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  1. Today was a warm fall day, the sky was full of cumulus clouds that were being swept along by a heavy breeze. The sun was setting through the forest canopy and the wind rushed through the trees as I walked around a bending path at my favorite park. A fallen oak that marked the opening to a meadow had come into view. The scene was peaceful and serene while I had been in a deeply meditative state with my tulpa reading 'Emmanuel's Book' (questionably written by a tulpa or a yidam) trying to build positive memories. I was some distance from the stump of the trunk when a rush of feelings from a few
  2. I have decided to create a Tulpa, but all the guides I've seen say to give my Tulpa 'personality traits', while also saying to let my Tulpa be their own person. So to what extent should I control my Tulpa's personality? Sorry if this is a stupid question; I couldn't find it in the search bar.
  3. This guy will be programmer. Not hacker, just usual computer-guy writing code. I need ideas for name, appearance, personality, etc - you know, the archetype of computer guy. For example, he can drink a lot of coffee. Do not care much about his looks. What are your ideas? Please help! Later maybe i tell You why I need him, and not only him... but for now its a secret ;)
  4. I am curious to know if any logically minded or "left brain" hosts were able to make tulpas who were practically opposite in the way they think. Meaning has anyone been able to give their tulpa the right brained creative almost poetic mind of an author or artist. This question is directed both ways to right brained hosts who successfully created logical or analytical tuppers. The main reason this strikes me as a very interesting "problem" is because I'm a logically thinking mind and I'm very good at it understanding science and rationalizing logical straight forward data like you find in t
  5. Hello. I'm trying to start tulpamancy but I struggle with the personality phase. I read a lot of guides but they didn't really helped me. I tryed some sessions with JD's personality forcing guide using the parrot forcing but I'm not really at ease with it. I need to think and visualize my tulpa's reactions / behaviour, right ? But the session doesn't last long because I can't think about how my tulpa acts for many occasions. At best I can only find 2 or 3 scenes... So I switched to the first method, the list based trait forcing but I'am confused too. At best I take 2 minutes per trait.
  6. Well recently I started creating Nana, my first tulpa but I've been having some trouble on concentrating, so apart from meditating(that helped me) I made a method for describing the way I wanted the personality I initially wanted and forcing it. DISCLAIMER This method is aimed towards people who prefer images, visual media or symbolitzation(aka imagination) over plain text. So here's the result: DESCRIPTION OF THE METHOD The actual method is composed of two variations, if you want the easy one, less complex one you might want to choose the first one and if you want the more c
  7. So I was evicted from my apartment because my managers can't do anything to save their life - a story rather beside the point. I've failed to force with Skye as much as I did the previous weeks (I'm too tired to check my math correctly, but I think between the end of September and so far this week I've only spent 30% of the time on average forcing with her than I did previous weeks) due to stress about my eviction and moving into a friend's place. I finally got most of, if not all my stuff moved in and it's been a hell of a stressful time for me. I've flipped the f'ck out before getting ev
  8. Sometimes she says she loves me, other times (on rare occasions) she says she hates me
  9. Something very silly was once written here.
  10. I encourage you to read this post before answering, if you haven't already at this point. I phrased this question as directed at hosts because of the thread title length limit, but obviously I consider tulpas' input valuable as well. I'd like to open a psychological, physiological, and sociological discussion about this, since I haven't seen the topic addressed directly before. I'm curious about how typical my and Lotus' emotional relationship is. I'm bipolar, so in comparison to most people, my emotional state is considerably more neurochemistry-dependent, unpredictable, and internally
  11. So i have been doing a bit of looking around and found some guides and tried for about a month, but i get worried i'm not doing it right and it bums me out so i quit, i know i shouldn't and i feel terrible. What did you guys do to start? all i want to achieve is to hear my tulpa speak back to me, i don't care how long it will take as long as i know it's possible to get there you know? So i guess im asking you guys just to post how you started and methods you used to help you along, thank you in advance for your replies :)
  12. I. Foreword __This guide mainly touches on the initial personality creation step of creating a full tulpa. The later sections fall more onto first contact and how I overcame doubts in regards to communication with my tulpa. Now, It's important to note that this guide comes from and builds upon the idea of a host producing an accidental tulpa from a created character from their own fiction writing, or role-playing character. This established identity isn't the fully formed tulpa, but the basis of were the real tulpa comes from. With this method, personality forcing is the foundation for a t
  13. I know this is a totally subjective question, but essentially I've seen really conflicting thoughts on this so I thought I'd make a post. Basically, for the personality stuff, I got 25 basic traits that I chose to use. I did this because before I wasn't even gonna do personality, but seeing how a lot of people found it important, I thought I'd do something simple while still implementing the personality aspect of forcing into my schedule. We basically would spend 1-3 minutes on these traits (caring, honest but not harsh, curious, etc), and I just talk to him about what they are and give exampl
  14. Today was the first day I forced on my tulpa's (Chrysalis') personality. What I started off doing was picking a trait from a list, such as happiness, and telling my tulpa that it has this particular trait as well as why it's there. Also, I explained some areas where it may be more prominent, and how it reflects hobbies and interests (among other things). During my personality forcing session today, I only expected to feel head pressure, if anything. However, unexpected daydreams kept popping into my mind, including several of a woman smiling and dancing around. I'm very tempted to believe
  15. I've understood that for the longest time while I lurked (back when it was believed you had to visualize them naked first, or else their clothes would be a part of their body and unchangeable) that the personality stage is made out to be one of the most important there is, or else you end up with a servitor or a "half-baked" tulpa. Yet I see in Progress Reports and other subforums, people who barely do the personality stage, or just make none at all, to let the tulpa develop one by itself, while narrating and visualizing concurrently. So, for both hosts and tulpas alike, Does this actua
  16. Hi, so I'm a pretty active day-dreamer and have preexisting "characters". I'm wondering if I can use one of those and just give it a personality, and if that is the case I have a question about parroting. With parroting do you make the tulpa say " I have trait X and Y" or do you make the tulpa act the way you want? So as an example is do I make my tulpa say "I like hot dogs" or do I have a wonderland and have it eat a hot dog?
  17. Leo my tulpa always has me around his arms and his head on my shoulders (like right now i'm stroking his hair as type this) s there a way to tell him its ok to be affectionate but not creepy about it?
  18. I'm in the rough conceptual stage of thinking of making a tulpa. I have a figure in mind, fluid so s/he can change it if they like, but established enough that I have something to grasp when working on him/her. I have something in mind for the overarching personality I want to instill, but here's where I hit a potential stumbling block. My mind functions in an overly logical way. My therapist has said I use too much of my "Spock" mind and not enough "Kirk" mind. ^^; I feel emotions but it's in a sort of detached third person way. I don't process them "normally". I would like to make a tulp
  19. Basically I did my first personality forcing session today. It was ok, but the problem is that I can't see anything well, and their body kept spasming. I was using the orb method for it, in which you make each individual trait into a energy ball. But honestly I feel after this that the listing of traits would be a better route to go. How exactly does that work? Is it as simple as listing each trait and describing it? Because I feel the session would only last 45 minutes at most if I did that. Maybe theres more too it? I just feel like I keep messing up. I meditated for well over 15 minutes bef
  20. Jack: I mostly want answers from other tulpas on this one, but hosts can speak for them if it's necessary. How has your personality changed as you have aged? How has your consciousness changed? I'm not talking about during your initial creation. I'm talking about after you became more-or-less established. And more importantly, if you have changed your age dramatically within a short period of time, did your personality or sense of self change in any way? This topic is a little weird for me because I remember having a sort of childhood that matched the length of a human child's, but whe
  21. I've been busy creating a list of 30 personality traits for my tulpa, after reading the FAQ Man's guide for personality creation. I liked his approach, and felt that it was a good way to make a set list of traits that my tulpa could change later if he (most likely) wants to. However, I've run into a few problems with finding names for certain trait descriptions. I'm forming my tulpa to be laid-back yet charismatic (and a bit sly), and I want one of his traits to be that because of his tendencies to try and be cool and confident all of the time, he has trouble opening up about emotional things,
  22. I've been trying to understand the concept of self more and more when it comes to tulpas. Coming from the mindset that, well, form has a lot to do overall, and in the end, the definition of a tulpa goes down to 'a person in someone's head' (even though this person is super limited at first in comparison to other people), I've been trying to understand one thing. That thing is, well, what truly 'defines' a tulpa. I've been reviewing some stuff with my tulpa, making her pass some tests (and I know that it sounds like I'm some mad scientist who keeps his tulpa in a basement to make her take 100 t
  23. So just a quick question. Can tulpa change personality in like 3 hours to the point i dont recognise her anymore. I created her 3 days ago with only couple personality traits like friendly understanding etc. and for the rest i told her she can decide. So yesterday when i thought about her I started getting warm, loving and happy feelings in my chest which absolutely weren't from me as i was just playing some games on pc. I was happy that shes developing so fast and all but today i couldn' feel her for a couple of hours and she came back when i was angry at one guy. She told me punch that dickh
  24. I don't think I've every seen red behave like this but he's been really hostile and pushy as of recent, i havent done a thing to him/her but he/she is on my butt about watching fairy tail.. truth be told i hate that anime but he/she tells me it's for mental rp purposes and i should just grin and do it.. has anyone else encountered this before?
  25. Did your tulpa ever make fake memories at some point? Memories for themselves due to a lack of background, for instance, or because they didn't like the fact they were just a tulpa in someone's head as a backgroun.
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