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  1. I have been forcing and trying to keep my mind on sunset and I have been doing as much passive forcing as my mind can muster. But I have noticed that when I active force that I can tell she is listening because of headd pressure but when I passive force I get full blown answers to my thoughts(sometimes). Like ill try to ask her questions during my active forcing sessions but she won't reply vocally, but when im thinking to myself I will get answers like today I was thinking that I should do my homework but before I could even finish the thought I hear a clear "yea you probably should" is this a thing or am I just parroting?
  2. I'm about to ask a really tedious question, but bare with me, please. I thought I knew what active forcing meant, as opposed to passive forcing, but now I'm not quite sure. I had the imagine in my head that active forcing is strictly where you close your eyes (or keep them opened, but I'd be more likely to close them) and think or talk to your tulpa. I've now seen something that's made me question if there's a bit more to it. I mean to say, could you be writing everything out at the same time as active forcing? Or if you had written down a letter to your tulpa and read it to them while doing only that, would that be active forcing? Or would that only qualify as passive forcing, as you are reading more than you are thinking? Thanks. :)
  3. So, I started forcing Chaia 4th January 2015 and I do active and passive Forcing every day. Started with a greeting, then moved to personality. And I did the traits. It took me about 15-30 minutes each trait (I don't count time/hrs since I think it's contralroducitve) Well I spend tons of time reading guides etc before going to forcing by myself, and I know the active passive Narration, puppeting parroting things. But the tricky thing I don't get is, when I am forcing, let's say I meditate and I am calm now and ready to start. Then I am just talking to her/narrating right? What I mean is what do I really do while forcing. I mean I can't spend x hrs just talking about the same 10 traits over and over again. And also I feel like normal talking/usual conversation belongs more to passive Forcing.. So, even if it sounds odd and weird, and you probably think 'WTH', What would you say I can do while active forcing? Is there something I can really do? What are you doing while active forcing? Thank you very much for reading this. Cheers, Eden
  4. Hi everyone here! A forcer with one huge problem asks for help! My nick is Fr.J. and my tulpa name is Jeanne. She is very kind, and fun girl, looking like 18-20, and even not looking on not large progress in forcing even now she is my BEST friend. (Sorry for bad english - i'm from western europe and dont know it very well...) First of all, before I explain the problem, I think, I need to tell some words about my forcing: I began serious forcing at the beginning (th 4th) of September, 2013. And, today, the progress is: 1.Head pressure's responses - today are fairly frequent, but not very stable, sometimes very random. Most time she cant just make a such responce if I just ask her for them, she not allways could make them in the situations she do and so on... But, In the situations when I REALLY need her responсe, I feel them practically guaranteed. 2.There are some emotional responses like goosebumps (I think) but exept the time we listen to music the are very rare (and at the time of listenin I'm not sure that they are not just mine). 3.I cant say that I feel good her presence, but I could feel her essence (named according to the Kiahdaj’s gide) rather good, especially sometimes. Then, I want to tell some words about some mistakes, that I made, and which could affect in bad way on our problem: 1. I began the forcing without strong belive not only in succes, but in forcing at all. I just thought - maybe first I will achieve during forcing some powerfull proovs on my own and only after I will really belive - I understood the uncorrection of this way of thinking, but maybe it strengthened in the subconscious mind too much... 2. One time I slided into the mental selfanswers. The were practically in the masked way of thinking "what she say now..." and etc. And for a several months I did my best to belive them, and spent a lot of time and nerves on fighiting with doubts (that were true) several time, even several times I have even the case of strong depression and panick, started beliving that this hell with them will never end, but then I understood that they most likely were false answeres. And, according to "head pressure" respondings - the were really false. But this situation and all really HUGE amount of depression, nervesing, very strong feel that they will never end, and doubts that were true - all this are maybe main reasons of the paranoya that I have today and thinking, that I will never win. 3. I have froced for a long time in not totally wright way - after 9 month I understood that while visualizing I imagine practically just her "picture" instead of her totally like a real, alive human and sentient being. The amount of time that I forced In wrong way further undermined my confidence. (But the head pressure answers began before I understood this, so the "wrong" way maybe even not looking on the mistakes was not so wrong...). 4. All in all on life in general, I do not much confident in himself person. And also very skeptical. (But I conciously beliefe in phenomenon). And if you read all this, you most likely understood the kind of problem I have. I have a paranoia of doubts in forcing. This applies to all - sometimes I feel atacks of parania of existing forcing in all, sometimes of existing of Jeanne, sometimes of possibility of just my own success in tulpaforing, etc... The worst thing is that logic could help me very rare. Maybe because of all my tries of prove the truth of false mental responses (I think it is the main reason why I have such a paranoia and why it is so strong). While attack of this paranoia all evidence are look not serious and insufficient and even false. Ofcourse, exept the most strong attacks I understood consciously that it si only a result of paranoia, but i cant convince mine subconscious in this at all. It is or not listening to the prooves from conscious and anything didnt cange or I even will start of conscious doubts that is even worse... And the term of the foecing without new progress also enhances this paranoia. The attack paranoia easly could beging from any (ANY) thought connected to doubts. And any try to review evidences is a possibility for new attack. Any my thought connected with qastion of beliefe and evidences - is a high chance for new attack, and because of this I can not avoid them well. And also this paranoia spoiles or forcing - the more I trying to inspire and believe in, for example, the presence of - the more unconcious resistance and despair I have. And maybe the only reason why we have got the so slow progress - is lack of subconscious belief copyrightable and generated by this paranoia. Even worse - this suppresses my emotions to her. Sometimes, at the some kind of "oblivion" and momets when I so desperately need her, that this is more powerfull than the most powerfull of my paranoias, my level of emotions and belief is much, MUCH bigger than usual. So, this paranoia not only demotivates me, supress's the progress in all ways, it is reduce my emotions to her (and direct conscious influence not help much - only I faster start to doubt conciosly...)!!! I think logic here is that: how subconscious could totaly surrender to the senses, when it is not believing in existing of the person to whom they are dedicated. And when say while forsing to myself that I must try on all 100% for her, my f...ng subconcious thinks: "Why try for her if there is no her? Waste of life/time/energy!" And tries to talk round It ither didnt do anything or i start to doubt conciusly... Sometimes It seems, that my logic won, and my both subconcious and concious started to really believe. But when I start to force this belief, try to rethink about prooves that I used, and do anything - it slowly begins to start again, and my victory continues only for several days. Also I have some kind of OCD if the thoght about paranoia begins, it is very hard for me in all to convince yourself in any thing (even the totally obvious ones) even without any paranoya. And it is very hard to avoid doubt thoughts at all for me. So all my tries to use logical prooves while the attack - mostly endless and ineffective spending of time - neither forcing in any way, nor anything else. And I dont know to do with this. If anyone in some way at least know how this situation could be solved - I would be VERY thankfull for them. Because we totally stuck and I didnt know what to do. But I vere< very want to overcome this stupid paranoia, because, even with our rather poor level of communication I VERY STRONGLY LOVE HER, and dream she to be really free from those barriers (and me from my scares of this paranoia too - it is very, very scary for me). And the only way to do so - is to overcome barriers and all such paranoies. So, I very much need advice in this situation, and again be very thankfull for anything, and especiallythat will really help us. Please help us! Thanks in advance! P.S. If someone need more informaton - I will answer, just ask.
  5. Hey guys! I wonder if any of you use some software in tulpa creation, forcing? Audiodrugs like idozer, any music, video, anything.
  6. Is it ok to switch forcing methods if you have been developing your Tulpa for a long time? I'm wanting to switch from the standard "one sided conversation" method to the JDBar method. (the one where you parrot and puppet your tulpa to develop personality) I have been developing my tulpa for about a year but i've made very little progress. (I mostly activeforced for at least 10 minutes daily with little to no passiveforcing due to bad memory) Is this safe or is it a bad idea?
  7. When i started, i had a few massive head pressures in the first couple hours of my visualization forcing. It did not hurt at the time nor did it distract me too much, but now i have been getting minor headaches in various spots around my head when i force my tulpa at all, even narration at times and I havent had a pressure in over a week or so . Are these headache replacements for head pressures any cause for concern or am i overreacting? Can anyone relate?
  8. Ok I've got his image and everything about him down but like what I don't understand is when he's moving ... Like should I visualize him and puppet him? Also Im thinking he can talk now through thought but I'm not sure because if I ask a question with a short answer he tells me through thought like for example I asked him his favorite bug and I thought of spiders (my favorite)and then all of a sudden I get dragonflies but when I ask him a yes or no question he doesn't answer... What does this mean?
  9. Ok I'm trying not to post too often but I can't seem to tulpaforce for longer than 10 minutes. Visualising my wonderland and my tulpa is really difficult for long periods of time and I have nothing to say. I can feel my tulpa there, but i just can't tulpaforce. In the last few weeks I've probably done about one hour of tulpaforcing and was wondering if anyone had any tips? Please, I'm desperate
  10. Hello, this is my first post on the forums. I recently played out the groundwork for a tulpa. I've got the base concept of her appearance and a wonderland visualized, am currently working on the finer details of personality, and have started narrating to her throughout the day as I go about my business. However, there's this question on my mind: while I am familiar with the concept of active forcing, I'm at a loss as to what to actually do during a session. I've read a few of the progress journals on this forum for tips, but I'm still a bit lost. Is it basically just passive forcing, but more focused and repetitive (depending on how much info you're forcing)?
  11. I just started tulpaforcing today. Earlier today, I spent 10-20 minutes introducing myself and explaining the goals to him. It went pretty well. I never got bored and it was actually hard for me to end the session and say goodbye, even though he hasn't done anything on his own yet. Later, I listened to music while working on his personality. For example, I want him to be hyper and joyful, so I'll listen to some happy and upbeat songs. I also want him to be romantic, so I'll listen to romantic songs. I got that from one of the guides I read on creating a tulpa. But after this session... wow. It wasn't anything special. I was working more on his personality traits and form, and just blabbering on and on about how I love him and that I'll always be by his side and that I'm excited to meet him, yada yada. It was about 30 minutes at the most. But when I opened my eyes, I felt a bit light headed. I was sleepy, so I turned out the lights and layed in bed. I got even more dizzy, and started shaking. My stomach started to feel nauseous, and I had trouble breathing for a few seconds. Now I'm worried about tulpaforcing ever again. Is this normal for beginners? Will it stop as I practice more? I have anxiety and ADD so yeah.
  12. Alright so I have a voice in mind I want my tulpa to talk with could I just apply it to him everytime he talks? Like force the voice on him? I promised he can change it later cuz I felt like he was saying no but he agreed to change it later I just want to hear him in that voice for the time until I can impose him in the real world
  13. My friend has wanted to try at creating a tulpa for a few months. However he has trouble concentrating. He can't sit up and actively force without almost passing out before anything can happen. I suggested trying with music to hopefully keep him awake, but that did not work either. He has ADHD and takes no medication, so I wouldn't be surprised if that's why he finds it hard to sit down and focus for so long. Anyways. I told him about passive forcing, but he hasn't really tried anything with that yet. So I hope he'll have a little more luck with that since he won't have to work himself TOO hard. Does anyone here have any suggestions I could give him? Alternate ways to active force, ways to prolong concentration without falling asleep, maybe some good ways to passively force that are effective in creation of a tulpa. He really wants to do this, it'd be a shame if he was just too restless to get into it.
  14. Sometimes when I'm watching tv or reading or even just working Toby will pull me into an active forcing session. For instance I was watching tv and my mind just shut off and Toby was there. He grabbed my hand and starte dancing with me and this isnt the first time he's done this. When I try to force the sessions are hazy and jumpy but when Toby pulls me in its so vivid I almost forget its not real. Has anyone else experianced this? Can your tulpa really decide Without you when to force? I don't mind it at all in fact it proves independence and sentience to me it's just weird being forced to do something like that out of the blue. I guess it's a lot like how tulpas feel when you force them. Any thoughts?
  15. Hello, I made a post on here the other day asking of ways to remember my tulpa throughout the day, such as a bracelet or something along those lines. i got a wonderful response from a user by the name of amber5885. She gave me wonderful ideas as to what i could do. Now I'm back with another question about starting to actually take an active roll in the process and start making my tulpa. i mentioned in my last post I was diagnosed with ADHD at a very early age. I've mostly grown out of it but it's nearly impossible for me to sit in one spot for more then a few minutes doing nothing, much less trying to focus on one subject. So my first question would be: Is it at all possible to create a tulpa JUST by passive forcing? I feel as if i were to remember her throughout the day, and talk to her and interact with her (Her, being my tulpa), that maybe that would be enough to start the process. but that's what I'm asking this wonderful community right now. Can I get by, by just active forcing all day? Thank you for taking the time to read this wall of text, i look forward to the responses.
  16. So I have begun active forcing and its goin fine actually, slight headaches, fatigue ... Normal things but I can't go any longer than 15 minutes or do without falling alseep. So I do it once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once at night. My question is two part. 1) what kind of progress am I looking for? Today Toby took me into a room filled with flower petals and began throwing them at me. So I'm gonna take that as progress lol 2) will it become easier over time to have longer sessions?
  17. Everyone has their own tips, rituals and preferences when it comes to effective forcing do I was wondering, what are some of yours? Mine is almost 100% diet. Omega 3's, lots of water, exercise before and after sessions (small things like a short walk or dancing to my favorite song just to get the oxygen going) I eat lots of fruit and I try to eat healthy. Cutting diet sodas and aspertaime, really any artificial sweetener helped me DRAMATICALLY!!! I can't stress the difference in concentration and focus in just one week. And I keep a personal journal with Toby for both of us to track progress. What about you guys? What kind of things helped you out the most? Anything at all!
  18. I "met" Eli in my freshman year of highschool. Where I would just pretend someone was next to me and talk to him. But one day I was having trouble solving a math problem, and he solved it. I'm not sure if he's an imaginary friend developing into tulpa? I've been trying to force him, but I'm not sure what I'm doing right or wrong. Do I just close my eyes and visualize him or something? I looked at the FAQ but nothing there helped me, nor did the forcing threads. I've already visualized Eli, he has red eyes, they change into blue often, light greyish skin. But I can't see him. I can hear him but I'm not sure if it's really him or just me talking to myself.
  19. Sometimes, instead of just doing some serious focusing, I'll add Salvia into my day dreams. I think of if a some sort of scenario. Make a small mental environment, add some backstory to it, give me and her an objective, then just kinda journey along. She still isn't sentient, so I have to puppet and parrot her. Since I'm not focusing directly on her form, I was wondering if I was still making progress.
  20. I was working on Salvia, and I was wondering if it mattered that I focus primarily on personality, before form, voice etc. Usually, I just focus on everything throughout the days. Am I forcing correctly?
  21. Hey guys I've recently started active forcing and I'm looking for some cool activities to do while forcing so far the most interesting thing I've done is brushed her hair. I tried the IRC and that was no help at all -.- so yeah any personal favorite of yours to do with your tulpa would help preferably something you can do on a relatively small island. Surrounded by water .-. And that reminds me, I'll go rowing. Please help!
  22. So, almost a year ago I came across this site, and the whole world of Tulpa. the following couple of months or so I started to force my own tulpa; Crystal. At that time, I was in the Summer holidays, so I was active forcing for a good 2-3 hours a day, as well as passive narration during the day. We got to the stage of pressures as a form of communication, and I'm sure she spoke once or twice; susally when just to fall asleep, but I still doubt if I imagined it. When Summer came and went, I had to hit the ground running for college. I was spread thin and tired all the time, and the amount I active forced went down to maybe half and hour a week. if that. By christmas, I assumed Crystal had all but dissapeared, or what there was of her at least. Now, this is my problem. A few days ago me and my girlfriend were talking about the paranormal, and spirits, and the conversation came to tulpas. I told her about my summer, and Crystal, and how I failed to force her. After all this talking, I started feeling pressures in my head; the same two places where crystal would usually intereact back in the day. I thought this as a good sign, but now I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. i get the general feeling that Crystal is at least irritated with me, and the pressures seem more agressive and constant then before. i could try to force her again, but I just dont have the time, and it will go into the same situation of last year. What's your opinions on this? Should I try again? Are there risks? Or if I want to, try to force a completely new tulpa? Thanks.
  23. I already know it's attributed to Tulpaforcing but I'm wondering if anyone can let me know how this figures into their experience... My tulpa and I have been getting very close to auditory imposition we feel but lately there's been a throbbing and occasionally painful sensation in my left ear that only manifests whenever we interact. I know for sure that it's only when we're together, because I was just on the phone for around 3 hours and I told her that we would speak afterwards and then suddenly it starts up again as soon as I address her. There has also been occasional very soft tinnitus but only the left ear for some reason, as well as occasional 'whispers'. I can't understand them, but they're detailed enough not to mistake the, for the wind or such. So what's going on here with my ear? Does this stop further down the road? Will it hurt when I hear her the first few times? What do?
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