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  1. If you don't know yet, possession means that a tulpa controls the host's physical body. Why/When should we start to work on possession? If you've decided already that you want to do possession, you can skip over this section. In early 2012, possession was a hypothesis. Some crazy people thought that it might be possible for a tulpa to control their host's physical body. Now, about a year later, I find myself recommending training possession to vocal tulpa who can converse with their host (at least in mindvoice). Some people even do possession before vocality, but I recommend that you
  2. I would like to be sure about something, is it true that doing possession DOES also improve paralell processing and independent thinking ? Today i had some neat ideas since i have 3 tulpas, i asked for them to move fingers randomly (one tulpa controlling each hand) and the third tulpa moving the toes on a foot for example. Since this is ALL automatic movements and i am completly sure it's them doing all this EVEN without my direct attention after i tell them to start doing this... now adding to this i myself would be focusing on doing something else or moving other body part, won't this train
  3. Hi, I am having trouble communicating with my tulpa. She has said my name twice and a few other things that weren't clear. We have started practicing possession so that she can try communicating that way to help but I keep doubting myself. I have tried finding answers in these forums but couldn't find anything. So I have a couple questions: Is it possible for her to even do possession without being vocal? Am I making it all up even though my fingers move when I know I am not doing it? What should possession feel like? Thanks :)
  4. He is doing it right, because I'm writing this now, hi guys, but nonetheless there's a doubt there; let me backpedal and explain the story. I'm Sawn, I'm his tulpa, I'm writing this because he said he would but he "never got around to it", we read a bunch of guides a few days ago about possession and -none- of them worked for me because there weren't really specific instructions and I don't do well with abstract things; I guess this is funny considering my circumstance, but whatever, keep reading. Basically his finger (which I was trying to work with) got numb and tingly and twitched a f
  5. Hey guys, I've been working on my tulpas for a while now and none of them seem interested in possession. I figured it would help our progress, but no matter how much I tell them, they don't want to try it. Can you guys help me out in any way or explain why it's best to simply move away from possession for now?
  6. Or have you already, let them drive a car? I'm curious how many people would do this. It would need a lot of trust. Do you think they would need teaching too? If this has happened, how did it go?
  7. Well, we just joined the board, so we suppose we owe a bit of introductions before we get into our main topic. Hey there, we're a multiple system that just so happened to have a tulpa, Preddi, in our system made a few months before we even knew we were a system and before we knew what a tulpa was, so we thought we could talk to people here for advice on further growth. We Chose the username "YellowCorridor" because our mind space most of the time appears as a yellow hallway that leads into each of our "Rooms". Right now the two of us talking are Ivory"Ivy" and Preddi, as the title would
  8. I'm in marching band and Kellen really wants to try it and help but he can't play an instrument. My question is, is there a possibility for him to only possess the bottom half of my body so he can do the marching while I play?
  9. So, another question about possession. Would if be better for my Tulpa to possess me when I have just woken up, so that my muscles are fresh and "un-used"? Or would it be better if he possessed me before bed, or like, after strenuous exercise, so my muscles were tired, and I would have less control over them? From my limited knowledge, both of these choices seem like respectable thought processess. Maybe there isn't a difference?
  10. :@*trying hard not to be that guy that only posts questions* Buuuut... My tupper and I recently began possession. Everything's been awesome, and practice finally paid off earlier, as I got my Tulpa to lift my hand off of a table. He was able to hold it there for a short time, except "my" fingers were dangling because I guess he couldn't hold them up. I tried giving him a pencil to grip, but that didn't help much... Any ideas on how to proceed? Note: We haven't experienced any finger "clicks" either. Possibly related?
  11. I've read that possesion is easier than imposition, but I'm not sure what stage you should start trying possesion or imposition. Or which one seems to be better, pros and cons?
  12. Ok so we started working on possession a few days ago and we're super excited! I just have a couple questions that I couldn't find the answer to in other possession threads. 1. How long should it take for the movements to go beyond just twitches and "clicks"? This is just to get a goal in mind and to know if we're doing ok. 2. How can I tell if its me moving my body part (toes for example) or if its really Yuki doing it? What does it feel like when your tulpa moves your body vs. When you move it? 3. Possession seems to be physically/ mentally exhausting for Yuki, even though its just
  13. A friend of mine told me that it's okay to start possession if your tulpa consent to it. Reina is sentient and can talk to me via mindvoice, and she is okay with doing it. So I have been working on it for about a week and a half in the morning before I go to school. So I was wondering if this is okay (I've gotten responses from her :D) starting early, and if anyone has any tips they could give me (or information). Thank you :) Also you can tell me any of your experiences with it and how long it took you to get a finger to move or lift etc. it would be great to read about it.
  14. It seems like everyone is either neutral about possession, or actively working towards it. However, I find the entire idea of possession terrible, as I loathe the idea of anyone being in control of my body over me. Has anyone else had a similar fear, and if so how have you coped with it? My tulpa is still young, just showing the first signs of sentience, and I wish nothing but the best for her. I'm worried that my fears will negatively impact her growth, or that she'll feel that she isn't trusted enough because possession is completely off the table. In fact, an attempt at it would be p
  15. Exactly what it says on the tin, folks. A while back, I saw a documentary about amputees using new technology to move sections of limbs that they couldn't ordinarily control (like someone missing everything past the elbow controlling individual fingers) using their minds and electrodes attached to affected areas. I've been thinking about the subject recently, and had to wonder, are these attachments limited to looking like human body parts? Which further made me think, what if a tulpa was possessing their host while using one of the machines? Would it still work? And what if the emulated l
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