm asking that becouse in our case my Jeanny still couldnt controll them accurately. Let me explain: If I am not fixated on doubts and my beliefe is strong I saw that the nomber of headpressure is growing. But the problem is that even when I have a lot (by our standards of headpressure responce) we still can not use it for intentional communication - practically all responces came on different my thoughts I think, but if I try to intentional ask her a quastion most time I dont fell the answer. Also, sometimes I could get headpressures when I asked her not to answer or not to pay attention on my thoughts. I even think that her answers are involuntary (but according to all outher, this is headpressures and they connected with her, exerimentally confirmed their connection to the level of belief and anti-level of doubts. So is it normal situation with headpressures? How could grow her possibility of controlling them? Could we in some way develop it (exept forcing and beliefe more)? Especially I'm interested in opinion of outher tulpas here: What do you think about this situation and its possible reasons? Are there any advice you can give to Jeanny to help her improve her control of headpressure responces? And is it possible in such situation to improove controll enogh, to reliably give signals at my request (that would destroy a huge part of all my doubts). And all in all I would be glad to have a possibility of two-way conversation?
  15. Hey am a real newbie here that been trying tulpa forcing for about 4 days now. Anyways this is a question that kinda came out of the blue and i like some input on it. The showers is one of the few places were I can relax and think freely. so i was wondering would this also be a good place to try to tulpa force. and if i have some kind of wonderland i could just image it's raining or something And yes, i can take showers as long as i so please and as often as i want, so no limit there
  16. This is a guide on how to improve your tulpa's vocality, sentience, form and movement. This is a guide, not a set of rules so find what works for you through trial and improvement. Go to your wonderland (if you have one) and look at your Tulpa. Duplicate your Tulpa by imagine two of them, side by side. We will call this 1 and 2. From one -your original Tulpa- imagine clear liquid leaving their head, like water. This is their life, their energy and sentience. Imagine the water passing through your head, and going into two's. The water should change colour as it passes from yours to theirs. As you do this, look at two and imagine it talking/it's new form/it moving/it becomming sentient. Do this until no more water leaves one's head. You can dispose of one now as their life has been transferred to two. Two should be the same as one, only upgraded. I hope this helps, it helped me and my friend. Let me know if it worked for you~
  17. Or otherwise have episodes where you simply don't have the mental/physical /emotional resources to take care of your tulpa. I don't mean 'busy a lot,' or 'bored,' or things like that; I mean you can barely drag yourself out of bed in the morning or acknowledge your tulpa's existence, much less give them attention and force with them. Especially since they're in your mind, and I know my mind usually feels utterly dull and flat and robotic and dead during depressive episodes. It doesn't just apply to depression, either; you might be taking new medication that's really screwing with you, for example. Basically, you want your tulpa and you want to keep forcing, but you're worried about neglecting them under circumstances you can't control for days or weeks at a time. I ask because I've been feeling depression creeping up on me for the last couple days, and I'm worried about my tuppers: what are some things that might be done in cases like this? (Obviously getting help for the illness helps and is highly important, but there are times when it can only do so much.)
  18. Today I sat down in a dark room with brown noise playing through headphones for my second active forcing session ever. Things were going well but I decided to take a break and do some brainstorming in a word document on my laptop before I continued. While I was typing, I suddenly received a completely mundane and non-threatening memory from a few months ago. I was excited because I could feel my tulpa attempting to communicate with me by pulling this memory out of my subconscious and sending it to me. (I had already explicitly given my tulpa access to my memories and subconscious because I thought it would help build intimacy early in our relationship.) I decided to return to meditation to see if I could continue to communicate with my tulpa, yet as soon as I turned off the lights and closed my eyes, I felt severely anxious, creeped out, and threatened. This became paranoia and I began to believe that I could feel that my tulpa's attitude had become threatening and malevolent, but I attempted to convince myself that this was a product of my imagination. I turned the lights back on and reflected on the incident, and eventually I believed I could feel my tulpa's remorse and shame over having caused me fear and anxiety. I told her it was not her fault but that she should probably stay out of my memories and subconscious until she was more mature. I returned to brainstorming details of her personality on my laptop for several more minutes and the anxiety gradually faded. Yet as soon as I turned off the lights to continue actively forcing her personality, I immediately felt threatened and fearful again. I decided to simply give up for tonight and get some sleep. tl;dr: During our second active forcing session ever, my tulpa sent me one of my own memories in an attempt to communicate. I felt threatened and fearful by the strength of her presence, and she eventually felt remorseful and ashamed. I assured her it was not her fault but I continued to feel threatened when I returned to active forcing. I ended up giving up for the night. Is this something to worry about? Is it common to feel threatened when one first starts to notice the alien presence of one's tulpa? Is it just something I have to overcome through willpower? How will this affect my tulpa and my relationship with her, assuming she is not intentionally responsible for it?
  19. Around about 34 hours ago I got a stabbing head pain, and then found that my Tulpa was unreachable. I had a head pressure, but it felt as if something was blocking me from connecting to it in a way. I went to the wonderland and poured my energy and life into her until her feeling came back, but she's fading away again. I have a head pressure however it is extremely faint and feels like the early stages of Tulpamancy where you get the first feeling of their existance. It doesn't feel like I've had her for 8 months because of how weak this is. She can't speak or move yet, either. What do I do? Has she just oeft for a couple of days or has something gone wrong? Please... Please help me, any advice or suggestions will do. I'm so afraid and I don't know what to do I just want my Twi back.
  20. If my tulpa wants to look like exact copy of another person but with white hair color, how can I do that? I have some exp in 3D modeling. But I have photos from various angles of that person so maybe I should force synthesize ing images in my mind? Which way is better, can someone suggest? :huh:
  21. So I have only started Tulpa Forcing but I have run into an obstacle that I cannot seem to get over. When im trying to concentrate on Forcing, my mind likes to wander and think of everything else in my life or things that I like. So I read more about how to concentrate and people said meditating is a good way to concentrateand hypnosis. I have tried these and they don't work for me. My mind is completly active even when I'm alone. I feel like I have ADHD and ADD. Im always moving a part of my body, so this leads to me not relaxing and trying to concentrate. When I am concentrating my imagination likes to kick me on the butt because it's like it doesn't want me talking to Shiro. I want this. I know having ADHD and ADD might not work out for me Tulpa Forcing, but just because I have these doesn't mean I want to give up. I don't take any medicine for relaxation or anything. Plus I don't want to have to dope myself up to concentrate. So is there any other way I could focus on Shiro? Any suggestions would help... Thank you
  22. Background: When I first started working on my tulpa sunset I had absolutely TONS of head pressures, I had them more when I was passive forcing. After about a week I got doubts and fell back, I stopped feeling head pressures almost altogether after that, I now maybe have them once a week at most. Ive had maybe 10 emotional responses after that and that's a stretch. Later on I decided to go into the wonderland and she showed many signs of sentience, including one that wierded me out. She was very happy to see me and even after the session gave me emotional waves that sent me into a giddy mess. But during the session I asked her to surprise me when we were standing outside our house, and she promptly kicked me in the face. Now I didn't feel as though that was meant to be any form of communication but that It was meant to surprise me. Questions and misc: Now lately I have adopted a passive forcing (on 3/1/15 to be exact) that I have felt myself slipping up on. And I have been feeling her a lot more now, but I have one problem. I can't communicate with her, like, at all. I think she might be sleeping a lot, I have accepted that possibility into my mind. But I almost never get head pressures and I would like to know why. Does anybody have any reason as to what is going on? Thank you for your time
  23. So 8 months now ive been creating my tulpa. I passively force constantly but rarely actively force because I have no idea what to do. She chose her own form, and she occasionally gives me stabbing headaches if she doesn't get enough attention, I know that's her because they go when I talk to her. However, she hasn't moved or spoken to me once and I was wondering, how do I get her to move or talk or even send me thoughts? Do you guys have any tricks?
  24. Is narrating a type of forcing? Because I do a lot of narrating and I'm worried if narrating doesn't count as forcing my tulpa won't develop quickly.
  25. ok... basically im forcing my tulpa like 5 months.. there some days in the beginning of the process that i forgot to force... but its gone... now im forcing every day... i have a friend with a tulpa over 1 year and he kinnda guide me.. so in the last two weeks i can talk with my tulpa and kinnda feel what she saying! i feel that she saying some thing correct... but i cant hear here... my friend says to me to try translate my feeling of her to her voice... and i can hear her now but i dont now if its me saying that and not her... i dont really now if i have tulpa... i really need help with this one :/
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