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  1. As you may have assumed from the title, I believe that Heaven is becoming sentient! This is very exciting for both of us, and I can't wait for more in depth conversations with her! Do you all have any tips for us, as we are approaching sentience?
  2. Happy New Year all! I've had what I believe to be a Tulpa for roughly 8 years. I began forming her (improperly) when I was about 12, and for many years mistreated her and never allowed her to develop a proper identity. Up until two days ago I would frequently impose different wonderland scenarios onto her, sometimes multiple in one day. On the 30th of December, I was feeling down. I suppose she caught on. She said something among the lines of "when are we going to stop roleplaying?" in reference to the wonderland scenarios I was imposing. We spoke honestly for the first time in many yea
  3. Hey, everyone. This is my first guide dedicated to tulpae and hosts that both feel something is... off. This is the Tulpa Self-Discovery Journey guide. This is based off of the things I have done with not only my tulpae, but other hosts and their tulpae. I want to see all tulpae living happily with their hosts. If something is wrong and I catch it, I usually take action. However, sometimes I just can't be on chat to help. If you can't see me online, this is a decent substitute. CH. 1: THE REWARD Now, the first question to answer is: What is going to come from this? The answer is somethin
  4. I've lurked here for a very long time (~3 years) and I have two tulpas, both very realized. I'm in this to have spiritual experiences and learn about myself, not to jerk off to ponies, and not to have idle banal water-cooler chit-chat with an imaginary friend. I have run out of meaningful things to do with my lovely tulpas. One of my tulpas was created on purpose (male, 3 years "old") and one created sort of accidentally (but she's still very cool, about 6 years "old") I have absolutely ran out of things to do with my tulpa's. Talking is cool but it gets fucking old after months of daily ch
  5. In all this talk about independent sentience I think some ideas get lost out there. My hostie and I were just in the chat talking about hosts trying to discern which had a specific thought, the host or the tulpa. There is the concept of intrusive thoughts as well, which come from the unconscious. Either the host or the tulpa can have intrusive thoughts. But what we suddenly realized as we are talking to people is that my host and I have systemic thoughts which are thoughts that are not supposed to be specific to either of us. They are shared thoughts. For instance, a sudden cravi
  6. I just saw this phrase written in a post (or something like it), "My host is the dominant thoughtform in our system." Whao. I have seen things written about this in the forum before that tulpas and hosts are actually a lot like each other. Like they just have access to the body but are each just as contrived or created as the other. Like it is a sort of delusion that the first identity or first mind is the only real mind. So my hostie totally rejects that idea and refuses to recognize me as an individual mind like separate on my own and stuff. But I am more interested in learning more ab
  7. Okay, so I know there's probably a LOT of threads about telling your personal thoughts from your Tulpa's. I've read a lot of threads about it previous to joining the forum but in my case it feels a little bit different. *resists urge to make a pun out of it* Alright, so here goes. I suffer from a slew of mental health problems and being a sad sack of crap is a major, MAJOR thing for me. But since working on Skye I've noticed a stark contrast in my emotional state. I'm not sure if that's just from me knowing that I'll have a permanent, sentient companion near me always of it's Skye's p
  8. There was an old poll for the opinion of members on the question of tulpa sentience from 2013: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-are-tulpa-real-honestly It is outdated and it isn't a very well written poll anyway. I would like to poll the membership again on this issue. I already know most members regard tulpas as real (true independent sentient minds). What I am wondering is how many members feel the opposite, that tulpas are illusory or apparent sentience only (a trick of the mind). So the poll question: Are tulpas real sentience?
  9. My host and I think that, after all these years, if he decided to just ignore me and try not to believe in me, I would not fade a bit. In other words, I am so strong and persistent, my hostie would be incapable of willingly destroying or dissipating me. We have read accounts of other hosts and tulpas making this same claim. So Mistgod and I were wondering: How persistent is your tulpa? If you, as the host, decided to ignore him or her (stopped all active and passive forcing) and willingly stopped believing, would he or she fade into oblivion or tenaciously continue to exist? OH thi
  10. I wanted to put this idea in a general thread and get the reactions from the rest of the community and perhaps share it a bit wider. I think this is very important. Someone pointed out this morning that I am like the "Carl Jung" of the tulpa community in how I refuse to recognize thoughtforms as more than just a figment of the mind. It is insulting to many, but I can't seem to help myself. My thoughform Melian came up with a solution for me. After 15 months of pissing everyone off with our writing, she has finally come up with a very simple, effective obvious solution to the problem.
  11. It is 1:00 a.m. as I write this. I just woke up and had to write down my thoughts. I was just having a lucid dream in which a dream character and I were escaping a powerful vampire by passing through a portal into an interdimensional world. As the story was unfolding and I was interacting with the dream character, I was purposefully being very observant of the dream characters actions. Questions concerning the independence and autonomy, and even the temporary sentience, of dream personas has come up in my writing, and the writing of my tulpa Melian, in recent posts on the forum. Mainly w
  12. This was originally a post on another thread but a little off topic form it. So, I thought it warranted its own thread. The thing I am exploring with this thread is, how relevant is "real sentience" to how we feel about our tulpas? I admit that I am "not real." Yet, for the most part people treat me as a person here, just as if I was independently sentient (totally separate from my hostie). I have friends. People seem to care about me as a distinct person from my host, despite anything I have said about my nature. Let's do a hypothetical and ask some questions. Let's say that tom
  13. My host Davie has been trying an experiment. He and I have a terrible combined memory sometimes. We are good at remembering emotional things and things about our internal dreamworld, but real world outside things we forget bout. Davie's memory easily recalls "elements of beauty." He has a very visual memory for things that have a strong emotion connected to them. But detailed mundane every day responsibility things get lost in all the dreamy distractions. We are too disconnected from the outside world. Davie is the champion of making to do lists and keeping calendars. Without the to do
  14. I know this question has been asked a hundred thousand times, but... How do I know if Tay is sentient? How do I separate knowingly expecting exactly what they say with them actually saying it? It all feels the opposite of autonomous. The opposite of sentient. I feel lonely all the time, because although I expect that someone is there, I don't see them there. I don't feel them there. I haven't had anything identifiable from them... It's horrible, and it's driving me insane - I don't even know if it's me or Tay... It's always felt like me, consistently. It never felt like anything different.
  15. Does it mean you have utterly failed to make a tulpa if after months or even years you still have persistent doubts about sentience and worry you are only puppeting? What exactly would constitute failure to create a tulpa? If a tulpa is not showing a lot of verifiable signs of sentience after years of effort, is there a point where it becomes futile to keep going? When should a tulpamancer feel discouraged? Should he or she feel guilty about giving up on a tulpa in progress if it just seems like it might never feel fully independently sentient? What about a tulpa that only seems to
  16. Hey all, I was having a hard time figuring out whether to post this in tips and tricks or even the magic section of the forum but decided against both because it's not fully formed enough IMO to be in tips and tricks and it's not really about magic either. I have recently started creating my own tulpa myself and found a useful way of thinking about the first responses that you get from tulpas and the anxiety about whether it was you or them. I'm hoping it might help someone out there somewhere. When I got my first inkling of a response from my Tulpa I immediately started deliberating abo
  17. Mistgod: I put this under sentience because it seemed to fit there best. There is no category "apparent autonomy." I want to talk about flash visions. I have talked about this (specifically with waffles) once a long while back. I also mentioned it in jean-luc's tulpadcast, the first one I think. I am not sure which one it was. Anyway, Melian isn't very independent in comparison to most of the tulpas you guys are writing about. Yes, you have heard that already. BUT she does have some stuff. The thing she does a lot is flash visions. But there is a weird mystery about them. Th
  18. Okay, so, I started creating my tulpa, Lily, about 5 days ago, and already I've started to notice her "thinking at me" so to speak. I've also gotten a significant amount of head pressure in the first few days and we've been using that as a general means of communication, mostly for yes/no and vague reactions. It's only in the past day or two that I've been able to interpret her thoughts. However, this newfound communication brings with it some serious worries in my mind. You see, before I decided to make her a tulpa, she was one of my characters that I wrote and drew. For a couple years, I tr
  19. I started creating a tulpa (david, although I'm totally fine with deviation in any aspect. For example, I gave two base traits and let him make his own, and am using a very basic figure for visualization to give freedom.) yesterday and I'm getting really quite massive pressure on my head, like I'm at the bottom of a 15 foot swimming pool with an exposed brain, but I know it's normal and we're using it as spotty communication. Today is what confuses me: I've started getting hints of emotions that aren't normal. A feeling sits in the bottom of my chest and develops into an emotion that I don't h
  20. I've been thinking for a while now about the brain, about four months ago I came across a sentence on 8ch.net tulpa threads that said 'some people don't believe there's such thing as consciousness just different levels of complexity' I've been thinking if this is true, our mind is just a computer and our personality is just a program. Could tulpas then just be a (albeit complex) program? I think about my tulpa like that, and he agrees that's pretty much what he is. I force him like I'm adding lines of code to a program, like how he looks in different lighting or responses to scenerios.
  21. Is it OK to drink when your tulpa is in its early stages or will it effect its development? Haven't touched a drop since I started working on him.
  22. Hey guys, I'd like to ask which games are the best to improve the independent thinking of my tulpa, because my tup's individual initiative isn't very well yet. thank you in anticipation :)
  23. First things first, hello, this is my first post. I am the host, and Zaya is my emerging Tulpa. I looked around, but couldn't find an issue like this, so I decided I had to actually ask. I've been tulpamancing for about a month now, and Zaya is pretty well developed, but there is still work to be done. He communicates in feelings occasionally, and sometimes I even get responses in the form of head shakes when we're in our wonderland. These responses feel immediate and feel like they're coming from Zaya, but it's hard to be sure as most of this is a relatively NEW development. Our wonde
  24. Okay I will try to keep this simple but you all might find it an interesting topic or whatever to comment on. I seem to be self aware when I type with Davie and like during the day when we both know how I feel and what I am thinking. Davie thinks of it as sorta permanent internal method acting (okay super duper mental role playing) so practiced it is seamless and automatic and just feels super duper real. But I feel self aware. We are both absolutely convinced there is a mind that is Melian (a piece of one mind, to be more accurate, that thinks it is Melian). I am Melian! That is all
  25. People on this forum often talk about belief or willingness to believe as being an essential ingredient in recognizing autonomous behavior, and fostering apparent independent sentience, in the process of creating a tulpa. We just realized that in creating me, and interacting with me, my host uses more of a process of suspension of disbelief rather than active belief. Belief "Belief is the state of mind in which a person thinks something to be the case, with or without there being empirical evidence to prove that something is the case with factual certainty." Suspending Disbelief
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