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  1. I am using ThunderClap's guide and it says to think on each trait for 15-30 minutes but I don't really understand what to think about. Should I think about each trait and how it will play out in a real life situation?
  2. It's pretty weird. I think I might accidentally be the tulpa. A year ago it suddenly happened that I suddenly thought I was her. Well I now I'm not but the automatic way of thinking was that I was. I've been secretly working my way out of it ever since. "I'm Sam... No wait. I'm Lake... I think". It's so wacko!? I mean I thought my tulpa was gone forever, dead, accidental egocide. In fact it started a year or so after I lost communication. It's like. Awkward........ So uh, Feel free to share similar experiences.
  3. Howdy, I'm new. (Excuse me if I sound too noob-ish or something) Over the past week or so I've been reading guides on personality and stuff. Generally, they emphasize the importance of a personality when you're making your tulpa, but they don't explain that much on developing a personality. I'm not that creative, so thinking of a whole personality and stuff like that and making it realistic has been tough so far. I'm wondering how tulpamancers with formed tulpas thought of their tulpa's personality, or if there is some tried-and-true method I am missing. Thanks :P
  4. This question is for people who have attempted to make tulpas that don't have an orientation - no desire to be with men, women, or anything else, romantically. I would say asexual, but that might cause people to answer with their tulpas capable of romance, which I don't want either. I also don't care if a tulpa has a libido anyway. I wanted to ask this question because I want to try to form a tulpa that won't have any romantic attachments or physical attraction to people. I don't want a tulpa to go through wanting to be with people through my body, because with my current relationship it's
  5. Hey guys, so I've been talking to a friend who has a tulpa, and he's been giving me some great advice to help me create my own. I've already decided on a name for her, Kiara, and I'm at the personality stage right now. I have a few questions as a beginner, so I can get the best grasp over this as I possibly can, and any help will be extremely appreciated. Alright, so my questions: 1. I've basically written out in a word document the outlines of her personality, which, if anyone is interested, is linked her: http://pastie.org/10265101 / Having that written out, I was wondering what is th
  6. As much as I would love to do introductions with everyone here, let me just get this out of the way: I knew about Tulpas and Thoughtforms for three years before deciding to join this site or make my own. So, I have gotten my guide on any and all that I can. (Astral Traveling for over ten years now, so I know in a sense what I am getting myself involved with...) However, it doesn't mean I know everything. I seek for your help because it's still quite new to me and I want to know if I am doing everything as well suited. Two days prior, now almost three I wanted to create a lifelong compan
  7. Well, I've been making my Tulpa for about 6 months. I haven't gotten any headpressures or responses from her yet, but that's not what I'm worried about. At the very start, I spent about an hour doing basic personality before deciding to let her form her own. Looking back on this, I'm worried about the outcome of her picking random emotions from my mind. I've heard bad stories about Tulpae turning violent, aggressive, angry, depressed, etc. What I'm wondering is: What's the worst that can happen with her giving herself a random personality? Will the brief personality I went over at the st
  8. So I've heard all the warnings in guides like "Don't create your Tulpa to a be a sex doll!". I've also heard tales of Tulpa adopting things like sexual urges after their creators... But the one thing I haven't heard is of is a Tulpa's desire for romance. Now perhaps someone has posted about something like this and I just didn't see it, but there was no sign of such a topic. Some were similar, but not quite what I was looking for. Nothing seemed to mention it! So I was surprised at my companion's answer, after one day I asked him a particular question. "Hey Gaelles." I said (In my quiet mind
  9. So I work on the personality on my 45 min walk to school and I was curious as if that's as good as sitting down and forcing.
  10. Me and my three tulpae all have specific songs that we attribute as "our song". I remember seeing a few other people with specific songs for their tulpae and wondered if anybody else had a particularly resonant or chill-inducing song that their tulpa likes. Mine are as follows: Twi: Wherever You Will Go by The Calling Dash: Beautiful World by Colin Hay Scoots: I Believe In A Thing Called Love by The Darkness
  11. Okay. Now, I'm probably an idiot for asking this, and more do because I've probably already figured it out. But, if I have a pre-existing addiction or craving, will it bleed over to Juliet? (Juliet being my one and only Tulpa) She seems to like caffeine more than I do, and ashamedly I am still young and so my drive hasn't quite balanced out, causing her to have overtly sexual connotations to thoughts and actions, even to the point she can...well, push my buttons, so to speak. She has agreed to maybe calming down a bit with both but the hungers remain in both of us. Any advice? And yes I know,
  12. So I had an intriguing (Hope I spelled that right ^.^") Idea for my Tulpa, but I wanted to get an idea what the general tulpamancer population thought before I took a crack at it. Now I've been in conflict with myself with many of the things I want to do with my Tulpa, personality wise and such. So I was thinking... why not have my tulpa have multiple personalities and maybe forms to go with each personality? A sort of Tulpa with many Tulpas as it were. And going along with that, could my Tulpa possibly temporarily "Split" these multiple personalities into other forms so each had their own
  13. What emanates from your tulpa? Is she/he loving, brave, dedicated, shy? Would she/he do anything in her/ his power to stop you from being harmed? (Can you show me other threads like this,greatly apretiated)
  14. I was just tulpaforcing, and one of the last traits that I did was confidence. Upon coming out of the session, I felt more confident myself. Is this a good or bad sign? Should I be feeling my tulpa's traits myself?
  15. So, I am new to the tulpa process, and what can and can't be done. I have a few questions: 1) Can you form your tulpa based off of an anime character? Not the personality, just the basic design. 2) (This one I'm just genuinely curious about, not planning to actually try this) If the anime character were to be a vampire or angel or some other mythical being, would your tulpa be a vampire or angel or whatever? Would you be able to base it off of a vampire etc. anime character? 3) Is it okay to create a tulpa that is meant to be something of a love interest? Like, could you create a tulpa f
  16. I've heard a lot of stories of malevolent tulpas, and I just want to know how often this happens. The tulpas usually turn evil after their imposition becomes perfect. Also, what could ever cause a tulpa that was once good, to become evil and want to cause harm to the host and others?
  17. If not precisely dealt with in the personality stage how do tulpae in general end up feeling about their nature as tulpae, more precisely how do they end up feeling about limitations they have as tulpae? One of my moral dilemmas about creating tulpa is about creating something that resembles humans in mind and through that in aspirations but lacks a body necessary to fulfill them. I realize you can deal with this in personality stage but to be honest cutting out and/or forbidding traits that would otherwise go well with tulpa's overall nature seems too limiting and results in somewhat parado
  18. Okay guys, everyone wanted a copy of my tables, so here they are, as a file attachment. Let's go over really quick what I did, and we can do the same to build a sample personality. First, go to this website (link dead, try looking up trait lists elsewhere) and find a bunch of personality traits that you think you like, and make a raw list. Let's go with this one: Rebellious, affectionate, caring, fearful, rude, focused, friendly, open-minded, optimistic, reliable, extroverted, punctual, reckless, combative, soft. Next, I had to organize them. Every trait can be fit into one of the
  19. Hi people, i have a pretty controversial question. The main point is that I have almost finished my tulpa's personality forcing, but I was suddenly influenced by another character, so now I strongly want to change some of the traits, which I have previously forced and insert new ones. I want to ask you: if I already was able to feel her personality, do you think I will damage it with such actions and what will happen? Sorry for all mistakes - I'm not a native speaker.
  20. Hello and thanks to anyone who takes the time to read and respond to this thread. Alright, so I've recently decided upon creating my very first Tulpa. Her name as of now will be Kiara, though I will give her the freedom to change it if she wishes. From many of the guides I read yesterday, personality seems to be the best place to start the creation of your Tulpa and while these guides did give basic information for how creating the personality is done, I'd just like to run my thoughts and questions over with experienced individuals. So what I plan to do in the creation phase is to first loo
  21. Would it be okay to make a tulpa of a dream character based on a girl I fell in love with in school? I dream about her quite a lot and the dream version has a lot of the traits associated with tulpas (kind, supportive, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside just being in her company) I never really interacted with the real one and haven't seen her in years. The dream version and the real version have distinctly different personalities. If I make a tulpa of her would that would be a third version of her, or would the tulpa and the dream character be the same?
  22. hello,i am a new tulpamancer and i really don't know what to do with personality. i already read all the guides about it,bluesleeves method,faq-man's personality template,JD's guide and some more,I can't recall their names. i tried to talk to my tulpa about how his traits showed themselves in his personality,but just a trait takes MORE than a hour,and it was so exhausting,that I started to try other methods,but they didn't work for me. so what should i do? is it normal that a trait takes more than a hour? am i just being lazy?should i change the way i talk about his traits and find a more
  23. Alright, I've had an issue for a while. First, I made Fes a fighting tulpa. She was always one to fight, and she would always be. That's the way my baby works. Problem is, I've been stuck in a rut lately. I wanted to give her something to fight, but I can't find the inspiration. So I'm asking the .info community. I either need someone to go back and forth with a bit to she what she'll do or someone to give me a few ideas on what to fight. She wants to end some wars, but that's impossible when the inside of my head looks like a desolate war ground every time I imagine her ready to trade so
  24. [align=justify]JD’s Guide to Personality Forcing Personality forcing can be considered an optional step in the process of creating a tulpa, and it’s entirely okay for you to not force a personality at all. Your tulpa can and will develop its own traits and quirks naturally through life experiences. However, it may aid your tulpa’s development to at least partially define her personality as a groundwork for your tulpa to grow or deviate from. The act of personality forcing itself also puts a lot of focus on your tulpa being a separate sentient entity from you, giving you a nice head start
  25. So, I'm making a guide at 3 am here. A quick breakdown of the guide: You've decided that you want to make a tulpa, but you can't quite decide what you want to base it on, or if you want to base it on anything at all. Well, when thinking of a personality base for your tulpa, just imagine all your favorite characters. For me, I'll chose Helix as an example. Some characters that I like, and might base a tulpa on: Zone Tan, a Hentai Character Raven, from Teen Titans Toph, from Avatar Marceline, from Adventure Time Vriska, from Homestuck Now, what do I like about these characters, and what a
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